GH Update Friday 11/19/04

General Hospital Update Friday 11/19/04

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Haunted Star:

Skye starts to come in but sees Luke kissing Heather and backs out of the room. She sneezes and coughs to let them know she is coming. As they separate, Skye enters the room saying that it must be dusty in here. Luke comments that keeping a little dust in the place makes the customers thirsty. Skye apologizes for running out earlier when she knows that opening the Haunted Star again is going to take a lot of work. Heather tells her not to let it happen again. Luke tells them that if they keep working together, all their dreams will come true. Heather tells him that all her dreams are very specific and he had better rest up. Heather reminds Skye that she is putting up the money for this place and that means that Skye works for her. She makes a few digs at the way Skye dresses and tells her that she shouldnít be behind the bar. Luke has his hands full in trying to keep Skyeís temper under control and Heatherís mouth shut. Heather tells Skye that she and Luke will be greeting the customers tonight. Edward and Tracy walk in as Edward tells Heather that the only thing she will be greeting will be his attorneys. Heather tries to pretend that she is happy to see Edward, but he isnít falling for her act anymore. Heather tries to convince Edward that it was all Tracyís idea. Tracy smugly tells Heather that she has already admitted to her father everything she did, now it is Heatherís turn. Heather again tries to convince Edward that it was all Tracyís doing, but Edward isnít listening. Heather leaves in a huff as she tells Luke not to worry. She will straighten things out with her husband. After Heather leaves, Luke tells Edward that he may want to rethink the divorce. Edward thinks Luke is only saying that to protect his own interests as far as the Haunted Star goes. Luke stuns Edward and Tracy by telling him that he is only thinking of Edward. He explains that if Edward continues on with the divorce proceedings, he will be dead before the ink dries. Skye and Luke tell Edward and Tracy all about Dillon finding Laura in the attic, and all that Heather has done lately. When Skye tells them that the reason Heather is doing all of this is because she wants Luke all to herself, Tracy canít hold back her laughter. She apologizes and tells Luke that she meant no offense. Luke didnít take offense, but warns Edward that Heather will now try to kill him since he has mentioned divorce. Edward doesnít believe that she would think she could get away with it. Luke reminds him that she has already gotten away with so much. Luke shocks them all when he tells them that he thinks the only way to stop Heather is to let her get a shot at Edward.

On the docks:

Carly tries to get John to interfere with Ric going after Sonny. John tells her that Ric is the district attorney and if he has evidence against Sonny, John canít order him not to use it. Carly asks if John can pressure Ric or something when she realizes that Sonny doesnít know that Ric is coming after him. She takes off to warn Sonny, against Johnís wishes.

General Hospital:

In Samís room, she tells Jason that seeing Kristina just made her miss her baby even more. She thinks that the only way she can fill this empty hole is to have another baby. Jason tries to explain to her that it is too soon to be talking like this, but Sam is pretty insistent that it is the only thing she can think to do. She doesnít understand why Jason doesnít want another baby right away too, he lost what she lost. Sam thinks that being pregnant and feeling the baby grow inside of her made her a better person. Jason knows that she thinks she was a better person after she got pregnant because she loved the baby. He reminds her that she loves her brother, and she had that love before she got pregnant. He tries to explain to her that they both need time to heal and to grieve for this baby before she tries to have another baby. Sam isnít convinced though and when the doctor comes in to check on her; she asks how soon she can have another baby. Dr. Meadows explains that she will still be able to have children, but not right away. There was extensive bleeding during this delivery and her body needs time to heal. Doc warns Sam that if she were to get pregnant again too soon, she might be putting her own life in danger. After the Doctor leaves, Sam asks Jason if he believes in God and heaven. When Jason acknowledges that he does, Sam asks him what his proof is. He tells her that when he stands at the edge of the ocean and looks out to the horizon, he feels like he is part of something bigger. That is all the proof he needs. Sam admits that she has the same feeling when she looks at the stars. She asks Jason if he thinks there are stars in heaven. Jason tells her that there is everything that there baby needs in heaven; love, security, happiness, and even the stars. Sam looks happy to hear this. After Jason leaves, Sam is still in a contemplating mood and goes to the window. She looks up at the stars. Looking through the window isnít good enough though; she wants to see the skies more clearly and heads out to the roof. Snow is starting to fall pretty heavily as she stands looking up at the stars. Suddenly, she faints and lies there with no one knowing where she is.

Outside Kristinaís room, Ric orders Lucky to put the cuffs on Sonny when Alexis objects to this happening in front of her and in front of Kristina. She runs off to Kristinaís room. Ric takes Sonny to the lobby in front of the nurses station and has the cuffs put on Sonny there. Alexis has followed them to the lobby and tells Sonny this is exactly what she didnít want in Kristinaís life. Sonny angrily tells her that he was willing to negotiate with her about custody of Kristina, but not now. Now he is going for full custody. Alexis thinks it is very sad that he canít even stop threatening when he is under arrest. Sonny thinks this is just temporary, but the custody will be permanent. Ric tells him again that he will be going away for a very long time. Sonny doesnít look worried at all. Carly comes rushing in and tries to stop what is happening. She blasts Alexis for letting her husband do this to Sonny after Sonny saved Kristinaís life. Ric doesnít pay attention to Carlyís ranting, and proceeds to take Sonny to the elevator. Steven shows up and tries to calm Carly down as she is yelling threats after Ric. The elevator doors shut and Carly turns her anger towards Alexis again. Alexis wonít look Carly in the eye, but Carly makes her. Alexis sadly walks away. Carly turns to Steven in disbelief. Steven tells her that Ric is just doing his job. Carly canít believe that Steven is defending him. Steven tells her that he is just wants her to calm down. Immediately, Carly tells him that she has to find the evidence that Ric has on Sonny and destroy it. She figures that Ric wouldnít keep this evidence at the office, because he thinks it is too important. Steven marvels at how fast her analytical mind works. Carly only wants to know if Steven is going to help her. When Steven tells her that he wonít do anything illegal, she tells him that he blew his chance of being Ďfriendsí with her and storms off.

Back in Kristinaís room, Alexis talks with Kristina and tells her of all the presents that she has waiting for her at home. Mike shows up to bring Kristina a birthday present. Alexis quickly pushes Mike back out the door and in the hallway tells him that she will make sure Kristina gets it. She tells Mike that Kristina is getting better and that she is pretty sure they will be able to take her home for the holidays. A delighted Mike is happy to hear this, and mentions that he will come over and spend some time with his granddaughter when that happens. Alexis quickly explains to him that she doesnít want any of Sonnyís family around Kristina. Mike tells her that Sonny will be spending time with her, which means he will too. When Alexis informs Mike that Sonny has just been arrested, Mike gets a little angry. He asks her if she now feels justified in keeping Kristina away from Sonny all this time. Alexis tells him that she was only trying to keep Kristina safe. Mike doesnít believe that she thought Sonny was a threat to Kristina. Alexis explains that she knows Sonny would protect all of his children with his own life, but he wonít change the way he lives. He lives a life of crime, and that has consequences. After Mike leaves, Alexis returns to Kristina and tells her that it is snowing outside. She tells Kristina that when she gets out of the hospital, they will build a big snowman. She knows that Kristina doesnít like spending her birthday in the hospital, but she will now have many more birthdayís to settle. For this year, their present is Kristinaís health.

Police station:

As Ric and Lucky escort Sonny into the station, they are surrounded by reporters hurling questions at them. Mac runs interference with the reporters and asks Ric if he is sure about this. Ric is sure, but he wants to talk to Sonny alone for a bit. Mac tells him to use the interrogation room. As Ric takes Sonny to the interrogation room, John enters the station and the reporters converge on him. They ask him if he is upset that Ric Lansing will get the credit for bringing Sonny down. John tells them that Ric did the work, so he should get the credit. Carly comes in with Steven not too far behind. She asks John again to convince Ric not to take Sonny to trial. John tells her that he will talk to Ric, but if Ric wonít back off, Sonny will be arraigned within 24 hours. Carly asks if that is when Ric will have to present his evidence. John says yes, or there will not be a case. Inside the interrogation room, Ric tries to talk with Sonny but Sonny is not in the mood. He wants to know what Ric has on him. Jason comes in and Ric tells him that he should enjoy his freedom because he is next. Ric leaves the room. Carly sees Ric come out and tries to tell him that he is framing Sonny again. Ric tells her that his evidence is solid. Carly sneaks out when Ric is distracted. Steven asks John if he is sure that Ric doesnít know that the evidence came from him. John tells him that Ric doesnít know, and he never will. He thinks he is coming out on top. Sonny will be out of Carlyís life for good, and Carly will trust him completely. Inside the interrogation room, Jason asks Sonny what Ric has told him. Sonny tells Jason that the way Ric is acting, he thinks that Ric has Meyerís file. Jason asks how he got it. Outside the room, John congratulates Ric for getting Sonny and asks him how he got the evidence. Ric tells him that he was just lucky. After Jason leaves Ric goes back to talk to Sonny again. He tells him that this is not what he wanted. He wanted to arrest the hardened criminal, not the father that is grieving for his child. Sonny tells him to see a psychiatrist. Ric tells Sonny that he wishes they had grown up together and that they really were brothers in every way. Sonny tells him that if he really wants to be his brother, he will tell him where he got the file. Sonny knows Ric didnít gather the information and he will find out who did.

Back on the docks:

Jason finds John and tells him that he knows that John gave Ric the evidence. Ric has been to wrapped up with Alexis and Kristina to have been gathering evidence against Sonny. Jason knows that John is using Ric for a cover.

Ricís suite:

Outside, Carly is dressed as a hooker and convinces the manager to let her into Ricís suite. Once inside, Carly searches the place trying to find the file. She doesnít have any luck and gets frustrated when she canít break into a locked file cabinet. When she stands up from trying once again to break into it, she realizes that Ric has left candles burning. She comments that you should never leave candles burning unattended. She gathers a bunch of paper and throws it around the file cabinet then starts a fire. After she makes sure that the fire is taking hold, she goes to the door and realizes that it is stuck and she canít get out. She yells for someone to help as she frantically tries to get the door open.


Connor tells Emily that she is beautiful and tries to kiss her. When Emily slaps him, he loses his temper just a bit and tells her that she really shouldnít have done that. When Emily tells him that he doesnít scare her, he calms down and tells her that she is the last person he would ever want to hurt. He tells her that when he first found out that Mary had died, he just didnít want to go on. He feels differently now and tells her that it is because of her that he feels like he has a future. Emily makes it clear that she is with Nicholas now and that she loves him. She tells him that there is no future for him with her and that he should stick to the plan and get on the plane and go to Canada. Connor tries for a bit to convince her otherwise, but finally gives up and tells her that he will be on the plane and stick to the plan. Before he leaves, he tells her that Nicholas doesnít deserve her, and one of these days she will see that too.

After he leaves, Nicholas comes in and Emily tells him he was right about her sending mixed signals to Connor. She admits that Connor made a pass at her, but that she set him straight. She tells Nic that Connor says that he is going to get on the plane tonight, but she isnít sure if he really meant it. Nic takes off to make sure that Connor does get on the plane.

Later, Nic calls Emily to report that Connor did not show up at the meeting place. Emily knows that they must find him before he tells the police that Nicholas killed Helena. Nic tells her that he loves her and not to worry, he knows how to take care of it. He hangs up before Emily can get any details out of him.

Still later, Emily finds Connor in the front room again and reminds him that he will be picked up for desertion unless he sticks to the plan. Connor tells her that it will be worth it because he is turning Nicholas in for killing his grandmother. Nicholas surprises them both by walking in with Mac and Lucky. He announces that it doesnít matter what Connor does, he has already confessed.

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