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General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/16/04


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Max Scorpio goes to ask Nicolas some questions but does not realize he’s actually talking to Connor Bishop.

Courtney tells Jax she has mixed feelings about him. She admits she’s not ready to move in with him.

While following Diego in his “pursuits” of Lorenzo Alcazar, and into Lorenzo’s apartment, Brook Lynn walks in on her mother and Lorenzo after they’ve slept together.

While alone with the boxes Carly’s packed to move to the new house, Durant is able to notice a confidential file; the very one that Sonny has neglected to take with him, which has information that could incriminate Sonny if it falls into the wrong hands. Noticing her father looking at the file, Carly asks him what he’s doing.

Max asks Emily what happened. She tells him, overheard by both Nicolas and Connor, that Nicolas pushed Helena off the cliff in self-defense because Helena was going to kill her. When Max leaves, Both Emily and Nicolas thank Connor for covering for them. But Nicolas tells Connor he has to leave soon. Connor says he’s not going anywhere.

Courtney tells Jax she’s had a long history of being controlled by many men, including former lovers and her brother, Sonny. He assures her that he does not want to push her nor infringe upon her independence.

Noticing that her mother has just slept with Lorenzo, Brook Lynn angrily storms out the door telling Lois she has nothing to say to her. Lorenzo discovers Diego and tells him he will be arrested for trespassing in his apartment if he doesn’t get out now and demands he leaves. Lois says she has to leave and talk to her daughter. Lorenzo tells her maybe Brook Lynn needs time to cool off before she goes and talks to her. But Lois says her daughter needs her right now and she rushes off.

At the hospital, Sonny knows he has to leave very soon and make sure nobody has gotten into his confidential files. He asks Dr. Steven Webber to keep him informed of any news on Christina. Steven agrees and Sonny leaves.

Carly has absolutely no clue what her father has just discovered and assumes he’s just getting into Michael’s video games. He jokingly tells her she’s caught him red-handed and he’s as bad as any kid.

Sonny returns to his and Carly’s home and asks the guard if he’s seen the file. The guard says he hasn’t come across it.

At their new home, which Durant bought from them, Carly and Michael go to the kitchen, leaving Durant to snoop through Sonny’s confidential records. Carly returns and assures her father that baby Morgan loves him and she believes Michael will come around in time also. At that point, Durant tells his daughter that maybe he should leave and let her and the kids get settled. She hugs her father and sincerely tells him how grateful she’s been for all his help. He tells her he’s very proud of her because she’s taken charge of her life. Little does she know, however, what he’s up to or what he has in his hands as he leaves.

Outside Lorenzo’s apartment, Diego expresses to Brook Lynn that he notices how upset she is about what she’s just discovered. She tells him that she is devastated about her father lying about being Christina’s father and now discovering her mother sleeping with Lorenzo Alcazar. He asks how long they’ve been together. She says she has no idea and doesn’t want to know. And she says she will not be dishonest and dishonorable like her parents, or let them mess up her life any longer. He tells her that he wants to get out of Courtney’s home since he’s just getting in the way of her personal life, that he plans to leave the country and wants her to come with him. She tells him maybe he shouldn’t leave town in such haste. But he tells her there’s nothing for him here. They arrange to meet later at the bridge. At that moment, Lois enters and urges her daughter to let her explain what she just walked in on. Brook Lynn inquires whether her mother is going to “explain” why she’s a liar or why she’s a loser. Lois demands her daughter does not talk to her like that and says for once she must listen to her mother.

Nicolas tells Connor that he and Emily will help him pack up, arrange for the helicopter to come for him and get him out within the hour. But Connor sounds like he’s not ready to leave.

Diego returns to Courtney’s to gather up all his belongings. Courtney enters and asks if he’s in the process of running away. She asks him to wait and talk to her. He says he knows she’s just trying to “stall” him so she can call social services and get him shuffled off somewhere. She tells him she does not plan to do that. He tells her he knows he’s not wanted by her or by any other foster placement; people want babies, not young adults. She tells him that she realizes she cannot stop him from running away; it’s his choice. But she tells him he needs to realize that running away is not going to solve his problems.

Lois admits to her daughter that she likes Lorenzo. Brook Lynn protests that she’s making a bad choice, knowing the last time she was with Lorenzo, he broke her heart. But Lois tells her daughter she’s had a long history of being suspicious of any man she’s dated ever since she broke up with Brook Lynn’s father. And she tells her daughter that she needs to realize that her parents’ marriage is over and respect her mother’s needs and desires to see other people. Brook Lynn angrily tells her mother she does not care; she may go ahead and sleep with whomever she wants. And she storms out.

Connor tells Emily that for a while he envisioned her as Mary when he first fell in love with her and realizes he made a mistake for kissing her. She tells him she understands but they need to pack his bags, he will need food water and other necessities. But he interrupts her inquiring if the kiss really meant nothing to her or if she’s told Nicolas about it. Entering and overhearing, Nicolas inquires just what Connor’s asking whether she told Nicolas about. Connor reveals to Nicolas that Emily showed him Mary’s diary and he felt as if Mary was right there with him and he reached out and kissed Emily. Nicolas sounds like he’s a little concerned about that. But Connor assures him he need not worry and apologizes for doing that when they have both made sacrifices to help him. When he leaves, Nicolas warns Emily that he realizes she’s kind and wants to help and trust Connor, but she must not believe a word that comes out of his mouth. He tells her that when Connor kissed her, that was real.

Sonny enters Carly’s new house. Assuming he’s there to cause a seen, she tells her husband he may see the boys but it might not be the right time to enter the new house unannounced. He reveals to her that he’s there for a completely different reason.

Dillon and Georgie go to find Brook Lynn, after running into Lois and hearing what has happened. Dillon tells Brook Lynn that her mother is very upset and that she can’t just run away and keep playing these games to provoke her parents. She reveals to them that she doesn’t plan to go away alone. Dillon knows right away, she plans to run away with Diego and grabs her suitcase and tells her she’s not going anywhere.

Sonny asks Carly if she’s seen his files anywhere. She replies she has not but will look for them. They make small talk about his seeing the boys and he inquires whether she really knows how to make coffee. She goes and gets him some water and when he’s alone he gets on his cell phone, calls his contact and says he has not seen his files at either the old place or Carly’s new place. Right when his contact gets off the phone, Durant appears, presents the file to him and asks if he’s looking for “this”.

Nicolas tells Emily that she must realize Connor Bishop is not to be trusted, they need to realize they will not simply be rid of him tonight and not have to deal with him. He says Connor is not going anywhere without a fight. Privately, Connor prepares to get ready to leave. He looks at himself in the mirror and looks like he’s deep in thought. And it looks like he has a plan to cause Emily to let him stay. He sticks a sock in his mouth and bites hard on it while he stabs himself.

Dillon tells Brook Lynn that she’s making a bad choice running away and being so angry with her parents and wanting to be with Diego. Georgie urges her to stay, to realize they are her friends, they care about her, and also realize how talented she is and to not let her mother upset her so. But she tells them it is her life and if they are really her friends they will let her go.

Durant tells the man, whom he knows is Sonny’s financial advisor, that he can see he does not look too good and appears to be worried about something. The man denies having any knowledge of what he’s talking about. Durant tells him he can keep the file and promises to make a deal by going easy on him if he “cooperates”. The man asks what about Sonny. Durant replies that Sonny has violated every law and will be in big trouble whether the man helps him or not.

Seeing his parents together but knowing it’s only temporary, Michael storms off and they cannot reason with him. Carly admits to her husband that he must realize that Michael will never be ok with this situation, but she has not choice except to live away from Sonny. She asks if they are ever going to talk. He admits to her that he wants a divorce and their marriage is over.

Nicolas informs Connor that all plans have been put into motion to help him go back to Canada without any consequences. They both apologize to Connor for what happened to Mary. He assures them he does not believe it’s their fault. Emily asks Connor of she can count on him not to incriminate them for what happened to Helena. He assures her that if he is asked he will confirm that Nicolas acted in self-defense. But right at that moment, Emily notices blood coming from Connor’s belly, asks him if his wound has not healed and concludes that he is in no condition to travel.

Courtney informs Jax that Diego has run away again. He asks her if she’s called the police. It doesn’t seem she has. It looks like they both have other things on their minds and she concludes to Jax that she does not want to give up her independence but does not want to give him up either and she knows she needs him in her life. He kisses her.

Diego and Brook Lynn meet and he can sense that she is having second thoughts about leaving with him.

Lois and Lorenzo meet. He asks her how it went with her daughter, assuming not well. She tells him she’s not going to put her life on hold just because of her daughter. And she grabs him and kisses him passionately.

Durant meets up with Dr. Steven Webber and informs him that he’s discovered real proof that Sonny is a very major illegal racketeer artist. He says he knows, now, that he can take down Sonny without even having to fire any bullets at him. Steven asks what about Carly? Durant, again, rationalizes why he believes he can justifiably go after Sonny without hurting Carly.

Sonny and Carly both conclude that it’s time to end their marriage. She says she no longer wants to fight over the kids. He says he will cooperate. But she is crying, unhappy to end it with him and asks if they are even going to say good-bye. He gets to the door and just tells her that she may tell the boys that he loves them. He goes out the door, acting like he’s not affected. But she cries very intensely. Michael comes out to comfort his mother. She holds her son crying her head off.

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