GH Update Monday 12/27/04

General Hospital Update Monday 12/27/04



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While Sam is avoiding Jason and he’s off on his own, Elizabeth tells him that he should not assume that Sam does not care for him. He needs to communicate with her and find out what is going on.

Lois goes to see Lorenzo wondering why he did not want to see her or even call over Christmas. He tells her he went to visit Sage’s grave and wasn’t in good spirits and thought it would only be depressing for anybody to be around him over Christmas. She informs him that she heard, from her daughter that he delivered a baby, that Brook Lynn was very impressed and with the attitude she knows Brook Lynn has about Lorenzo, to hear her say something like that is amazing. Lorenzo tells Lois that it was nothing special. He delivered Morgan for Carly about a year ago when they were stranded. He also reveals to Lois that he hoped for a future with Carly that never happened.

Diego gets into a brawl with another boy. Courtney and Jax catch him. He tells them that he simply confronted the kid because he was making discourteous gestures at Brook Lynn. Courtney and Jax do not buy that and Courtney tells Diego she will be there to help him but he needs to trust her and that is strictly up to him. Later Brook Lynn informs Courtney that although Diego asked her not to reveal it, Diego suspects that Lorenzo Alcazar is his father. She also informs Courtney that Dillon found a pendant at Lorenzo’s home that was similar to the one that Maria and Diego know about. Jax tells Brook Lynn that she must not get herself so involved in Diego’s problems because she could get hurt and that he and Courtney will deal with Diego. Privately Jax tells Courtney that maybe Diego is just desperate to get “into” the mob so he makes up a story that he has a connection to Lorenzo Alcazar. But Courtney inquires what if it’s true that Diego really is related to Lorenzo?

Sonny lets Carly and the boys stay at his home after her new place got hit by the storm. She discovers that he helped Michael pick out a sexy nighty for her. Steven goes to make sure that Carly is ok, as her doctor. But Sonny tells him he need not have that “responsibility”. Carly asks how Sonny would feel if Steven has other “interests” in her besides being her doctor. He tells her that he can see that she doesn’t look like she’s romantically interested in Steven. She asks Sonny why it would be any of his business anyway.

Luke sounds like he will never forgive Bobbie for lying to him that Laura is dead. But Lucky urges his father to forgive Bobbie and realize she was only doing it because of concern for Luke’s obsession over Laura and his inability to understand that he needs to move on. Luke tells his son that nobody seems to understand that he will never have “closure” about Laura. Lucky tells his father that if he keeps up his obsession about Laura, Skye will get sick of him and he will lose his “possibilities” with Skye and that Luke is very foolish to miss out on having her in his life.

Brook Lynn later finds Diego while he’s still on the docks. He tells her that he believes possibly Alcazar has another “shipment” and apologizes to her if he got her into something she shouldn’t have had to get involved in. But he tells her he is determined to find out whether Lorenzo Alcazar is his father. She tells him he needs to give up on that and realize it doesn’t matter whether he is or not.

Lois and Lorenzo are having Champaign in his apartment. She admits that he’s a complicated man but she believes the good outweighs the bad. He asks her to go with him to a charity festival. She’s happy for the invitation and they kiss.

Sonny asks Carly about her “interest” in Steven Webber. She asks her soon-to-be ex-husband just what it would mean if Steven is really interested in her. Sonny tells his soon-to-be ex-wife that he knows what she wants. She wants adventure, heat and passion. She admits that’s true. She once wanted that but she got burned. At that moment, their “conversation” is interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Sonny’s new lawyer friend. Noticing her, Carly instantly realizes she must leave them alone and goes and changes. Sonny’s new friend instantly asks him why he is alone in the apartment with his ex-wife.

In Carly’s room, Michael tells his mother that the best part of Christmas was for him and her and Morgan and their father to be together and asks if it can be permanent. She tells her son that it cannot be.

Downstairs Sonny explains to his friend that Carly and the boys are only hear because the roof of their new place collapsed. He admits that he was happy to have them there but he affirms that he and Carly cannot make the marriage work. She inquires if he still has feelings for Carly. He admits that since Carly is the mother of his kids, she will always be important to him but he still has no uncertainty that he wants to continue with the divorce proceedings. Carly informs Sonny that she has found another place to live and plans on leaving his home soon.

Diego finds Lorenzo, tells him they need to talk and that this time Lorenzo cannot blow him off. Courtney appears, finds Diego talking to Lorenzo and demands he goes home and waits for her while she has a discussion with Lorenzo. She tells Lorenzo he must leave Diego alone. Lorenzo informs her that Diego is harassing him and not the other way around. And he asks her just want Diego’s big “secret” is, which he knows nothing about.

Skye informs Lucky and Emily that Luke is concerned that Helena might still be alive. Luke tells them that Helena could survive the Armageddon. He also informs them that he has a theory that she would have to be alive and would not be surprised if she were off somewhere having a milk bath having a good laugh about Emily and Nicolas. Emily sounds happy, concluding that if Helena is still alive, then Nicolas can go free. Skye informs Emily that Luke is not absolutely certain that Helena is alive; it’s just a hunch. But Luke seems certain that because no body was found, Helena must be alive and ready to haunt them. Skye tells Emily and Lucky that Luke’s theory makes sense. Helena would want everybody to believe she died so that Nicolas can go to prison and so that she can plan Emily’s “accidental” death. Luke tells them that what they need to do now is pull Helena out of hiding.

After Carly tells Sonny that she has another place lined up, he tells her that simply due to her eavesdropping upon his conversation with his new friend, she must be making up a story about this “new place” in order to press his buttons. She affirms that Steven has a place for her. Steven appears and Sonny demands to know what Steven’s plans are with his wife.

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