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Emily goes to find Connor at Mary’s grave. She convinces him to only remember the good person who Mary was when he met her, knowing he is now blaming himself for what his wife turned into. He tells her that it’s his fault that she’s dead, he abandoned her having her think he was dead. He says he caused her to break, become delusion and so desperate that she came after Emily with a knife. He asks Emily if she hates him. Emily replies that she does not hate Connor.

Carly senses that her father is becoming controlling and out of line to demand that she does not go back to Sonny. He snaps at her telling her he forbids it. She asks if she heard him correctly and if he’s gotten the mistaken impression that she is 6 years old and needs daddy’s permission to do as she chooses. He apologizes and calmly tells her he’s merely concerned. She tells him that his opinion and advice about her marriage is not asked for or wanted. She tells him he does not know her or Sonny and will have no input in what happens to their marriage.

Sonny goes to see Christina and discovers and armed guard by the door ready to have him physically removed. He knows right away that his brother has arranged that.

In Sam’s hospital room, Alexis reveals to Sam, for the first time that her dead baby’s stem cells were used to save Christina, right after the baby died, while she was unconscious and fighting for her life, without her knowing it. Sam tells Alexis that she knows why her baby died; it was because Alexis convinced the doctors that she did not need to live and that Alexis killed her. Alexis tries to reason with Sam that she had a condition called placenta abruption and the baby was already dead and nothing could be done when they got the stem cells from her. Sam cries and asks how anybody could take her baby from her. At that moment, Jason enters, demands to know what Alexis is doing there and asks her if she has not already done enough.

Luke tells Heather that he does not trust her motives in the investment of the casino. She makes a comment about wanting 17% of the proceeds. He asks her if 17 is her lucky number from remembering that 17 was the motel room where they stayed once long ago. At that moment, he seems to warm up to her. He talks about losing Laura, having no clue that Heather knows exactly where Laura is. He asks if the reason she wants to invest in this place is because of nostalgia. Right when she is talking about the feelings she has had for Luke, Skye enters and overhears the conversation looking uncomfortable. Skye overhears Luke telling Heather that he and Skye are nothing more than business partners and that Skye may be reading more into their relationship than is there. She also hears Luke telling Heather that Skye is all messed up, spoiled, rich and a drunk. He concludes that Heather has been as much a “possibility” for him as Skye, maybe more. All Skye can conclude from eavesdropping upon this conversation is that Luke devalues her and cares more about Heather.

Durant asks Carly to forgive him and informs his daughter that he realizes his overbearing nature and tendency to push things too far. He tells her that he’s still very new at this “dad thing” and the first thing he wants to do is take her in her arms and protect her from the world, as if she was still a child. But he realizes she is a grown woman who must be allowed to make her own decisions. He tells her if she wants to stay with Sonny, even in the house he’s bought her, that’s her choice. She admits to her father that she and Sonny have had many serious conflicts but have learned that they cannot work against each other while in a conflict.

Rick tells Sonny that if he gets closer to Christina, some person trying to kill him could cause Christina emotional damage or get her killed, not unlike what happened to his first wife and child. Hearing that, Sonny silences his brother and pushes him up against the wall, telling Rick that if he keeps him from his daughter, he will see Rick dead.

Emily tells Connor that she knows he loved Mary and only did what he thought was best at the time. She admits that he could not have foreseen that Mary would have opened the door to a man who looked exactly like him. She says that if Nicolas had not crashed his car, if he had not appeared on Mary’s doorstep, if circumstances had randomly happened differently, none of this would have happened. She concludes that there is nothing that anybody could have done to prevent it nor is there anybody at fault or who needs to be punished. She tells him he needs to stop torturing himself. He cries, holding Mary’s diary by the fire, wanting to burn it but admitting he cannot.

When the cops come to send Sonny away for his confrontation with his brother, Rick “heroically” tells them he will drop the charges and not request his brother goes to jail. He tells them this is just another violent outburst from his emotionally disturbed brother and nothing out of the ordinary for Sonny Corinthos. But he asks them to document that Sonny threatened his life, and hopes that this will establish his pattern of behavior which proves that he is unfit to raise a puppy, much less be a father to a little girl.

A man goes to ask Carly to have Sonny look over and sign a medical record as soon as he gets home. He drops it off and leaves. At that moment, Michael appears and asks his mother what’s going on. She informs her son that his daddy might not be around their home very much any more. So it might be best if they move into the new house.

Sonny contacts a lawyer to help him with important legal matters. She asks him the nature of the legal matters. He tells her he wants custody of his illegitimate daughter, Christina.

Alexis returns from Sam’s hospital room. Rick asks her what’s wrong. She informs him that Sam was not told about the stem cells and blames Alexis for it. She reveals that she blames herself for yelling at Sam before she went into labor. Rick tells Alexis she must not blame herself. He reminds Alexis she was tired, she was distraught, and she merely did what she needed to do in order to save her daughter’s life. Alexis says she harassed Sam and fought against a woman who was in no position to fight back.

Jason goes to talk to Sam and says that since he saw the baby and held her, what did she look like? She asks if the baby had hair? Was it black or curly? He replies that she had black curly hair like Sonny’s and a face shaped like Sam’s. Sam asks what color her eyes were. He says her eyes never opened. She asks if it was right when he was holding her that Alexis came in and demanded the stem cells. Was he forced to give credence to Alexis Davis? He tells her it did not happen like that. Sonny was told he’d need to give authorization for Christina to have the stem cells in order to save her life. So he agreed.

Carly tries to reason with Michael and realize that she may have to live separately from his daddy but he must realize they are not fighting. She says they need to move into the new house, at least until Christina is well. He asks, after she is, will they live with daddy again? Carly admits she does not know.

Sam asks Jason what Alexis expected her to say or do or think? Did Alexis expect her to say it’s perfectly ok for her baby to die as long as Alexis’ baby did not? He tells her she needs to get some rest and not think about that. But she reminds him that only days ago, her baby was alive, growing and kicking inside her. But now she is so empty knowing there is nothing.

Dr. Webber tells Alexis that he cannot give her any guarantees that Christina’s surgery will be successful, but he is very encouraged. Rick tells Alexis she need not worry nor blame herself for what happened to Sam’s baby. She says she’s afraid that Sam and Sonny will go after her and testify against her in court for her behavior and desperate demand of Sam, and the fact that Sam’s baby died. Rick tells Alexis that Sonny’s track record, emotional state, and “fitness” to be a parent makes her look like there’s nothing wrong with her, in comparison.

The lawyer tells Sonny that it might work in his favor if he gets sympathy from a court about losing his and Sam’s baby. But she asks him about his criminal and psychiatric history. He admits that he’s had some problems but has made sure his home has bulletproof glass and guards to protect his children. But he’s very afraid that Alexis will want to establish that he is emotionally unstable and unfit to be a father. She asks if he is. He admits he’s had problems, but his brother, Rick Lansing, the DA is not exactly a poster boy for mental health with his own track record in regard to his own ex-wife and step child. She tells him that Rick’s behavior, although deplorable, has no basis in court there’s no evidence except Sonny’s word against his brother. He asks if just because Rick is a DA, can Rick’s psychiatric history be overlooked, when Sonny must be vilified?. She asks him not to be angry at her for just being the messenger. She agrees to go to bat for him, asks him to keep his temper in check, be straight with her and not get into any trouble before the hearing. He agrees. And she agrees to take his case.

Nicolas goes to meet Max Scorpio. Max tells Nicolas that a witness noticed Connor spying upon him and asks if Connor could have been there to witness Nicolas pushing Helena off the cliff. He asks Nicolas if he were to question Connor on what he witnessed, would Connor report the same as Nicolas and Emily have or would he tell a different story?

Skye keeps listening to Luke and Heather’s conversation where he sounds like Skye means nothing to him and he may have feelings for Heather. He reveals that he can have a business relationship with Heather and possibly more. Heather leaves and Skye enters to reveals to Luke that she heard all the malicious accusations he made about her to behind her back. He tells her he’s just “playing” Heather in order to get the goods about the psycho who killed his wife.

Jason informs Sonny of Alexis’ conversation with Sam where Sam found out for the first time from Alexis about the stem cells being taken from her dead baby. Sonny goes in and talks to Sam privately. He tells her he will not ask if she is all right because he cannot imagine how much pain she is in. She asks why he let them take their little girl. He looks at her silently.

Durant informs Dr. Steven Webber that he is very confident that his daughter’s marriage to no-good Sonny Corinthos is over. Steven warns Durant that Sonny is a very powerful person with strong connections. But Durant says he’s very confident that he will put Sonny away and has no fear of repercussions.

Sonny attempts to explain to Sam how the stem cells were used to save Christina. She says that he loves Christina more than he loves their daughter. He protests that that is not fair, not true and he had no choice in the matter.

Rick tells Alexis that he is very certain that they will bring Christina home soon and everything will work out. At that moment, Sonny’s newly retained lawyer enters and informs Rick and Alexis that she has lifted the retraining order previously served upon Sonny. And she tells them that they maybe should seriously consider working with Sonny and not against him for the interest of their daughter. At that point they panic and run to guard Christina.

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