GH Update Thursday 11/18/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/18/04


By Kelly
Pictures by Juanita

-Nikolas doesn't want Connor around any more and accuses him of breaking the stitches to have an excuse to stick around longer. Connor is listening in on the conversation as Emily is defending him.

-Dillon and Georgie decide to skip a school field trip and run into Brooke and Diego who need help.

-Meyer plants the file in Sonny's penthouse as he is waiting for Jason and Sonny. Sonny and Jason come in and they are telling Meyer how he needs to be extra careful because of the information in those files. Then Meyer "finds" the file and Sonny says it wasn't there before and just ignores it.

-Ric is on the pier and finds the file with his name on it. He came because he got an anonymous call to pick up some evidence. As he picks up the file Durant is in the background watching.

-Emily tells Nikolas that Connor had a fever and that's probably why he kissed her. He says maybe he should just confess to killing Helena and Emily begs him not to. That all they have to do is keep up their end of the bargain with Connor and he'll leave them alone. Connor is still listening.

-Brooke and Diego ask Dillon and Georgie for help and Dillon asks her to reconsider her decision to leave Port Charles. She says she's made up her mind and all she needs is a ride.

-Sonny burns the file and asks if it is the only copy and Meyer says yes. Jason and Sonny warn Meyer of all that was at stake with that file. Meyer leaves as Max announces that Jordan is there to see Sonny. Sonny introduces Jason to Jordan. She tells Sonny that she's been reading up on Alexis' unstable past, from Luis till now. She also brings up the verbal attack on Sam and Jason tells her the whole story.

-Sam has a dream that she is holding her baby in a rocking chair and Jason is looking at them. She wakes up and is startled and tries to go back to sleep.

-Alexis is talking to Kristina when Steven and a nurse come to take Kristina for some tests to see if the transplant worked. Ric comes in and fills Alexis in about the file.

-Sonny calls Alexis a liar who kept him from Kristina. Jordan tells Sonny that his best chance at getting custody would be to make Alexis seem like an unfit mother. Jason suggests shared-custody and she says that if they take the high road Alexis will bully Sonny and use everything she's got. Jordan says she intends on putting Carly and Michael on the stand on Sonny's behalf.

-He tells her how it proves Sonny's been involved in money laundering. Alexis suggests that Ric turn over the evidence to the police right away so he won't have a chance to go to the custody hearing. Ric suggests that they wait a couple of days since Sonny is mourning. Alexis says they need to indict him now and not to allow and grieving time because there's no good time to put him in prison.

-Luke tells Heather to trash the decorations she's putting up. Skye comments on the decorations and Heather tells her that she should be grateful because if it wasn't for her Alcazar would have control of the Haunted Star. Heather tells her that they can always find another hostess. She leaves to go get more decorations in the car. Luke says Heather has to hang around until they can prove that she killed Duncan.

-Jason goes to see Sam and she's not in her room. She goes to see Kristina and is looking at her from the window.

-Diego and the teens break into Grace's (Diego's social worker) apartment, Diego has a key for emergencies. As Dillon and Georgie say their goodbyes to leave Grace is coming into the apartment and everyone hides.

- Heather offers to dress Luke for the opening of the Haunted Star and he says he can dress himself. Heather threatens Skye with her job again and Luke defends Heather who wants to toast to their opening. Skye tells them to toast to themselves and leaves. Skye continues to watch Luke and Heather.

-Michael and Carly walk into the penthouse and Sonny tells them that he needs their help getting Kristina. He tells Michael that he would have to tell the judge why Kristina should live with Sonny. Michael doesn't understand why Kristina gets to live with Sonny and he can't.

-Jason finds Sam at Kristina's crib-side. He walks in and she says that she just wanted to feel closer to her daughter.

-Sonny reassures Michael that he lives him and Morgan but its better for them to live with Carly and that it was an adult decision Sonny and Carly made that they thought would work. Then Sonny tells Michael about Alexis lying to him about Kristin being his daughter.

-Grace's phone rings and she leaves and everyone comes out. Brooke apologizes to Dillon and Georgie and they leave. Diego is looking for money when he finds letters addressed to him, from his sister.

-Emily mistakes Connor for Nikolas and she tells him that he should be resting. He 's making tea as a way to say thank you to Emily. He pours her tea, they sit on the couch and he asks her that Nikolas is the luckiest man alive.

-Jason talks to Kristina about how he hates hospitals too but they make people feel better as Alexis walks in. Alexis, Sam and Jason step outside. Alexis says she's glad to see that Sam is up and about and asks her why she was there.

-Ric tells Durant about the file and the mysterious tip. Carly overhears the conversation and Ric saying that that file holds evidence against Sonny proving he is in RICO violations. Durant tells him to destroy it and let Sonny walk.

-Brooke and Diego catch up to Dillon and Georgie and tell them that they are not leaving because of the letters Diego found. Diego hasn't seen his sister, Maria in years because he got picked up for shoplifting and when she came to bail him out she got deported. Diego stayed because he was born in the US. Diego says he wants to find his sister. He decides to take the money in the letters and asks Brooke to go with him to Mexico to find her.

-Skye calls Tracy. Tracy and Skye meet to talk about Edward. Skye tells her about Heather and how she invested $2 million in the Haunted Star and they need to eliminate her. That they need to trick her and get Edward out and help Edward get rid of Heather.

-Durant insists that Ric destroy the file. Ric tells him that he is going to take Sonny down and won't push the evidence aside so Durant can have the case. Durant says he's just trying to protect Carly and Ric tells him Carly is better off with Sonny out of her life. Ric leaves and Carly comes out. She tells John to go stop him.

-Alexis talk to Sam and sympathizes with her but she thinks her being around Kristina is worse. She apologizes for yelling at her in the chapel and she had no right to do what she did to her and that she just wants her to be careful. Jason takes Sam back to her room. Sonny comes to see Kristina and Alexis says she doesn't think it is a good idea.

-Sam tells Jason that he was really good with Kristina and that he was meant to be a dad but she wasn't meant to be a mother. She says that she feels a void that was filled with love and that she wants another baby.

-Emily gives Connor his medicine and he asks how her and Nikolas got together. She tells him the whole story. She gets up and he says that it took Nikolas too long to realize how amazing Emily is, that he has already noticed. He leans in to kiss her and she slaps him. Connor tells her that that was a mistake.

-Heather and Luke dance and reminisce about a time when they danced like that years ago. Luke tells her that he needs to continue to search for Laura and until he does he can't move on. They kiss and Skye sees everything.

-Carly is grateful for John trying to protect her family and he swears to protect her.

-Alexis says it would be best if Sonny didn't confuse her now by going to see her. Steven comes and announces that the transplant was successful and Kristina is going to be fine. Lucky and Ric show up with 2 policemen and a warrant for Sonny's arrest on tax fraud, extortion, and money laundering.

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