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General Hospital Update Monday 11/22/04


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WYNDEMERE: Emily is upset that Connor hasn't left town yet...instead he's still hanging around the mansion. Connor notes that he wants to turn Nikolas in for the murder of Helena. Just then, Nikolas enters, flanked by both Mac and Lucky. He tells them all that he has already confessed to the murder of Helena. Emily freaks out, but Nikolas tells her that he has murdered someone and now he has to pay.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is visiting with Kristina (it is apparently Kristina's birthday) telling her about all of the cool stuff they are going to do out in the snow once Kristina's out of the hospital.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Meanwhile, Sam is laying, unconscious, on the ground, as the snow falls around her.

THE DOCKS: John Durant and Jason are arguing...Jason is accusing John of having a hand in getting Ric the file on Sonny, allowing Ric to do his dirty work for him.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny and Ric are in the interrogation room -- Ric tells Sonny that he has enough evidence to put him away in jail for good...and that he should be happy about it, but he's not. Sonny looks at Ric.

RIC'S APARTMENT: Carly is sneaking around Ric's apartment...Ric has left some candles lit, and Carly uses the flame from one of the candles to set a fire to several papers, scattering them around the wooden file cabinet. As the fire spreads, Carly goes to leave the apartment, only to find that the door has locked behind her. She knocks on the door while screaming for help. Steven, who is just down the hall, hears her and rushes to her aid. He prepares to break down the door...but as Carly backs away to give him room, she trips over furniture and knocks her head, leaving her unconscious.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas tells the group how he murdered Helena by throwing her over the cliff. Connor chimes in, saying he saw Nikolas do it. Emily is distraught...she and Nikolas hug, and then Mac takes him away into custody. After Nik and Mac are gone, Emily rushes to the phone, saying she's going to call Alexis. Connor points out that it's already all over for Nikolas, and Emily slaps him.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF: Alexis is out on the roof walking when she spots Sam's body. She runs to Sam's side, trying to wake her up.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric tells Sonny that he is upset because he wanted Sonny's downfall to be solely between them, without any lucky breaks. Ric and Sonny argue about Ric's desire to raise Kristina. Just then, Justus shows up, ready to represent Sonny. Ric storms out of the interrogation room after saying that they will seek the maximum penalty for Sonny -- no plea bargain. Justus asks Sonny what's going on, and Sonny tells him that Ric has what he needs to send me to prison.

THE DOCKS: John insists to Jason that he had nothing to do with the incriminating file on Sonny, and also tells him that he's already assured Carly that he'll do what he can to help her. Suddenly Jason gets a call on his cell phone -- he rushes off to take care of it, leaving John standing alone on the docks.

RIC'S APARTMENT: Steven breaks down the door and carries Carly out of the apartment. Carly comes to and tells him that she wants the file cabinet destroyed. Steven, worried that Carly will be the suspect in the fire, yells at her to leave and then goes back in to check on the file cabinet. Suddenly a beam falls on Steven, knocking him out. Carly screams, but before she can check on him, firemen come -- Carly hides from the firemen, who carry Steven safely out of harm's way. Once she knows Steven's safe (if also unconscious), Carly slips out of the building. Meanwhile, back in the apartment, the firemen start to take care of the fire...the file cabinet appears to still be intact.

THE POLICE STATION: Sonny outlines the problem to Justus -- that Ric has a copy of a file that could send Sonny away on RICO violations. Sonny says that he needs to get Jason on this right away.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason comes rushing into the room to find Alexis with Sam. He jumps all over Alexis, telling her to stay away from Sam -- who interrupts and tells him that Alexis just saved her life.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is furious with Connor -- she is angry that he used her while plotting against Nikolas. She thinks that Connor is trying to blame everyone but himself for Mary's death. Lucky and Connor get into a brief scuffle and Connor knocks Lucky out and grabs his gun. As Emily kneels by Lucky's side, Connor holds a gun on them both.

THE POLICE STATION: Justus informs Sonny that he can't get a hold of Jason, that his cell phone is off. They talk about how Ric could have gotten a hold of the file. Suddenly Ric comes in and announces that his apartment has been burned -- he thinks Sonny is responsible.

THE HOSPITAL: An ambulance squad rushes Steven into the hospital. Elizabeth, seeing her brother, rushes to his side, wanting to stay with him. Dr. Tony Jones takes Steven into a room to be treated. Elizabeth wants to go in with him, but Tony says that she needs to stay out.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dr. Meadows tells Sam and Jason that thanks to Alexis, she was able to treat Sam in time. Then she tells Sam that she must stay in bed, as an order. After the doctor leaves, Jason thanks Alexis and Alexis leaves as well. Jason then turns to Sam and asks her why she was out on the roof at night by herself. Sam says that she was trying to look at the stars, because after what Jason said to her earlier about the baby having stars in heaven, she wanted to see it for herself. But, she explains, she couldn't see the stars...and it got colder, and finally she just collapsed. She tells him that when she fainted she felt peace -- that she needs peace.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is trying to tend to the unconscious Lucky while Connor (holding a gun on them) watches. He tells Emily that he's going to go across the border to Canada, knowing that the guy who killed Mary is going to prison. Emily snaps that Lucky's head is bleeding and she needs to call a doctor. Connor replies that he needs to escape, and she's going to help him.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric, still in the interrogation room with Sonny and Justus, is still furious about his apartment going up in flames -- he is sure Sonny had something to do with it, despite Sonny's protests to the contrary. An officer comes in and tells Ric that they've taken a man that was found in the apartment to the hospital. Ric leaves.

Meanwhile, in the main area of the station, Nikolas is being brought in on murder charges.

WYNDEMERE: Connor tells Emily that he wants to go with Nikolas' plan to fly him to Canada by chopper. Emily grudgingly places a phone call, requesting for the helicopter to come to Spoon Island to get Connor. After the call has been placed, Connor notes that they have about a half hour before the chopper comes -- he asks her how they should spend it.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam asks Jason how he can believe in God, if God is the one who took their daughter away from them. Jason admits that he doesn't know, that all they can do is pray for the strength to get through it. Sam talks about how she went to sleep with a baby inside of her and when she woke up, it was gone. Jason promises her that she has him, as long as she needs him. Sam nods. Suddenly Justus enters the room, requesting to talk to Jason. Jason leaves with him and they go out into the hallway. Justus tells Jason that someone torched Ric's apartment to get rid of the file on Sonny, and that they don't know who it is yet.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven is awake...Carly comes in to see him. Steven reminds Carly that he told her to run right away, but Carly tells him that she had to see if he was okay first. He tells her that he didn't get the file, and Carly interrupts, saying that she doesn't care about the evidence...she just came to see him, and to ask him why he saved her life? Steven doesn't answer right away.

WYNDEMERE: Connor tells Emily that he's going to lock her and Lucky up in Wyndemere so that he can make a clean get away. He also rips the phone out of the wall and requests Emily's cell phone as well (which she throws at him). Lucky jumps up and tries to attack Connor, and another brief scuffle ensues. Lucky winds up back on the floor -- but before Connor can leave, two MP's shows up, ready to take him away...apparently Emily called them when Connor thought she was calling for a helicopter.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason comes to see Sonny in the interrogation room. There, he gives Sonny an update on Sam, and then Sonny gives him an update on the fire in Ric's apartment. Jason says that he didn't set the fire. While neither of them have a clue who was behind the arson, Sonny hopes that the evidence against him has been destroyed.

RIC'S APARTMENT: John Durant shows up at Ric's torched apartment -- he wants to go inside, but Mac tells him that no one is allowed in. John says that he'll discuss the matter with Ric himself.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric enters the hospital and sees Elizabeth sitting in one of the waiting rooms all by herself. He immediately goes to her and asks what's happened. Elizabeth worries to him that she doesn't make a good nurse, because she wears her heart on her sleeve. (As they talk, Alexis, a few feet away, catches sight of them. She watches them while they converse.) They talk about Liz's nursing for a bit, and then when Liz brings up his apartment fire (which Ric notes was almost certainly arson), she adds that her brother Steven was caught in the flames. Ric looks intrigued.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven tells Carly that he followed her from the PCPD to Ric's apartment, and that while he saved her life because he's a doctor and that's what doctors do, she is also the most "interesting" person he has met since being in Port Charles. He tells her that he doesn't want her connected to the fire, and advises her to leave his room before someone sees her. But too late -- before she does, Ric shows up.

WYNDEMERE: The MP's escort Connor away, but not before he vows to Emily that this isn't over by a long-shot. After he's gone, Emily checks on Lucky, who tells her that it was smart and brave of her to call the MP's to get Connor. Emily is worried about Nikolas, reminding Lucky that Nik turned in a full confession.

STEVEN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven, seeing Ric, notes that Ric must have a few questions. Ric thinks that Carly was the one who set the fire -- he asks them both to explain themselves.

RIC'S APARTMENT: Someone is sneaking around the apartment, going through the file cabinet.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason tells Sonny that none of their people were responsible for the fire. No one seems to know who did it. Sonny, betting that the evidence was destroyed, notes that whoever got rid of the file...he owes them.

RIC'S APARTMENT: The person in the apartment goes through the file cabinet until they find the file labeled "Corinthos Evidence."

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