GH Update Monday 12/13/04

General Hospital Update Monday 12/13/04



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THE HOSPITAL: By the nurse's station, Steven and Carly are sharing playful banter. As they talk, Alexis sneaks Kristina onto the elevator and out of the hospital.

JAKE'S: Coleman gets a reluctant Sam to dance with him as Jason watches from the doorway. Coleman's hand dips down Sam's body and Jason interferes, grabbing Coleman and throwing him off of Sam.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Emily is praying for Nikolas while, meanwhile, Nikolas is being worked on by the doctors. Emily speaks of their great love and how she knows their connection will get them through this difficult time. Suddenly the door to the chapel opens -- Connor is in the doorway, but for a brief moment Emily thinks that it's Nikolas. She's upset when she realizes that it's Connor and she demands to know what he's doing there.

JAKE'S: Sam gets Jason to let Coleman go. Coleman leaves and Sam confronts Jason. She tells him that her life is not his business anymore. She asks him if there's something he wants to say to her.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Emily goes off on Connor and tells him to get out of her life. Connor says that he only wants to help...but eventually he leaves. Emily sinks back down onto a pew and continues with her prayer. Meanwhile, Monica is checking on Nikolas who is still in with he doctors who are trying to save his life. The doctors take Nikolas to surgery. One of the doctors tells Monica that it doesn't look good.

By the nurse's station, Steven is still trying to charm Carly into a "real" date. Carly, however, is reluctant. Steven's beeper goes off, calling Steven away on business.

Over by Kristina's empty hospital room, Ric has to convince Sonny not to call the cops on Alexis and Kristina -- he promises Sonny that he'll find Alexis and take care of it himself, without getting the police involved.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Alexis gets the security guard to let her into Jax's apartment. Once inside, she promises Kristina that once they meet up with Jax they'll borrow his plane and go somewhere far, far away.

JAKE'S: Jason and Sam argue -- Sam says that she doesn't need Jason to look out for her. Jason says that she should prove it, by honoring her baby by not trashing her life. Jason leaves and Sam sits down at a table and holds her head in her hands.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Alexis turns on the television and sees that there's a report about a major blizzard coming to Port Charles. She turns the television off and comforts Kristina, saying that before Kristina knows it they'll be across the ocean.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Ric are arguing over what to do about Kristina and Alexis. Ric says that this is already a bad situation and he doesn't want to make it worse. They go into Kristina's room and close the door. Ric notes that Alexis has just panicked. Sonny tells Ric that he has no sympathy left -- he wants Kristina back. Ric says he can get Kristina back in one hour, or else he'll call the cops himself. Sonny agrees and Ric leaves. Once Ric's gone, Sonny places a call on his cell, telling the person on the other end that Alexis has gone too far this time.

Back at the nurse's station, Emily meets up with Monica, who tells her that Nikolas is in surgery. They go to check on him.

JAKE'S: Connor shows up at Jake's. He tells Coleman that his business isn't done yet. Lucky comes in and gets upset when he sees that Connor is back in town. Connor mentions that Nikolas tried to escape and was shot -- something that Lucky didn't know. Lucky races off to the hospital.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily wants to go in and hold Nikolas' hand through the surgery -- she tells the doctor that she and Nik have a special connection and that if Nik hears her voice it will help him. The doctor disagrees and tells Emily all she can do now is pray.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly comes over to the room and Sonny tells her that Alexis has run off with Kristina. Carly wants to know why Sonny hasn't called the police. Sonny asks Carly how what Alexis is doing is any different what he and Carly did to keep Michael away from AJ?

JAX'S APARTMENT: Ric arrives at the apartment. Before he can start to try to talk Alexis out of her scheme to get Kristina out of the country, she asks him if he's come to stop her, or to come with them? Caught off-guard, Ric doesn't answer right away.

THE PARK: Sam comes across Jason standing on a bridge in the park. She tells Jason that he made her realize that staying at Jake's would be a bad idea.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily tells Monica that it was Nikolas' love that brought her back from the brink of death when she was stricken with cancer. She wants to stay with Nik so that she can will his heart to keep beating.

Meanwhile, Nikolas is dreaming through his surgery. Inthe dream, he is dancing with Emily in a park. There's a brightly-lit doorway nearby. It opens and dream Nikolas tells dream Emily that he has to go. Dream Emily says she won't let him.

Back in the real world, Lucky has arrived. Emily is still watching the doctors work on Nikolas. She looks very worried.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Alexis and Ric argue -- Alexis feels that kidnapping Kristina is the only way to keep her safe from Sonny's world. She asks Ric if he'll be coming with them, and he says that he wants them to stay in Port Charles with him. He admits to Alexis that he made a deal with Sonny, that he could convince Alexis to return Kristina within an hour. Alexis is upset that Ric made a bargain with Sonny involving her daughter's life.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Carly are in Kristina's hospital room. Sonny points out the many similarities between his situation with Alexis with Carly's situation with AJ -- when Carly and Sonny worked together to keep AJ from his only child, Michael. Carly disagrees. She says that Sonny is a loving father, a father that Kristina deserves. Carly leaves and Sonny stays by himself in the room to think.

Shortly afterward, Jordan arrives -- Sonny has called her and informed her of Alexis taking Kristina from the hospital. Jordan wants to call the authorities but Sonny says that he gave his word to Ric earlier about not involving the cops for at least an hour.

JAX'S APARTMENT: Ric is still trying to convince Alexis not to run. He says that Sonny will always track Alexis down, no matter where she goes -- and then once he has dragged her back to court he will have an iron-clad case for custody. Alexis says she just wants to buy enough time to let her daughter grow up.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas is out of surgery. The doctor tells Emily that Nikolas will need a miracle to survive the night.

THE PARK: Sam tells Jason that being out in the park makes her think of things she wanted to do with her baby. Jason admits that he shouldn't have asked her to move out, and that he wants Sam to move back to the apartment. Sam replies that she is no longer the person she used to be before she got pregnant, and that she's not even sure who she is now. Jason doesn't want her to be alone, but she wants to figure out how to do it on her own. Jason offers to walk her back to Kelly's and she declines this as well, saying she'll be okay. She leaves Jason standing on the bridge in the snow.

THE HOSPITAL: Lucky and Emily are outside Nikolas' hospital room. Lucky tells Emily that she needs to talk to Nikolas to give him the will to survive. Emily goes inside and sits next to Nikolas bedside. She tells him that the doctor said that he needs a miracle -- and that their love and their connection is that miracle. She wants him to come back to her. Niks eyes open slightly and she kisses him and welcomes him back.

In another area of the hospital, Connor is talking to a plastic surgeon. He wants the surgeon to get rid of his scar right away.

Meanwhile, near the nurse's station, Carly and Steven meet up again. Carly agrees to go to dinner with him. They leave together.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Just as Sonny and Jordan are discussing the situation, Alexis, Kristina and Ric return. Jordan points out that Alexis removed Kristina from the hospital before the doctor had released her -- she plans to introduce that as evidence of Alexis being an unfit mother in the custody case. Sonny tells Ric that he's going to win full custody of Kristina. Alexis hears this and shakes her head.

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