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General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/14/04



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In Nicholas’ hospital room, he awakens with Emily by his side. She tells him he’s still in the hospital but he’s safe.

Courtney admits that she’s been dazzled by all the romancing Jax has been doing with her. He surprises her with breakfast. He tells her that he is about to take a big step forward in their relationship. She tells him she hopes he will not ask her to move in with him again. He says no, it’s not that. He wants her to spend Christmas with him.

Sonny tells Jason that with what Alexis has now done, he is now forced to fight her for sole custody of Christina.

Alone with Christina and panicking, Alexis says she is very afraid of what will happen when she goes to court today. She’s afraid they will take Christina from her. Ric appears and tells her he will not let that happen.

Diego tells Brook Lynn that if Sonny Corinthos killed his father, he might be coming after him or his sister and he cannot let that happen. She says she knows but he must not mess with Sonny Corinthos because he’s very dangerous. Suddenly and unexpectedly, his sister Maria appears. He asks her about Sonny Corinthos. Dillon enters and informs Diego that his sister has no concerns about Sonny Corinthos. She’s concerned about Lorenzo Alcazar.

Meanwhile, Lorenzo is happily in bed with Lois. They seem very happy with each other but she tells him she’s worried about her daughter’s involvement with Diego and that Diego is trouble. Just then she notices a scar on him. He informs her that he got that from being almost shot to death in an alley. He explains that his girlfriend had a drug habit and he followed her outside knowing she was sneaking off to use. And before he knew what was happening, he was being ambushed.

Alexis tells Rick that any lawyer fresh out of law school would know that she will lose this case. He tells her that she should not assume that. He tells her that she will appear like the bad-guy and Sonny will appear as the concerned father who was lied to about his daughter. Rick adds that Sonny is a criminal with an unstable life and is a risk for any child.

Jason tells Sonny that maybe he should not act so rash with taking Christina away from Alexis. It may scare Christina and do more harm than good. Sonny inquires if it looks like he wants to do anything to hurt Christina. Jason replies that it is entirely Sonny’s decision as to what to do.

Emily tells Nicolas that she is not going to leave him no matter what happens. But he tells her, very upset that she cannot be there, and he will not ruin her life. He cries. And the nurse comes in and tells Emily she must leave because she is upsetting Nicolas. She goes outside but stands by the window looking at him, wishing she could be with him.

Lorenzo tells Lois about his girlfriend with the drug habit. She asks if he believes he was the reason she started using drugs. He says he did not know. But he speaks of his brother being worried about how he got himself injured when his brother was more reckless than he was. And he also remembers that when he got out the hospital, his girlfriend was gone and he never saw her again. He reveals that his girlfriend’s name was Maria.

Diego’s sister, Maria admits to her brother that he cannot mess with Lorenzo Alcazar because he is a danger to Diego.

Outside the courtroom, Sonny notices Sam. She tells him she believes he would be a good father to Christina and must be given parental rights with his daughter. He tells her he hopes the judge agrees.

Emily informs Lucky that Nicolas is pushing her away and believes she would be better off without him. He tells her that she must not give up on Nicolas and just realize that he’s merely afraid that he will let her down. He tells her she must contact him if there’s anything he can do. But tells her he must give her some more bad news. Connor Bishop is back. She inquires why. He is no longer seeking revenge over what happened to Mary. Lucky tells her he’s there because he’s obsessed over her.

Diego’s sister informs Diego, Dillon and Georgie that she and her mother got caught in the cross fire when Lorenzo was being shot at. Although Diego was not yet born when that happened, she’s afraid that Lorenzo will seek revenge upon her and her family by going after Diego. She says she cannot risk anything happening to her brother. Dillon sounds like he doesn’t really believe her. She lashes out at him, expressing that she’s afraid, telling him that he need not believe her but she needs to protect her brother. Dillon tells her she must not be suspicious of him, he just wants to help her. But he does not believe that Lorenzo Alcazar would hurt a teenager. But she is very firm in believing she knows more about Lorenzo Alcazar than any of them do. Diego tells his sister he’s not going to run away with her and be afraid. She tells him he’s making a terrible mistake. She leaves and asks Brook Lynn, Dillon and Georgie to look out for her brother. He says he does not understand why she has to leave and cannot stay. She says she will only make things worse if she stays.

Jason goes to Sonny’s hearing and meets Sam. He tells her that he’s glad she’s there and that he’ll be there for her. She tells him she does not want him making a habit of rescuing her. She asks Jason if Sonny gets custody of Christina, will Sonny let her visit with her? She tells him it really helps her to heal when she is around Christina.

In the courtroom, Alexis sits with Rick representing her while Sonny is on the other end of the courtroom with his lawyer. Rick asks Alexis what her reason was for taking Christina away and risking legal consequences. She says she is very worried about what is all too common for anybody who is connected to Sonny Corinthos. She reflects upon how she was very scared after her nephew, Nicolas got shot and she realized that Sonny Corinthos is the target of gunshots and murder attempts throughout his life. Sonny’s lawyer calls objection about the irrelevance of Nicolas’ situation to Alexis’ concerns about Sonny. Alexis says that that she knows that Christina has bonded with her and for reasons that have nothing to do with Sonny’s lifestyle, being taken away from her and given to anybody else will devastate Christina. She says Christina is too little to have her heart broken. And because she loves her daughter, Christina needs to be in a home where she is safe and where she has her mother. Sonny’s lawyer cross-examines Alexis asking if she’s clear about alleging that Christina would be in a safer and more stable environment as a fugitive, on the run with Alexis than she would be with her father who saved her life and who has been a good father to two other children.

Right when Lois is ready to leave Lorenzo’s apartment, she tells him she wants to get to know him better. He tells her he believes she is very generous and he wants to see her again. They kiss and act very happy to have been together. Unknown to them, however, Maria is outside the hallway looking at them.

Dillon and Georgie go to Courtney’s looking for Diego, afraid that Diego is taking matters into his own hands by confronting Lorenzo Alcazar.

Sonny’s lawyer inquires to Alexis about her intent to illegally take Christina from Sonny. She also mentions how Alexis’ husband, Rick had her client falsely arrested and handcuffed. The judge doesn’t want to hear that. So she goes on to reflect upon Alexis’ own track record of being dangerous herself when she is judging Sonny in that regard. Alexis angrily tells her that all those arguments make no difference when what is at stake is a little girl. She says her daughter is 2 years old, she is beautiful and precious and has her whole life ahead of her. And that man over there (Sonny) could get her killed.

Lucky contacts Mac and tells him he’s worried about Connor Bishop still in town. Mac asks him why Connor gives him cause for alarm. He says that he believes Connor wants to hurt Nicolas.

Emily goes into Nicolas’ room and asks if while they were operating on him after being shot, did he feel her reaching out to him? She tells him that if he does not feel the connection between them, then she will accept that they should not be together. Hardly able to speak, he reveals to her that he’s had dreams about her and admits that he doesn’t want her to leave. She says she will never leave and she loves him so much. She kisses him and tells him they will get through this together.

Courtney goes to find Diego. She urges him to wait and not go through with his plan. Jax informs him that if he messes with Lorenzo Alcazar, he could get himself killed. Right at that moment, they discover a gun in his pocket.

Lorenzo opens his door and sees Maria. He asks how she can just walk into his home after abandoning him when he almost died all those years ago. She inquires if he plans to kill her.

Rick cross-examines Sonny, asking if he knows Christina’s favorite food or book or song. Sonny admits he does not know that but asks Rick if he’d know. He tells Rick that because he’s had no chance to get to know Christina, he couldn’t possibly know those things about her. But he knows all those things about the two children he’s raised. His lawyer comes and asks him what he feels is best for Christina. Sonny replies that he believes she needs her father but also her mother. So he believes the best arrangement should be joint custody.

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