GH Update Thursday 12/23/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/23/04



By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Nikolas and Emily are hiding in the cottage. Nikolas says that they are trapped for now, living on borrowed time -- be he also promises Emily that no matter what happens she will always be in his heart.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon and Georgie are on the boat, unable to leave because of the blizzard. They are surprised to come across Luke, who is sitting in a chair, drinking. Dillon asks what's wrong and Luke notes that things can apparently always get worse. He adds that he has just returned from seeing all that remains of his wife.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye is checking out of the hospital. Before she goes, Bobbie tries to convince Skye to tell Luke that Skye was coming back to town to tell him that Laura was alive. Skye says she is not going to waste her breath.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jordan thanks Sonny for her Christmas gift (the doll house) and tells him that there's a last minute letter to Santa on the shelf over the fire place. Sonny's from Michael. In the letter Michael asks Santa to bring him a huge house with a backyard.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Carly is laying in the snow with Steven next to her. She asks Steven to spill about what he did to help her father behind her back. He tells her that the only reason he first came to town was to get information on her to give to Durant.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Lucky and Elizabeth have arrived. Lucky says that the cop who was there earlier recognized Nikolas, so they need to move now. Lucky and Nikolas discuss Laura's "death." Nik says they know she's in a better place. Then he tells them that he wants to turn himself in.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Alexis and Ric have found shelter -- an empty cabin in the woods. Ric is furious that they are in this situation: lost and stranded in a blizzard all because of Alexis' tree. Alexis is struggling to get her Christmas tree inside. She is upset that Kristina is going to spend Christmas with Sonny, and that he'll probably teach her how to launder play money. She complains that she doesn't want Sonny to get what he wants, but Ric snaps that Sonny already has.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny notes to Jordan that eventually he's going to need a house, as he's got children and they're going to want a bigger place. He adds that once Kristina's older she'll want privacy. He says that he and Carly used to talk about getting a bigger house -- a large estate with a backyard, tall trees around for privacy, and a gate. Unfortuantely, he wouldn't be able to control everything that happens on the grounds of a new house...he doesn't want to give up that kind of protection.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Steven admits to Carly that at the beginning she was just a part of his job, but that things changed quickly, and that he had to tell John that he would not be part of something that would hurt Carly. He hopes that the price he will pay for defying Durant will be worth it.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye still cannot believe that Bobbie would want Luke to believe that Laura died. Bobbie says that she wanted to give her brother closure. Skye admits that she is in love with Luke but that she wouldn't want him based on the lie of Laura's death. Bobbie again pleads with Skye to tell Luke that she (Skye) was on her way home to tell him about Laura when she got in the accident. Skye is depressed...she says that it doesn't matter, that she has already lost Luke's trust.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Nikolas is determined to turn himself into the police. Elizabeth asks Emily if she's certain that this is what she wants -- Emily replies that she doesn't want it, but that she knows it's what Nikolas is determined to do. After a little more discussion, everyone starts to leave the cabin. But the cops are already outside: they order Nikolas to put his hands up in the air.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Carly wonders if she and Steven will actually die from the cold. Steven thinks that surely someone will be coming soon. She asks him why he would risk his life for her, and he replies that she should already know the answer to that.

THE POLICE STATION: The police have brought Nikolas, Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth into the station. Mac says that none of them will be getting the benefit of the fact, they are all in big, big trouble.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Alexis and Ric are arguing like there is no tomorrow. Alexis is worried that Sonny will buy and manipulate Kristina's love from her. Ric thinks that Alexis is acting ridiculous -- he cannot believe he is married to her. Alexis snaps that it is not a real marriage because they haven't consummated it yet. They both agree to get an annulment based on those grounds, immediately.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Jordan are sharing a drink and discussing the possibility of a new house when suddenly there's a knock on the door. It's Max. Sonny goes out into the hallway to talk to him. Apparently Max has been out hunting for a second dollhouse to give Kristina (to replace the one that Sonny gave to Jordan). Jordan joins them in the hall and busts Sonny trying to get a second dollhouse. She assures him that she is not planning to accept Kristina's. Sonny gives Max some money for his time and trouble and then goes back into the penthouse with Jordan. Jordan starts to wrap the dollhouse up with discarded pages of newspaper...suddenly she spots an ad for a large estate that appears to be like the one Sonny wants.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Carly demands that Steven stop stalling and answer her question. He says that he feels like they just click together and that he is certain in his feelings for her. Suddenly some paramedics come in, along with John.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Ric and Alexis are ready to pen their annulment. Alexis finds paper and some lipstick (she doesn't have a pen) to write with. She writes that she and Ric want to annul their marriage due to failure to consummate. Then they both sign it. Satisfied, Ric leaves the cabin to go find something outside that they can burn in a fire for warmth.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jordan reads the newspaper ad about the estate -- it sounds exactly what Sonny described to her earlier...plenty of rooms, in a secluded area (for privacy) with gates, a beautiful master bedroom, etc. etc. And Sonny can afford it. Suddenly Sonny's cell phone rings -- it's Bobbie telling him that Carly is in emergency surgery at the hospital due to the roof of her cottage caving in during the blizzard. Sonny asks Jordan to keep an eye on the kids and then leaves for the hospital.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke has gone somewhere else and now Georgie and Dillon are alone. Dillon finds a way to light up the Christmas tree in the main area of the casino. Georgie is delighted. He turns on some Christmas music and they start to dance. But Georgie feels something in his pocket -- a paper. She takes it out and reads it (though he urges her not to). Then she looks back up at Dillon and asks her if the letter is true -- is he leaving her?

THE POLICE STATION: Mac is grilling Nikolas, Emily, Lucky and Elizabeth. They are willing to let Mac believe that Connor switched places with Nikolas on his own. Mac thinks that Emily (as Nik's wife), Liz (as a nurse), and Lucky (as a police officer) all had a hand in the plan. He suspends Lucky indefinitely from the force. Just then, Luke shows up. He and Lucky talk briefly about Laura -- Luke says that he knows more than Lucky does about the situation (considering that Lucky believes his mom is dead).

THE HAUNTED STAR: Apparently the letter Dillon got is from the film school in California -- he has been accepted. She says that this is his dream...she wants to celebrate. But Dillon wants to focus on just the two of them. They start to dance again.

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Ric can't find anything to burn, so he wants to burn the Christmas tree. Alexis fights him for it. Ric gives up on the tree, finding a blanket, which he wraps around himself for warmth.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky and Nikolas are in the interrogation room talking. Luke has told them that Laura is alive, for which they are thankful. Lucky saw acceptance in Luke's eyes, but he worries over why Bobbie told Luke that Laura was dead in the first place. Nikolas thinks Bobbie just wanted Luke to move on with his life.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye runs into Luke -- she is carrying a box of her things. She also plans to give him her key to the casino back. He wants to know why she is resigning? He doesn't get why Skye thinks that he would blame her for anything related to Bobbie's lie about Laura, as she was on her way back to tell him. They reaffirm that they trust one another. Luke says that he has had Laura committed to Shadybrook, and that while Laura was the love of his life he knows that she is not coming back and that he is ready to move on with Skye if she will have him. They embrace.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly is out of the emergency surgery and resting. She's visiting with Bobbie, who leaves when Sonny comes in. Carly explains to Sonny what happened with the roof. Steven enters the room as well...Carly tells Sonny that Steven saved her life.

THE POLICE STATION: Emily is visiting with Nikolas in the interrogation room. She tries to reassure him that they'll get out of this. Nik promises her that he will love her wherever he is. A policeman comes in -- it's time for Emily to go. She and Nik kiss and she leaves. She looks back at him through the window and mouths the words "I love you."

CABIN IN THE WOODS: Ric allows Alexis to join him under the warm blanket. They admit their flaws to one another...thankful that they are willing to put up with each other. Ric thinks maybe they should burn the paper they signed...then he realizes that there is one way to get rid of the possibility of annulment: to sleep together. They start to kiss...and fade to black.

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