GH Update Wednesday 11/10/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/10/04


By Ali & Suzanne
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WYNDEMERE: Emily is on the phone with Elizabeth, telling her that she and Nikolas will head over to the hospital as soon as possible to be with Alexis and Kristina. Once she gets off the phone, she is surprised to see Connor standing next to her.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly sits Michael down on the couch to break the news to him that Sam's baby has "gone to be with the angels" -- that the baby has died.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason is sleeping in a chair next to Sam's hospital bed. Sam is still unconscious. Steven comes into the room, startling Jason awake. Steven comments that he heard that Jason was in the room with Sam all night. He says that he hopes that Sam's condition will improve. Jason says, "Don't hope. Do something to help her."

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is visiting with Kristina when Sonny comes into the room. Alexis tells him that Kristina had a rough night being prepared for the stem cell transplant. She notes that it's so hard to see her uncomfortable. Just then, Ric comes in and tells Sonny that Sonny needs to leave -- that Alexis has been stressed out enough. Sonny doesn't want to go. Ric shows him a restraining order he's obtained, barring Sonny from Alexis and Kristina on pain of being arrested. Alexis looks surprised. Sonny looks pissed.

WYNDEMERE: Connor apologizes for startling Emily and asks her if there's anything he can do to help (since she's upset about someone she cares about being sick). Nikolas comes in and Emily rushes to him -- she describes Kristina's condition: that Sam's baby has died, giving Kristina the stem cells she needs. Nikolas notes that they'll go to the hospital right away...but he doesn't want to leave Connor alone in the house. Emily volunteers to stay with Connor while Nik goes to see Alexis -- Nik is reluctant but eventually agrees and leaves. Emily and Connor sit on the couch as Emily unbuttons his shirt to change his bandage. Connor thanks her for helping him.

KELLY'S: Courtney is sitting at the bar at Kelly's, talking to Mike about Sam. Courtney thinks that once Sam wakes up, she'll be devastated about the baby. Mike's worried about Sonny, too. At that moment, Lois comes in and tells them that she heard about Sonny's baby, and that she's sorry. Courtney notes that she and Mike are trying to give Sonny space if he needs it. Lois thinks that surely Carly's with Sonny, and Mike and Courtney tell her that Sonny and Carly are probably going to be divorcing over Carly keeping the secret of Kristina's paternity from him. Lois is not surprised that Carly lied. Courtney thinks maybe there's hope for Sonny and Carly's marriage. As if on cue, Lorenzo enters. Courtney glares at him.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason wants Steven to leave the room if he doesn't have anything clear to say about Sam's condition. Elizabeth comes in and tells Steven that he's needed at the nurse's station. Steven leaves. Liz goes over to Jason and tells him that she's sorry and that she's been praying for both Sam and the baby. Jason notes that it would have been just two more weeks until the baby's birth. Elizabeth tells him that, because she suffered a miscarriage before she gave birth to her and Zander's son Cameron, that she knows that there are some things that Jason should know, for when Sam wakes up.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny rips up the restraining order and stalks out of the room. Ric follows, close on Sonny's heels. They argue about the restraining order. Sonny says that he won't let anyone keep him from his daughter, especially not after he signed off on the stem cells for Kristina. Alexis comes out of the room and asks them to stop issuing threats to one another. Sonny says that he's lost one daughter, he will not lose Kristina, too. With that, he stalks off. Alexis turns to Ric in disbelief.

KELLY'S: Courtney, seeing Lorenzo, accuses him of being ready to worm his way back into Carly's life now that Sonny and Carly's marriage is over. Mike, too, tells Lorenzo that he would be better off getting his order to go, because he's not welcome at the establishment. After Mike and Courtney leave, Lois comes over to Lorenzo and tells him that she heard about the warehouse fire. She is glad no one was hurt. She also asks him if he does want Carly back, like Courtney said? Lorenzo does not answer right away.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Sonny is in the chapel when Carly and Michael come in to see him. Carly has brought Michael because he wanted to see Sonny. Michael apologizes for Sam's baby dying and tells Sonny that Sonny can lean on him if he needs to. They hug. Sonny tells Michael that he was praying for God to protect Michael and Morgan. Sonny also says that he's learned that if you lose something precious, you have to respect it enough to let it go. He notes that eventually they'll try to move on from the pain...but not today. He and Michael hug again while Carly watches.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis and Ric, now walking back into the room with Kristina, talk about the restraining order -- Alexis can't believe he got one, and urges him to just help her focus on Kristina and nothing else right now. Ric agrees. Nikolas comes in and talks to Alexis about Kristina's condition. He is followed by Steven, who tells them that it's time for Kristina's surgery. Alexis kisses Kristina's forehead tenderly.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth tells Jason that he needs to be there for Sam when she wakes up. She notes that a good idea would be for Jason and Sam to pack up the baby's room (which Jason says has already been completed) together, even if Sam says she wants to do it on her own. Elizabeth also notes that Sam will look for someone to blame, and that she'll hold herself responsible for the baby's death. At that moment, Courtney comes into the room just in time to see Elizabeth and Jason talking. Jason looks over at Courtney.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is still on the couch with Connor changing his bandages. She tells him that she wants to be a doctor. He mentions that he had some serious wounds in the war, which she notes could have gotten him discharged, but he wanted to stay with his troops. Connor admits that he told himself he left Iraq to get back to Mary -- but that he was also scared of the war, as well.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth leaves the room so Courtney and Jason can talk. Courtney tells Jason how sorry she is, and that she knows he is hurting. She remembers how he helped her after she miscarried their own baby, and she begs him to let her help him through this difficult time.  They talk for a second and he thanks her but says he will be fine.  She leaves after again offering her help.

KELLY'S: Lorenzo and Lois are exiting Kelly's and walking outside on the patio. Lois tells Lorenzo that Sonny and Carly's marriage is breaking up over the fact that Carly lied to Sonny about Kristina's paternity. She notes that now this means that Carly is available -- she asks him if he is available as well?

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Sonny is praying when Carly comes into the chapel. She tells him that Michael is getting hot chocolate with Bobbie. Sonny thanks Carly for bringing Michael to see him. He mentions that Michael told him that he thought it was a gift that Sam's baby could help Kristina. Carly asks how Sam is and Sonny says that she is still unconscious, which is not good. Carly says that she is praying for Kristina and for Alexis as well. She adds that she considers Sonny family, whether they are married or not, and that she will always want to help him. Just then, John comes in. Carly asks him what he wants, and he says he needs to speak to her. He is followed by Elizabeth, who has come to get Sonny to see Kristina off to surgery. Sonny and Elizabeth leave and John is left alone with Carly. John tells her that he has something to show her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Kristina is being wheeled to surgery. Alexis and Ric are with her. They tell her good-bye -- Alexis kisses her, and then Steven takes her into the operating room. Alexis, seeing Sonny, touches his face and then hugs him as she starts to cry. They hold onto one another.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Courtney tells Jason again how amazing he was when he was helping her after her own miscarriage, and she says that he can be amazing for Sam too, in getting her through this. She also thinks that Elizabeth's idea about Jason and Sam packing up the nursery together is a good idea. She thinks they should give themselves time to grieve -- and she also notes that the pregnancy changed both Sam and Jason. She ends by telling him that she loves him and that if he needs anything to just ask. Jason tells her that he'll be fine but thanks anyway. Courtney reluctantly leaves.

KELLY'S: Lois and Lorenzo are still standing in the patio outside of Kelly's. Lorenzo doesn't think that Carly will ever let go of Sonny, but Lois notes that maybe Sonny is finally ready to let go of *her*. She talks about how Sonny is a good man, a good father, etc. but that now Carly has broken the cardinal rule -- she lied about family. And Lois thinks Sonny won't be able to forgive that. She also points out that Lorenzo's not over Carly yet and maybe he never will be. Lorenzo, with this weighing on his mind, leaves. Lois watches him go.

CARLY'S OLD COTTAGE: Apparently the thing John wanted to show Carly is her old cottage, the place where Carly and Michael lived when Carly and Sonny were broken up. He brings Carly and Michael to take a look at it. Michael remembers living in the cottage a few years ago. John tells him that he has had a skateboard ramp for Michael installed in the backyard. Michael, sullenly, replies that it doesn't matter since they don't live there. He exits the cottage. John sighs and tells Carly that that's what he gets for trying to buy off his grandson. He tells Carly that he brought her to the cottage because he wanted to see her happy. She responds that maybe he brought her there because he wants her to move away from Sonny.  He  gives her the keys to the house and tells her that he bought it for her, so she can do with it what she wants.   She refuses it and tosses them back to her.  He tells her that she has to think about taking care of herself.  He tosses her the keys as he leaves.  Michael is dismayed to find Carly taking sheets off the furniture.  She says she wants to remember what it looked like.  She tells him that he has to be prepared in case she and Sonny don't work things out.  She sighs when Lorenzo arrives at the door.

SAM'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason is in Sam's room, looking weepy. Sam's still unconscious. There's a knock on the door...Jason reluctantly gets up and goes outside, where he finds Sonny waiting in the hallway. They discuss Sam's condition, and Jason notes that Steven said that she should have come out of it by now.  Sonny wonders how he will tell Sam about the baby.  Jason says he wants to tell her.  Sonny talks about the problems he and Sam had but says he thought they had an understanding lately.  He notes how Jason supported her and thinks that Jason shouldn't have to do this.  Jason insists, and Sonny realizes that Jason cares about her.  Jason admits that he does.  Later, Sam wakes up and Jason is right by her side.  She asks what happened and he tells her where she is and to take it slow.  She hears a baby cry so she thinks it's hers.  Jason tells her what happened (we see it but we don't hear it).  She cries, screams "No!" and punches him about the shoulders, and he holds her.

Ric stands at Kristina's room, even though it's empty.  Elizabeth brings him coffee while he waits.  She tells him that she has been praying for Kristina.  He wonders if Kristina and Cameron can one day play together.  He talks about his marriage to Alexis and how he knows people think that he might have done that to get back at Sonny.  He hates Sonny and how his daughter is Ric's step-daughter.  Elizabeth can tell that he has genuine love and concern for Kristina.  She doesn't think that he's using her to get back at Sonny.  She tells him that he's better than that.

Sonny talks to Kristina in ICU and tells her that he will be taking her home soon.  Just as he says this, Alexis and Ric walk in.

Back at Wyndemere, Connor has a nightmare and sweats.  Emily comes over and puts her hand on his forehead.  He awakens with a start.  He tells her that he has the same dream every time about a buddy of his that he died.  He blames himself for his death and he can't forget it.  She puts her hand on his back in sympathy; Nikolas returns just then.

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