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General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/8/04



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A MEMPHIS BAR: Luke and Skye walk into the bar in disguise -- Skye is wearing a brunette wig and Luke is pretending to be blind. They are posing as a piano player (Luke) and singer (Skye). Skye is wary at the prospect.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: It's a day for disguises as Brook Lynn, outside Sonny's front door, poses as a delivery girl claiming to have a package for Sonny. Max, suspicious, wants to check the package first. He and Brook go to the elevator. After they go, Diego sneaks over to the door and tries to break in. Suddenly Sam comes out of Jason's penthouse -- she's holding a gun on Diego. Jason is with her, and Max and Brook are in the hallway. Diego and Brook have been busted.

UNFINISHED OFFICE BUILDING: Jax is talking on the phone to his mother, who is coming to visit. Jax wants Lady Jane to meet Courtney. Lady Jane is on her way over. As he gets off the phone, Courtney comes in...she seems reluctant to meet Lady Jane.

THE COURTROOM: Nikolas' trial is about to begin. Emily tells Nikolas that she talked to the judge about the case and he seemed sympathetic. Ric tells Alexis that he has a bad feeling about the case -- suddenly the judge enters the is not the same judge Emily talked to; there's been a change in judges. This could be bad for Nikolas.

A MEMPHIS BAR: Luke and Skye discuss their chances of finding the mysterious "P. Connelly" who knows where Laura is. Skye wanders over to a bar patron and asks him his name. He is not P. Connelly. The bartender is miffed at that Luke and Skye haven't begun their act yet. Luke begins playing the piano -- badly.

UNFINISHED OFFICE BUILDING: Jax tries to reassure Courtney about meeting his mother, but Courtney is worried that Lady Jane won't find her good enough for Jax to date.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam lead an apologetic Brook Lynn and Diego into Jason's penthouse. Diego tries to explain himself, saying that he was only trying to impress Sonny, but Jason interrupts and says that this has to stop. He picks up the phone and dials a number.

THE DOCKS: The docks are decorated for Christmas...Georgie and Dillon come walking by. They are talking about Lorenzo's possible connection to the necklace they found at Maria's house. (Meanwhile, someone is lurking nearby.) Georgie is worried that Lorenzo will be angry with Dillon for taking the necklace. Suddenly Lorenzo comes walking down the dock stairs. They give up and show him the necklace. Lorenzo seems interested and asks them where they got it.

THE COURTROOM: The old judge has been called away on another matter and this new judge is going to take his place. The trial begins. Ric is hoping to get Nikolas sentenced to only ten years with possibility of early release. But the judge views Nik as a cold-blooded killer who deserves the death penalty. Hearing this, Emily jumps to her feet, shouting, "No!" Alexis tries to step in but the judge believes that they are all a bunch of rich people trying to run his courtroom -- he dismisses court for a recess.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason has called Courtney to come and get Diego. Courtney arrives and is angry that Diego was caught trying to break into Sonny's. An argument ensues, and finally Diego (at Brook's urging) admits that he attempted the break in because he believes Sonny might be the one who killed his father years ago -- and that now, Sonny is after him as well.

THE DOCKS: Georgie and Dillon tell Lorenzo that they got the pendent from a flea market and Dillon admits that he sent the fax to Lorenzo after he noticed the similarity between Lorenzo's fax design and the pendant. Lorenzo has seen the necklace before and notes that it is indeed a replica of his family's logo. (Meanwhile someone is still lurking nearby.) Dillon and Georgie beat a hasty retreat while Lorenzo stays out on the docks looking thoughtful.

A MEMPHIS BAR: Skye doesn't know any songs she could sing. Finally she belts out a jazzy version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while Luke plays the piano enthusiastically. The crowd hates it and boos her. The bartender fires them. Luke notes that he thought the performance was pretty damn good.

THE COURTROOM: Everyone is worried about Nikolas. Ric is going to need character witnesses for Nik, and he urges them to remember that when he calls them to the stand, they'll have Nik's life in their hands. Nikolas and Emily hug. Emily goes out to talk to her family (who are in the lobby) in order to make sure that they know they can't bicker among themselves in front of the judge for Nikolas' sake. The Quartermaines all file back into the courtroom.

A MEMPHIS BAR: Luke and Skye are run out of the bar. Just before they are shoved out the door they hear the bartender call an older, red-headed lady by the name "Connolly." Luke and Skye are determined to get back into the bar to ask Connolly where Laura is. Luke thinks he has an idea.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Diego tries to explain to the assembled group that he thinks that Sonny killed his father and is now after him. Jason, Sam and Courtney seem skeptical. Jason asks when Diego's father was killed and when Diego says it was just seventeen years ago, Jason notes that Sonny was still back in Bensonhurst back then. Sam pleads with Jason to look into it and Jason agrees -- he gets Diego's father's name from Diego (it's "Javier Sanchez") and promises to do what he can. Then he walks Brook and Diego out. After they've gone, Courtney turns to Sam and tells her that Sam has a lot more in common with Jason than she does.

THE COURTROOM: Alan is on the stand -- he talks about how much Nikolas loves Emily. Next is Monica: she says that Nikolas helped Emily survive her breast cancer. Next is Tracy, talking about how Helena Cassadine was a dangerous woman who wanted to stop Nik and Em from getting married. Edward takes the stand, noting that Nikolas was only trying to protect Emily. Alexis is next, and she talks about how evil Helena was. Lucky takes the stand in Nik's defense, arguing in favor of Nik's decision to defend Emily from Helena. Finally, Emily is called to the stand. Emily testifies about the night in question, when Helena was killed -- and about the aftermath. She says that all Nik is guilty of is trying to protect her.

UNFINISHED OFFICE BUILDING: Lady Jane and Jax are having dinner while they wait for Courtney. As they wait, they discuss the passing of Jax's father, John (which happened last year). They also talk about Courtney. Jax extolls her virtues, but Lady Jane is hesitant, wondering why Courtney doesn't have the courage to face her?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam notes that Jason is just helping her through a really difficult time. She says that Jason is good for her because he lives in the present and doesn't second-guess the way she does. Courtney replies that she used to love that about Jason, too. Courtney notes that she could never learn to accept the violence in Jason's life. As she is speaking, Jason comes in and hears the tail end of what she is saying. Courtney, not seeing Jason, asks Sam if she can handle the violence in Jason's life. Sam looks at Jason and Courtney finally turns around and sees him as well. For a few moments no one says anything.

A MEMPHIS BAR: Skye is now in a blond wig and Luke is in a different outfit. They agree to enter the bar at different times. Skye goes in first. Before Luke can go in, he is stopped by a pimp who mistakes Luke for another pimp moving in on his territory. Meanwhile Skye takes a seat at Connolly's table. Connolly says she's about to be murdered. Skye offers to help Connolly if she can. Suddenly Luke walks in sporting a bloody lip (apparently he was beat up by the pimp). Skye looks over at him but then turns back to Connolly. She pumps Connolly for information about the job Connolly said she took as a paid companion. Connolly gets suspicious and leaves. Luke and Skye also high-tail it out of the bar just before they are recognized by the bartender.

THE DOCKS: Dillon and Georgie are back on the docks talking about Lorenzo. Dillon thinks that there's something strange about the way Lorenzo reacted to the necklace. Georgie doesn't want to get any deeper into the mystery than they already are. (Diego is lurking nearby, and he overhears them.) Dillon wonders if there's a chance that Lorenzo is the man that killed Diego's father -- and if Lorenzo now poses a threat to Diego, too?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Courtney thanks Sam and Jason for dealing with Diego and for calling her. Sam says it was no problem and then says she's going to go start dinner. Jason seems amused at the thought of Sam cooking. Sam leaves and Jason goes to walk Courtney out. Courtney is worried about Diego and she wants Jason to contact her if he finds out any information about Diego's father. She also tells Jason that she thinks he could be good with Sam -- that Sam makes him happy. She leaves through the elevator leaving Jason looking thoughtful.

THE COURTROOM: Now Nikolas is on the stand testifying about why he killed Helena. He says he was just worried about Emily. He admits that he was sorry that it had to go so far and that Helena was so relentless, but when asked by the judge if he would do it again, he remarks that if it meant protecting Emily, yes he would.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo is sitting at a table doodling on a napkin -- it's a sketch of the design from the pendant Dillon and Georgie have. As he draws, Diego watches him from the window. Diego doesn't realize that his sister Maria is standing behind him (Maria looks like she wants to speak to him but doesn't). He watches as Lorenzo crumbles up the napkin in his fist...then stares deep into space. Suddenly Diego turns around -- but by this time Maria has already gone. Diego goes back to looking at Lorenzo, a mixture of fear and awe in his face.

UNFINISHED OFFICE BUILDING: Lady Jane is not sure that Courtney is the one who can make Jax happy. Jax begs to disagree...he is head over heels for her. Lady Jane wonders, if Courtney is as crazy for Jax as he is for her, where is she? At that moment, Courtney enters and says that she is crazy about Jax. Jax smiles at her.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is in the living room when he hears a crash of dishes coming from the kitchen, followed by Sam's cries of frustration. Sam comes out of the kitchen -- her shirt is all wet. She had some problems making dinner. She takes her sweater off refealing a tanktop underneath. Jason helps her get it over her head and then, once it's off, they are caught staring at one another. He raises a hand to her face and hair tentatively.

A GRAVEYARD: Luke and Skye come upon Connolly drinking on a bench in the graveyard. Luke demands to know where Laura is. Connolly snaps that if he wants his wife he can find her right behind him -- Luke turns and sees a grave marked "Laura Spencer." He is shocked.

THE COURTROOM: The judge has returned with a decision Emily is praying. Nikolas stands to hear the sentence.

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