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General Hospital Update Friday 11/5/04


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In the hospital, Emily tells Lucky that she needs to prevent Nicolas from getting implicated for murder. She says she wants to talk to Conner and make him understand why Nicolas had to kill Helena. She goes into Connor’s hospital room, telling him she understands how upset he is over losing Mary, but that implicating Nicolas won’t bring her back. She urges him to keep quiet about what he saw the night Helena fell off the cliff. She tells him that Helena attempted to kill her and if Nicolas had not thrown her off the cliff, she would have succeeded. But she can tell that Connor is unconscious and unable to hear her. Outside, Lucky tells her she’s making futile efforts and even if Connor could hear her, he would not do as she asks, he’s bitter and revenge is all he has. She tells Lucky of her theory of how Connor, being a “career marine” knew of nothing to do when his wife died, except to lash out. But she says she believes she can still talk some sense into him.

Justus inquires just what type of trick Luke and Skye have up their sleeves involving their attempt to manipulate Faith into helping them get cleared for the murder of Ross Duncan.

Carly talks to her father about how she’s going to communicate with Michael and his anger over his parents’ most recent problem. At that moment, Michael is carrying a suitcase and announces that he wants her out of the house. She firmly tells him that she knows he’s upset but he will not run her out of the house. Durant speaks to him. Michael tells Durant he is not speaking to him. Durant tells Michael he realizes he’s mad. Michael protests that he loves his dad. Durant says he understands that Sonny is a very special person to Michael, but so is his mom. He tells Michael that moms should be treated real nice; you only get one of them and Carly is the best one he’s ever seen. Hearing that, Michael goes and puts his arms around his mother. She seems to really appreciate that and is no longer angry with him.

Sam tells Sonny that once her baby is born, Christina is more than welcome to have her help with the bone marrow transplant, but she cannot induce labor; it would be too much of a risk. When Sonny leaves, Sam expresses to Jason that she is worried what will happen if Christina does not make it, and she knows that she could have saved her. Jason assures Sam that she made the right choice.

Heather asks Dillon how he could “side” with Luke Spencer against his own flesh and blood. Hearing the conversation, Tracy tells Heather she does not buy that she cares about Edward. She says she believes everything Heather has done, from marrying her father, to having him committed, is all part of a larger plan. And she says she intends to find out just what that is. Tracy tells Heather that she knows Heather was able to see that Tracy’s father was vulnerable and she took advantage of that. Heather protests that she and Edward have fallen in love. Tracy tells Heather she is a liar, a user and the worst kind of human being. At that moment, Heather attempts to strangle Tracy. And right then, Dillon comes in and prevents Heather from strangling his mother. And at that point, he seems to know that she cannot be trusted.

Faith tells Justus that she knows he’s just looking out for her, but Luke and Skye’s plan of having her committed might be worthwhile. But Justus is able to convince them that what needs to happen is for Faith to flee to another country. Luke seems ok with that and say they may just now celebrate Faith’s freedom. But Justus informs them that they are in his club.

Rick tells Alexis that he seriously doubts that Sonny or Sam will risk their own child. Alexis protests that Sam has a chance to save a life, and they must consider that option.

Sam tells Jason that maybe she should just go through with the procedure in order to help Christina. But he tells her that by doing that, she could induce labor. She admits that if that happened, she could never forgive herself. He assures her, that in that case, she doesn’t have a choice. Sam says she knows Sonny and Alexis are talking right now about her refusal to have the procedure and that Alexis must hate her. He tells her that Alexis is simply putting her child first, just like she is.

Sonny informs Alexis that he could not “force” Sam to put the baby at risk. She asks if he “couldn’t” or if he “wouldn’t”. He tells her that it was Sam’s choice. She tells him that it must not be very important to him that Christina is going to die.

Lorenzo enters and informs Luke, Skye and Faith that the club is his since their agreement said if he helps them, he could have it. Luke offers to buy him out, although Skye believes he’s out of his mind. Lorenzo says he needs the money in 48 hours. Noticing that Lila’s Will gave everything to Justus, and believing that should “supercede” his agreement with Lorenzo, he asks if Justus can help him. Justus says no. He and Faith have other plans.

Tracy tells Dillon that she needs his help in investigating what Heather’s motives are. She reminds her son that the woman almost strangled her and has tried to kill his grandfather. Hearing that, Dillon agrees to help his mother. The maid enters and informs them both that the “new Mrs. Quartermaine” is making very unreasonable demands of her, which will not benefit them either.

Durant asks Carly just where she plans to go when she splits from Sonny. She replies she has no clue. He asks if he may make a suggestion. He says how about if she lives with him?

Alexis asks Sonny if Sam really understands how serious this whole thing is for Christina. She is ready to stop at nothing. She interrogates Sonny about what exactly he explained to Sam, and that Sam needs to make an informed decision and needs to know whatever he may have neglected to tell her. Sonny protests that Sam knows all about the situation. Alexis keeps telling Sonny that a 10 percent risk for Sam’s baby is worth it to save a life. She protests to Sonny that she would do that if she were in Sam’s situation. He tells her that Sam must be able to make her own decision. At that moment, Alexis lashes out and hysterically tells Sonny that he needs to make Sam agree to help Christina. She later pleads with Sonny to help Sam to understand that all she needs to do is save a drowning child, as she knows Sam would do if she saw Christina drowning. Sonny protests that Sam made the decision that was best for her child. But Alexis will not accept that and says that if Sam does not agree to this, Christina will die.

Luke urges Justus to loan him the money to buy Lorenzo out. Justus says he cannot do that in order to help Luke in his crazy plan. Faith protests that that is the only way to keep her out of prison. At that moment, Justus agrees. Faith puts her arms around Luke, thanking him for helping her and she runs off with Justus. When Luke is alone with Skye, she tells him she does not believe that Justus will actually come up with that money, and in a matter of days that place will be Alcazar’s.

Durant says he has no problem selling his home in Manhattan, he hasn’t had a vacation in a long time, he can move into Port Charles and let Carly and the kids live with him. But she expresses to her father that she blames herself for not telling Sonny about Christina as soon as she found out. But he tells her she should not look back. She should just forget about Sonny and enjoy life.

Alexis hysterically tells Sonny that she cannot wait for him to decide what to do. Christina does not have time to wait. Her very life is at stake. She says she will talk to the doctor and Sonny must stay out of it. Rick appears and tells his brother that he believes Sonny took the easy way out to put Sam’s unborn child before Christina just because he’s angry with Alexis.

Justus takes Faith to the airport but later decides that he cannot go with her.

Sam prays, asking God for there to be another way for Christina. Alexis enters and informs Sam that she talked to Sonny and found out that she refused and that she’s now asking her to consider. Sam says she’s sorry she cannot. She tells Alexis that if something went wrong with her baby, what would she do? Alexis keeps telling her nothing will go wrong. Sam says she cannot take a 10 percent chance. Alexis asks Sam to think of how she would feel if after her baby was born and she was able to save a life but knows she did not. Sam tells Alexis that she cannot put her baby at any risk of dying; she is her mother and cannot take that risk.

Emily is suddenly able to wake Conner up in his hospital room. He tells her to get away from him.

Faith pleads to Justus that she wants to be with him. But he tells her he cannot and she goes off and boards the plane by herself.

Skye tells Luke that he has absolutely no clue how he’s going to get that money. He tells her he’s not worried about that. He says he’s not worried about Lorenzo Alcazar, he has his mind on another picture; finding the killer. At that moment, Heather enters and inquires what killer that might be.

Dillon enters the attic and notices a woman he does not recognize with her back turned to him. He faces her and attempts to talk to her. He looks straight at her and asks who she is. At that moment, he is startled to notice that that is Laura Spencer.

Sonny tells Dr. Steven Webber that he attempted to talk to Sam. Dr. Steven Webber assures him that he will do everything he can to protect Sam’s baby if she agrees to the procedure. But he tells Sonny he’s not certain that Christina will still be alive when Sam’s baby is born.

Alexis keeps working on Sam about how she can sit there and do nothing, demanding to know where is her compassion? Where is her humanity? How can she live with herself knowing that she could save Christina’s life but does not? She demands that Sam takes a good look at her daughter. After the stress and screaming match, Sam agrees to go through with it, but at that moment, she has a contraction. Jason rushes to help her.

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