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In Nicolas’ hospital room, Emily assures her husband she will be there for him and they will get through anything they have to together. Knowing he needs his rest, she leaves. Outside the room, she discovers that Connor is standing there. He sounds courteous asking her how Nicolas is. She demands to know why he’s there and why he’d care. She tells him that she and Nicolas do not need his help and he needs to go away and leave them alone. He tells her he has a plan. She warns him that she will call security if he does not go. But he tells her he can help Nicolas, since he looks exactly like him, by fooling the police when they take Nicolas back to prison, by going in his place.

In court, Rick asks Sonny if he believes that Alexis is a good mother. Sonny replies that he does not agree with many things Alexis has done but realizes that she has Christina’s interests at heart. Sonny’s lawyer then cross-examines him and asks what he believes is best for Christina. Sonny replies that he believes that Christina needs both of them and so joint custody would be best for Christina. She then asks Alexis how she feels about joint custody. Alexis replies that she finds it totally unacceptable.

Lorenzo opens his door and discovers his long lost girl friend, Maria. He asks why she’s there after she abandoned him so many years ago after he almost died. She inquires if he plans to kill her for that. She informs him for the first time that she and her mother have been living in fear, ever since the day he got shot that the shooter would come after them. She also reveals to him, for the first time, that Diego is her little brother who was born right after that incident.

Diego informs Courtney about his sister’s suspicion of Lorenzo Alcazar. Courtney asks if he or Maria have any proof that Lorenzo would be after them. Jax tells Diego that if Lorenzo really wanted to kill him, he’d be dead by now. Courtney then decides she will resolve this once and for all by going to talk to Lorenzo and goes off to find him.


Alexis tells the court that she would like very much to give Sonny the opportunity to know his daughter. She wishes he was the kind of man he wants everybody to believe he is. But due to the fact that he is not a coffee importer, but an illegal mobster, he’s lied about too much, she cannot risk putting Christina in danger from being around him. Sonny’s lawyer pushes for him to get full custody of Christina, due to the fact that Alexis has refused to compromise with him in any way. But the judge says that she must realize that Sonny is not asking for that. Sonny again reiterates that he has no intention of taking Christina from Alexis or a need for full custody. He knows she needs her mother but he also believes she needs her father and that’s all he’s asking for. After the court is adjourned, Alexis reveals to Rick that she is considering doing what Sonny is asking for. But he keeps urging her to see that she needs to do everything she can to prevent Sonny from having any involvement with Christina.

Emily tells Connor she does not buy his concern to help Nicolas. But he tells her, sounding sincere, that he realizes that they both suffered because of him and Mary, and he wants to help them in their time of need.

Jax talks privately with Diego. Diego asks where Courtney has gone. Jax says she’s probably gone to talk to the police. Diego says he believes that Courtney is going to talk to Lorenzo Alcazar and tells Jax that if Courtney was his girlfriend, he’d call her.

Maria tells Lorenzo about the history of events that have happened in her life since the last time they saw each other. She also informs him that she’s now getting married and her fiancé knows nothing about her family or her past. She informs him that she had something to do with Diego winding up in Port Charles. She also realizes that she may have been unjustly suspicious of Lorenzo and admits that after “warning” Diego, she’s convinced her brother that Lorenzo would want to kill them or their family. She urges Lorenzo to understand that her brother is young and impulsive and may want to attack him in an effort to protect his family, but she tells Lorenzo he must not hurt her brother. Lorenzo promises he will not. She tells him that she’s made a lot of effort to stay clean of the drugs, make good of her life and she just wants a better life for Diego. Before she leaves, she kisses him. And right at that moment, Lois enters and witnesses that.

Outside the courtroom, Jason asks Sam just how she feels about the custody battle of Sonny and Alexis for Christina. She tells him that she has made peace with both of them. When Sonny runs into Carly, she smiles sounding supportive toward her husband and laughs about how, at least, this time, they didn’t drag him out in handcuffs. Alexis tells Rick that she has a real dilemma on her hands about whether she’s putting Christina in danger having her around Sonny. At that moment, the bailiff announces that court is again in session and they must go back in.

Emily tells Connor that it’s too late for him to fix anything he’s already done. But he tells her that he realizes that she and Nicolas would be on their honeymoon right now, were it not for him. He tells her that since she’s helped him with Mary, he wants to help her with Nicolas. She says he can now get on with his life and be a free man, but she an Nicolas do not have that opportunity. He tells her that his life was with Mary and he is just as lacking in having a future as they are, but he wants to give them back what they’ve given to him. She tells him she does not believe a word he’s saying.

After Maria leaves Lorenzo’s apartment, Lois sounds a little discontented, telling him she should have called before barging into his home, but she wanted to surprise him. She also tells him it’s a little too coincidental that Maria would suddenly appear out of nowhere, after all this time, right after they were last talking about her.

In the courtroom the judge announces she’s ready to render a decision. But Alexis tells her she’d like to address the court.

Emily tells Connor she does not know what he really wants and she does not care, but she does not believe for a minute that he would sacrifice his freedom in order to help her husband. She tells him he needs to go back to Canada and do whatever he wants but he must get out of their lives. He leaves and runs into Lucky who wants to detain him. But she tells Lucky he must just let Connor go.

Unknown to all, Courtney has gone to ask for Jason’s help in regard to the problem Diego is concerned about.

Jax tells Diego that Courtney has done a lot for him, and he’s caused her too much trouble because all he cares about is himself. Right at that moment, Maria enters looking for her brother and introduces herself to Jax. Diego asks his sister what she’s doing there. She kisses him and happily tells him she took care of everything, talked to Lorenzo and knows he is not a threat to anybody. He tells her he does not believe that and is not a kid anymore and must confront Lorenzo. But she says, no, they must go back to Mexico.

Lois inquires to Lorenzo why Maria is worried that he would hurt her brother. He says he’s not entirely certain. She says perhaps the reason Maria found him again is because things are not over between them. He says he doubts Maria still has feelings for him after all these years. But Lois insists that Maria does, since she was his first love. She goes on about how coming all the way from Mexico to find him is proof that she’s in love with him. He tells her she seems to have it all figured out. They try to distract themselves by eating, but Lois is very determined that Lorenzo’s ex girlfriend is not over him.

Alexis asks Carly if she really believes her own kids are safe with Sonny. Carly says she believes they are. Alexis asks, why in that case, do they have bodyguards. Hearing that, the judge instructs Alexis not to be talking to Carly, but instead confront Sonny directly. And suddenly, unexpectedly, Alexis concludes that she will be willing to share custody of Christina with Sonny. The judge says Chrstina can live with each of them in their respective homes. Sonny, then says he does not want Christina to be bounced from house to house because her parents cannot get along. He agrees to let her stay with Alexis if he can visit her. The judge asks if Alexis agrees to that. Alexis replies yes but is worried about what that will mean

Jax returns to Courtney, aware that she’s just been with Jason and reveals that he knows she’s not over him. He asks why, if she simply needed help with Diego, did she simply not contact his social worker or the police. He tells her that she is just looking for excuses to see Jason again. She tells him she just went to talk to her ex husband and seek his help, and if he has a problem with that, then that’s his problem.

In court, Alexis expresses to Rick that she’s very worried about Sonny’s “visitation rights” that will enable him to take Christina from her home whenever he wants. And sure enough when she approaches him to set up a schedule, he tells her that “equal visitation” means he can see her whenever he wants. And he says he wants to see Christina right now.

Emily informs Nicolas how it’s amazing that Connor has gotten laser surgery that makes him look exactly like Nicolas. He tells her they will find a way to get through this and be rid of Connor Bishop. Lucky goes to confront Connor. Connor asks him if he plans to arrest him. Lucky replies no. He wants Connor to help him save his brother.

Diego meets with Brook Lynn, expressing his suspicion of Lorenzo Alcazar and his family. She tries but seems just as confused as he is about piecing things together with this unsolved mystery.

After court is adjourned, Carly approaches Sam and tells her that she does not want to be her friend but she cares about Jason and knows Jason cares about Sam.

In the hospital, Alexis begrudgingly gives Kristina to Sonny. He holds his daughter, while she watches suspiciously.

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