GH Update Thursday 12/2/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/2/04



By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Luke talks to Heather, who is wearing a wedding dress, in a graveyard or garden.  He speaks to her as if she's Laura and asks her to marry him, to renew their vows.  He gets down on one knee as he asks, and she agrees enthusiastically.  He reminisces about their previous wedding and says that no on ever loved him like she did and no one has ever had the life they had.  He starts to say his vows but then stops, saying he can't do this.  She worries, but he says that he can't marry her in the dark and cold, with no ring.  He wants to do it right like they did the first time, with a huge wedding.  He convinces her that he knows what she deserves and he will make sure she gets it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the guests wait for Emily.  Jax comes in, telling Courtney he had to take an important call.  Tracy looks over at him conspicuously.  Elizabeth tells Alan and Nikolas that Emily will be along, she is just taking her time.  Everyone is nervous, especially Nikolas.  Lulu is the flower girl. 

Connor sneaks up on Emily as she is just about to go out to get married.  She thinks he escaped, but he tells her that he got a dishonorable discharge.  It turns out he was already supposed to leave but his CO had kept the papers, delaying it.  He is upset about the unfortunate change of events and says that Mary and he would have been about to celebrate Christmas.  Emily is upset that Nikolas is going to prison because of those events.  Connor says he's sorry.   He tells her to be happy and then turns to leave, but Nikolas comes in at the same time.  Emily explains to him why Connor is there.  Connor tells them both that he regrets the pain he has caused them.  He leaves.  Nikolas worries that he will come back, but Emily reminds him that it's time for them to get married.

Back with the guests, Mac is worried that Nikolas and Emily might have run off.  Felicia hopes they are halfway to Canada.  Nikolas returns just as Mac is getting up to go search.  He tells them that it's time for the wedding.  The wedding is just a regular wedding, nothing eventful happens.  Connor watches during part of it.  When the priest asks if there is any objection to their getting married, they look around expectantly.  They are pronounced husband and wife, they kiss, and everyone applauds.  Connor leaves again.

They have the reception.  Courtney tells Jax that she sent Diego home so the Quartermaines would not keep giving him the evil eye.  Alan and Monica chat briefly with Emily.  They all agree that Paige and Lila are watching over them.  Lucky makes a sweet toast where he talks about their past and growing up.  They have the first dance.  Lucky and Elizabeth, who seem closer than usual, chat and then dance.  She exchange glances with Stephen.  Sam keeps drinking and asks Jason to dance, but he won't.  Tracy insists on dancing with Dillon so she can grill him about where Luke, Skye, and Heather are.  He has no idea.  She tells him about what they have all been up to and it is news to him.  Jax suggests to Courtney that they take a walk around the lake, then he cuts in on Tracy to give Dillon a break.  Courtney asks Dillon about Georgie; he figures Mac has her grounded.  Jason suggests to Sam that she slow down on the drinking, but she says she's already drunk.

Emily throws the bouquet right to Emily.  Nikolas thanks Bobbie for being the first person in the Spencer family to welcome him.  They chat about Laura, wishing she were there.  Heather and Luke sneak in and watch the guests.  Heather is confused at first but seems to believe Luke when he tells her that they are all there for their wedding.  Meanwhile, the cake has been cut and Nikolas tosses the garter, which goes to Jason.  Sam is thrilled that he caught in.  There are some uncomfortable looks because of Elizabeth and Jason both catching the things.  Stephen briefly chats to Elizabeth about Jason and then he leaves.  Jason tells Emily that he's proud of her; they hug.  He and Sam leave.  Lucky gives Em and Nik the key to their hotel suite that he bought.  They leave, with Mac and the cops escorting them.

Luke and Heather walk in.  Luke yells "Surprise!" and keeps up the charade about him marrying "Laura".  Everyone is shocked.  Luke urges everyone to come up and say hello to Laura.  They play along, starting with Edward and Bobbie.  Luke takes Lucky aside and explains to him that Heather is a lunatic, that she has Laura and Skye captive, and that they have to play along until they can figure out where they are.  Luke gets the priest back in to says the vows.  He wishes to Heather that Skye could be there so he could rub her nose in it.  She says that it would take too long, but he asks whether they can send someone to get her because it would sure be fun.  She agrees it would be fun but says that Skye is in a "pretty place" with a great view, with water all around.  She adds that she doesn't think Skye likes heights.  Luke seems to know what place she means, so he gives Heather to Mac, explaining that she killed Ross Duncan and tried to murder Edward, then he runs off.

Jax shows Courtney how he's rebuilding the Port Charles Hotel, much to her surprise.  He tells her that he bought the land right out from under Tracy.  She laughs.  He shows her that the hotel's new name is Metro Court, the "court" being named after her.  She protests, but we can tell she's flattered.

Nikolas and Emily are in bed at their suite, with rose petals all around.  Connor finds a rose (somewhere?) smells it, then throws it down.  He leaves.

Sam and Jason go home.  She insists they dance.  He resists but finally gives in to her pleading.  They dance around for a while, then they fall, and he is on top of her.  They kiss.

Skye seems to be in some sort of warehouse.  She's scared and hallucinating.  One of the doors open and in walks a little girl in a white dress, glowing.  She tells Skye that she's the little girl Skye always wanted but can never have.  Skye sobs, wishing she had been able to hold on to that idea.  She wonders what the girl would be like.  The girl tells her to come with her and she takes Skye's hand.  She leads Skye out the other door, which leads to the edge of something (looks like a balcony or some docks?).  The girl urges Skye to come with her back to where she came from.  Skye says there's nothing to stay for.  Luke belongs with Laura, she says.  She says that everything hurts.  The little girl urges her to come with her.  Just when Skye is taking a step forward, Luke's voice comes from behind her.  He yells and pounds on the door, calling her name.  The girl tells her to come with her and not listen to him.  Luke breaks in, but Skye is gone.  He yells her name.

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