GH Update Friday 12/3/04

General Hospital Update Friday 12/3/04



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At night

Wyndemere tunnels:

Skye is standing at the edge of the balcony with her ghostly daughter. The little girl begs her to come with her. Luke pounds on the door frantically and finally breaks through. He rushes into the room looking for Skye. When he hears Skye scream, he runs to the balcony and thinks that Skye has fallen. He is panicked, then he hears Skye whimpering in a room to the side. He rushes to her and holds her. Skye is still drugged and a bit confused. She is surprised that he came for her after he told her that he could never love her. She tells them that Ďthey allí told her she was worthless. Luke realizes that she must have been hallucinating and tells her that Heather drugged her. He tells her that he needs to get her to the hospital and starts to help her out. Skye stops him to tell him that Heather thinks she is Laura. Luke tells her that Heather is in police custody and she canít hurt Skye or anyone else anymore. Skye again expresses surprise that Luke came for her. Luke holds her and tells her that he doesnít know how it happened, but he is in love with her.

Honeymoon suite:

Nicholas and Emily sit on the bed and kiss. Emily gets up to get out of her wedding dress and puts on a gown. The two make bittersweet love while tears stream down Emilyís face. When they are done, Emily traces the lines of Nikís face as she tells him that she wants to remember every detail about him. Nicholas tells her not to think about tomorrow. Tonight is all they have.


Sonny has asked Alexis to meet him in the courtroom. He tries one last time to talk her into joint custody so that they donít have to do this trial stuff. Alexis continues to stand her ground. When she again claims that she is doing this for Kristina, Sonny points out that she uses that excuse for everything she does. Alexis reminds him that she will use the file if he doesnít do what she tells him to do. She tells him that he chose a life of crime, and there are consequences to that choice before she storms out of the court room.

Jasonís Penthouse:

Jason tries to help a drunk Sam onto the couch. They both fall on the floor instead. Sam suddenly reaches up and kisses Jason. She tells him that she has wondered many times what it would be like to kiss him. No she knows. It makes her dizzy. She tells him the whole room is spinning. Jason tells her to try to get some sleep. She turns on her side and passes out. Jason picks her up and starts to carry her up to bed when Sonny walks in. After Jason has made sure that Sam is settled in, he comes back downstairs to talk with Sonny. He tells Sonny that Sam got a little drunk at Emilyís wedding. Sonny is surprised that Sam went to the wedding at all. Jason explains that Emily has been really nice to Sam so Sam wanted to show her support for the wedding. He tells Sonny how she was able to enjoy herself and laugh a little bit. She even danced a little bit. Sonny agrees with Jason that it was good for Sam to forget about the baby for just a little bit. Sonny tells Jason about his meeting with Alexis and that if he doesnít find proof that Durant stole the file by the time he takes the stand in the morning, he will lose Kristina forever.

The next morning

Honeymoon suite:

Emily slowly wakes to find Nicholas watching her sleep. She realizes that it is 10:15 and their time together is almost up. She asks Nik why he didnít wake her up. He tells her he was being selfish and just wanted to watch her dream. She didnít want to waste any of their time together. Nik assures her that they didnít waste any time. The guards bang on the door and tell them that their time is up. They need to get dressed. Emily starts to cry as Nik tries to comfort her. They get dressed and the police come in and hand cuff them and take him away. Emily looses it and really breaks down. Nik promises her that they will make it through this. After they have gone, Emily really breaks down.

A little later, Elizabeth comes to see how Emily is. She finds Emily frantically searching the room for her shoes. Em tells her that she did everything she promised herself she wouldnít do. She cried, she clung to Nik, she begged them not to take him. Em says that she has to get to the police station to show Nik that she is going to be strong for him. Elizabeth tries to calm her down and tells her that she needs to get a hold of herself before they go to the station. Em finally starts to get it together. She tells Elizabeth that this is the first and the last time that she will lose control. She will be strong for her husband.

Police station:

Luke talks to Mac and asks how his blushing bride is doing this morning. Mac tells him that she spent the whole night asking to talk to her husband. Luke realizes that she still thinks that she is Laura. Mac tells him that a psychiatrist has already evaluated her and is talking to the judge right now. Edward comes in and hears Mac telling Luke that Heather will probably be admitted. Edward reminds them that she has spent her life escaping from places like that. Edward wants her in prison. Mac tells him that unless he is still married to her, he doesnít have a say in the matter. Edward tells them that the marriage was annulled and they can put her anywhere they want to. Luke doesnít want them to put her anywhere until he gets her to tell him where Laura is.

Meanwhile in the interrogation room, Steven tries to get his mother to tell him where she has stashed Laura. Heather still insists that she is Laura, and she doesnít want to see any more doctors. She only wants to see her husband, Luke. Steven tells her that she did this to herself. She would rather be insane than to face up to the people that she has hurt. Heather tells him that she doesnít know him at all. She tells him to get out. Steven gives up and leaves the room, telling Luke that Heather wants to see him. Luke rushes in and tells her that he is there to rescue her. Heather is glad to see him, she knew he would come to save her. Luke tells her that they need to find someone that looks just like her so that he can put that person in ĎLauraísí place. He tells her that he thinks Heather Webber is the perfect person and asks her where she put Heather. Heather tells Luke that they donít need Heather or Skye or anyone. It will always just be the two of them. Outside the room, Mac gets the call that Heather will be going to Ferncliff. Edward takes off to go to the hospital to tell Skye. Mac goes in to the interrogation room to announce that it is time for Heather to be transferred. Luke asks for more time, but there is no more time. Attendants come in and put Heather in a straight jacket. She begs Luke to help her. Luke is tired of playing games now and screams at her to tell him where Laura is. Heather tells him that SHE is Laura. They take her away as she keeps yelling Laura. Luke has lost hope of finding his beloved Laura now.

In the main room, Officer Murphy brings Nikolas into the room and Mac tells him that he will have to be processed again. Lucky offers to do the paperwork, but Mac tells him that he might be tempted to help Nikolas escape. Nik promises that he isnít going anywhere and asks Lucky to check on Emily because she was so upset when they came to get him. As they start to process Nik, they ask him for his watch, his wallet and finally his wedding ring. Emily and Elizabeth arrive and Em asks if she can keep her husbands wedding ring. Mac agrees and Em tells Nik that she loves him and she will wear it on a chain around her neck until he comes home to her. Nik promises that when he gets out, he will wear it for the rest of his life. They finish processing Nik and Officer Murphy escorts him to his cell. Nik lays on the bunk and dreams of the love of his life.

Return to the honeymoon suite:

Emily returns to find the maid making up the bed. When the maid is finished, Emily sadly sits on the edge of the bed and remembers Nik. She lays down and hugs a pillow close to her.

Back in the interrogation room:

Skye enters to find a very distraught Luke. Luke is so happy to see her, he rushes to her side and makes sure she is okay. He tells her that Heather has been taken away to Ferncliff and he was unable to find out from her where Laura is. Skye tells him that she might be able to help. He doesnít understand how, since Heather wonít be able to have visitors for six months. Skye shows him that she has Heatherís cell phone and explains that Alice got it from Heatherís room before the cops came to confiscate all her belongings. Luke is very pleased to see this. Skye admits that the phone has rang twice since she has had it, but she was afraid to answer it before she checked with him. When the phone rings, Luke tells her to answer it and pretend to be Heather. Skye follows his direction.

Jasonís Penthouse:

Sam has awoken and comes down to find Jason on the phone telling someone that he must handle this one personally. When the phone call ends, he asks her how she is feeling. Sam admits that she is felling a little sick. Jason has club soda and aspirin waiting for her and sits with her on the couch. She starts to slowly remember all that happened the night before. Jason confirms her memories as she talks about drinking the champagne that he kept telling her not to drink. She remembers dancing and laughing. Then she starts to feel guilty that she forgot about her baby and was laughing. Jason assures her that it was okay, she deserved to forget for a few hours. He tells her that the best present she can give her baby is to live her life to the fullest. She tells him that she doesnít know how to do that. Jason is positive that she will figure it out, a little bit at a time. The phone rings and Jason goes to answer it. Jason leaves to take care of some business as Sam lays on the couch. She remembers kissing Jason the night before and feels a bit embarrassed. It is obvious that she did enjoy the kiss though.

The Docks:

Jason catches Meyer and pulls his gun on him. Meyer begs Jason not to kill him. Jason points the gun at him and tells him that he has failed his assignment. He was supposed to get proof that John stole the file within 24 hours. Jason tells a terrified Meyer that his time is up.

Jasonís Penthouse:

Jason returns to take Sam to the court house. Sam appreciates that he has done this, but doesnít want to interfere with his work. Jason tells her it is okay. She tells Jason that she remembers the kiss and apologizes for it. Jason tries to tell her not to worry about it, but she admits that she is embarrassed and promises him not to drink anymore. Not champagne anyway. She rushes upstairs to get her coat, leaving an amused Jason to ponder what she said.

The courthouse:

Outside the courtroom, Alexis again goes over the testimony that she wants Sonny to testify to. Sonny is not happy and doesnít think that his Ďsudden change of heartí will fool the judge. Alexis warns him that he must make it believable or he will go to jail. They all enter the courtroom. Alexis asks Ric if she looks calm and collected while Jordan instructs Sonny on how to behave in the courtroom. The judge enters and the trial begins. Jordan calls Michael as her first witness. Michael tells the court what a great dad Sonny is. When Ric cross examines him, Michael admits that his father has been shot before. He tells the court that Sonny promised him that he would get better and he did. Courtney is the next to testify. Ric tries to get her to admit that Sonny has a bad temper. Courtney tells him that Sonny does have a temper at times, but he is always mindful to keep it in check when the kids are around. Ric tries to get her to admit that Sonny has had a breakdown but Jordan saves the day with objections. Jordan gives Sonny encouraging words that the trial is going good and he will get custody if it continues that way. During a break in the trial, Alexis sees Jason and Sam enter the room. She is upset that she didnít know Sam would be testifying. She worries that Sam telling about what happened in the chapel will make her look really bad. Ric assures her that he is prepared for it and her testimony wonít be as damaging as Alexis fears. Jason approaches Sonny and tells him that things have been handled. Jordon admonishes Sonny for conducting business in the courtroom. Sonny tells her that it has a direct bearing on the case. The judge returns and calls the court to order again. Jordan calls Sam to the stand. Sam testifies to all that happened leading up to her losing her baby. How Alexis yelled at her and got her all upset in the chapel. Alexis has a few tears slide down her cheek during the testimony. When Ric cross examines her, he gets Sam to admit that Alexis was acting out of desperation to save her daughters life. Sam is excused from the witness stand. As her and Jason leave the courtroom, Jordan calls Carly as her next witness. Carly testifies about Alexis blackmailing her into not telling Sonny that Kristina is his child. Even when Kristina got sick, she wouldnít let Carly tell Sonny the truth. Ric attempts to cross examine Carly and she admits that she blackmailed Alexis into representing her when she sued Sonny for custody of Michael and Morgan. When Ric asks her if she feels safe leaving her children with Sonny, things quickly get out of hand. Carly does what Carly does best and goes into complete defense mode. She starts yelling at Ric to tell the courts how he chained her to a wall in his panic room and planned on stealing her unborn baby.

Back on the docks:

Meyer runs into John with an obvious bullet wound to his stomach. He frantically tells John that he has to be put into a witness protection plan or he will be killed for something John did. John tries to get Meyer to tell him who attacked him. Meyer is wired and Jason and someone else listen in as John tells Meyer that they need to get him to a doctor. Meyer says he wants to know that he will be protected. Meyer tells him that it depends on if Meyer made a copy of the file on Sonny. Jason is pleased when Meyer says on tape that the file he stole got burned up in the fire.

Return to the courtroom:

When the judge finally gets the courtroom under control again, Jordan calls Sonny to the stand. Sonny testifies that he allowed his babies stem cells to be used to save Kristina because he loves his daughter. When Ric takes over questioning, Sonny sticks to the testimony that Alexis has told him to say. He admits that he hasnít been able to spend much time with Kristina before he knew she was his daughter. Now that he knows, he has seen her very day. He admits that Kristina is more comfortable with her mother right now. He also admits to being close to his own mother. When Ric asks the planned question ďWhat do you think is best for Kristina?Ē Sonny shocks Alexis when he answers: ĒMy daughter belongs with me.Ē

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