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General Hospital Update Friday 12/17/04



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(Note: I made a mistake in Thursday's recap -- I thought Lucky took Nikolas to his room above Kelly' fact, it appears that he has taken Nikolas to a cottage in the mountains.)

THE HOSPITAL: Emily tells Connor (thinking he is Nikolas) about Laura being dead. Connor is having trouble responding.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Nikolas, laying in bed and very weak, wants to stop Lucky and Connor's plot. Lucky is trying to convince him that this is for the best.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie is talking on the phone to Connolly, the woman who still has Laura (who is in fact alive). She hangs up the phone and gets ready to leave. Skye (who was watching Bobbie's conversation) tells Bobbie that she is going with her.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the hospital, Alexis comes over to Ric and gives him a thank you hug for standing by her. Sonny walks over to them and asks what's going on. Alexis tells him that Kristina is being released. Sonny notes that that means that now Kristina can go home with him. Alexis is upset that Sonny would demand visitation as soon as Kristina gets out of the hospital. Bickering ensues and Ric mediates. Sonny, however, is determined.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Carly is decorating the tree when Jason comes in. She has called him over to help make Michael and Morgan's first Christmas without their father a good one. Jason agrees to stay and help her decorate. Michael comes running downstairs...he is happy to see Jason.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney and Jax return from the party at Kelly's. Courtney is giddy -- she wants to cook Jax dinner and pamper him the way he has always pampered her. Jax can't think of a better way to spend the night. They kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Skye is highly suspicious of Bobbie. She wants to go with Bobbie to wherever Bobbie is headed. Bobbie asks her instead to stay and watch Luke.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Lucky tries to reassure Nikolas that the plan will work -- that Nik and Emily will be able to start a new life somewhere else. Nikolas has reservations, however.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily has figured out that Connor and Nikolas have switched places. Connor says if she wants she can call the cops -- only that would send her husband straight to prison. Emily realizes that he is right.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Alexis and Sonny are still arguing over Kristina. Jordan comes over to them -- Sonny arranged for her to meet him. Jordan offers to call a judge to settle the argument -- she is confident that the judge would rule in Sonny's favor, considering that he has unlimited visitation. Alexis wants a compromise -- she'll take Kristina over to Sonny's for a few hours only. Sonny agrees.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Jax wants to give Courtney a present. He tells her to check his jacket pocket. She does so but can't find anything. Jax also checks the pockets and realizes that he left it somewhere. He leaves to go get it, promising Courtney he'll be back soon.

KELLY'S: Elizabeth and Sam are talking at the counter at Kelly's. Elizabeth is surprised that Sam is living above Kelly's and not at Jason's penthouse. Sam says that she and Jason were only living together for the baby's sake, and now without a baby to keep them together, she is going to live elsewhere. She wonders if Liz still has a thing for Jason and Liz says that she doesn't, but that she knows that Sam shouldn't let Jason get away -- that he is an amazing person and that Sam should be brave enough to admit her feelings if she is in fact in love with him.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: While decorating the house, Carly tries to engage Jason in a conversation about his relationship with Sam. Jason doesn't seem interested in discussing it. Carly notes that if he's not with Sam he'll have more time for her and the boys. Suddenly the phone rings -- it's Sonny, and he wants to know if Michael and Morgan can come over to his penthouse to decorate the tree with Kristina. Carly seems hesitant but Michael loves the idea of going to his dad's house. Carly agrees to take them by a bit later.

THE HOSPITAL: Kristina is all dressed and ready to go home. As Alexis and Ric talk to her about her upcoming visit with Sonny, Steven comes by and they thank him for all of his work. Then the trio leaves...on the way out Ric tells Kristina how lucky she is to have so many people who care about her.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly, Michael, Morgan and Jason have arrived at the penthouse. Michael is excited by the big tree. Sonny thanks Carly for bringing the boys over. Michael asks if Carly can stay and help them decorate the tree. Sonny and Carly share an awkward smile.

KELLY'S: Luke comes into Kelly's looking disoriented. Elizabeth, who is seated at a table, asks him what's wrong. He tells her that he needs to find Lucky. Liz doesn't know where he is. She again asks Luke what's wrong and he tells her that Laura is dead.

CONNOLLY'S HOUSE: Bobbie is visiting with Laura. She tells Laura that she thinks this is what Laura would want, for Luke to move on and be happy -- that this is the only way for Luke to get his life back, for him to believe that she's dead. She also notes that if Laura does get well, she will deal with the consequences. But for now, she thinks that this is best..she also promises to come and visit Laura often. Bobbie doesn't realize that Skye is watching the conversation from the window. After she leaves, Skye comes in through the back doorway. She is stunned to see that the person Bobbie was talking to is in fact Laura.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly is reluctant to stay and decorate but gives in when Michael requests that she do so. Jason, being forced to decorate yet another house for Christmas, is sent on an errand to find the family nativity scene, which Carly had stored at Courtney's loft. Jason goes to get it. Soon after, Ric and Alexis and Kristina arrive. Sonny is happy to see Kristina -- Alexis looks nervous.

THE HOSPITAL: A doctor comes in to check on "Nikolas"/Connor and tells him he'll need to stay at the hospital a few more days. After the doctor leaves Emily starts in again on how this plan is never going to work. Connor says that helping them like this feels right. Lucky comes in and Emily informs him of the fact that she knows all about their plan. They argue lightly over the plan, which Emily hates. She then tells him that Luke has been looking for him and that he needs to go find his dad. Lucky leaves while Emily stays with Connor.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Nikolas is trying to escape from the cottage. He manages to make it out the door and then suddenly collapses in the snow. He's very weak and can hardly move.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny takes Kristina over to the tree. Carly decides it's time for her to go -- she says goodbye to the boys and exits. Alexis and Ric say that they'll be back to pick Kristina up later. Sonny offers to drop her off, but Alexis doesn't want Kristina to ride in one of Sonny's cars (which have been known to get blown up by his enemies). Sonny says that Kristina will be riding with him, at least, when she goes to her christening. Alexis is outraged that Sonny would have made religious plans for her daughter without discussing it with her first. They start to argue and then agree to discuss it later. Alexis tells Kristina goodbye and she and Ric leave. Alexis is worried about leaving Kristina with Sonny but Ric tries to reassure her that it could have gone much worse than it did.

KELLY'S: Jax is checking the counter at Kelly's, where he apparently left the gift for Courtney. He runs into Sam who is trying to rush out into the blizzard. He comments that her shoes are not the type for walking in snow, but she doesn't care. They both leave the diner at the same time and on the way out, Sam trips. Jax carries her back inside as the snow continues to pour down.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is sitting at a nearby table wiping away tears. Lucky comes in and asks her where Luke is. She says that he went to the hospital to find him. He realizes that she is crying and asks her what's wrong. At first she tells him that Luke should be the one to break the news, but he asks her again and she finally admits that Laura has passed away. Lucky is stunned, and his eyes well up with sudden tears.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Emily comes running up to the cottage and finds Nikolas laying on the ground outside. She starts to yell for help.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jordan has stopped by -- she says that she has come to make sure that Alexis dropped off Kristina, but then admits that she just wanted to pull into a nice warm garage when she was out driving. Sonny invites her inside. She admits to him that she has never really been comfortable around kids, despite the fact that she is always in custody cases. Suddenly the electricity goes out. Michael is excited and points out that now the elevators won't work, meaning they'll all be stuck there throughout the night.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: The blizzard building up steam outside, Carly quickly makes it inside the cottage but is surprised to see that the electricity has gone out. She looks upset. Just as she sits down on the couch, there's a knock on the door.

KELLY'S: Jax and Sam are at the counter listening to the radio in the dark. The radio announcer is talking about the blizzard. The power is out all over town. Jax and Sam are stuck together. A few tables away, Lucky is quietly crying over the news of his mother's death while Liz tries to comfort him.

COURTNEY'S LOFT: Courtney hears a knock on the door and rushes over to answer, assuming that it is Jax. When she opens the door, however, she sees that it is Jason instead.

ABANDONED COTTAGE: Emily has wrapped Nikolas in a blanket and gotten him inside the cottage. As she tries to warm him up she admits to him that she came to tell him that Laura has died. Nikolas looks to be in shock.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke is with Bobbie at the hospital when he gets a call on his cell phone -- it's Skye. She's out driving in the blizzard. The signal is weak on the phone, but she says she has something she needs to tell him. Bobbie is watching Luke -- when she hears him mention that Skye is out on "Old Post Road" (on the way back from Connolly's) she seems to realize that Skye knows about Laura. But just as Skye tries to tell him that Laura is alive, the signal on the phone goes out. Luke stares at the phone, wondering what Skye was trying to tell him. Meanwhile, Skye -- so distracted with the dead phone -- isn't watching the road. She crashes into another car, hitting her head on the steering wheel.

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