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General Hospital Update Friday 12/24/04



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COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jason, who is sleeping on the couch, wakes up when he hears knocking at the door. He goes to answer it and finds Jax. Courtney comes out, sees Jax and immediately says that if Jax wants to jump all over her for letting Jason spend the night she won't dignify his accusations with a response. Jax smoothly says that there's no worry, he knows she and Jason weren't up to anything.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is getting ready to leave -- Steven is with her. He asks her if she's all right but she assures him that she's fine. She wants to go to Sonny's to spend Christmas with her children. Steven offers to drive her there.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny has been trying to track down Alexis, knowing she would never leave Kristina with him a second longer than nessecary. He thinks something has happened to her.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Alexis and Ric wake up underneath their blanket on the floor. Alexis is in a panic when she realizes that Kristina spent the night at Sonny's and that he's going to have her baptized today.

THE HOSPITAL: John has come to see Carly. He wants to spend Christmas with her, as Christmas is a time for forgiveness. He wants her to hear him out. She tells him that she is spending Christmas with Sonny's. Then she leaves the room. Steven turns to John and notes that neither of them will be spending Christmas with Carly.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Ric and Alexis are dressed -- they are not sure how they'll be able to find their car. They blame one another for their situation. Ric exclaims that they are stranded. Alexis is sure that they are going to freeze to death together, which she thinks will suit Sonny just fine.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax deduces that Jason needed a place to stay in the blizzard. Courtney says that's exactly what happened. Jason gets a call on his cell -- it's Sonny telling him that Alexis has gone missing. Jason agrees that they'll get all their men out on the hunt. He hangs up with Sonny and then tells Courtney and Jax what's going on. Jax insists on helping Jason and Sonny find Alexis.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan and Monica are by the nurse's station. They talk about the upcoming pediatric Christmas party. Alan says that, as in other years, he will read the kids the Christmas story...but that this year, Lila won't be here to share Christmas with them.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael is all dressed up in his suit for the christening -- he's trying to explain what will happen later at the church to Kristina. Suddenly he finds the newspaper ad about the house. He is excited that this is just what he asked for for Christmas.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Ric and Alexis are undressed under the blanket, talking. Ric describes how Christmas with his father was always hollow, lacking joy. Alexis is still upset over Ric burning the Christmas tree she found. Suddenly they hear a helicopter flying overhead. They realize that they've been rescued and they rush to get dressed. While they are dressing, Sonny and Jax come in. While the situation is awkward, Alexis immediately asks Sonny how Kristina is. Sonny assures her that Kristina is fine. Sonny and Alexis start to bicker about how Sonny wants Kristina to be raised Catholic. They end the arguing in order to leave the cabin. But before they go, Sonny finds Alexis' bra on the ground and, very amused, he returns it to her. Alexis, a bit embarassed, grabs it from him.

THE POLICE STATION: A police officer is escorting Nikolas to the interrogation room. Nikolas will soon be transferred to the main prison. The police officer (it is the one who shot Nikolas as he was trying to escape) apologizes to Nik for shooting him in the first place. Nik notes that he was only doing his job. They open the door to the interrogation room and Nikolas is surprised to see Emily, Elizabeth, Lucky and Alice (the Quartermaine maid). They have decorated the room for Christmas (including a tree and lots of food). Alice came with all of the stuff when Emily called her. She hugs Nik and then leaves. Lucky and Nikolas also hug...but Lucky says that he and Elizabeth are going to leave so as to give Em and Nik some time alone before Nik is transferred. Lucky and Liz exit and Emily and Nikolas are ready to start spending their last Christmas together.

KELLY'S: Courtney and Jason come into Kelly's, where Mike and Sam are at the counter. They explain what happened to Alexis, and Courtney adds that she needs to get a christening gown for Kristina to wear. Sam says that she may be able to help with that.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Michael, Carly, Leticia (the nanny) are with Kristina. They are wondering where Alexis is. Carly tries talking to Kristina to make her feel more comfortable. Suddenly Alexis (along with Sonny, Jax and Ric) shows up. She hugs Kristina.

KELLY'S: Sam has brought down a christening gown that she had bought for her own daughter. She wants Kristina to be able to use it. Jason asks her if she's sure and Sam says that she is. Mike goes to the back of the diner to get the "emergency" sewing kit so Courtney can mend the dress a bit. Courtney again asks Sam if she's sure and Sam replies that she wants to do this. Jason looks at Sam intently, but says nothing.

THE HOSPITAL: Audrey and Edward greet one another and chat about the pediatric party. They also wish one another a merry Christmas. Edward is about to leave, but Tracy stops him. She says that he has to be present to hear Alan read the Christmas story to the kids. Edward doesn't want to, but Tracy points out that Lila would want him to. Edward agrees to stay, for Lila.

KELLY'S: John is walking by Kelly's when he runs into a prostitute. The prostitute wants to make him one of her customers. John seems open to the idea. Suddenly Steven comes over to them and promptly tells the prostitute that John is a federal prosecutor. The prostitute quickly makes an exit. Steven turns to John and tells him that he knows of a better way that John can spend his Christmas.

Meanwhile, inside Kelly's, Mike tells Sam what a wonderful thing it was for her to give Kristina the gown. He wants Sam to come with him to the christening. Sam looks at him glumly...she doesn't reply.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney has arrived with the gown for Kristina. They are now ready to go to the christening. But first, Alexis says she has to go home to get something to wear. Carly says that she might have something for Alexis -- Alexis replies that she hasn't been a size 2 since she was 12. Carly smiles sweetly at Alexis and replies that she might, in that case, have some maternity wear that would fit. Alexis agrees and they go upstairs to check the clothes out. Ric turns to Sonny and matter-of-factly says that it is, after all, the season for giving.

THE POLICE STATION: Emily and Nikolas are in the interrogation room, savoring their Christmas together. Emily says that they are meant to be together, no matter what. Just then, the police officer returns to get Nikolas ready for transferring. Nikolas and Emily share a tender goodbye. Nikolas leaves and Emily cries.

THE CHURCH: Everyone is assembled for the ceremony. Mike and Sam arrive and Sonny goes to greet them and thank them for coming. Sonny also tells Mike that he understands better the things a parent has to do for their kids, and that he appreciates that Mike tried to fix what was broken in their own family. Meanwhile, Jason comes to Sam's side to support her. Before the ceremony, it's time for the naming of the godparents. Sonny has chosen Carly as godmother, much to Alexis' chagrin. He also wants Jason as godfather. Alexis balks and names Ric as godfather instead.

THE HOSPITAL: It is almost time for the hospital's pediatric Christmas party. Bobbie rushes over to Audrey and asks her what they are going to do about finding someone to fill in as Santa. Audrey assures Bobbie that Steven told her it would be taken care of.

Brook Lynn is dressed up as an elf, much to her father Ned's amusement. He says that it's remarkable that he's been coming to these parties for years, and now his daughter is one of the elves. He says that he's proud of her and she replies that that means a lot to her.

Mac and Felicia are also at the party. Felicia begs Mac not to get upset about the fact that Dillon is practically glued to Georgie's side. A few feet away, Lucas brings in a box of candy canes and greets his mom, Bobbie. They chit chat about the party. Lucas is happy that he has a chance to be he has a lot of memories of the party from when he was now he can tease Georgie about being dressed as an elf.

Edward is happy to see Justus has come to the party. A few feet away, Tracy notes to Alan and Monica that she did her duty in getting Edward to stay -- now will any of their kids be present? Alan and Monica explain that Emily is with Nikolas and Skye is at the house decorating. Tracy makes snarky comments about Nikolas being on his way to prison and Alan and Monica tell her that she could just go home. Tracy says that she intends to help Edward get through the holiday, same as they are.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Lucky and baby Cameron have arrived. Audrey is excited to see them, especially her great-grandson. She says that they are only waiting for Santa now. Elizabeth turns to Lucky and says that there's nothing like celebrating Christmas with your own child. They share a smile.

Jax pulls Audrey aside and gives her a check from Courtney's foundation. Audrey is quite thankful. Jax also notes that it's probably time to get started with the party, but Audrey says they are waiting for Santa. Steven arrives and tells Audrey that Santa is now in the building! Audrey greets him happily. Steven seems to be looking for someone and admits to Jax that he was hoping to see Carly and her kids at the party. Jax says that Carly is at the christening.

Just then, there come the sound of singing -- a group of costumed singers are performing "Jingle Bells" as the children from the pediatric ward come in. They are met by Santa -- who is being played by John Durant himself! Bobbie notes that if only Carly could see her father now.

THE CHURCH: The christening has begun. Alexis and Sonny are standing before the priest with Kristina. Carly and Ric are standing by as the godparents, and everyone else is seated. Kristina is baptized "Kristina Adella Corinthos Davis." The name Adella is for Sonny and Ric's mother. Toward the end of the ceremony, everyone says "Amen." Sonny looks happy.

THE HOSPITAL: Alan is reading the Christmas story (about Jesus' birth) to the children at the party while both the kids and adults listen. Dillon gives Georgie a peck on the cheek. John is munching on Christmas cookies.

THE CHURCH: The ceremony is just finishing up. Emily has come to the church...Jason walks over to her and she apologizes for coming in during the ceremony, as she thought that the church would be empty. Jason says that it's okay. She tells him about Nikolas being transferred. They hug. Emily talks about how it's snowing, and that they should go outside and make a wish.

MONTAGE: A montage follows, set to the song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Here are the scenes that comprise the montage:

* Emily and Jason outside of the church, watching the snow.

* Nikolas in the prison van being taken to the state prison.

* Alan and Monica at the hospital after Alan finishes reading the Christmas story. Alan seems somewhat sad (thinking about his mother's passing). Monica comforts him.

* Edward and Tracy at the hospital...Tracy, remembering Lila, cries and Edward comforts her.

* At the hospital, Georgie and Felicia put Georgie's elf hat on Mac's head and then giggle. The three of them hug.

* Ned and Brook hug. Diego comes over to Brook and gives her a necklace. They hug as Ned looks on.

* Dillon brings Georgie to some mistletoe and they kiss.

* Lucky, Audrey and Elizabeth are bonding with baby Cameron.

* John (still dressed as Santa) is talking to the kids and passing out gifts.

* Back in the church, Alexis is holding Kristina. She and Ric share a smile.

* Sam lighing a candle for her daughter...Jason sees her and goes to her side. Courtney and Mike watch the close moment between Sam and Jason from a few feet away.

* Michael and Kristina sitting next to one another...Michael gives her a little flower and kisses her on the cheek as Alexis and Ric watch. Sonny, also watching, is smiling.

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