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Luke tells Emily and Lucky his theory about how it’s likely for Helena to be staging her own death so that she can murder Emily, never be suspected, then enable Nikolas to be acquitted and find somebody else. In the prison cell, Nikolas writes Emily a letter where he says he cannot ask her to go through the rest of her life without him and he needs her to move on and forget about him.

After hearing Lorenzo saying that whatever Diego’s big “secret” is, he will find it out, Courtney hauls off and slaps Lorenzo really hard.

Sonny confronts Steven Webber about what his living arrangement is for having Carly and the boys living in his building. Steven explains that he not only wants Carly living in the same apartment with him, but also in the same room. Sonny says he got the impression that Steven merely offered to let Carly stay in his building. Steven says that he may have made it sound that way in order to “not hurt Sonny’s feelings”. Sonny tells Steven that he believes that Steven in informing him that he wants Carly to stay in the same room with him, in order to make Sonny jealous. Hearing the conversation, Carly tells Steven he needs not pay any mind to Sonny, he thinks the world revolves around him. She also tells Steven that she does not plan to stay with him forever. She plans to move on to a plan B. Sonny tells Steven that he needs to know that Carly’s plan B is for him to “go along” with the next story she makes up. She goes outside the door with Steven and thanks him for helping her to say what is necessary in order for Sonny not to believe the world revolves around him.

Sam appears at Jason’s door, unexpectedly with the baby she just delivered at Kelly’s and asks if she can come in.

Hearing Luke’s plan, Emily suggests that she uses Connor Bishop to be the “Nikolas decoy” in order to fool Helena. But Luke warns her that it might not be that easy to fool Helena. Skye warns them that it sounds like a good plan, except for one small problem; Connor Bishop might have other plans.

Connor goes to an unfinished furniture shop and asks the owner of he’s hiring. The owner tells Connor that he first needs a sample of his work. Noticing an unfinished chair, Connor offers to fix it up and if the owner is pleased with his work, he may hire him. The owner agrees.

Lois finds Lorenzo in the confrontation with Courtney and Jax. Lorenzo informs Lois that he believes perhaps Courtney is just venting her anger toward him and blames him for losing the baby she had with Jason a while back.

Jason is very surprised to learn that the mother of the baby would want Sam to adopt her baby. Sam says that it was the girl’s choice, she lives in a homeless shelter and she feels she could raise the baby and inquires if he could help her raise the baby. Jason tells her that this idea is a little odd to him. She tells him she believes she could raise the baby by herself if necessary.

Sonny’s lawyer friend appears early. Sonny asks her what’s up since he did not expect her. She informs him that she talked to Carly’s lawyer. He informs her that Carly has no lawyer as of yet for their divorce and he discovers that Carly told him false information. Suddenly, John Durant appears and reveals that he will represent Carly in their divorce proceedings. Sonny inquires whether Durant was not disbarred for his most recent stunt of illegally obtaining information to get him in trouble. But Durant seems to be confident that he can maneuver his way around that.

Carly goes to Steven’s building and tells him that the current tenant in the apartment, Ms. McGillicuddy will move out of her apartment so she can move in. Carly knocks on the door and asks if she would sublet her apartment. Right away, Ms. McGillicuddy sounds receptive and lets Carly in the door. Carly goes inside Ms. McGillicuddy’s home and compliments her taste. She explains her situation about how her home was destroyed in the snowstorm. She also informs Ms. McGillicuddy that she has two boys that can be a bit rambunctious. And she offers to pay Ms. McGillicuddy top dollar. Ms. McGillicuddy sounds very cordial and excuses herself to go make some tea for Carly and Steven. He is amazed and compliments Carly on her “savvy” about finding an apartment. But right at that moment, Ms. McGillicuddy appears with a shotgun and reveals that she believes that that gangster, Sonny Corinthos must have had a plan to get his wife to spy upon her for him. She gets on the phone and calls the police. Carly tells Ms. McGillicuddy that all she planned to do was make her an offer to sublet her apartment. Ms McGillicuddy does not buy that. Steven protests that Carly is not working for her husband. At that moment, Rick Lansing enters with a uniform police officer and asks what has just happened. Ms. McGillicuddy explains that “Mrs. Mob Boss” has just pulled an illegal stunt with her. Rick asks just what Mrs. Corinthos did to indicate that she was spying. Ms. McG informs him that she just mentioned her “two boys”, offered her “top dollar” and said she may go on a trip. Rick doesn’t seem interested in getting Carly in trouble, informs Ms. McG that Mrs. Corinthos is not in the market for an apartment. But he, on the other hand, is. And Rick tells a “plausible story” about how Mrs. Corinthos is actually going undercover to help the PCPD catch people like her husband, with the assistance of forensic Dr. Webber. She seems to buy that and goes off with the cop. When Rick is alone with Carly and Steven, she asks Rick why he “did that” in order to help her. Rick admits to Carly that he has “ulterior motive” to enable her to “hook-up” with forensic Dr. Webber. He says it would be so cool if Carly’s new boyfriend is somebody who can stick it to Sonny Corinthos. He laughs and walks out the door. Carly makes a call to Sonny asking him for a favor.

Diego informs Courtney and Jax that it is very important that he finds out the truth about his father. Jax tells him that it may be fruitless to ask Lorenzo because Lorenzo might not even know whether he is Diego’s father. But Courtney has an idea about how they can easily unravel that mystery. She says a sample of Diego’s hair could be tested for DNA and prove whether or not he is Lorenzo Alcazar’s son. Courtney and Jax depart. Diego asks Brook Lynn if she knows how long a DNA test would take. She says it can go really fast in most cases. He tells her that he wants to know the truth. Suddenly, Lorenzo appears and tells Diego he may ask whatever he wants to know right here and now.

Jax tells Courtney that it might not be the worst thing in the world for Diego to find out that Lorenzo Alcazar is his father. Could Lorenzo Alcazar be any worse of a father than Sonny Corinthose? She asks that he please not liken Lorenzo to Sonny. She admits that Sonny may have his faults but would not go as far, in the way of corruption as Lorenzo Alcazar would and could, remembering that Lorenzo is the cause of her losing her baby.

Luke tells Lucky that he must not want to help Emily because with Nikolas out of the picture, then Lucky can have a “shot” with Emily. Lucky is ready to take a shot at his father for making such an insinuation. But at that moment, Elizabeth enters and wonders what is going on to cause Lucky to be so out-of-control.

Sam is ready to “improvise” a way to give the baby a bath in Jason’s sink. She asks for suggestions from him. He gathers some towels. Then he holds the baby. She tells him that she’s waited for a long time to see him with a baby in his arms again. Hearing that, he is very surprised that Sam has such sensitivity toward him. They manage to put the baby to bed. But Sam needs to ask Jason many questions like how long he thinks the baby will sleep. He replies possibly a few hours. He reveals to her that the reason he invited her over was to ask her to move back in with him.

After Durant leaves, Sonny’s lawyer friend asks him if he can really trust her, remembering Alexis Davis, the very person she just went up against in court, was once his lawyer as well as his friend. He says he will not hold a grudge against Alexis. One; she gave him a beautiful daughter. And secondly, she taught him a valuable lesson that he must never assume that his lawyer is “on the pill”.

Jason admits to Sam that he’s really missed her and felt his apartment and his life was very empty without her. They both trip over their words and experience awkwardness in admitting their feelings for each other. But she tells him that if he wants an answer as to whether she wants to move back in, the answer to that question is a yes.

Emily tells Luke and Skye that she’s trying to remember the name of the town in Canada where Connor told him he planned to go. Lucky and Elizabeth join her with Luke and Skye. Skye names off some towns on the map. And Emily remembers that it was Wellsburg where Connor told her he was going.

When Lorenzo asks Diego what is up, Diego cannot get it out that he wonders if Lorenzo is his father. Having no clue that Diego wonders that, Lorenzo says he is done with Diego and his little schemes. He tells Diego that from now on, he just wants him to leave him alone.

At the hospital, Courtney gets the evidence that proves that Lorenzo is Diego’s father. She tells Jax that she does not know how to tell him that and is worried that he could get hurt.

Jason tells Sam that he’s worried that she could get hurt with the commitment of having the baby. And he realizes that Bridget has an entire year in order to change her mind and get the baby back. Sam says she does not plan to think about what will go wrong. She plans to go up to the nursery and get everything ready. He tells her that he plans to go and talk to Bridget and find out what her plans really are.

It looks like Carly is going to be able to live in Ms. McGillicuddy’s apartment. But when Sonny comes by to bring the boys, he tells her there is lousy security in this place and that his boys are not going to live in this place.

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