GH Update Thursday 11/11/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/11/04


By Jenn
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Emily takes care of Connor and wants to find out what happened to him in the war when Nicolas walks in. She informs Nicolas that Connor had another bad dream about the war. Connor seems very combative and tells them both that he does not forgive them for what they did to his wife. Nicolas tells Emily she need not take care of Connor nor involve herself in his problems. H tells Nicolas that Mary was an angel; the sweetest person in the world and Nicolas took advantage of that. Nicolas protests that he was in a car accident, lost his memory and Mary lied to him, kept him from Emily and killed two people. Emily breaks up their argument and asks Nicolas to leave. He demands to know why. She says in order to keep up the peace. She tells him that it’s obvious that Connor is angry and Nicolas need not provoke him. She says she doesn’t like the arrangement any more than he does but she must keep Nicolas there until he’s strong enough to go back to Canada. When she returns to Connor, he makes some sarcastic comment about her needing to be there to console her little boyfriend’s hurt feelings. She tells him that she’s uncovered Mary’s diary and everything he needs to know is right there.

Michael is very rebellious toward his mother and grandfather. Right when Carly is trying to console Michael in her new home, another source of anger for him walks in; Lorenzo Alcazar. Michael demands Lorenzo gets out and leaves his mother alone. She asks Lorenzo to leave because her son has been through enough. But she tells Michael that she demands respect from him, she is his mother and will make decisions as to where they live and what is done, if he’s angry he may discuss it, but she demands respect from her son. He runs off not listening.

Sonny is talking to Christina in her hospital room when again, Alexis has an objection.

Jason is in Sam’s hospital room when she regains consciousness. At that moment, Sam hears a baby crying and asks if that is her baby. But she is able to tell, from Jason’s expression that her baby died. She cries hysterically while Jason holds her in his arms. She screams at Jason, telling him he’s lying, her baby is not dead, he doesn’t care about her, he only cares about himself. But he tries to calm her down, realize he’s not lying and that he would never hurt her.

Bobbie enters the hospital with Durant and informs him that their daughter is in love with Sonny and he is making wasted effort encouraging them to separate. He tells her that Carly may have made a similar mistake as what he made with his ex-wife and that he’s developed this need to protect Carly from making a bad choice. She tells him that Carly is a grown woman and must be able to make her own choices. She admits that she might have similar concerns for Carly but knows the reality about their daughter and Sonny never splitting up permanently.

Alexis tells Sonny that he needs to leave Christina alone, he’s scaring her and is still a stranger to her. He says he did not appreciate her serving him with the restraining order. Rick admits to Sonny that it was his idea, not Alexis’. She tells Sonny that she realizes his good intentions and understands his need to help his daughter, but the best gift he can give her is to stay away.

Lucky privately tells Nicolas that Connor Bishop is not to be trusted, would love to have Nicolas charged with murder and inquires why Nicolas or Emily would want to help Connor.

Carly tells Lorenzo that regardless of whether he’s concerned about her, she does not need his help, she’s fine.

Rick tells Sonny he will do everything to protect Christina’s well being by keeping him away from her. Sonny says Rick may do what he wants but he will still see his daughter if he wants.

Connor tells Emily he does not want to read Mary’s diary. But she reads Mary’s report of her first encounter with Nicolas and believing he was Connor since he looked so much like him. She realized he’d been in a car accident and lost his memory and that people were looking for him, then later met Emily, discovered she was his fiancée and Emily believed he was dead. She says she felt Emily’s grief and realized that Emily had lost Nicolas even though he was alive, since he had no memory. And she admits that she lied to them both and hid Nicolas in order to falsely believe that he was her long lost husband. Connor says Emily cannot blame Mary for anything.

In the hospital, Sam removes the tube from her nose and attempts to get up out of bed. She’s still in pain and has difficulty getting up. But she walks to the door and out of her room.

Sonny returns home and notices that Michael is upset about something. Michael tells his father that he is not moving into that new house with his mom and Durant, he wants to stay with his daddy and Morgan. This is the first time Sonny has heard of the house Carly’s father bought her.

Sam staggers to the maternity ward and looks in the window to see if she can find her baby. She asks an attendant to find her baby for her. The attendant goes to look. Sam is distraught and tears are streaming down her face. Jason goes to her and tells her that her baby is not there; she’s in the funeral home. She tells him that’s the cruelest thing he could tell her, he’s lying, and she demands to see her baby. He grabs a hold of her and prevents her from passing out. She demands he let go of her. They both fall to the floor and she cries hysterically.

Max tells Lucky and Nicolas that there is no proof that Connor stole a car, nor that Emily’s story has any credibility. He asks them both to enlighten him as to why Emily would do what she is doing.

Emily reads another daily report to Connor about Mary’s realization that she’s told so many lies and does not know how to undo the damage but must prevent Emily from taking Connor away from her. He asks her to keep reading. Mary also writes that when it was found out by both of them what she was doing, she hated herself. He asks her if there is more and tells her he wants to see it. She cannot read more but he takes the diary from her so he can read it himself. Emily cries and it looks like Connor is changing his attitude and having a revelation.

Alexis emotionally tells Rick that she is too scared and irrational to think like an attorney and needs his help. She tells him she needs him to fight in order to keep Christina safe.

Michael tells his dad that he will not forgive his mom for lying about Christina. Sonny tells his son that he must realize that his mom did not lie in order to hurt them; she had her reasons. Michael inquires whether Sonny will forgive Carly. Sonny replies that just because people are angry, it does not mean that they don’t love each other. And he tells his son that whether his parents live together or on opposite sides of the planet, it will not change the fact that they will both always still love him.

Sam cries in Jason’s arms asking what happened to her baby. He explains that she had abruption placenta, was bleeding, had an emergency C-section, but it was too late. She cries while he holds her. He gets her back into her hospital room and explains that everything happened too fast and the baby could not be saved. She asks if he was with her throughout that time. He says he went into the hospital room to see her but she was still under anesthesia. He reports that the doctors told him he could see the baby so he picked her up and held her in his arms. He says she was so still and cold but looked so peaceful, like she was sleeping. Sam says maybe she knew that he was holding her and it set her spirit free. Calmer, she looks at Jason, realizing he was there for her and her baby is in peace.

Nicolas tells Max that he and Lucky have both told him everything they knew. But Max asks them to humor him and tell him when he first discovered that Bishop was still alive. Nicolas says it’s because he found out that Connor was alive and escaped and he heard from the launch pilot that he believed he saw Nicolas but Nicolas knew he wasn’t there and it could only mean that the pilot saw Connor.. So Nicolas concluded that the only place for Connor to go would be to Mary’s house. So he followed him there to discover that he’d kidnapped Emily. Max reminds them that Connor may have been spying and watching them for a long time and may very well have witnessed Nicolas pushing Helena off the cliff.

Emily returns with a tray of food for Connor when she discovers he’s escaped and she panics, and goes out looking for him.

Carly returns to her husband and son and both she and Sonny know not to argue in front of Michael, given all that has happened. Sonny tells them he needs to go back to the hospital to be with Christina.

Alexis admits to Rick that she has not handled any of this well. She says she regrets the way she behaved to Sam and as a result, Sam’s baby died and Sam almost died as well. He tells her it was not her fault. But she says she’s afraid that she will be blamed for what happened to Sam’s baby. Rick admits that he has spent so much of his life fighting Sonny for all the wrong reasons, but now he knows he’s doing the right thing. He is fighting for Alexis and Christina and promises her she will not lose her child.

Max tells Nicolas that the military police believe it’s very possible that Connor Bishop is presently in Port Charles. Denying the truth. Nicolas inquires why Connor would not split town after kidnapping Emily. Max sounds like he knows Nicolas is lying and informs him he will be in big trouble if he ever finds out he is. And he addresses Officer Spencer as well informing him he will also be in trouble for aiding and abetting his brother’s lie. After Max leaves, Lucky again urges Nicolas to see how foolish Emily’s plan is to harbor Connor and attempt to bring him to his senses and how it will put them both at risk.

Connor is at the graveyard visiting Mary’s grave and crying. Emily finds him and consoles him into remembering the sweet and good person Mary was when he first met and fell in love with her, realizing he’s devastated to find out what his wife later turned into.

Carly protests to her father that she still loves Sonny and plans to work things out and go back to him. Durant sounds very adamant that he won’t let her do that.

Sonny goes to see Christina, ignoring Rick until he notices an armed guard ready to physically remove him from her room.

Alexis goes to see Sam. Sam asks what she wants. Alexis says she wants to thank her that because of her generosity, Christina is going to live. Sam reveals she does not know what Alexis is talking about. Alexis informs Sam that “the transplant” worked. Sam reveals she knows nothing about the transplant that was done after her baby died. Hearing that, Sam is devastated all over again and Alexis knows she will hate her for what she had to do in order to save Christina.

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