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General Hospital Update Monday 12/6/04



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THE POLICE STATION: Luke and Skye are in the interrogation room. Heather's cell phone rings. Skye answers it and pretends to be Heather. The woman on the other end is anxious -- Skye asks about Laura.

THE DOCKS: John is talking to a very scared Meyer. He admits that he needs another copy of the file on Sonny because his burned in the fire.

THE VAN: Jason and one of his men, Stan, are picking up the recording from the wire that Meyer is wearing. Jason notes that now they have evidence that John obtained the file illegally.

THE DOCKS: Meyer is scared and saying he needs to leave town -- John says he is going to get him to a hospital.

THE VAN: Jason tells Stan that he is going to go get Meyer before John figures out that Meyer is wearing a wire.

THE COURT ROOM: Ric is questioning Sonny in court. Several questions lead up to a very important one: what does Sonny think is best for Kristina? Sonny thinks Kristina should live with him. Alexis snaps that living with him would get Kristina killed.

THE POLICE STATION: The woman tells Skye that Laura is comfortable and that her condition has not changed. Suddenly she figures out that Skye is only pretending to be Heather and hangs up. Skye is upset but Luke is just happy that at least Laura is still alive.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon is in his room looking at a necklace. Georgie comes in. They kiss. He is very happy to see her. She has joined the school field hockey team, which she can now use as an excuse to sneak out and see him. He tells her that the necklace he has looks familiar. Georgie suggests asking Diego, but Dillon doesn't want to.

KELLY'S: Brook Lynn has come to meet up with Diego. They discuss his sister and how he is going to stay in Port Charles. Diego wants to find out what kind of danger his sister thinks he is in. Lois comes in and says she needs to have a word with Brook.

THE COURT ROOM: Alexis interrupts the questioning to ask Sonny some questions of her own. The judge allows it. Alexis asks questions designed to show that Sonny leads a dangerous life. Sonny says all he wants is to do what is best for his kids, including Kristina. Alexis pleads with him to say that Kristina is better off with her. He says he won't say that. Alexis starts to cry. Recess is called and Sonny leaves the room.

THE DOCKS: John tells Meyer that he needs to know who shot him -- was it Jason? Suddenly Jason himself shows up and orders John to let Meyer go. Meyer runs away and John and Jason glare at each other.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke and Skye are asking Steven where Heather might be keeping Laura. Steven is not sure but assures them that he is on it. Luke wants Steven to drug Heather and force it out of her but Steven won't do that.

KELLY'S: Diego leaves and Lois and Brook are alone to talk. Lois does not like Brook's choice of boyfriends (Diego). She doesn't want Brook dragged into the danger Diego might get himself into.

THE COURT ROOM: Alexis confronts Sonny. He has a new deal for her -- if she will give him the file, he will share custody of Kristina with her.

THE DOCKS: John is sure that Jason had Meyer shot. Police men come out onto the docks to arrest Jason. Diego is lurking nearby. He comes out and tries to intercede but Jason tells him to shut up and stop using Sonny's name. The cops take Jason downtown.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven and Luke argue. Steven refuses to drug up his mother to get information out of her. Luke is pissed. Elizabeth comes over to them and Luke informs her of what is going on. Steven has to leave to go to court -- Liz goes with him. Skye tries to reassure Luke that they'll find Laura in time.

KELLY'S: Lois thinks that Diego is going down the same path Sonny went down years ago -- she thinks Diego might wind up trying to get into the mob. She brings up Brook's godmother, Brenda Barrett, who was in love with Sonny and tried to save him -- she was constantly in dager and almost lost her mind over him. Brook is thoughtful on this subject. Lorenzo shows up and Brook leaves. Lorenzo notes that Brook is a little more polite to him now. He asks what Lois said to her that made her change her attitude.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon and Georgie compare the necklace design to the design of a letterhead from a fax he found in Luke and Skye's office. They think it is connected to whoever Diego is in danger from. Diego shows up -- he wants to talk to Dillon about Jason Morgan.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason wants his one phone call -- Mac says if he wants to get a hold of Sonny he will have to wait as Sonny is tied up in court.

THE COURT HOUSE: Jordan is confident that she will beat Ric and Sonny will get Kristina. Meanwhile outside, Alexis and Sonny are still arguing. Alexis begs him to understand that he shouldn't be in Kristina's life. Sonny again offers her joint custody. Alexis refuses, goes into the court room, hands Ric the file on Sonny and tells him to nail Sonny to the wall.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke is anxious to find Laura. He proposes that he and Skye split up while he follows another lead. Skye is reluctant but he tells her he has to do it his way.

KELLY'S: Lois asks Lorenzo not to go after Sonny right now because Sonny is in the middle of a custody battle for Kristina. Lorenzo points out that Sonny would do the same to him.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Diego is talking to Georgie and Dillon about how he thinks Jason is has something against him. Dillon assures Diego that he's just over-reacting. Diego thinks that maybe Sonny is the guy he's in danger from. Brook shows up and the teens fill her in. Diego, knowing that Maria occasionally mentioned that his father once got on the wrong side of someone dangerous, thinks that Sonny possibly killed his father.

THE COURT ROOM: Sonny is back on the stand. Ric asks Sonny if he has ever violated one of the RICO statutes.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason is allowed to make his one phone call, which he places to Stan (who is still out in the van awaiting instructions). Jason tries to tell Stan to make a tape of the recording from the wire and then get it to Sonny at the courthouse. Unfortunately, the signal goes bad and Stan can't hear Jason. Jason is forced to hang up and Mac takes him away.

COURT ROOM: As a policeman enters the room, Ric announces to the court that his office has evidence that Sonny has violated RICO statutes. The policeman leads Sonny away. Alexis looks unapologetic.

KELLY'S: Elizabeth and Lucky are at Kelly's. Liz fills him on on what went down between Steven and Luke at the hospital. She thinks Lucky could try to talk Luke down. Luke shows up and informs Lucky that he has found out a way that Lucky's badge could help find Laura.

THE HAUNTED STAR: The teens discuss whether or not it is possible that Sonny killed Diego's dad. What it comes down to is there's not enough evidence yet. Brook and Diego leave. Georgie and Dillon go back to thinking about the necklace. Dillon doesn't want to tell Diego about it yet. Instead he decides to call the number on the fax letterhead and pretend to be Luke setting up a meeting -- maybe the person who sent the fax is the man who killed Diego's father.

COURT ROOM: Carly notes that Alexis did not look surprised when Sonny was arrested. Alexis says that Sonny is a criminal and notes that she's exhasted and wants to go home to be with her daughter. She leaves. Jax comes up to Courtney and tells her that he has a surprise waiting for her somewhere. He takes her away from the court house.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny is brought to the station. Justus is going to be his lawyer. Jason tries to talk to Sonny but Ric doesn't want to allow it. Justus notes that if the file was obtained illegally they won't be able to use it.

THE DOCKS: Steven tells John that Sonny has been arrested on RICO charges. John notes that it looks like the file didn't burn in the fire after all. Steven tells John that he deserves congrats -- that Sonny is arrested and all it cost John was his daughter.

KELLY'S: Luke wants Lucky to question Heather at Ferncliff while Luke feeds Lucky the right questions. Luke also plans to drug Heather. Lucky notes that even if they do find Laura, what happens then?

UNFINISHED OFFICE: Jax shows Courtney the future location of the offices for her foundation. Courtney is wowed but she tells him she cannot accept.

KELLY'S: Diego and Brook are outside of Kelly's. Diego tells Brook that he is going to find out whether ot not Sonny killed his father.

THE DOCKS: Dillon and Georgie are hiding, waiting for the person they've set the meeting up with. Suddenly Lorenzo comes down the dock stairs -- he is holding the fax Dillon (pretending to be Luke) sent him. Georgie and Dillon are shocked.

THE POLICE STATION: Carly shows up at the station and announces that the file was obtained illegally. Ric says that the accusation is unfounded. John comes up behind Carly and says that he is the one they should be arresting as he is the one responsible for getting the file in the first place.

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