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At home, Carly worries about where Sonny and her kids are, but just as she is phoning, they walk in. Sonny bought Michael a suit just like his, and lots of toys for the kids. Carly takes him aside and asks him if he's showering the kids with gifts because they're separated. He admits he thought it would make them feel a little better. He notices that she has changed and looks nice. Things are a bit awkward. The doorbell rings. Michael answers it: it's Stephen Webber. He's there to pick up Carly, he announces. Sonny is surprised to see that they are dating (and not too pleased, either). He knows now that Carly wanted him back an hour ago so he'd be gone by the time Steven got there. She tells him that it's none of his business. Sonny informs him that if he's working on Durant's order, or if he hurts Carly or his children, he will have to intervene. Steven is not intimidated. Sonny says goodbye to Michael and Morgan, then he leaves. Before he goes, Sonny tells Carly that she shouldn't stay out too late. She tells him that if doesn't police her life, she won't police his. After Carly leaves the room, Michael interrogates Steven about where he's taking Carly. Steven tries to sweet-talk Michael, but it doesn't work. Michael warns him not to kiss Carly and tells him that he's the doctor so he should stay at the hospital. Michael says he has connections, so he should be careful. Carly comes in and knows that Michael's threatening Steven. She tells him that he doesn't run her life and to go upstairs. She tells Steven they can call it off if he wants. He says he's not easily intimidated, even by a father-son tag team.

Steven and Carly go to Jake's. She wonders why they are there, so he tells her it's because she likes it there. She remembers that he got drunk last time. She tells him not to consider it a date, so he promises not to. Coleman comes over and tells Steven that he's looking to get killed by hanging out with Sonny's lady. Steven tells him to feel free to phone Sonny, but Sonny might shoot him instead. Coleman assures him that he won't say a word. She orders beer, but he orders club soda. They play pool again. She tells him to name the stakes. He says they should play for honesty. If one person sinks a ball, the other has to answer a question honestly. She agrees and breaks, sinking a ball. She asks him why he asked her out, so he tells her she's beautiful, interesting, and he's attracted to her. He thought he would ask her out once he heard she was free from Sonny, take his chances. He sinks a ball, so he asks her if she wants Sonny back. She admits she loves Sonny and probably always will, but their marriage is over and she needs to move on. She sinks a ball and asks him if he asked her out just to help smooth things over between her and John. He says his only motive is to get to know her better. He sinks a ball, so he ass her what the deal is with her and Jason. She explains how much Jason means to her. They keep playing. He asks her if she could get together with Jason romantically, now that she and Sonny are broken up. We don't hear her answer. Sam walks in and gets some whiskey at the bar. Coleman asks her if she's there to celebrate or to forget. Carly asks Steven what he thinks Sam's body language is saying. He thinks she's desperate, hurt, and ready to lash out. Sam keeps drinking. She asks him if he has some action because she's ready to gamble. Coleman says she's come to the right place. They flirt while Carly watches with interest. Steven gets a phone call from the hospital. Carly goes over to Coleman and warns him to stay away from Sam or Jason might get upset. Sam tells her that she and Jason are nothing to each other. Sam explains that she moved out so Jason is all hers. Carly tells her that whatever happened, there's no reason to throw herself at Coleman. Sam thinks it's cute that Carly is worried about her. She tells Carly that she got her wish, she is out of her life, the baby's gone, etc. Sam, a little drunk, says she doesn't have to pretend to get along with Carly now so she can tell Carly she's a selfish bitch and to stay out of her life.

After Jason tells Sam he wants her to stay, he explains why he enjoys having her around. However, he says he can never put her first, and she deserves better. He doesn't want her to be hurt like that, he explains. He didn't want her to think that he just didn't like her or that it was her fault. Sam tells him how wonderful he's been to her. The elevator opens and she gets in. They both look upset as she leaves.

At Kelly's, Emily gets the bad news that Nikolas has been shot.

At the police station, Alexis and the others try to save Nikolas' life after he's been shot trying to escape. The paramedics arrive as Ric is doing CPR. Nikolas moves, he's alive. Ric yells at Mac for letting his man shoot Nikolas in the back. They argue loudly. Mac thinks Nikolas was trying to get himself shot.

Nikolas is brought into the ER; Emily and Elizabeth are there waiting as the doctors work on him. Alexis explains to them that Nikolas ran, but she doesn't know why he tried since he knew he couldn't make it. They discuss what happened. Emily thinks he couldn't face being taken to jail in the van, so he tried to run. Ric arrives; he tells Emily that the cop who shot Nikolas has been reprimanded. Emily, upset, yells at Ric until Alexis informs her that Ric saved Nikolas' life with CPR. Em apologizes. The doctor tells Em that the bullet cut through major arteries and Nikolas' lungs. He needs an operation but he needs to get stabilized first because he's in critical condition. Emily realized that if they don't stabilize him, he will die. Emily visits Nikolas, who has a bunch of tubes attached to his head. The doctor tells Alexis that they are going to try to do everything they can, but they need to be prepared. Ric comforts her. Emily urges Nikolas to fight. He grabs her hand and tells her, "Goodbye". She tells him they will make him well, so he doesn't need to say goodbye. He says he's sorry and that he loves her. The doctor comes in and tells Emily that she has to leave. Emily objects but then kisses Nikolas and leaves.

Back at his penthouse, Sonny and Jason discuss business. Sonny is distracted because of Carly. He suggests to Jason that he fly down to the beach where they are having some problems and take care of it. He says Jason should take Sam because she'll feel better. Jason lets him know that Sam moved out. Sonny hopes it wasn't because of him. Jason tells Sonny that he asked her to leave because he doesn't want her hurt. Sonny wonders if Jason should make an adjustment in his life. Jason is frustrated that he can't change his life. Sonny points out that it hurts Sam to leave, too, but Jason thinks she will be better off without him. Elizabeth phones Jason to tell him about Nikolas, and how Emily needs him. Jason leaves, with Sonny following.

Alexis, Ric, Elizabeth, Jason and Sonny comfort Emily. Jason and Emily hug after he arrives. The doctor tells Emily that Nikolas is unconscious again and his blood pressure is falling. He says if that keeps happening, he'll be beyond their help. She wants to see him again, but the doctor's words stop her. She asks Jason to come to the chapel with her. Ric chats with Elizabeth, saying he's sorry. She thinks Nikolas will make it. Ric doesn't know why this happened. Sonny tells Alexis that he's sorry about Nikolas. She tells him that Nikolas is bleeding to death from one single gunshot wound. That's why she doesn't want him to get custody of Kristina. He knows she's emotional so this is not the time to discuss it. She persists in talking about it, laying a guilt trip on him about guns. He tells her again that he does what he can to keep the people around him safe. She is not comfortable with that risk. She knows that he loves her but she urges him to do better than that. He says again that he can protect his daughter but he won't give her up. Later, Ric and Sonny chat about Sonny's conversation with Kristina. Ric won't fight with Sonny right now about the custody hearing, he says. He is curious about why it's so important for Sonny to be Kristina's father. Sonny points out that the same anger, resentment and questions that Ric has about his mother leaving him, and Sonny has about Mike, he doesn't want Kristina to feel that about him. He doesn't want her to think that she's not important enough for her father to stay around. He says his daughter will always know that she is precious to him. Ric agrees that's a good idea, except he might get her killed.

Emily talks to Jason in the chapel about the past, when she almost died of cancer and Nikolas brought her back. Meanwhile, we can see the doctors working on Nikolas. Jason and Emily hug again; he leaves her there to pray. Emily sends her thoughts out to Nikolas. The doctor says Nikolas' blood pressure is rising; he's stabilizing.

Carly arrives at the hospital and tells Jason about seeing Sam at Jake's. He says that Sam has her own life now. Carly thinks Sam is doing this because her whole life has been turned upside down lately, first losing the baby and then him. Jason sighs. Carly says she doesn't care about Sam, just him, and she thought he should know.

Steven tells Alexis that Kristina is responding faster than they'd hoped, so she can take her home soon. Alexis wonders if she can take her home tonight. Steven would rather be cautious, which Alexis understands. Alexis visits Kristina, glad to have some happy news for a change. Alexis wishes she could compromise with Sonny, but she needs to keep Kristina safe. Alexis says to herself that she knows what she has to do.

Coleman and Sam play pool. He wins, so he says she owes him a dance. He holds her close as they dance. He strokes her hair, and his hand moves down. Jason arrives.

Sonny goes to say goodnight to Kristina, with Ric behind him, but she's gone. Sonny asks a nurse where she is. The nurse says that's strange because her mother was just there with her. Sonny and Ric look worried.

Steven apologizes to Carly about being called away as she is about to get on the elevator. She says they still had a good time. He asks if they can do it again sometime. She suggests he call her and find out. Meanwhile, Alexis has Kristina on the elevator and is frantically pushing the buttons so that Carly doesn't get on the elevator with her and figure out what she's trying to do.

Emily keeps talking to Nikolas in the chapel. Nikolas goes into cardiac arrest. The doctors try to save him The chapel door opens and she sees Nikolas. There is a heavenly glow behind him.

Sonny rants that he's going to seal the hospital to prevent Alexis from stealing his child, but Ric says no.

Jason grabs Coleman and gets him away from Sam as he yells at him to get his hands off her.

Emily still sees the glowing Nikolas and Alexis is still trying to get away.

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