GH Update Thursday 12/9/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/9/04



By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

In New Orleans, Luke can't believe that Laura is dead as he and Skye kneel at her grave. Skye expresses her sympathy. Luke
says this grave is a lie, a sick joke. He grabs the woman that led them there and yells at her to tell him where his wife
is or he'll break her in half. She whimpers. She tries to explain that there was an accident as Luke yells at her.
Heather paid her to take care of Laura in an old apartment building. She didn't know the wiring was faulty, and an
electrical fire broke out. Luke doesn't believe her, but the woman shows him a newspaper clipping. He reads haltingly about
the devastating fire. The woman runs off as he is reading. Skye chases after her. Luke grabs a nearby shovel and starts
digging. Skye returns and is surprised to see Luke digging. She doesn't think this is a good idea, but he says this is the
only way he will ever know. She wonders why the woman would lie, but he doesn't know. He points out that just because the
article says a building was on fire, it doesn't mean Laura was in it. Skye begs him not to do it, but he keeps digging.
She suggests that he keep Laura in his mind the way she was when they got married. He tells her in a tired voice to go back
to the bar and wait for him. Skye insists on helping. He wants to be the only one who sees whatever's in there, so he asks
her to respect that. She is forced to agree and leaves. Luke's shovel hits the coffin and his face looks dour. He digs it
up and opens the coffin. He screams in pain as he looks down at the contents, saying, "Oh, God! What have they done to you?"   He cries and then yells, "No!" in a heart-wrenching way. He cries some more.

Later, we see that Luke is on the phone with the police or hospital, trying to find out how they identified the body as Laura. He yells that he and her children should have been identified. He insists on getting a copy of their report. He hangs up after they give their condolences. Luke talks to the body, saying he didn't find her in time. He picks up the wedding ring that was on the corpse and reminisces about their wedding, not the specifics but how he felt. He says she will always stay in his heart, always alive, radiant and beautiful. He hugs the coffin, which is now closed, crying some more. Still later, he meets Skye at the bar. He sits down, weary, so she gets him a bottle and a glass. He thanks her but says liquor won't help. She wants to take him home,
but he says he just needs to sit there for a minute. He tells her that he opened the casket and there wasn't anything there
that he recognized, except the ring. He says sadly that he did what Skye said, remembered her on the day they were married.
Luke mumbles that it wasn't supposed to end like this. Skye takes his hand in sympathy. The camera pans to show a woman's
hand in a rocking chair, with a shawl, but no ring on her finger (to tell us Laura is still alive).

At his new offices, Jax introduces Courtney to his mom. They exchange pleasantries. Jane is surprised that Courtney is
there because she thought Courtney had been called away on business. Courtney explains that there was a situation with her
foster child. Jax suggests they go to a bar to get to know each other, but Jane doesn't think that would be a good place.
They sit down at the table. Jane grills Courtney about whether she has a commitment problem, since she just got divorced
for the second time. Courtney and Jax both look shocked. Courtney explains that she and her first husband should never
have gotten married. She explains in a vague way about it. Jane says it must have been awkward to divorce A.J. and then turn around and marry his brother. Jax says, "Mom! Is this really necessary?" to admonish her. Jane claims she is just
trying to get to know his new girlfriend. Courtney assures her it's fine and to fire away. Jane proceeds, asking why her
second marriage didn't survive. Courtney explains that she and Jason didn't share the same values. Jax suggests that they
dissect his failed marriages, too. Courtney excuses herself quickly to get some air. Jax and his mom bicker, but she
admits that she doesn't like Courtney. Jax says that she's only spent 5 minutes with Courtney, so she doesn't
really know her. Jane says it doesn't take long to form an opinion about someone. They continue to argue. Jane fears that
Courtney will break his heart because she doesn't look at him the way Brenda or Skye did. He says angrily that's because
she's not like either one of them. Courtney walks back in just as Jane is saying that Courtney is still in love with Jason.
Courtney apologizes for leaving abruptly, saying she wasn't prepared for having to explain her marriages and why they
didn't work. Jane stands up and says Courtney should have called her an old busybody and to mind her own business. Courtney laughs, saying she'd like to get to know her better first. A construction person comes by, needing Jax's opinion on some tiles, so Jax leaves. Jane tells her that there are two things she should know about her: she speaks her mind and she cares
deeply for her son. Courtney says they both have those two things in common. Jane is not convinced. She thinks there is a
limit to how many times someone's heart can be broken. She begs Courtney not to be the cause of Jax having to nurse yet
another broken heart. Courtney looks taken aback. She is annoyed that Jane is questioning her motives when she doesn't
even know her. They argue about Jax and Courtney's relationship. Courtney tells Jane to mind her own business because she
has no intention of hurting Jax. Courtney storms out. Jane watches her with a smug smile as if she admires the way
Courtney stood up to her. Later, Courtney returns to tell Jax they need to have a serious conversation. Jax assures her that Jane is gone. He says his mom is actually quite nice, just a little over-protective. Jax strokes Courtney's face. He keeps
hoping that Courtney will say that she loves him, too, but he guesses she can't yet.

At home, Jason helps Sam off with her wet shirt. She turns, they look at each other, and then they kiss. They stop as if
realizing what they are doing. Sam says she only sort of remembers kissing him last time, when she was drunk, but she
remembers it did feel right. She has wanted to kiss him for a long time, she admits. She feels awkward about it and walks
away, saying she should forget it happened, but she can't. She shrugs and asks what they should now. Jason says he
shouldn't have kissed her. She's glad he admits that he participated in the kiss, too. She wonders if he feels something
for her. He is embarrassed and doesn't want to talk about it. She needs to know if it's just physical attraction or more.
He says it doesn't matter if he wants to be with her because it can't happen. Sam knows she should let this go and that
they should just forget it, but she can't.  She babbles on about how she's going to blow this situation she has with him, the
best place, the best person she has ever known. He says it's not her. She wonders if he's still in love with Courtney, but
he denies that. She wonders if it's because she belonged to Sonny first. He says no, and she didn't belong to Sonny, and
she doesn't belong to him. He says he does want her, but the way he lives is a problem. She says his work is not a
problem, but he points out that it's destroyed every relationship he's been in. He'd rather be shot than talk about this, he
says, but he knows how it will happen. He will be shot, he will come home and not be able to talk about it, she will be
scared...he describes his brutal life and how she will be afraid. He doesn't want her to be afraid of him so they are
better off being friends. Sam says she wants to agree with him, but she'd be lying. This is more than friendship, she says
as tears fall. She says they both are used to being alone. She admits that when she is with a guy, she doesn't expect it
to last. She expects him to disappear. Yet Jason didn't, even on the worst day of her life. He was there beside her and
held her up at her baby's memorial. Even when she tried to push him away, he wouldn't go. He knew that she needed him, and that is more than friendship. She whispers that she wants to be with him, to try. Jason is unsure. He doesn't think she
fell in love with him. He thinks she just misses the baby and is trying to fill the empty space. She thinks that he doesn't trust her not to be like Courtney. He insists that it can't happen. She says she'd better leave, then. They argue. She says that he rejected her. He doesn't want to fight, and neither does she. Sam says it hurts when someone you want doesn't want you back. Jason tells her that he does care about her so much, but he has to let go. She tells him to do it, then, and she walks away, going upstairs. Jason stands, staring, upset. Later, Jason is shocked to find Sam leaving.   He asks what she's doing. She explains that she phoned Mike and there is a room at Kelly's she can have. Jason hands her an envelope with money. She won't take his charity. He just wants her to be okay and have something good in her life after everything she's lost. He wishes he could give her more than money, but he can't. Sam thanks him for stopping her from giving up her daughter, telling her she would make a good mother, etc. and says he has done more than enough for her. She walks away without the money. She cries at the elevator. Jason follows her and stops her. She turns and asks if he wants her to stay. He says he does.

The judge at Nikolas's hearing says he's heard a lot about Helena's bad character. Unfortunately, he says, she couldn't
defend herself because she was thrown from a cliff. He points out that Nikolas has no remorse for the crime, so he
sentences him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Emily jumps up and starts pleading with the judge.
Everyone jumps to their feet as the judge bangs his gavel, shouting "order in the court". Nikolas looks like he's
shell-shocked as Alexis says softly that it's going to be okay. The judge adjourns the court. Emily cries as the bailiff takes
Nikolas away. Emily screams to Lucky to do something. Lucky reminds her quietly that she promised Nikolas she wouldn't do
this. She breaks down sobbing in his arms. Monica comforts Emily, too, and suggests she come home with her family. They all
agree, even Tracy. Emily insists on going to the police station. She wants to tell NIkolas that she loves him and will wait
for him. They try to stop her, but Elizabeth yells at them, saying Nikolas is her husband so they should let her say
goodbye to him.   They are forced to shut up then.

At the police station, Mac tells Nikolas that he cut a raw deal and he's sorry. Nikolas asks Lucky to do him a favor: he
wants him to keep Emily away from him because he will be shackled soon, and he doesn't want her to see him that way. Lucky
doesn't think that's fair, but Nikolas argues that nothing about this is fair. Lucky accuses him of giving up. Nikolas
wonders if he was listening. Lucky thinks that Alexis will be able to work some miracle for Nikolas to get him out.
NIkolas asks him again to do this for him, saying it will probably be the last thing he ever does for him. Emily arrives at
the station. Lucky tells her that Nikolas doesn't want to see her. He explains that Nikolas made him promise that he
wouldn't let her see him, but she plunges ahead anyway to see Nikolas. Lucky doesn't stop her. Nikolas is upset as Emily
yells at him that she made vows,  to always be with him, etc. and he can't push her away. He says he doesn't want her there,
but she persists. The cops come to transfer him. Lucky insists on handling him. Emily asks if they can have a little more
time. Lucky unshackles Nikolas from the table, then he tells them that he can stall the transfer for a few minutes to give
them some time together. Emily thanks him and he leaves. Nikolas is downcast, humiliated, not looking Emily in the eye.
He didn't want this to be her last image. She says he's her husband and she loves him. He yells at her to go and then
yells for Lucky. Lucky returns. Nikolas tells her not to visit him in prison; he can never see her again. He says if she
loves him, she will do this for him. He yells at Lucky to get her out, so Lucky takes her out. Then Lucky comes back in and
yells at Nikolas for hurting Emily. Nikolas yells back that Emily will visit him every visiting day and stop her life for
it. She will be in prison, too. She won't leave him to move on, until it's too late for her to put her life back together.
He can't let that happen, he tells Lucky as tears stream down his face. He says, "I have to end it now".

A little later, Alexis and Ric try to talk to Nikolas about getting his charges thrown out. Mac comes in and says the guard's there to take him to Pentonville. Alexis asks where Lucky is. Mac tells her that he ordered him out of the station because he was letting his feelings get in the way. They walk Nikolas out. He elbows a guard and runs. Another cop shoots him and he falls.

Elizabeth and Emily are outside Kelly's, talking about Nikolas. Emily hopes to be strong for Nikolas when she visits him in
prison. Her voice breaks when she talks about how much she loves him, so Elizabeth hugs her. Inside Kelly's, Emily talks about Nikolas' beautiful manners and how he wouldn't let her kiss him at the police station. Emily seems to sense that something is wrong.   Mike gets a phone call with some serious news; he says, "she's right here". He looks at Emily with a sad expression as he listens to the news. She looks at him as the camera zooms in, upset, saying, "No!"

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