GH Update Thursday 12/16/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/16/04



By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Courtney is staying over at Carly's -- they are bonding over cups of coffee. There's a knock on the door -- Courtney goes to run and hide in case it's Jax. But instead it's Steven! He says he is inspired to improve on their first "time" together.

KELLY'S: Ric runs into John in front of Kelly's. John still wants to work with Ric to bring down Sonny. Ric tells John that he (John) has been suspended.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke and Skye are at the hospital. Luke is still grieving over Laura's supposed death. Skye begs him to go home and get some sleep. Luke thanks Skye for being so wonderful and not judging him thus far. Luke goes to Nikolas' room (where Emily is sitting by his bed) and knocks on the window, requesting to speak to Emily. Emily goes outside and Luke asks her where Lucky is. He wants Lucky and Nikolas to be together when he tells them about Laura. Emily wants to know what happened and Skye tells her about the fire.

LUCKY'S ROOM: Lucky and Connor are up in Lucky's room above Kelly's. Connor has a tatoo to look exactly like Nikolas' -- the plan is to switch him out with Nikolas, sending Connor instead. Lucky notes that Connor will be discovered when they realize that he wasn't shot like Nik was. Connor takes off his shirt, showing him a bullet hole. Lucky looks surprised. Connor says he made the wound with a screwdriver. Lucky thinks that Connor is insane. Connor is fine with spending some time in jail to consider what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Lucky reminds him that Emily doesn't know and can't know about their plan. Lucky says that they need to go switch him with Nikolas now.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is talking to Luke about Nikolas when Bobbie overhears them. Luke, seeing Bobbie, tells her about the fire that supposedly killed Laura. Bobbie hugs Luke and tells him how sorry she is. Luke says that Skye has been doing a good job of helping him through this. Luke wants to find Lucky to tell him, but Bobbie wonders what the rush is? She wants him to rest before telling Lucky and Lesley as well. Luke and Skye leave and Bobbie turns to Emily and asks her not to tell Nikolas right away about Laura. Emily says that she won't. Bobbie leaves and Emily looks through the window as Nikolas sleeps.

KELLY'S: John and Ric are bickering. Ric brings up John's relationship with Carly -- he thinks that the relationship is damaged forever and John isn't going to win points with Carly no matter what he does. John, however, wants Ric to try to bring Sonny down while John works with him behind the scenes...that way no one would ever know.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Carly is showing Steven the piles of gifts wrapped under the tree. Courtney comes back downstairs and she and Steven are introduced to one another. Michael comes running downstairs and is taken aback to see Steven. He wants to know if Steven is coming out with them today to find a Christmas tree. Steven says that he would love to because he is a sucker for all things Christmas. He tells Michael that he thought he saw an elf outside and he and Michael run out the door to go check it out. Carly and Courtney are laugh and discuss Steven -- Courtney asks her how long it has been going on, but Carly tries to assure her that it's nothing really, but that she is happy to be open and honest in a relationship. Courtney wonders if Carly is rushing into things and Carly brings up Courtney's relationship with Jax.

As they talk, Jax himself enters. Carly is amused that he has arrived. Steven and Michael are quick on Jax's heels -- Steven and Jax introduce themselves to one another and then Jax reveals to the assembled group that he has brought gingerbread men cookies. Courtney can't believe Jax knew that she liked them. Carly, Steven and Michael leave to go find a tree, leaving Courtney and Jax alone. Jax apologizes for jumping on Courtney about her lingering relationship with Jason, but Courtney tells him that he was right.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric has come to oversee Nikolas' transfer to prison. Emily is upset. Lucky shows up and she tells him what's going on. Emily goes to try to talk to her mom and dad to see if there's anything they can do, while Lucky goes inside the room to break the news to Nikolas.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Bobbie, Skye and Luke arrive at the Haunted Star. Luke hits the booze immediately. He asks Bobbie and Skye to go find Lucky and then he leaves the room. Bobbie wants to get a drink, but Skye says there isn't time, that they need to go find Lucky. Bobbie, again, does not see the urgency but she gives in and goes anyway. Skye looks taken aback by Bobbie's attitude.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily comes back to the room and Lucky comes out to meet her. Emily wants to appeal a judge to delay the transfer, since it's Christmas and everything. Lucky notes that Emily won't find a judge anywhere who will agree to that. As they talk, Connor sneaks into Nikolas' room.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke is stumbling around behind the bar when a white dove flies into the casino and lands on the bar. Luke, seeing the dove, starts to talk to it and asks it what it wants to tell him.

KELLY'S: Bobbie and Skye exit Kelly's -- Lucky is not home, and Bobbie thinks that that is that. Skye, on the other hand, sees that Lesley and Lulu are inside talking to Mike. She wants to tell them about Laura. Bobbie doesn't want to tell them. Skye notes that Bobbie is acting weird...she wants to know what is going on?

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Courtney tells Jax that Jason still has a part of her heart and maybe he always will...and that if Jax has a problem with that then maybe they shouldn't be together. Jax asks one question: does Courtney still want to go back to Jason? Courtney says she doesn't. That's all that matters to Jax. Courtney points out that Jason was the one she decided to go to when Diego was in trouble -- she says she can't keep apologizing for needing Jason's help for the rest of her life. Jax says that he cannot love her open heart and then be upset when she holds a place for someone she once deeply loved in it. They kiss.

THE DOCKS: A lot of Christmas trees has been set up on the docks...Steven and Michael go to look for a tree while Carly stands a few feet away. Suddenly John comes over to her. John tells her that he has no reason to go back to New York since he has been suspended. Carly is upset because she believes he has been following her. Steven comes over to them and tells Carly that all she has to say to John is "Leave me alone." Carly does so and Steven notes that now if John continues to approach Carly she will be able to take legal action against him. John says that Steven has learned a lot from him -- he leaves.

KELLY'S: Bobbie explains to Skye that she just wants Lesley and Lulu to have at least one more happy holiday before they are told that Laura has died. Skye admits that Bobbie has a point. Bobbie notes that Lesley has always been there for Lulu, trying to ease the pain of the fact that Lulu's parents are never around. She says that now Luke will be able to process his pain and move on past Laura's death.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke is still talking to the dove. Luke says that the dove needs to go somewhere where it will be appreciated. He tells the dove to go catch up with the angels. The dove leaves and Luke looks sad.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is trying to convince her parents to step in and stop Nikolas' transfer. Monica and Alan both say that there is nothing they would be able to do. Suddenly a little alarm goes off -- there's a problem in Nik's room. All three of them race over there to find Lucky trying to fix Nik's IV. Lucky says that he's sorry and that he tripped over it or something. Someone is lying in the bed -- but is it Nikolas or Connor?

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Jax, Steven, Carly, Courtney and Michael are setting the tree up in the living room of the cottage. They all admire the tree. Jax and Courtney leave and Michael goes upstairs to get washed up before they decorate the tree. Carly thanks Steven for helping them. Suddenly Steven's phone rings -- it's John, telling him to meet him on the docks immediately. Steven looks hesitant.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye finds Luke practically passed out on one of the tables. He tells her about the dove that came to visit him.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily is sitting next to Nikolas' bedside. She says that she has some very important, sad news that she wants to tell him herself (she is referring to Laura's death).

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke notes that Skye must think that he has lost his mind. She says no, that she does believe that sometimes loved ones that they have lost try to contact them (the way Laura might have been trying to contact him with the dove). She tells him about how she went with Bobbie to try to find Lucky and Luke notes that his sister would do anything for him. He then passes out. Skye has a thoughtful look on her face -- she leaves the casino.

KELLY'S: It's the "First Annual Foundation Christmas Party" -- Jax and Courtney and Mike are passing out cookies to a group of little kids. None of them hear that the radio announcer is forecasting a huge blizzard heading straight for Port Charles.

THE DOCKS: Steven meets John on the docks and tells John right away that Carly doesn't want to have anything to do with him. John tells Steven that he needs to make Carly change his mind -- he wants Steven to use his newfound bond with Carly to get her to open back up to John. Steven doesn't want to, but John threatens to tell Carly that Steven has been working with him to bring Sonny down ever since they got to town. Steven says that Carly would never believe that lie, but John thinks that Steven won't want to call his bluff. John leaves.

CARLY'S COTTAGE: Carly is reading Michael a Christmas book. After the story is finished, Michael notes that this is the first Christmas they'll spend without Sonny. Carly says that no matter what they will all be together for Christmas.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie is at the nurse's station, talking on the phone to Connolly -- who is with Laura, who is apparently still alive. Bobbie wants Connolly to keep Laura safe. She hangs up the phone then leaves. Skye, who has been watching Bobbie make the phone call, follows after her.

LUCKY'S ROOM: Nikolas wakes up -- he is in Lucky's bed, in Lucky's room above Kelly's. Nikolas is a little freaked out, but Lucky tries to calm him down.

THE HOSPITAL: Meanwhile, Emily believes that Connor is Nikolas. She tells Connor that Laura is dead. Connor (still pretending to be Nikolas) looks at her and not knowing who Laura is, seems unsure how to react.

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