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Mac Scorpio informs the party ready to help Connor with his plan to “help” Nicolas, that there is a problem. He addresses Connor as Connor, realizing that he knows that Nicolas is left-handed whereas this man is not and that Connor has a completely different hand-writing and signature. He tells everybody involved that they could get in big trouble for their little plan to falsify both Connor’s and Nicolas’ identities. In response to this, Connor grabs Elizabeth and holds her hostage so that Mac, Lucky and the other cops they’ve brought over put down their guns and let him escape. He tells them she will die if they don’t put down their guns. She pleads that she has a baby at home.

Right when Nicolas and Emily are alone in their cabin believing everything is ok, a cop enters. On his police scanner, they can hear a report that Nicolas Cassadine, convicted murderer, is still at large. Hearing that, Emily freaks and drops a glass. Right away, the cop can tell, and remarks that something about that APB made her nervous. Emily makes up a story, sounding like there’s nothing to be alarmed by, that she remembers Nicolas Cassadine from high school and hasn’t seen or heard anything about him in a long time and is shocked to now discover he’s been charged with murder. Nicolas plays along with her story, saying he’s heard that name before and may have heard Emily talking about him in the past. The cop says it’s really good that neither of them would know the whereabouts of Nicolas because if they do, they are in big trouble.

Sonny’s lawyer stays and has Christmas dinner with Sonny, Michael, Morgan and Christina. He says a prayer to bless his family as well as the mothers of all of his kids. Unknown to him, however, Carly is lying in the snow underneath the collapsed house that has fallen upon her, Steven and John Durant.

Sonny tells Michael it’s time for bed. He has a private conversation with his lawyer about how Michael has had a difficulty accepting the divorce a while back but things are better. He asks her what types of Christmas history she has. She told him she grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with a family that was Episcopalian by denomination but who really worshipped blue chip stocks. She remembers boarding schools and skiing trips in Colorado and material things in her life. But she says she’s still waiting for a doll house and a picket fence and a traditional Christmas in her life.

In the wreckage of Carly’s and John’s house, Steven and John suddenly come to. They look for Carly, find her and discover that she is unconscious. John demands that Dr. Steven does something. He attempts to revive her.

Privately, while the cop goes outside their cabin, Emily tells Nicolas that they can escape. He tells her however, that it may be near to impossible since they are stranded there. The cop comes back in and asks if they can help him dig his car out of the snow. He realizes however, that Nicolas’ “false identity” cannot be proven.

In Kelly’s, Sam successfully delivers the young girl’s baby. They get a medical team to take her to the hospital. Witnessing all of this, Brook Lynn expresses to Diego how she cannot figure out Mr. Alcazar. He has so many traits of a criminal and seems not to be trusted, but he did a heroic thing to rescue a pregnant teenager out of the snow. From outside, Sam and Jax watch what has just happened in awe. Lorenzo holds the baby and asks the girl to take her. She says she trusts him and knows he’s good with the baby. Brook Lynn and Diego are completely freaked out to notice this “out-of-character” behavior in Lorenzo. He gives the baby to Jax. Jax brings the baby to Sam. Sam is a little too upset to hold the baby but Jax encourages her by telling her the baby is a little lonely and he thought Sam might be able to help. Sam cries and holds the baby.

Carly awakens form the accident and tells her father and Steven that she cannot breath. Steven discovers she may have a punctured lung and must be operated on right now. He tells John they do not have time to take her to the hospital. He must perform surgery right then and there.

After Nicolas goes out to help the cop shovel out his car, he comes back inside in pain, bleeding and ready to pass out. He right away assumes that the reason the cops are on his trail is because Connor deliberately double-crossed him. Emily says he cannot assume that. Maybe something happened that was not Connor’s fault.

In the hospital, after Connor has escaped with Elizabeth, Lucky and Mac are alone wondering what to do now. Elizabeth returns. Lucky rushes to her, grateful she is ok. She informs them that Connor dragged her out of the hosptial, then let her go and took off. When she is alone with Lucky, she tells him that Connor did not hurt her and she just hopes he gets away.

In the snow wreckage, Steven tells John he needs surgical supplies, which can be improvised with household gloves and knives and other things. John tells Steven he cannot operate on his daughter. But Steven adamantly tells John that he needs to help him or Carly will die. And they have no choice but to do it this way.

Sonny surprises his lawyer by a large wrapped box. He tells her that since it has no name on it, it must be hers’. She tells him he does not have to do this. He tells her she must open it. She discovers a dollhouse. Michael watches and notices how happy she is that his father got her this gift. Sonny tells his son that everybody needs a “miracle” for Christmas.

Sam tells the baby that she knows her momma will be so happy and grateful to have her and will do everything she can to make sure she is ok. Jax observes and tells Sam how good she is with the baby. Sam remarks that maybe she needed this little girl as much as she needed Sam.

Sonny tells a bedtime story to Michael. Michael falls asleep. His lawyer looks amazed at how good a father is. Sonny carries sleeping Michael to bed.

John and Steven huddle over Carly, telling her everything will be ok. Steven asks her to take a small breath. She does and he can tell that she is better. Her father holds her protectively just like he really cares about her.

The cop who was at Nicolas and Emily’s cabin, returns to the hospital and informs Lucky and Elizabeth that he found Nicolas Cassadine and knows he was the guy at that cabin.

At the cabin, Nicolas tells Emily there’s no way they will get away. He says pretty soon the police will realize that Lucky helped him escape. He’s afraid that Lucky will lose his badge for that. She says not unless they can prove that Lucky did something wrong. He says he bets Connor will rat Lucky out to them. He tells her he does not want her to give up her dream of becoming a doctor in order to help him. She says nothing will happen to her or to Lucky for helping him.

Alone with Sonny, his lawyer tells him his kids are really lucky to have him as a dad. He asks if she really believes that. She says if she did not, she would not have represented him in the custody hearing for Christina. He jokingly tells her he thought she just did that for the money. She assures him she had other reasons. He tells her he still has a dilemma about how much entitlement he has of Christina and also just how he should cope with losing his other daughter. She says that no child can ever make up for the loss of another one. He tells her he never thought he’d be a father. She assures him that from what she’s seen, she can tell he’s a good father. But right then, he “slips” and tells her something about what kids discover when they get older. She asks what he was about to say but did not finish. It sounds like he doesn’t want to finish expressing that thought to her.

Brook Lynn approaches Lorenzo and tells him he did a great job with delivering the baby. He tells her it was Sam who coached the girl and he did not do anything special. She admits to him that she has been suspicious of him and has said some nasty things about him behind his back. And she apologizes and tells him she may have misjudged him. He tells her it’s ok but he knows she probably still does want him to see her mother. Sam holds the baby, hiding how distraught she really is. Knowing nothing about Sam’s situation, the young mother looks happy and very grateful to Sam for her help.

Sonny confesses to the lawyer that Christina is the product of a one-night stand and Michasel was not his real child and the means he went to in order to have him was not “ethical”. He also tells her that all parents fail their children. But the children must forgive them and let go. He admits that not until he became a father, did he realize that his parents were just human beings. He says he now realized that his mother was not the angel he expected her to be and that his father loved him in spite of his faults. He also tells her that he sometimes fears and wonders how much time he has until his kids start blaming him for things that have gone wrong. She says she’s handled many custody cases and seen many parents worse than him. But he says that if nothing else, he’s grateful to have Christmas as something his kids can always remembers as a present from their father.

In the cabin, Nicolas tells Emily that he already has a miracle. He has her and that’s all he’s ever wanted.

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