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Emily is planning for her wedding in the church with Elizabeth. She admits that Nicolas could be in prison for a long time and they will not have a honeymoon because he will soon be back in custody. But she says she’s happy because she’s getting married today and that’s all that matters.

In the station, Lucky asks Nicolas if he’s disappointed not to have had a bachelor party the previous night. Nicolas seems just has happy as Emily.

Rick asks Sonny’s attorney just how certain she is that she can win for her client. The attorney says all she needs to do is prove that Alexis is an unfit mother. And she believes she will have no problem with that.

Durant informs Steven that he knows Steven went behind his back and told Carly what he wanted him not to tell her. And he warns Steven by telling him it’s better to be his friend than his enemy. Steven does not seem to be afraid of Durant’s threats.

Luke attempts to enter the Quartermaine house. Inside, Alan and Monica are wondering where Skye is. Edward tells them that she may be at a day spa since she’s not been long out of prison. Alan suggests that Skye has gone off the wagon. Edward doesn’t seem worried. Monica tells Edward that since he’s completely got his head in the sand about Skye, maybe he should be concerned about Emily. Edward says he has no cause to worry about Emily. Monica says she’s concerned about her daughter marrying a convicted murderer. Alan adds to Edward that he’d like to know what type of medication he’s on because he believes Edward is losing it. When Edward is alone, he gets on the phone. At that point, Luke enters, snatches the phone out of Edward’s hand and tells Edward he will not let him call the cops.

Heather has Skye alone in a room, drugged and is attempting to brainwash her and have her believe that Heather is Laura.

Emily tells Elizabeth that the wedding is not important, nor is the honeymoon, nor being carried over the threshold nor selecting china and napkins. What matters, she says is that she is marrying the man she loves.

Lucky tells Nicolas that he many times wonders what would have happened if he’d married Elizabeth.

Alexis tells Sonny’s lawyer that she will not hesitate to have her sued for slander and for harassment if she does not stop making accusations of Alexis’ “fitness” to be a parent. But the lawyer is not afraid of Alexis and warns her not to harass Sonny nor make accusations of him, nor working against him with Rick, without answering to her. Alexis protests that Sonny is a career criminal and her daughter must be protected from him. Rick breaks up their argument.

Carly listens to the taped conversation of Rick informing Durant that he knows Durant is guilty of using the file against Sonny. She protests to Jason and to Sonny that it’s entirely possible that John Durant knows nothing about the file and something neither Jason nor Sonny are aware of is that John covered for her by telling Rick that he was with her the night of the fire, in order to protect her from charges. But they keep telling her that John has only been playing her and his sole intent is to incriminate both of them and he is not to be trusted. They finally get through to her that Durant had the means and the motive to steal the file, anonymously give it to Rick, without the common courtesy of even informing Rick that he had it, so that he can fool Carly into never knowing that he was behind the stealing of the file and using it against Sonny.

Heather tells the drugged Skye that she and Luke are magic and Skye cannot take her man form her. But Skye refuses to be brainwashed, tells Heather she is not Laura and that Luke does not love Heather.

Edward asks Luke just what his scheme is about trying to find Laura. Luke reminds Edward that he made a very foolish judgment call by marrying “Lizzie Borden”. Luke gets a call on his cell phone. Heather tells him it’s Laura. He asks where Skye is, sounding like he’s “playing along” letting Heather believe he thinks she’s Laura. He asks where they can meet. But at that point, he loses the connection. Edward asks Luke where Skye is. Luke admits that he could not tell but believes that Heather has drugged her. He also reminds Edward that both Skye’s and Laura’s lives are in jeopardy so Edward needs to back off and not do anything. Edward protests that he cannot just sit and do nothing while they are both in danger. Luke admits that he understands Edward’s frustration, but since Heather has completely gone off the edge and believes that Luke is her man, he needs to deal with her by himself, without Edward getting involved. It’s the only way to protect Skye and Laura.

Durant tells Steven that he took Steven under his wing, trained him, and believed in him. And what does Steven do? He betrays him. Durant asks if Steven has admitted to Carly that Durant’s main goal for coming to Port Charles was to take Sonny down. Steven admits that he told her that but also informs John that he told Carly that her father loves her. He tells Durant he’s lied about nothing.

Carly protests to Sonny that he could get in trouble for installing the bug in Durant’s apartment without his knowing and the whole confession could be thrown out of court. But he tells her he cut a “legal” deal with a judge friend. She tells him, to his surprise, that she believes that her father has betrayed her and now she wants to help Sonny take Durant down.

Alan and Monica go to visit Emily in the chapel before the wedding. They urge their daughter to realize how unbearable and unrealistic it will be for her to have a marriage with a man who will be in prison for a long time. She protests that it does not matter as long as she’s marrying the man she loves.

A nurse has a friendly conversation with Steven. Elizabeth overhears her brother talking to a possible “love prospect”. When Steven is alone with his sister, she asks him to accompany her to Nicolas and Emily’s wedding, she adds, unless he plans to take somebody else. He says he will be there.

At the hospital, Alexis consults with Steven about Christina getting better and ready to go home by Christmas. He tells her the outlook is good.

Durant goes to talk to Bobbie, asking if she’s seen Carly, expressing that he’s worried about their daughter and the fact that she still cares about Sonny in spite of the fact that he’s completely abandoned her. Bobbie tells Durant that part of being a parent involves watching your children making decisions which you may not approve nor understand and still be able to accept their decision.

Carly admits to Sonny and Jason that she believes Durant deliberately stole the file while helping her move and hid it from her that he plans to use it against Sonny. Sonny tells her that maybe she should not take matters into her own hands. But she tells him that now that she knows her father has “played” her and falsely come across like a loving father to her, she’s not going to let him get away with it.

Jason goes to the chapel for his sister’s wedding. Emily asks him what he thinks. He tells her it’s nice, but reveals he’s worried for her. Emily tells her brother that although she has no clue what will happen, she will wait for Nicolas no matter how long it takes. Jason assures his sister that he will take her word for everything she says, knowing he will not have a chance to discuss the matter with Nicolas, and tells her if she’s happy, he’s happy. Emily tells Jason that she knows what he’s gone through with the loss of Sam’s baby. He tells Emily that she is his sister and nothing will cause him to miss out on being at her wedding.

Steven discusses with Bobbie what she knows about her daughter’s marriage ending. Bobbie tells Steven she knows that Carly and Sonny have had many temporary splits, then gotten back together. But she knows, this time, their marriage is over for good. But she concludes that she knows her daughter is strong and will get through that.

Sonny confronts Durant telling him he has no business to judge what kind of father or what kind of person Sonny is, knowing what Durant has done to his own daughter. Durant tells Sonny he does not know what he’s talking about. Sonny says he knows that Durant has deliberately used Carly and her children in a sneaky plan to pursue his own agenda, and he is an unfit father.

Jason tells Emily that he realizes the hardship she will experience while Nicolas is in prison would not be any less if they were not married. But he also warns his sister that marriage is about a lot more than just loving each other. Remembering his own situation failing with Courtney, he informs Emily that it is so many times easier said than done to be with that person no matter what happens.

Carly goes to see her father, acting happy and trusting of him. He asks why she’s stressed out, inquiring if it’s Sonny or the kids. She admits, sounding like the “loving daughter” that she’s stressed about him and disappointed that he’s stolen the file on Sonny and lied to her about it.

In the hospital, Sonny goes to talk to Christina and gives her a picture book. Rick stays by his brother, looking like he needs to “supervise” his visit with his daughter. Sonny asks Rick, trying not to sound hostile, that he wants to have a private visit with his daughter, without any interference. Rick says he understands but if Alexis were to catch him alone with Christina, she would be very upset.

Emily goes to the police interrogation room to see Nicolas before the wedding. She tells him she had to see him because she missed him. He tells her there’s still time to back out. But she assures him that will never happen, he’s the one for her, he’s her one true love. She says she does not care what anybody else thinks. She’s ready to marry him. He tells her he does not know what the future holds but he knows he loves her and that he can say all of his vows without any reservation. They kiss.

Knowing that Nicolas and Emily cannot presently be at the chapel together, the preacher has Elizabeth and Lucky rehearse the wedding playing Nicolas and Emily. Unknown to all of them, however, they are being overheard by Connor Bishop who is hiding.

Carly informs her father that Sonny expects her to testify in his behalf in his custody battle for Christina. Durant tells her he believes that since Sonny is a very arrogant man and wants everything his way. She talks more, in a trusting way to her father. He talks more. Unknown to Durant, however, Jason is listening to everything they say and it’s being taped. She goes on, trying to “milk” to her father by telling him how she’s been such a sucker to take Sonny back all those times, and gives no revelation to him that she knows he stole the file. But right at that moment, Durant discovers the bug. She plays dumb and acts like she has no idea where it came form. But he tells her he believes she knows all about it and is trying to set him up for Sonny.

Sonny tells Christina a story about his mother, Christina’s grandmother, while Rick holds Christina and hears the whole thing. He sounds interested and asks Sonny what more he knows about their mutual mother. But at that moment, Alexis enters. Rick goes to her. She tells him that she knows that Sonny is manipulating him by sounding generous. She tells Rick she knows how much he wants his brother to love him, but he must not cave in by letting Sonny take Christina because of that.

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