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General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/9/04


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Alexis pleads with Sonny to authorize the stem cells from his dead baby in order to save Christina. She tells him that if the situation were reversed, she would donate stem cells from her dead baby in order to save another’s life. He tells her he does not buy for one minute that she would do that. He says she knows she would not risk a hair on her daughter’s head. But she tells him, regardless of what he believes, there’s nothing he can do to save his and Sam’s daughter. But if he does not donate the stem cells, Christina will die.

In Sam’s hospital room, Jason talks to her, telling her that she has to pull through. Right at that moment, Sam’s monitor makes a strange noise and he comes out and tells the others. Dr. Steven Webber announces that Sam almost died but will pull through.

When Alexis goes and lets everybody overhear that she demands that Sonny offers Christina the stem cells, Jason tells Alexis that Christina is not dead but Sam’s baby is and doesn’t her life mean anything to Alexis? At that moment, Rick silences them all and says they are all wrong, what’s happened to Sam’s baby is tragic, Christina has a chance and Sonny must save her.

Courtney and Jax are together in formalwear. He tells her he wants to waltz with her. She sounds like she’s never done a waltz before. He shows her and says when it’s done correctly, it’s just like flying. They dance together.

Brook Lynn enters the hospital and asks Elizabeth if she may visit Christina. Elizabeth says that Christina is sick and cannot only have immediate family visit her. Brook Lynn says because she is Christina’s sister, she should be considered family. Elizabeth discovers that Brook Lynn’s father has never told her that he is not Christina’s father.

Sonny yells to Alexis that his and Sam’s baby has died, Sam is in there fighting for her life and is unconscious. And he tells her she has no business making demands and disrespecting Sam’s and their baby’s lives. At that moment, Dr. Steven Webber enters and informs them that Sam is unconscious and he has no clue when she will regain consciousness. Sonny says he wants to at least have the courtesy to wait until she can consent before he makes a decision about the stem cells. But Alexis says Christina could die if they wait. He decides at that point that he will authorize for Christina to have the stem cells. Alexis emotionally tells him how grateful she is.

While Courtney is with Jax and ready to fly to Manhattan, she gets a call from Carly. Carly informs Courtney that everybody in her family is ok but she needs to talk to her.

Jason tells unconscious Sam that the doctors told him she came close to dying. He said he knows how that feels, everything starts to fade and one hears echoes. He says he can tell that her soul has decided what to do. He says some times your body gives out. But sometimes you get a choice on whether to live. He tells her that he is asking her to stay. Elizabeth enters and tells Jason that since Sonny is with Christina and Sam is unconscious, she has been told that she should ask him about the arrangements for the baby’s burial.

Alexis talks to Christina and tells her that she’s finally found a way to make her all well so that she can go out and play. She says that mommy did something she wished she did not have to do, but she had to in order to save her girl.

Dr. Steven Webber informs Sonny about how the stem cell procedure can restore Christina’s white blood cell count and reconstruct the bone marrow for her. Privately, Rick tells his brother that he did the right thing. But Sonny tells Rick he needs to think about how he’d feel if Alexis was in the same situation Sam was in and realize nobody would feel good about doing what he did. Rick reaffirms that what Sonny did saved his daughter’s life. Alexis comes to say thank you to Sonny. He tells her you’re welcome. And he tells her he would like to see his daughter. He tells her that his other little girl never even got a chance to open her eyes and he never got a chance to be her father. But he has a chance to be a father to Christina and he will not be prevented from being in her life. She says he may go and see Christina but asks him to be careful. He promises he will be careful. Rick comes out and puts his arms around Alexis. She tells him everybody is vilifying her and telling her she does not care about Sonny and Sam’s baby. But all she wanted is for Christina to live.

Brook Lynn emotionally demands her father tells her why he lied about being Christina’s father. She says it must be connected to his abandoning her throughout her life. He tells her it has nothing to do with her and he always wanted to spend more time with her in her life but they cannot go back and change the past. She tells him she doesn’t believe anything he says and that it’s too late for him to be her father. And she says he must just stay out of her life. She leaves angrily and tearfully.

Carly apologizes to Courtney for taking her away from her evening. Courtney asks Carly what has happened. Carly informs Courtney that Sam’s baby was stillborn. She tells Courtney that Sam got rushed in for emergency surgery and she had a C-section and she and Jason stood outside while her baby died and that Sonny has just authorized the stem cells from his dead baby in order to save Christina. Courtney sounds shocked and admits that she was very happy for Jason and Sam’s relationship and their plans to raise the baby together. Carly says she hates what has happened to all of them, how they all used to be so close. But she says she’s praying for none of them to be torn apart again. Courtney says she’s praying for the same thing and puts her arms around Carly.

Jason tells Elizabeth that since Sonny and Sam are the parents of the baby, they must be the ones to decide about her burial. He admits that when Sam wakes up, he does not know how to tell her that the baby is gone.

Courtney goes home and informs what happened. She tells him Christina will be ok but Sam’s baby died. He sounds very sad to hear that. He admits that he remembers form the moment, he found out Sam was pregnant, he wanted the baby to be his, so he could be the best father there could ever be. But even after he found out the baby was not his, he admits that baby always had a special place in his heart. She says she remembered how they first got together, from noticing his disappointment about not being a father. He says that that baby saved Christina. And she’s saved him in a way also, by bringing him to Courtney.

Alexis tells Carly that she knows Carly hates her and she so wishes there could be another way to save Christina but she believes that Carly would do the same thing if she were in that situation. Carly admits that Alexis is right, she would have. She admits she does not like Alexis, but it’s not because of what she did tonight, she realizes Alexis had to save her child and had no choice. And she says that Christina will be ok and she is very happy for her, but she wishes the same could be said for Sonny’s child. She tells Alexis that Sonny is a wonderful father and would do anything for any child of his and Alexis needs to realize that and not keep him away from Christina.

Jason tells Sonny that he’s been asked what to do about burial of the baby. Sonny says he will have to wait to ask Sam and he does not know what to say or do about his daughter being buried. Sonny tells Jason that he knows Jason has suffered a similar loss, losing his baby with Courtney. And he says he will never forget how Jason has taken care of his kids. And he apologizes to Jason for fighting him when Jason first decided he wanted to be the father of Sam’s baby. It looks like both men are ready to cry.

Carly finds Dr. Steven Webber and asks if everything will work out for Chrstina. He tells her so far, all the tests have indicated that the stem cells will save her. She reflects about how so many people make everything so complicated by holding grudges against others about who lied to whom, who did what, and so on. She tells him that she hated Sam for so long, resenting her for having Sonny’s baby. And she tells him that she realizes, now, how precious life is and how people should maybe spend more time helping each other. He tells her he can see that she is tired and should go home. She tells him that she still loves Sonny, he is her husband and although he will probably not need her, she wants to stay there for him in case he does. He tells her that she is actually very generous and probably a better person than she realizes.

Rick finds Alexis in the chapel. She admits to him that she’s never been very religious and has never believed in miracles. She inquires what the odds are for Sonny and Carly to separate long enough for a baby to be born who could offer her stem cells right when Christina needed them. She says it would have to be a miracle. But she inquires why God could not have saved Sam’s baby just like he saved Christina. Rick says he witnessed something prophetic. He noticed how Sonny gave his permission for the procedure and although he was very grief-stricken and angry, somehow Alexis got through to him. He says the stem cells may cure Christina, but her mother saved her life. And he says he thinks that that is a miracle.

Jason tells unconscious Sam that they need to have a memorial for the baby, pray for her and know that she is ok. He tells her that he knows she is ok but he cannot stop thinking about how she looked, about seeing her sleeping and how he felt when he held her.

Sonny talks to Christina. He says they’ve been apart for a long time. He admits that things are complicated when everybody that loves someone wants something different. He tells her that she’s going to know all about all the people that love her, throughout her life as she grows up. He tells her also that she has a little sister and he loves her as much as he loves Christina.


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