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JAIL CELL: Nikolas and Emily are sitting in a jail cell, while Elizabeth talks to them from the hallway. Lucky comes in and tells them that the judge is denying Nikolas' release for the wedding, as Nikolas is considered a flight risk. Nikolas notes that in that case he will just have to find a way of escaping.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather is holding a pillow over a blanket-covered body she believes to be Edward's when suddenly Luke -- not Edward -- pops up from under the blanket. Heather is stunned to say the least.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny walks Sam downstairs and she describes to him her dream about hearing the baby crying and then discovering that it wasn't real. She talks to Sonny about her grief, and they hold hands.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: Jason, alone in the apartment, plants a bug on a piece of furniture and then hides as John Durant enters. John is followed by Ric who tells John that he wants a copy of Sonny's file (a copy he is sure that John kept) -- Jason listens from a hiding place. John denies involvement in the case and Ric threatens to charge Carly with arson.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven tells Carly that he has never heard John admit to being involved in getting the file on Sonny. She notes that that's a relief, and then asks him another question -- did John come to town for her benefit, or to take down Sonny? Steven admits that John was just after Sonny.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Sam talk about their shared pain over the baby's passing. Sonny apologizes for not being there for her, but points out that Jason was there in his place. Sam talks about how consistant Jason has been in his efforts to help her, even when she tried to shut him out. Sonny replies that Jason will help her as long as nessecary. He goes to leave, but he pauses in the doorway to tell Sam that just because he has Kristina in his life now does not diminsih the pain he feels over the baby that he and Sam lost. As he is talking, Alexis comes up the elevator and hears him.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly rants about how she can't believe she trusted John all this time. Steven interrupts, telling her that John really has come to care for her. Carly points out that John could easily be behind giving the file on Sonny to Ric. Steven replies that he knows that John is capable of that, but he's not sure if that's what really happened.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: John and Ric argue over whether or not John was involved in getting the file on Sonny (as Jason listens nearby). Ric threatens to take down John, Steven and Carly if he finds out that they are all responsible for the fire and the disappearance of the file.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly goes to leave, but is stopped momentarily by Steven who begs her not to run to her father and say something to him that she'll later regret. Carly is dead-set on the confrontation though -- but before she can leave, a policeman stops her and tells her that Ric has asked for her down at the police station, for questioning in the fire at his apartment.

JAIL CELL: Nikolas, Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky are worried about the fact that the judge is refusing to allow Nik's release. Nikolas pledges to break himself out of jail in order to marry Emily, noting that he'll just turn himself back in afterward. Emily is worried that the could get killed in the process. Elizabeth points out that there might be another, safer way.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke is pissed that Heather was willing to act alone in killing Edward, but Heather replies that she was only doing it to protect him because she loves him so much. Luke snaps and asks Heather if she also kidnapped Laura out of love for him? Heather admits to the crime but also admits that that, too, was because she loves Luke so much. She has never forgotten the weekend they spent together decades ago and she'll do whatever it takes to get that back. Luke demands to know where Laura is and Heather replies that he had better start being nice to her if he ever wants to see his wife again.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Alexis has come to speak to Sonny. Sam asks Alexis about Kristina and Alexis says that Kristina is fine, thanks to Sam. Sam goes back into the penthouse by herself. She looks thoughtful.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Alexis and Sonny go into Sonny's penthouse and she tells him that she has arranged his testimony for him -- she wants him to have a revelation on the stand that Kristina is safer with Alexis, away from his life. Sonny has grudgingly agreed to go along with it, helpless in the threat of Alexis' blackmail. Jason comes in and Alexis leaves.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky and Elizabeth are talking in the main part of the police station. Lucky is trying to come up with a way to bust Nikolas out -- he thinks maybe his dad could help them. Elizabeth doesn't think that's a good idea, but Lucky wants to help Nik and Emily go through with their wedding as planned. Elizabeth points out that it's not just for Nik's sake that Lucky is working -- Lucky wants to do it for Emily, too.

JAIL CELL: Meanwhile, down in the jail cell, Mac is talking to Nikolas and Emily -- Emily is making a case for Nik to be released solely for their wedding ceremony. She wants Mac to go and talk to the judge to see if it's possible. Mac agrees to try, and exits. Nikolas promises Emily that no matter what happens to him, he'll love her forever. They kiss and hug.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather tries to convince Luke that she can make him happier than Laura can, but Luke responds by attempting to strangle her while demanding to know where his wife is. Hearing the struggle, Skye and Edward come running into the room -- Luke releases Heather and tells Edward that Heather has admitted to everything. Suddenly Heather grabs Skye and, holding an ice pick at her throat, threatens to kill her. Luke tries to reason with Heather but she is through talking things out. While holding onto Skye, she exits out the patio door. Luke and Edward run after her.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Jason fill one another in on what has been happening -- Jason tells Sonny that a bug has been planted in John's apartment and they'll soon know for certain whether or not he had anything to do with the file on Sonny. Jason also tells Sonny that he intends to tail John himself. Sonny replies that there's something else he needs Jason to do first.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is just coming downstairs when Jason enters. He tells her that he found out from Sonny about how she went into the nursery alone -- he thinks that she didn't have to do it by herself, but she reminds him that it was something she had to do. She also tells Jason that they have work to do.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric comes into the interrogation room, where Carly is waiting. He tells her that he wants to hear her version of events of what happened when his apartment caught on fire. As Carly answers Ric's questions, the camera flashes back to Ric asking the same questions of Durant earlier. Carly and John's answers match up perfectly. Ric, annoyed, tells Carly that she is free to leave. Carly does so. Alexis enters the room and asks Ric to stop looking for the file on Sonny.

WYNDEMERE: Heather has brought Skye to a dungeon-type room at Wyndemere -- the same place she kept Skye months ago, when she wanted Skye to believe that it was Laura who was stalking her. Heather rants to Skye about how everything is Laura's fault, that Laura has made it impossible for any other woman -- women like Heather and Skye -- to get close to Luke. Skye -- seeing that Heather is having a hysteric fit -- tries to talk to Heather, asking her how she got Laura out of the institution. Heather notes that Laura was catatonic and therefore did not put up much of a fight. Then, suddenly, she plunges a syringe into Skye's arm, adding that soon Skye will be asleep as well. Skye starts to get dizzy and then her vision fades to black.

JAIL CELL: Mac has brought Elizabeth and Lucky back down to the jail cell so they can hear his announcement along with Nikolas and Emily -- the judge has agreed to release Nik for the wedding. The ceremony will be conducted under strict supervision, but the couple will have time to themselves afterward. Everyone is happy -- Nikolas and Emily embrace.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: With Max's help, Jason and Sam have packaged up all of the baby's things -- Max is going to see that the stuff gets to families who need it. Max leaves with the boxes and Sam and Jason go back into the apartment. Jason seems worried about Sam but she tells him that she needs to be alone downstairs for a bit. Jason turns to go up the stairs but pauses...he turns around and watches Sam sadly.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny has invited Meyer (one of his workers) over. Meyer arrives, looking a bit skittish. Sonny offers him a drink, and after Meyer accepts, Sonny begins going over the chain of events that led to the missing, inciminating file. He thinks that Meyer made copies of the file and gave one of the copies to John. While Meyer tries to answer, Sonny holds a gun to his back and warns him to answer carefully.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: Carly comes by and she and John celebrate the fact that they passed Ric's test by answering all of the questions correctly. John happily notes that Carly is quick thinking, just like he is. Carly is cautiously happy though -- something is weighing on her mind. She wants to know if John was responsible for Ric getting the file on Sonny.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric doesn't understand why Alexis wants him to back down on Sonny, pointing out that no judge would ever give Kristina to a man who is facing prison time. Alexis crypitcally says that she believes that Sonny will have a revelation that Kristina should be protected from his lifestyle. Suddenly Ric understands -- Alexis has the file and is using it to blackmail Sonny. Alexis doesn't answer right away.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward wants to call the police about Heather taking Skye, but Luke says no, that they can't get the cops involved -- Heather has nothing left to lose, and both Skye's life and Laura's life are on the line.

WYNDEMERE: When Skye wakes up she is tied to a chair and Heather is talking to her. Heather mentions that Luke is her "husband" -- Skye expresses confusion, wondering what Heather means. Heather tells Skye to stop calling her "Heather" and to call her by her real name instead. Skye is still confused -- Heather replies that she is actually "Laura." It is obvious that Heather has now officially gone off the deep-end...she genuinely believes herself to *be* Laura.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is still downstairs, looking out the window. Jason comes back downstairs -- he sees Sam, goes to her side, and they hug while staring out the window together.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Meyer admits to Sonny that after the file went missing, John Durant came to him and told him that if he replaced the file in Sonny's apartment, he would protect Meyer from the fall-out. Sonny tells Meyer that if he gets proof of this version of events, he'll spare his life. Meyer thanks Sonny and leaves.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: Carly asks John if he was responsible for the file falling into Ric's hands -- John doesn't answer right away. Meanwhile, the bug Jason planted earlier is picking up every word they're saying -- Stan (one of Jason's workers) is listening to their conversation from outside the building.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric and Alexis are still in the interrogation room. Alexis admits that she broke into Ric's apartment after the fire and stole the file on Sonny. Ric asks her for the file but she refuses, saying that her chances of getting full custody of Kristina are greater as long as Sonny understands that she has the papers that could put him away in jail. Ric asks her what Sonny will get in return, and Alexis replies that they have an agreement that the file will disappear once she has Kristina. She notes, however, that she has no intention of honoring that agreement -- instead she will give the file to Ric so he can put Sonny away in jail forever. Ric is hesitant, asking her if she knows that that means open betrayal against Sonny -- but Alexis replies that she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Kristina safe, and Kristina would be much safer with Sonny in prison for good.

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