GH Update Wednesday 11/24/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/24/04

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THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas is brought to the interrogation room, where Emily is waiting with Justus. Emily tells Nikolas that she called Justus -- but Nik doesn't want help...he wants to pay for killing Helena.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth is wheeling Sam to the hospital elevator. She tries to give her encouraging words about her future post-miscarriage. Jason comes up the elevator and is surprised that Sam didn't call him. Sam says that she didn't want him to feel responsible; but Jason says that he wanted to be the one to bring her home.

CARLY'S HOUSE: John tells Carly that they need to get their stories straight. She demands to know why he would help her (since he is a federal prosecutor and all), and he says it's because she's his daughter and he loves her.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny shows up and tells Steven that he will be giving him a briefcase of 500 thousand dollars in gratitude for what Steven has done for him. Steven turns down the offer, saying that what he did was for Carly, not Sonny. As they are talking, Alexis comes into the room and asks Sonny why he was trying to bribe Steven.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Skye (in hats and coats) are lurking around the Quartermaine patio. They plan to keep an eye on Heather. Inside the mansion, Heather and Tracy are bickering over Edward. Tracy announces to Heather that she has gotten her lawyers to dissolve Heather and Edward's marriage. Edward tells Heather that it is true. Edward and Tracy leave the room and Heather calls Luke on her cell phone. Luke (still hiding out on the patio) answers and Heather tells him that they need to take care of Edward once and for all.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas again tells Justus that he wants to accept the consequences for killing Helena. Justus reminds him that it would be in his best interest to change his mind. After Justus leaves, Emily demands to know why Nikolas is doing this to himself and to her? He doesn't answer right away.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam have arrived at home. Sam asks where the baby's things are and Jason says that they are all in the nursery. He wants her to decide for herself what to do with them. She goes to look at them, but before she can, Jason tells her to wait. Sam turns to look at him.

CARLY'S HOUSE: John tells Carly that he knows that he has not earned her trust, but that he hopes to hear that he has, someday. Carly smiles and replies that he is amazing -- she also thanks him for everything -- for understanding her and for protecting her. John reminds her that he is only trying to look out for her best interests, and those of her kids.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is following Sonny to the elevator, asking him repeated questions about what he was doing bribing Steven. Alexis tells Sonny that she is in possession of a file which would incriminate him -- she wants him to as she says and he'll remain a free man. Sonny agrees. Suddenly Ric walks over to them and demands that Sonny step away from his wife.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward goes out to see Skye on the patio, and she warns him that he can't trust Heather -- that Heather is trying to kill him. Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Luke assures Heather that he is going to go to the hospital to pick up a lethal dose of a drug that she can slip into Edward's drink. Heather kisses Luke while Skye watches from outside.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas explains to Emily that they would never be able to have any kind of real life together if they always had Helena's murder hanging over their heads. Emily explodes, saying that that's perhaps the most selfish thing she's ever heard anyone say, and that she can't believe that he's giving them up for this. She storms out of the station, leaving Nikolas sitting in the interrogation room all alone.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny notes that Ric probably loves that he'll be going after Kristina, because then Ric can participate in Sonny's downfall personally. The elevator arrives and Sonny gets in and leaves. Alexis turns to Ric, who asks her if she is okay. She assures him that she is, and that she wants to handle Sonny by herself. Ric asks her, when she gets custody of Kristina, what will happen between them? Alexis replies that she has learned that he cares about her and about Kristina -- and that she could like being married to him.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is sitting on the couch -- Jason tells her that he has to head out to do Sonny related business. He is worried about her, but she says that she is fine, and that she needs to be alone anyway. Jason, after a moment's pause, tells her that he went into the baby's room already when he was by himself, so he could see all of the baby's things. He leaves, while Sam sits deep in thought. A little while later, Emily comes by to see Sam. Sam thinks that Emily was sent by Jason, but Emily replies that she's here for another reason. Sam is grateful that Emily has come with a need to vent about something, because listening will make her feel useful. Emily tells her that Nikolas has confessed to Helena's murder.

THE POLICE STATION: Elizabeth comes into the interrogation room to see Nikolas. Nik has called her to ask if she can cancel all of the preparations for the wedding. Liz thinks that that Nikolas should let Emily make the decisions about their future.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric comes into Steven's room and accuses Steven of working with Sonny. Steven replies that the only reason Steven came to see him was about Kristina, to see when she would get out of the hospital. He tells Ric to go check the closet...Ric does so and finds a paper in Steven's jacket pocket -- Steven says he was on a case, going to drop something off when he saw that Ric's apartment was on fire. Then, he got trapped inside trying to see if Ric was in there. Ric doesn't buy it -- he thinks Steven is covering for Carly. Ric leaves the room.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly runs into Alexis. Carly asks after Kristina and then wants to know if Alexis will drop the custody issue. Alexis replies that she is going to fight for her daughter. Carly thinks that Alexis should let it go, because Sonny is a good father and Kristina would benefit from it. Alexis accuses Carly of blaming her for Carly and Sonny's marriage ending.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is talking to Jason about the fact that Alexis has the incriminating file on him...which she will give the cops unless he gives up on Kristina. Jason notes that it looks like Sonny doesn't have much of a choice, because if the cops get that paper, they'll both be done for.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Emily is venting to Sam about Nik's decision to turn himself in for Helena's murder. Sam reminds her that she and Nik love one another, and that one day he'll get out of jail and they'll be together.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth watches from the door as Steven flirts with a pretty nurse. After the nurse leaves, Liz comes into the room and, giving him a hug, notes that he seems much better. She asks if there's a certain woman involved, and Steven replies that he's hoping he can work something out.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly tells Alexis that she and Sonny care about one another and that she is going to testify in his behalf in the custody case in court. Alexis reminds Carly that Sonny is a bad father just by virtue of the fact that he is a career criminal. Carly snaps that when she gets on the stand she'll remind the court that she wanted to tell the truth about Kristina's parentage as soon as Kristina was diagnosed, and that Alexis was the one who wanted to wait until the last possible minute -- she notes that this will make Alexis look like a bad parent.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny wants to be able to prove that Ric's file on him is inadmissable and that he obtained it illegally -- that will give him leverage over Alexis. He vows that he will not lose Kristina.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Emily has gone, and Sam is alone. She walks to the penthouse stairs and slowly makes her way up them, on her way to the baby's nursery.

THE HOSPITAL: Luke and Skye are at the hospital. Luke is preparing to get the drug that Heather will use to try to kill Edward. He wants to catch her in the act. Skye brings up the fact that Luke kissed her at the Quartermaine mansion and Luke insists that it was all part of the act. He tells her that once they have Heather, they will trade her freedom for Laura. Skye says absolutely not!

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather, after slipping some powder into the wine that is sitting out on the cart, calls Edward into the room -- she wants to know if he has any feelings for her. He insists that he doesn't and that their marriage is over. She wants him to join her in a toast to what might have been. She pours him a drink and he accepts. But after drinking just a sip, he starts to feel odd. Heather tells him that she slipped something in the drink to make him sleep. She lays him on the couch and then hides out on the patio as Tracy enters the room. Tracy sees the sleeping Edward and covers him with a blanket, noting that she loves him even if he is a stubborn old fool. She leaves, while Heather is still out on the patio.

THE HOPSITAL: Jason has come to meet up with Carly. He's questioning her about her memory of the file on the desk in Sonny's penthouse. Going over the events of the past few days, they think that maybe the file ended up in Michael's belongings while they were packing up to move to the new house. Apparently John helped Carly move in. Jason thinks that John got a hold of the file and it using it to manipulate Carly into trusting him. Carly thinks that that just isn't possible but reminds Jason that if he finds out that John has been behind all of this, he needs to tell her right away.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny's lawyer, Jordan, has arrived. He tells her that Carly has agreed to testify. Jordan thinks that they should also get Sam to testify as well about how Alexis harassed her just before she miscarried. Sonny declines, saying that he doesn't want to stress Sam out anymore considering that she is grieving her child.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is up in the baby's nursery, looking around at all of the baby's things. She picks up a stuffed animal from the crib and then walks over to the dresser and turns on the light-up globe, which casts a faint glow over the room. She sits in the rocking chair and cries to herself.

THE POLICE STATION: Nikolas is in the interrogation room when Emily enters -- they both apologize for their behavior earlier, and the resolve to eventually get married no matter what. They kiss.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Heather comes back into the room and -- seeing a blanket-covered body she assumes is Edward's on the couch -- grabs a pillow and tries to smother him.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly has stopped by to see Steven. She tells him that she thinks that John is responsible for the file getting into Ric's hands in the first place. She asks Steven if John stole the file.

JOHN'S APARTMENT: Jason slips into the apartment and plants a bug on a piece of furniture. He hides as John enters. Soon after John arrives, Ric comes in and asks John for the copy of the file on Sonny, saying that he needs it to protect Kristina. Jason is listening from his hiding place.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is wheeling Kristina around the hospital -- she assures Kristina that soon this will all be over and she'll be able to go home with her mom.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam is sleeping and dreaming of hearing the baby crying...she walks over to the crib and discovers that the baby is gone. She wakes up from her nightmare with a scream. Sonny comes rushing into the room and asks her what's wrong. She hugs him.

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