GH Update Tuesday 11/23/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/23/04


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Skye and Luke reminisce about the fun schemes and the opening of the Haunted Star. Luke says its a perfect night for a murder and Heather walks in.

Dillon and Georgie are with Diego and he's trying to get into his sisters apartment. They get in, see what a great place Maria has. Then Maria hugs Diego and tells him that he shouldn't have come.

Jason tells Sonny that the fire didn't burn down all of Ric's apartment and Sonny says that there is still a chance that Ric could send him to prison.

Ric suspects Carly set the fire and that she is at Steven's room to get him to cover for her.

Luke covers and tells Heather that she looks great. Skye then suggests that they all go greet their guests. Heather tells Skye that she is acting as hostess tonight. Heather tells her to make herself useful and make sure that there are enough cocktails for the night and she says she's not a waitress when she sees Jax and Courtney. Skye thanks them for showing up and helping her out when she was a fugitive.

Luke is talking to Heather about having Edward committed when Tracy and Edward show up. Edward tells her that his lawyers are working on their divorce. Edward says some harsh things and Luke stand up for her.

Diego starts talking to his sister and it turns out that she is getting fitted for her wedding dress and she's getting married in a few weeks. Diego introduces all the teens and Maria tells him that she's glad that he finally got out of Port Charles. People come into the room and she doesn't even know who they are.

Jordan talks to Alexis and she says that she is confident that she can get Sonny custody.

Jason and Sonny are talking and they think that the arsonist was trying to steal the file. They begin to think that it was an enemy who got the file but Sonny thinks that maybe someone was trying to help him by burning the place.

Ric is hounding Carly and Steven tells him to leave his room and to leave Carly alone. An officer comes in and tells Ric they have information, its what they recovered from his personal file cabinet.

Tracy and Edward gang up on Heather and Luke defends her all the way.

Sonny wants Ric to apologize for the "harassment" and Ric says no way. Sonny wants the judge at the hearing to know that Ric abused his power as DA to try to put Sonny away to keep him away from his daughter. John comes in and tells Ric that they have no case against him but Ric says that he is going to charge Carly with arson.

Carly tells Steven that she and Sonny are getting a divorce and it doesn't matter if they are in love or not. She explains their current mess is unlike other break ups.

The teens end up in jail and talk about Maria. Diego says that he hasn't seen his sister in years. Georgie says that Maria probably didn't want that guy to know who he was and Maria says that she's not embarrassed him.

Jax says that Courtney looks tired and he wants to take her home.

Tracy tells Skye that Luke is into her and not into Heather.

Carly goes to Sonny's to pick up a book for Michael and he tells her that about the fire, evidence and that Jason was released. Sonny thinks it was Carly who started the fire.

Luke, Skye, and Tracy talk about trying to catch heather in the act.

Lois and Lorenzo walk into the Haunted Star and Ned introduces them to his date Apple. Lorenzo tells Lois about Sophie.

Maria says that she's going to marry Eduardo and tell him about Diego later, then she'll send for Diego later. Diego excepts it but Dillon asks Maria why it is that she wanted Diego out of PC.

RIc and John talk and John says that Carly was with him when the fire began.

Carly tells Sonny that the fire was probably an accident. Max is supposed to go pick up Meyer to find out how RIc go the file. Alexis shows up at the penthouse.

Luke tries to get Heather to talk about murder.

Courtney is still worried about Diego and asks Alcazar if Diego is working for him. He says no.

Dillon and Georgie get released and she tells him that she saw him take Maria's necklace. He says that he remembers it from somewhere.

Maria begins to look for the necklace and it has some meaning to her.

Jason comes looking for Carly and John leaves. Carly wishes he could see that her father really cares for her.

Alexis asks Sonny to consider Kristina during the custody trial. and hopes that he'll end up giving custody to her just like he did with Carly.

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