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General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/21/04



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Lucky enters what was Nicolas’ hospital room where Connor is staying in his place. They are ready to put their plan into motion, but Lucky is concerned that it will be easy for anyone to tell that Connor’s bandages are not real and that he could not be Nicolas and their plan will be ruined.

While Bobbie is attempting to inject Skye with a needle to sedate her, Luke demands that she stops and tells her he knows she is trying to prevent Skye from telling them something important.

Carly and Steven are clowning around wearing deer antlers. They joke about his believing that she is very difficult, and her argument that she believes she is Miss Congeniality. She admits that she wasn’t very kind to him when she first met him and didn’t think he liked her. He tells her he does like her. He likes her too much to make love to her.

Luke informs Bobbie that he just found out his wife died in a fire and would like his sister to offer him some support, by doing something like coming to Laura’s funeral. Bobbie tells him that she did not attend Laura’s funeral because she thought it would be easier for Luke that way. And right then, Luke can sense that Laura is still alive and Bobbie must know that and is keeping that from him.

In a cabin, Nicolas tells Emily that he wants to be there for Luke after Laura’s death. But she tells him that he cannot go anywhere because people will know he switched places with Connor. But he tells her that it may not be any less of a prison for them to be on the run, than if he actually gets caught and goes back to prison. And he tells her that if she runs with him, it will be like she’s in prison also.

Elizabeth walks in on Lucky’s and Connor’s private conversation, knowing they’ve got some secret and asks what is going on.

Courtney and Jason talk about his relationship with Sam and her’s with Jax. She admits that she is choosing to be with Jax for reasons that have nothing to do with him. But she realizes they cannot go back to being together and it’s just as well that he lied about being the father of Sam’s baby. She asks if he thinks it’s a mistake that she’s seeing Jax. He admits he does not like or trust Jax, due to his track record, and neither does Sonny. She tells Jason that he does not know Jax as well as she does. Deep down Jax is a good person and fun to be with and there’s nothing wrong with somebody that is fun. She admits that in some ways the reason she enjoys being with Jax is because he’s the opposite of Jason. He gets up to leave and tells her he’s going home. She tells him he cannot go out into the storm.

There is a pregnant woman in Kelly’s whom Lorenzo has rescued from the blizzard. She’s about to give birth. Mike, Brook Lynn and Diego watch, not knowing what to do. But Sam seems to know exactly what to do. She approaches the woman, talks her through her contractions and breathing and seems very confident that she can deliver the baby. The woman is impressed by Sam’s ability to deliver her baby and asks if she is a nurse. Sam replies no but she knows how to help birth babies because she recently had a baby herself. The woman asks about Sam’s baby, not realizing she died.

Carly tells Steven she believes he is an egomaniac and she should have slapped him for telling her “he likes her too much to make love to her.” She asks why he’d even assume that that is an option. She says there’s no way it’s going to happen. But he tells her he could see the way she looked at him. He also inquires why she would refuse to consider it. Is it because she believes he’d be impotent or he’d be gay. She replies no.

Lucky informs Elizabeth about his and Connor’s plan for Connor to go to prison in Nicolas’ place so that Nicolas could have a chance. She tells him that they are insane with their plan. Lucky says he did not plan to get her fired for helping them but they have no choice. He tells her they need her help.

Emily asks Nicolas what he believes his mother would want for him now if she were alive. He tells her that is not a fair question. She reflects to him how Luke and Laura fought for what they had together and the two of them must do the same. She says they can fight, they can beat the odds and make it work, they can go to another country or do whatever is necessary. They can start over.

Bobbie tells Luke that he noticed Laura was dead and must not need to see or know more. But he knows there is a reason she had to silence Skye and demands she stops lying. She admits to her brother that Laura is alive. He asks her how long she’s known that. She replies it’s been a few months and that she knows Laura has been home-cared by a woman named Pam Connolly. She admits that Pam was hired by Heather Webber and she got a phone call from Pam after Pam noticed Laura’s ID bracelet. She tells Luke that she did not want to get his hopes up not knowing if it really was Laura, but she switched the DNA to have another burn victim get buried in Laura’s place and have everybody believe it was Laura that died. Luke asks her just why she’d pull a stunt like that. She tells Luke that she’s noticed his behavior ever since Laura’s been gone; she’s been very worried for him. Her voice breaks when she tells him he has not had a chance to grieve for Laura. She tells him he’s her brother; she loves him and doesn’t want to lose him. He tells her she must have had an agenda to hurt him by having him believe that his wife burned in a fire. She tells him that she believes it’s best for him to believe Laura is gone because Laura would want him to move on. He tells her it was not her call to make that decision and demands that she tells him where his wife is.

Alexis and Rick are in the blizzard in a pine tree forest looking for a Christmas tree to cut down for Christina’s when she comes home for Christmas. He tells her he’s freezing and it won’t matter to Christina when she’s only 2. But Alexis demands that they cut down a tree instead of buying one already cut down. He tells her he might freeze before he has a chance to get out his saw and cut it.

Luke is able to figure out that Bobbie must have Laura “stashed” right where they found Skye. He tells her he knows Laura must be on Old Post Rd. He goes to Skye and asks her what she knows.

Emily cleans Nicolas’ bullet wound. He seems not to care and looks very depressed. But he “livens” up the situation by asking her to seduce him to make him feel better. She sits on his lap and holds him and kisses him. And he feels better.

Rick protests to Alexis that Christina will not care where they get the tree. She insists Christina will, she’s very observant. He tells her that since Christina is not even 3 feet high, all trees will look big to her and they must get out of this storm before they are stranded. But she says they must make it perfect for when Christina comes home. He goes to saw it down and stops, telling her he must rest. But she says they cannot give up and she goes to saw it herself. At that point, it falls on top of Rick. He freaks noticing that they are stranded right in the middle of a pine forest, not knowing where they are, in a blizzard, unable to find their car. They could freeze to death, but it’s just great that they got their tree.

The birthing woman asks Sam what having a baby is like. Sam tells her it’s the most special thing you can do. Your body will hurt and you will be tired but it will be worth it. Mike suggests to Jax that Sam should not have to help that girl give birth. It must be too painful and heartbreaking for her. But as they observe her, they can tell that Sam feels very good to be doing what she is doing.

Carly affirms that whatever Steven thinks, she has no interest in sleeping with him ever. She says she can prove it to him and walks up to him. But she accidentally stumbles and lands on top of him on the couch, looking to the “casual observer” like she’s getting it on with him on the couch. Right at that moment, John Durant walks in to see his daughter in this position with his “colleague” and appears shocked. John looks like he wants to confront both of them and disapproves of their action. Carly goes to get her father some tea. When he’s alone with Steven, John tells Steven that when Carly comes back, he wants him gone.

Mac Scorpio enters Nicolas’ room ready to take Nicolas (really Connor) back to prison. He is surprised that Elizabeth, who’s only a student nurse, would be qualified to change the bandages of a bullet wound. He tells Lucky that he realizes it must be very difficult for him to watch his brother go off to prison. He tells them they cannot go anywhere during the blizzard and must wait to transport “Nicolas” back to prison.

Steven tells John Durant that he knows Carly does not trust her father and with good reason. Durant tells Steven that he either leaves his daughter alone or he will tell her everything Steven has done. Carly enters and asks what has Steven done? Right at that moment, suddenly, the roof caves in on them.

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