GH Update Wednesday 12/1/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/1/04



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THE HOSPITAL: Alexis interrupts a Sonny/Ric/Kristina bonding moment and asks Ric to speak with her for a minute. They move off to the side, away from Sonny and Kristina, and Alexis pleads with Ric not to go soft where Sonny is concerned. She's worried that Ric softening toward Sonny will allow Sonny to take Kristina. Ric assures Alexis that everything he is doing now is *for* both her and Kristina.

Meanwhile, a few feet away, Sonny tells little Kristina that once she gets well, she will go to live with him in the penthouse..

JOHN'S APARTMENT: John has found the bug that was planted in his apartment. He accuses Carly of knowing how it got there -- she feigns ignorance. He throws the bug on the ground and stomps on it. (Meanwhile, out in the van, Jason and Stan lose the signal from the bug. They realize that something has gone wrong.) John lashes out at Carly, telling her that it's obvious she was trying to get him to confess to stealing the file on Sonny.

THE CHURCH: Lucky and Elizabeth are with a priest, walking through a rehearsal of what Nikolas and Emily will go through later that day at the ceremony. When the priest gets to the point of the ceremony where Nik is supposed to kiss the bride, Lucky gives Emily a peck on the cheek. Out in the church entrance hallway, Connor is lurking around.

THE POLICE STATION: Emily is visiting with Nikolas in the interrogation room. They are both very happy that it is their wedding day.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric has gone for a moment -- Alexis goes to Sonny and reminds him that he has agreed to testify that Kristina is better off with her. Sonny, pissed that she's blackmailing him, tells her that he'll go along with what they agreed to. Sonny leaves. Ric comes back and is about to tell Alexis goodbye as well when she tells him to please wait.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: John and Carly argue over the bug that Carly knew was placed in John's apartment. Carly sees it as getting revenge on John, due to the fact that he came to town to take down Sonny and not to get to know her, his own daughter.

COURTYARD: Heather (in a wedding dress and under the delusion that she is Laura Spencer) is with Luke, talking to him about "their" wedding day years and years ago. Luke is playing along with Heather while trying to get her to tell him where Skye is.

WYNDEMERE: Skye is locked in the room at Wyndemere...she's having delusions involving the "ghost" of Detective Ross Duncan (the man that Heather killed). The ghost accuses her of having a hand in his death. Skye is traumatized.

THE POLICE STATION: The teens are at the station with Courtney, Lois, Ned and Mac. The parents are pissed that all of the kids ran off to Mexico. Diego and Brooke defend their actions.

THE CHURCH: Elizabeth is helping Emily get ready for the wedding in one of the dressing rooms in the church. They gush over the fact that today is Emily's wedding day. Emily notes that the separation while Nikolas is in prison will be hard, but that they'll get through it and nothing will ruin the happiness she feels right now.

THE POLICE STATION: Courtney tells Diego's social worker that she wants Diego to stay with her in Port Charles. Meanwhile, Lois and Ned tell Mac that they have decided to bring Brooke back to live with them at the Quartermaine mansion, noting that Brooke is just influencing Georgie to rebel as Brooke is doing. Mac understands their decision. Lois and Brooke glare at one another.

THE CHURCH: Emily and Elizabeth are still in the bridal dressing room. Elizabeth goes to check on Lucky. Connor is lurking nearby, but he is forced to hide when Sam comes to see the bride. Sam thanks Emily again for everything and gives her some diamond earrings to wear as her "something borrowed" for the wedding. Emily is grateful.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis apologizes to Ric for snapping at him earlier. They kiss and hug.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny comes into the penthouse and finds Jordan asking Michael questions about whether or not Sonny has a gun in the house. Sonny orders Michael to stop answering questions immediately, but Jordan and Michael explain that she was only asking him prep questions to get him ready in case Ric calls him to testify. Michael tells his dad he loves him and then goes upstairs. Sonny asks Jordan not to speak to Michael again unless he (Sonny) is present. Jordan agrees and then notes that there's no reason to go through any of this if Sonny turns around and tells the court Kristina should live with Alexis instead.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: John and Carly are arguing and yelling at one another, as Carly accuses John of stealing the incriminating file on Sonny and John repeatedly denies involvement. Carly tells him that he is out of her life for good. He tries to stop her from leaving -- suddenly Jason bursts in and joins in the argument as well. Carly tells her father to go to hell and runs out of the apartment. John turns to Jason and tells him that now, Jason's gotten what he wanted from the start.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny assures Jordan that it was a different situation when he gave Carly custody of the boys. He doesn't think Alexis is fit to be a mother. Carly comes running into the penthouse and Jordan leaves. Carly tells Sonny that John now knows everything.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: Jason is happy that John will be out of Carly's life. John says he won't listen to a punk and that he'll always be Carly's dad. Jason notes that Carly lived most of her life without her father and she'll live the rest of her life the same way. Jason leaves and John knocks a table over in anger.

THE COURTYARD: Luke is still talking to Heather, going along with her delusion that she is Laura. He promises her that he'll never love anyone like loves her. He wants to know where Skye is, but Heather snaps that Skye got what she deserved.

WYNDEMERE: Skye is still delirious in the room at Wyndemere. Now she imagines Jax and Courtney mocking her for her character flaws -- that she is weak and dishonest. Skye begs them to help her, but the vision fades and she is left alone.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac tells Dillon that he is free to go but that he must stay away from Georgie for good this time. Dillon tries to defend himself, saying he never wanted anything bad to happen to her -- but Mac interrupts, telling him that Georgie is off-limits.

Meanwhile, Alexis comes into the interrogation room and sees Nikolas already in his tuxedo. She tells him that he looks wonderful, like the man of Emily's dreams.

THE CHURCH: Emily is now in her wedding dress, with Elizabeth and Monica looking on. Monica starts to cry, telling Emily she is the most beautiful bride ever. Emily goes to look at her dress in the mirror.

Out in the main part of the church, guests are starting to arrive. Jax, Elizabeth and Angela (one of Liz's guests, a pretty nurse who works at the hospital) are talking in a small huddle while Lorenzo lights candles on the other side of the church. Ned, Lois and Brooke enter -- Brooke is upset to see Lorenzo but Lois tells her that Lorenzo came as her guest. Lois goes to talk to Lorenzo, telling him of her concern that Brooke is using Diego to get back at her. Lorenzo notes that Diego is trouble.

Meanwhile, Diego and Courtney are entering the church. Courtney warns him to be on his best behavior. Jax comes over to them, and says he's happy Diego is back in one piece. They go to take their seats. Felicia and Mac also arrive. Felicia thinks that the place looks beautiful and reminds Mac that without his influence with the judge, none of this would be possible. They go to take their seats. Steven has also shown up -- Elizabeth is happy to see him and she points out that she has invited the nurse, Angela on his behalf. She thinks that Angela is the brunette that Steven is interested in. Steven (who is actually interested in Carly) looks bemused, but does not correct his sister.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tells Carly that it's only natural that she's upset that John lied to her after she trusted him. She bemoans the fact that she didn't see the truth about her father any sooner.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason reminds Sam that she doesn't have to go to the ceremony if she doesn't feel up to it, but Sam insists that she's fine, that she wants to go because Emily has been so good to her. Jason agrees -- but before they go, Sam walks across the hallway and knocks on Sonny's door. When he answers, she tells him that she is willing to testify on his behalf with the custody hearing. Sonny is hesitant, as he doesn't think Sam should go through something so emotional, but he eventually agrees to it anyway. Sam and Jason leave and Carly tells Sonny that she thinks that -- even though she doesn't like Sam -- Sam will be doing a good thing. Carly notes that Sonny is a good father, and that he'll always be important to her, even though they aren't together anymore.

THE CHURCH: Bobbie and Lesley are with Lulu in the church's entrance hall -- Lulu is going to be the flower girl. Lulu leaves to get more petals from Elizabeth, and Bobbie turns to Lesley and tells her that she wishes Laura could be here to watch Nikolas get married. Lesley, starting to cry, says that Laura is with them in their hearts. Bobbie hugs her.

Alan, meanwhile, walks into the main part of the church and makes a beeline for Tracy and Justus. He expresses his concern that Skye hasn't arrived yet, considering how close she and Emily have gotten. Tracy and Justus are unfazed. Edward comes up to them and notes that Skye is probably with Luke, who will be the death of her. Alan demands to know if Edward knows anything about where Skye is. Edward doesn't answer.

Meanwhile, in the bridal room, Alexis is visiting with Emily. She tells Emily that she is a beautiful bride, and she thanks her for being the person that has made Nikolas' life complete.

Back in the main part of the church, guests are milling about. Tracy is doing needle-point. Lucky is looking around the church...he catches sight of Elizabeth lighting some candles and he looks quite caught up in the moment. He goes to talk to her and they agree to dance together at the reception.

Just then, Nikolas arrives, flanked by several policemen -- and handcuffed. Lucky, outraged, rushes over to them and snaps that the cops need to un-cuff his brother right now.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny has brought Michael and Carly to see Kristina at the hospital. Michael tells Kristina that he is glad that she's his sister. Carly tells Kristina that Kristina is entering a complicated family with lots of love to give.

WYNDEMERE: Skye is fighting to stay awake -- now she imagines Luke taunting her, telling her that she was only a diversion and that there's only one woman for him: Laura. He tells her that she is a whining, insecure mess and then laughs. Suddenly the image of Luke fades away and Skye is left alone again.

THE COURTYARD: Luke is still playing along with Heather's insistence that she is Laura -- she balks at discussing Skye, so Luke suggests that they renew "their" vows instead.

THE CHURCH: Mac agrees to allow Nikolas to be un-cuffed. Jason and Sam enter the church (Tracy sees them and notes that this wedding is getting better and better.) Jax asks Courtney if Sam's presence as Jason's date bothers her, but she says no -- she's happy for Jason. The priest announces that they are ready to start.

Emily is in the bridal room, and she's making some last minute adjustments in the mirror. Suddenly she sees Connor standing behind her. Connor tells her "Hello."

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