GH Update Wednesday 11/17/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/17/04


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THE CHURCH: Jax walks into the church and sees Courtney sitting in a pew by herself. He sits next to her. Courtney tells Jax that she was just saying a prayer for Diego, that he is fine wherever he is. Jax assures her that Diego is a survivor and that she did her best for him. Courtney notes that now they are at a prayer service for a baby that so many people loved...and now the baby is gone.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is sitting with Kristina while Ric watches from the hallway. She tells her that they'll go home soon and that Ric will be living with them. She goes outside to see Ric, who tells her that he's going to attend the prayer service for Sam and Sonny's baby. Alexis says that she'll go with him.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is by himself...he goes through a desk drawer and finds a little package adorned with a pink bow, addressed "To my daughter." He opens the gift and finds a little silver cross necklace, meant for his baby.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam is in bed when Jason comes in and tells her that the doctor has said that she's too weak to go to the service...he wants to put it off for another time. But Sam is adamant -- she needs to go to the service.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye comes running in -- Luke is sitting at the bar. She tells him that Heather just pulled up outside, and Luke says he is ready to play this scene for all it's worth. As Heather comes in, Luke starts to pretend to be drunk, while Skye pretends to be upset that he's drinking. They get into a staged argument while Heather watches. Skye asks Luke what his problem is and Heather pipes up, saying that today is the anniversary of a very important moment in Luke's past.

THE CHURCH: Jax and Courtney walk out into the entrance hallway of the church, where some candles are lit. Courtney is worried about Diego but knows that there are things they should be thankful for. Jax agrees. Just then, Mike comes in -- Jax leaves so Mike and Courtney can talk. Courtney tells Mike that Carly and the boys are settled in the old cottage where Carly used to live before. Mike notes that he's worried about Sonny breaking under the strain of both his marriage falling apart and the death of his daughter.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny is still at the penthouse when Michael and Carly come in. Carly has brought them in case Sonny wanted company on the way to the memorial service. Michael tells Sonny that he wants to go to the chuch to say a prayer for his little sister.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis and Ric are talking out in the hallway. Ric doesn't think that Alexis should go to the memorial service considering the way things went down with Sam. Alexis asks him why he's going, and Ric replies that, after all, he's a member of Sonny's family whether Sonny wants to admit it or not.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason goes out into the hallway, where Emily is waiting with things that Sam asked her to bring (clothes for the service). Jason asks Emily to help Sam get ready and Emily agrees, saying that she knows Jason is hurting and wishes she could help him. Jason tells her that she's helping by helping Sam. They hug and Emily goes into the room. Sam thanks her for bringing the things -- Emily offers to help Sam, who turns her down, saying that she needs to do it on her own, for her daughter.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Heather and Skye argue over whether or not Skye should leave Luke alone. Heather thinks Skye should leave. Luke doesn't seem to give a damn about either of them (he is still pretending to be drunk) but eventually orders Skye to leave. Skye exits. Luke tells Heather to leave, too, but she refuses, saying that she knows how hard today must be for him, considering that it is the anniversary of his wedding to Laura.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam has finished dressing and Jason comes in to help her with her necklace. Sam tells him mournfully that this is the only event she is ever going to go to for her daughter -- that there will be no birthdays or graduations or weddings, etc. She tries to go out the door, and almost falls. Jason catches hold of her and asks her again to skip the service, but she refuses.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is changed for the service -- she is determined to go, as she tells Ric, because she wants to thank Sam's baby for helping to save Kristina. She also wants God to forgive her for the things she said to Sam just before Sam miscarried.

THE CHURCH: The church is quickly filling up with people...Steven and Elizabeth come in, along with Lois. John Durant is also in attendance. Mike asks John to please leave, but John tells him that he's there to support Carly. Just then, Sonny, Carly and Michael come in. Sonny and John glare at one another. Carly and Michael take their seats and Carly tells Michael that, while Sonny is very sad right now, she knows that it helps him that Michael is there with him. Sam and Jason enter next, and take their seats up toward the front. The priest begins the service, noting that they have all come to honor a special little girl who has gone to live with God.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Heather is trying to talk to Luke about his wedding to Laura. (Luke is still pretending to be drunk.) Luke rambles about how Laura was abducted from her mental hospital and then was used to frame Skye for Ross Duncan's murder. Heather notes that that seems ridiculous, but Luke believes it, and also vows to find out who took Laura and make them pay. He throws a glass against the wall. Heather looks nervous.

THE CHURCH: The priest asks God to give Sonny and Sam courage in facing the death of their daughter. As he is talking, Alexis and Ric come in and take their seats a few pews behind Jason and Sam. Everyone starts to pray the Lord's Prayer. As they are praying, Sam turns around in her seat and sees Alexis. They exchange a look. They prayer ends, and Alexis bolts from the church, Ric scurrying after her. Outside, Alexis tells Ric that she's sorry she went in at all, and that she hopes one day they realize how grateful she is that their daughter gave hers a gift that allowed Kristina to keep living.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Heather is gone and Skye has returned. She and Luke celebrate the brilliant act, and the fact that Heather is falling into their trap. Luke notes that Heather seems to think they are getting closer. He thinks eventually Heather will tell him where she stashed Laura. Skye notes that he does so desperately want to find Laura, and he admits that he does -- he just doesn't know what to do after that.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis and Ric are back in the hallway outside of Kristina's room. Ric tells her that she needs to figure out how to forgive herself...and that she needs to understand that she did her best, and that her best also saved Kristina. Alexis looks through the window at Kristina lovingly.

THE CHURCH: The priest is continuing with the service -- he talks about how the baby touched all of their lives in some way, helping people to connect and to love one another (here, Jason and Sam share a look). The priest also notes that the baby's life had purpose and meaning. Sonny closes his eyes in thought.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke tells Skye that while he will always love Laura, the woman he fell in love with his gone and, according to the doctors, incurable. He tells Skye that he has to find Laura, and that when he does, he is going to have to let her go -- because leaving everything unresolved is not fair to Skye, who deserves the best of him. Skye chuckles and says that she's glad he's not perfect because she isn't perfect either. She also tells him that she has somehow learned to trust him despite the fact that trust isn't something she does easily. She needs him -- and he replies that he needs her, too. They kiss.

THE PARK: Courtney and Jax are walking in the park, talking about the memorial service. Jax notes that Sam looked so sad, and that Sam would have made a good mother. They also discuss the possibility that a custody battle is coming up between Sonny and Alexis/Ric. Jax thinks that because he's Alexis' friend and because Courtney is Sonny's sister, they could try to work to reach a truce.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny, Michael and Carly are back at the penthouse. Sonny turns to Michael and tells him that he wants him to go with Morgan and his mother to the park and play -- swing on the swings as high as they can go. He wants Michael and Morgan to be the amazing kids that they are as a tribute to their little sister.

THE CHURCH: Sam and Jason are out at the graveyard, laying flowers at the memorial plaque for the baby. While kneeling on the grass, they say goodbye -- first Jason talks, thanking the baby for the past nine months...telling the baby that she was a miracle. Sam starts to cry as Jason tells the baby that she'll always be loved. As Sam breaks down, Jason holds her in his arms.

SAM'S HOSPTAIL ROOM: Some time later, Jason is helping Sam back into her bed in the hospital. Sam thanks Jason tearfully for what he said to the baby, noting that she couldn't say the words herself. He replies that when she's ready, she'll say good-bye to her daughter.

THE PARK: Carly, Michael and Morgan are sitting on the park bench talking. Michael says that he's going to teach Morgan to do all kinds of stuff because that's what big brothers are for.

THE CHURCH: Sonny is out in the graveyard, looking at the baby's grave. He tells the baby that he bought a silver cross for her to wear at her christening...and now, he's going to give the cross to Kristina, as a present from her. Sonny talks about the plans for the baby's future...and notes that he wants to believe that she woke up in heaven, with all of the people that Sonny himself has loved and lost. He says that heaven is a beautiful place where the baby can play and then sleep with angels. He also prays that she knows how much her daddy loved her. He looks at the cross necklace in his hands and sighs.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is holding Kristina and talking to her and to Ric. Kristina gives them both a kiss, and Alexis tells her that she's going to be all better soon. She hugs her again.

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