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General Hospital Update Monday 12/20/04



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There is a nasty blizzard in Port Charles. Steven comes to visit Carly. He tells her that he’s concerned about whether she got home ok. He admits that he may appear like he’s stalking her. He asks about the tree, then tells her he needs to borrow a clothes hanger. But it’s obvious he’s just looking for an excuse to be with her. He tells her the candles and lights and the tree are beautiful but not as beautiful as she is.

Sonny is at the old place with Michael, Morgan, Christina and his lawyer. He goes to take Morgan away. Alone with Michael, the lawyer can tell Michael has something to say to her. She asks him what’s up. He tells her coldly that he knows why she’s there. He attempts to sound “courteous” asking if she wants something to eat. She tells him the reason she’s there is to make sure that Alexis dropped off Christina so Sonny can visit with her. He tells her that she need not worry about that. He also informs her that his father dumped both Sam and Christina’s mom and does not need another girl friend. Right then Sonny comes in and asks his son if he’s grilling daddy’s lawyer.

Jason is with Courtney. He informs her that right after Christina got out of the hospital, Sonny demanded that he gets to have all his kids with him for Christmas. She tells him she does not think that’s very cool and believes her brother is the most selfish man she’s ever met. But she admits it’s not so much him that she’s angry at. She admits that it’s amazing how far the two of them have come in the last two years. He reflects that everything is so different now. She remembers how a year ago she was working for tips at Kelly’s. Now she has something so much better in her life. He asks if she’s happy. She replies mostly and asks if he is. He says he is for the most part. It sounds like something is missing in both of their lives. She admits that they had to break up because of all the parts of his life that she could not accept, but realizes that Sam is willing to accept that.

Sam runs into Jax. He asks her about her relationship with Jason. She says she never thought she’d be able to care about anybody again but realizes Jason may not be available for her and so she cannot keep living with him. She admits she still has feelings for Jason, remembering how he was there for her when he did not have to and asked for nothing in return.

Brook Lynn and Diego rush into Kelly’s. They discuss the mystery of his sister’s relationship with Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he can live in peace knowing his mother is dead. At least that way, he will never have to worry about whether she’s ok. But Elizabeth can tell by his voice that he’s very upset and mourning the loss of Laura. She reminisces all the memories she had of his mom when they were children. He expresses his concerns about his father right now. She reflects that she believes Skye will be there for Luke. He says he’s ok with that and perhaps his father could be happy in a relationship with Skye.

At the hospital, Luke is with Bobbie trying to get a hold of Skye by phone but cannot reach her on his cell phone. He asks if he can use the hospital phones. She firmly tells him she cannot let him do that, the phones are only for hospital personnel. He suddenly calls and gets Skye’s phone to ring. But Skye is stranded somewhere in a car accident unable to pick up the phone. Bobbie later approaches him, asking if he’s gotten a hold of her, aware that her brother might risk going out into the blizzard to find her. And she tells him he must not do that. When she is alone, she makes a secret call. And when she believes she is unseen, she grabs her things and rushes out the door. But Luke catches her and asks her what’s going on.

Stuck in the car in the storm, Skye bangs on the car windshield and honks the horn, screaming for someone to help her. At that moment, Dillon and Georgie recognize her and call Bobbie to get Skye rescued.

After Steven has left Carly’s “temporarily”, he enters again, with an “account “ of getting his car stuck, clawing his way through the snow and being very sick from the cold. She knows he’s exaggerating but seems to welcome him in her home anyway. She offers him some warm drinks and invites him to take a hot shower and get into some dry clothes and stay with her a while.

When the kids are gone and Sonny is alone with his lawyer, she apologizes in case she is intruding. He admits that he wants her to stay and would enjoy the company and asks if Michael was harassing her with questions. She laughs and says Michael meant no harm but he did inquire if she was daddy’s girlfriend. He explains to her that Michael is a “fixer” who wants to take care of people and their issues although he keeps telling Michael that it’s not his job. She admits that she doesn’t know much about kids and maybe shouldn’t assume anything but believes that perhaps Michael wants her to keep her distance from his father because Michael is worried about Sonny getting another broken heart. Not far away, on the tree, there’s an ornament with a picture of Carly.

Carly sits by herself lost in thought while Steven is in the shower. He returns. He asks where the boys are, knowing they are with Sonny and she’s spending Christmas alone. He talks to her about once spending Christmas at the Galapagos Islands by the equator. He tells her the story about how he and his 6th grade science class were all there, describes all the people and crazy animals. She laughs, assuming he’s making up a story. He tells her that he wrote a paper on his trip. He reveals to her that he was there while his parents were off “saving the world”. They get back to laughing again. And it looks like he wants to get serious with her. She tells him there’s something she’d like to do, admitting it may be the brandy talking, but realizes they can since the kids are out. They distract themselves by wearing rain deer antlers and attempting to assemble a red wagon. But it’s obvious what they really want to do.

Right when Jax and Sam are at Kelly’s, they notice Max going to get cookies for Michael. Sam asks if Michael is ok. Max replies everything is great and all Sonny’s kids are with him.

Jason informs Courtney for the first time that Sam moved out of his home. She asks why. He says she made the choice due to the fact that she changed everything for the baby. Courtney sounds surprised. He informs her that he’s concerned about Sam being all on her own, refusing to accept any help from him but realizes Sam must make her own decision about what to do. Courtney can sense by Jason’s expression that he may be in love with Sam. She tries to distract herself and be ok with everything. But Jason can tell that she is not over him. She cries but tries to hide from him how she’s feeling. He tells her she need not feel bad about Jax. She says she believe she’s got a good thing with Jax and things would be perfect if she could just stop loving Jason.

The medical staff gets Skye into the hospital. She speaks incoherently. They don’t seem interested in what she’s trying to say. But Luke tells them she’s trying to say something and they must hear her out. Bobbie is ready to inject Skye with a sedative. Skye fights her but she’s about to stick her with the needle. Luke enters and demands to know what Bobbie is doing.

At Kelly’s, suddenly Lorenzo Alcazar enters carrying Maria who apparently got caught in the blizzard. Diego seems relieved to know his sister is ok. But Sam’s stares at her as if she knows something shocking.

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