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General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/7/04



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Jax shows Courtney a place he has in mind for her new office space. She thanks him but tells him she doesn’t want to accept his offer, due to not being sure she wants to commit to a relationship with him

Outside the courtroom, Emily tells the judge that she believes her husband does not belong in prison and she’d like to explain why.

Edward Quartermaine notices Skye going over files so she may help Luke. He tells her she needs not get involved in Luke’s problems because he believes that Luke is still in love with Laura and will break Skye’s heart.

Luke urges Lucky to help him save Laura. He urges his son to see that they must find a find a way to get her out of the hospital so she is safe. But Lucky tells his father that it is unrealistic to expect everything to be back to normal, that Luke must realize that Laura may not even remember them and that Luke needs to get on with his life.

Right after Sonny is ready to be taken into custody and nobody has a clue how the file appeared to incriminate him, Durant appears. To everybody’s surprise, Durant admits to his illegal activity of stealing the file in order to get Sonny arrested, admits that he knows he broke the law in obtaining it and that Sonny will have to be released.

In the interrogation room, Nicolas tells Elizabeth that he’s very worried that he’s made the wrong decision to marry Emily, he’s broken her heart by having her watch him taken away after their wedding. And he tells Elizabeth that he cannot subject Emily to this kind of life nor prevent her from meeting somebody else or having a better life than this. But Elizabeth urges him to see that Emily only loves him, promised to love him for better or worse, and she will do just that.

Emily urges the judge to see that Nicolas only acted in self-defense and accidentally killed Helena so that Helena would not kill her. He tells her that the law would not see it that way. She tells him that Nicolas is a good and honorable man and Helena Cassadine was an evil sociopath. He tells her he cannot help her nor help Nicolas based solely upon what she’s telling him. But she urges him to look into the character and past track record of Nicolas Cassadine to see that he is not a threat to society, and also look to see Helena’s pattern of crazy, violent behavior. The judge finally agrees to look into it but warns Emily that he cannot promise anything.

Skye protests to Edward that Luke saved her life, prevented her from going to prison and has been there for her, throughout all the time when he doubted Luke. She tells Edward that he must trust her to make her own decisions. Edward concludes that he is concerned for her, knowing that Laura is the love of Luke’s life and asks Sky why she’d want to settle for somebody else’s leftovers.

Luke asks Lucky if he will use his badge to get his father into Fern Cliff so he can get Laura back. Lucky keeps protesting that his father is making a very foolish choice and needs to look at it more realistically. Luke admits to his son that he does not know what would happen if Laura was rescued, but then neither does anybody know anything about their future. And he says he will not give up in saving his wife, Lucky’s mother.

While investigating Diego’s big mystery, Dillon and Georgie find themselves outside of Lorenzo Alcazar’s home and ask him about the Alcazar Logo. Lorenzo replies that Dillon must have known when he was visiting Sage that they had a company logo for his family’s company. When Lorenzo leaves, Dillon reveals to Georgie, recalling that he’s noticed the Alcazar Logo looking just like the necklace he’s discovered, that Diego must have some ties to Lorenzo Alcazar and/or his family.

Diego asks Mike what he knows about Sonny’s history and how it might tie into the mystery nobody is telling him about his family. Mike does not have any answers and warns Diego that his son is a good man but could be dangerous if somebody crosses him, so Diego should leave Sonny alone. Diego sits back down with Brook Lynn, telling her he cannot give up on unraveling the mystery involving his family. At that moment, Lorenzo Alcazar interrupts them and says he wants to talk to Diego privately. He tells Diego, in a threatening way, that Lois is very important to him, and so is her daughter, and tells Diego he’d better stay away from Brook Lynn.

The police and DA’s have Durant tape-record his confession. Hearing it, Carly has a flashback of hearing her father’s “sincerity” about having a need to get to know her, then later hearing him admit that his primary goal for coming to Port Charles was to go after Sonny. In the recording, Durant admits that he realizes he has no reason to press charges against Jason Morgan or against Sonny. Durant leaves and Justus informs Alexis and Rick that they have no reason to hold his client, the charges against Sonny are inadmissible in court, since Durant has admitted that he committed illegal search and seizure of the property. Rick informs Alexis that they have no choice except to let Sonny go.

Jax sells to Courtney how the room he found for her is a great place for sunlight and plants and generates peace and harmony. But she tells him that she needs to make her own decision and if she wants the freedom and independence of having her own office, she must find it herself. She tells him he’s wonderful, kind and generous, but she wants to be independent. He tells her ok, but there is one more advantage this office has. He tells her the best feature of this office is its privacy. He kisses her. She seems happy, but is not sold on accepting his offer.

Emily goes back and talks to her parents. She admits that she was upset to see Nicolas taken off to prison after the wedding, but she’s feeling better now that she’s talked to the judge. Monica warns her daughter that talking to the judge could be interpreted as bribery and not help Nicolas. She says she still has hope and the judge agreed to look into the circumstances in regard to both Nicolas’ and Helena’s history. Alan tells her that she must realize that it won’t be a good situation for her to live a life of having to see him through prison glass and going through appeals and all that will be involved in what might not even be a successful attempt to get Nicolas acquitted. But she tells both her parents that she is ready to be there for Nicolas no matter what.

Carly confides in Jason about how she believed that her father loved her and how she was fooled into believing that he cared for her, when all along, it was all about Sonny.

Skye finds Luke and tells him she can guess by his expression that Lucky would not help him rescue Laura. He tells her how disappointed he is in his son’s refusal to cooperate. But she informs him that she’ dug up some bank records of Heather which might lead them to more information. He tells her he’s impressed by her new idea but he believes that in order to find out Heather’s secret and save Laura, they will have to break into the PCPD’s files.

Alone in the interrogation room, Nicolas is privately wrestling with what to do with his marriage contract to Emily.

Jason appears at the hospital and asks Elizabeth if she’s seen Sam. Elizabeth leads him to Sam. She is with Christina, coloring with her, acting in a very motherly fashion to Alexis’ child. She tells him that being with Christina, and seeing her getting healthier every day make her feel better and assures her that her daughter did not die in vain. aaaaaa

Luke confides in Sky that he remembers that when he first lost Laura he spun out of control and felt like he wanted to poison the rest of his life. She asks if he still feels that way. He replies no. He believes now that there is a lot of life left in him and he believes the change in him is her.

In the empty courtroom, Rick “rehearses” with Alexis how he will ask her all about her activities and interactions with Christina and everything Alexis would know about her child. She admits that she knows all about Christina’s favorite song, favorite activity, and everything about her, something Sonny would never know. But at that point, Alexis admits that she cannot go through with this. Rick protests that she is Christina’s mother. She tells him she understands that Sonny is her father. But Rick tells Alexis she must see that she is the only parent whom Christina knows. Sonny is a stranger to Christina and if he gets to know her, it will put her in danger.

Durant goes to find Carly. He admits to his daughter that he regrets stealing the file in order to get Sonny in trouble. She asks if he’s sorry he’s lied to her and informs him that she wants to move out of their home, take the kids with her and never see him again. He protests to her that he ruined his entire career to come clean and earn her trust. But she says his lies and betrayal cannot be repaired. He asks her if he’s trashed his entire career for nothing. She replies that yes, he has. She will no longer trust him or have any more contact with him.

Emily goes to find Nicolas in the interrogation room. He tells her that he might have to do the right thing and back out of the contract. He tells her he cannot put her through this. But she assures him that she will be there for him, for better or for worse. They kiss and he tears up the contract he was almost ready to complete in order to end their marriage.

While going through Heather’s cancelled checks, Luke and Sky come across a suspicious $1000 check to an individual in Memphis. And Luke concludes that he believes that this person could lead them to Laura.

Right when Alexis and Rick are ready to go home, they run into Sonny. He tells them that he does not hate Alexis nor want to hurt her. But she kept him from his daughter ever since she was born and since she did not even agree to joint custody of Christina, he has no choice left except to battle in court for full custody of her.

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