GH Update Monday 11/8/04

General Hospital Update Monday 11/8/04


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CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily is at Connor's bedside, trying to get him to wake up so that she can take him away from the hospital. She wants him to leave with her before the Marines arrive.

At that moment, Lucky has just come up in the elevator, accompanied by several U.S. Marines. He is leading them to arrest Connor. Nikolas comes over to Lucky and at first tries to stop him from taking the Marines to Connor, but then relents.

THE QUARTERMAINE ATTIC: Dillon has entered the attic -- he sees a blonde woman rocking in a rocking chair near the window. He goes over to her and looks at the hospital bracelet on her wrist -- the name reads "Laura Spencer." Dillon, now aware that this is Luke's wife, asks Laura what's going on, and who is keeping her in the attic? Laura does not answer...she is catatonic.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke and Skye tells Heather that Faith Roscoe confessed to the murder of Ross Duncan. Heather looks somewhat surprised (after all, SHE is the one who killed Ross) but covers by congratulating Luke and Skye on their good fortune. It is mentioned that the casino is in dire financial straits, and Heather pipes up that she could give them the money they need. Luke smiles.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny is outside of Kristina's hospital room hugging Carly. After a few seconds he pulls away, apologizing and telling her that she and Kristina are not her problem anymore. Just then, Elizabeth comes onto the scene -- she tells Sonny that Sam is being taken to the operating room, because there are complications with the baby.

Elsewhere, Jason is rushing after the doctors as they wheel an unconscious Sam into the operating room. They stop him before he can go in with her, so he watches from outside the door. Alexis, who has followed after him, stands off to the side. Jason, seeing her, demands to know what Alexis did to hurt Sam. He gets so upset that he starts shaking her by the shoulders. Alexis protests that he's hurting her -- suddenly Sonny and Carly come rushing into the hallway. Sonny breaks up the fight and asks what's going on. Jason, unable to control his rage, explodes: "Sam's in the O.R. -- and Alexis put her there!!"

CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas, Lucky and the Marines arrive and are shocked to discover that Connor has vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, Emily is helping Connor struggle down the back stairwell of the hospital. As they are trying to escape, they come face to face with Emily's father, Alan.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye tells Heather that they need two million dollars in cash for the casino. Luke explains the situation with Lorenzo -- and Heather agrees to give them the money, on the grounds that since Edward has been committed, she has nothing to do but worry around the house, so why not work with them at the casino? Skye is pissed, but Luke thinks that it could work.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason, Alexis, Sonny and Carly are still outside the operating room. Sonny tears into Alexis, accusing her of confronting Sam and then trying to make her crack like a witness on the stand, until Sam agreed to induce her pregnancy. Suddenly, Steven comes out of the operating room -- he tells them that Sam has a condition called abruptio placentae and that it just happened, that no one caused it. He says that they need to stabilize her. Jason asks what's going on with the baby and Steven tells him that both mother and daughter are critical. Sonny looks distressed while Alexis watches him helplessly.

CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky orders the building sealed. Nikolas is angry and worried that Connor has escaped because he knew the Marines were coming to get him -- he believes that Connor has taken Emily hostage and that he'll use her any way he has to in order to escape.

Back in the stairwell, Emily pretends to Alan that Connor is Nikolas and that they are on their way to the fair. Alan buys it -- they make small talk and he leaves. Emily and Connor sigh in relief.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Heather requests 20% of the Haunted Star in their business arrangement. Skye thinks that they should all be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Heather is also wondering if she could be hostess. Skye protests -- she is already filling the position herself. Luke sides with Heather and a brief squabble ensues. Suddenly Dillon comes rushing in, shouting that he has news for Luke -- but he stops short when he sees Heather in the room. Heather asks him what he's talking about. Dillon clams up nervously.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is watching Kristina sleep when Ric comes in. Alexis explains to Ric what happened earlier with Sam -- that she pleaded with Sam and pushed her to give in and that finally, just as Sam did, she doubled over in pain and is now in the O.R. Ric asks Alexis, if Sam's baby dies will she still be able to help Kristina?

Back in the hallway outside of the operating room, Steven comes out to alert Sonny, Jason and Carly that they've stabilized Sam and are now going to try an emergency C-section to save the baby. He leaves to get more doctors. Sonny is quite pissed, and he storms off. Carly stays behind to try to comfort Jason, who is very emotional -- he explains that he told Sam that he'd be with her when the baby was born. Carly assures him that Sam knows that he's present, and that she also knows that he would do anything for Sam and the baby. Jason notes that just hours earlier, Sam told him that she was looking forward to the delivery.

Ric catches up with Steven at the nurse's station and asks about Sam's condition. Steven assures him that Alexis did nothing to cause it. Ric also asks, if Sam's baby dies will the stem cells still be available for Kristina? Sonny comes in as Ric is asking the question, and hears Steven's answer: that the stem cells could still be used. Steven leaves, and Sonny and Ric turn to face one another.

CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lucky comes back to the room to report to Nikolas that he cannot find Connor or Emily anywhere in the hospital. Suddenly, Emily comes running over to them -- full of assurances that she is safe. They are glad to see her but they want to know what has happened. The Marines come over to the group -- they want to know what happened as well. Emily looks a bit like a deer caught in headlights.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon covers, making up a lie that he saw a falcon out on the deck and that it made him think that they should shoot a remake of the film The Maltese Falcon on the casino, in order to raise money. Luke comments that the idea is insane and then tells Dillon that they don't need money, as Heather is going to give them what they need. Luke asks Skye if she's in on the deal and Skye reluctantly agrees. Heather is thrilled and she rushes off to get the money -- but not before giving Luke a kiss on the cheek. Skye notes that this was probably a bad idea, and Luke now seems inclined to agree. He turns to Dillon and asks him what he really saw and had to lie about. Dillon tells him that he found his wife, Laura. Luke is stunned.

THE HOSPITAL OPERATING ROOM: The doctors are trying to operate on Sam and the baby while Jason watches from the window. He turns to Carly and tells her that she doesn't have to wait, considering her feelings about Sam. They talk about Sam for a bit and how Carly thought Sam was trying to break up her family -- Jason defends Sam, and says that he asked her to stay with him because she didn't know anything about babies. While they are talking, the doctors in the operating room draw a curtain over the window. Jason freaks out and demands to know what's happening inside, that the curtain would need to be closed?

Meanwhile, over at the nurse's station, Sonny is getting angry at Ric -- he informs Ric that he can go and tell Alexis that Kristina will get the help she needs when the time is right. Just then, Carly comes over to Sonny. She chokes out the words, "I'm sorry" and then tells Sonny sadly that the baby is dead. Sonny is furious and grief-stricken.

CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Emily tells Nikolas, Lucky, and the Marines that she was with Connor and that he let her go after escaping in a getaway car. She says that he told her he was going to Canada. The Marines rush off to go find Connor. Nikolas asks Emily if Connor hurt her and she quickly denies it, saying that he never laid a hand on her. She wants to know why the Marines were called and Lucky admits that he was the one who got them.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon explains to Luke that he found Laura in the attic, and that he heard from Alice (the Quartermaines' maid) that lately Heather has been double-bolting the attic door -- he thinks that Heather's been hiding Laura up there. Luke, quite moved by emotion, exclaims that there's no more time to waste, that they have to go get his wife. They all rush to leave the casino.

THE HOSPITAL OPERATING ROOM: Jason is standing, looking utterly devastated, outside of the hospital operating room while the doctors exit. The song playing in the background is "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. One of the doctors asks for the others to give "the father" (Jason) a few moments alone. Jason, eyes red-rimmed, puts on scrubs and goes into the room. The curtain is drawn. Elizabeth comes into the hallway and is struck by the shadow of Jason holding the baby behind the curtain, and bending down to kiss her forehead. After a few minutes of watching, she leaves. Jason then comes out of the room in time to run into Sonny and Carly. Sonny, angry and emotional, wants to go into the room but Jason stops him. Jason hugs Sonny as he cries.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is still at Kristina's bedside. Ric comes in and gets her, and they walk out into the hallway together. Once there, Ric tells Alexis that Sam's baby did not survive. He notes also that the stem cells are still viable and that Alexis will need to go ask Sonny's permission.

CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: In the hallway outside of Connor's hospital room, Emily is trying to plead Connor's case to Nikolas, begging him to understand that all Connor wants is to be left alone. Lucky rushes off to track Connor down, on the grounds that he doesn't want to see Nikolas or Emily hurt. Nik and Em are left alone. Nikolas asks Emily what Connor said to her, and Emily just asks that they go home. They exit.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Meanwhile, in the hallway outside of Kristina's room, Alexis has started crying again. She tells Ric that she doesn't know anymore what's morally right or wrong and that she doesn't care -- even if it's in bad taste she has to ask Sonny for the stem cells. Ric hugs Alexis.

THE OPERATING ROOM: Sonny, Jason and Carly are waiting in the hallway just as Steven comes out of the operating room. Steven apologizes for the baby's death, saying that they did everything they could. Jason asks if he can go in and sit with Sam, and Steven says that he thinks that would be a good idea. Jason goes into the room and Steven leaves. Sonny asks Carly how God could let something like this happen? Suddenly, Ric and Alexis walk over to them. Carly tries to get them to leave, but Sonny says that it's all right. First, Alexis apologizes for the baby's death, and then continues to say that she has come to beg Sonny's permission for the stem cells.

THE QUARTERMAINE ATTIC: Luke, Dillon and Skye arrive in the attic to find that Laura has vanished. Obviously she's been moved. Skye wonders if maybe Laura moved herself, that this was all set up by her because she didn't want to be found. Luke doesn't think that's it -- but he does believe he knows who could be behind this -- he says that the pieces are all starting to come together.

THE AIRPORT: Heather and an attendent are standing with Laura (still wheelchair-bound) outside of the airport. Heather tells Laura that she's sorry that Laura was frightened by the intruder (Dillon) earlier, but that now they're going to move her some place safe. She tells Laura goodbye and then tells the attendent to take good care of Laura. The attendent wheels Laura away and Heather notes, with a smile on her face, that she has plans for Mrs. Spencer.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily have arrived in the main room at Wyndemere -- and Nikolas is stunned to see a fire going in the fireplace and Connor sitting on the couch, knocking back a beer. Nikolas explodes at Connor and Emily jumps in, admitting that she set up a plan that would get Connor away from the hospital after she heard Lucky and Nikolas discussing having Connor arrested. Connor, for his part, looks thoroughly bored by the whole affair. Nikolas tells Emily that she's being played for a fool by Connor -- that he's playing on her sympathy. At this point, Connor stands up and tells Nikolas that he doesn't understand...that Emily is doing all of this for Nik's sake.

THE HOSPITAL OPERATING ROOM: Jason is still at Sam's bedside, while a storm is brewing out in the hallway. Sonny is angry that Alexis would dare to come to him at the very moment his daughter has died to ask for the stem cells. Alexis protests that, while she cannot even imagine the pain he's going through, she knows that she would immediately give up the stem cells in his position. Sonny notes that even though Alexis told him that she would induce labor if the situation was reversed and Sam needed the stem cells, he knows that that's not true -- Alexis would never have risked a 10% chance of death for Kristina. Alexis again begs him to save Kristina's life (as Steven hovers near the group, anticipating a quick decision).

Meanwhile, back in the operating room, Jason is sitting next to Sam's bed. He strokes her hair and tells her that he's not sure if she felt the baby's spirit leaving -- but that he doesn't want Sam to die, too. He wants her to live, and he knows the baby would want her to live. He starts to cry. Just then, the monitor starts to flatline -- Jason freaks out and begs Sam to hold on.

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