GH Update Thursday 11/4/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 11/4/04


By Jenn
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After a romantic encounter with Courtney, Jax awakens alone in his bed, missing her, noticing she’s already showered and is ready to leave. He decides to join her in the shower. They go back to bed and he tells her he loves her and will take her anywhere she wants to go. She suggests they just stay there in bed.

Noticing that Michael looks like he’s ready to sneak off somewhere, Carly demands that her son stays there and waits for his daddy to come back from the hospital. He knows his parents have just had a big argument, might very well split again, and that his mother is very upset. She informs him that Christina is very sick. He asks if Christina is going to die. She explains to him that Dr. Steven will do whatever he can to help Christina to be well. He asks if Christina will live with them when she gets out of the hospital. Carly admits that she does not know. At that moment, Durant enters. Michael tells him to go away. But Carly firmly tells her son that he is not to speak to his grandfather in that manner. When she is alone with her father, Carly tells him he needs to stay in the hospital and rest. But he says he feels fine and wants to be there for his daughter during this “trying time” in her life.

Noticing Sonny in Christina’s room, and overhearing him telling Christina that he wants to be her daddy and take her away, Alexis enters, asks him to step outside with her and urges him to leave Christina alone. She protests to Sonny that Christina does not know him; she is not only sick but also very scared and does not need to be around strangers. He reminds her he is not a stranger to Christina. But she protests that all children are in danger whenever they are around him. She remembers what happened to his first wife and child, his history with Carly and their kids and many other examples. She tells him that whether he wants it to be that way or not, children are not safe around him. He tells her that Christina is his child, she lied to him, and she cannot expect him to just walk away from his daughter. She pleads with him to not make her go to court or take drastic measures. She says she does not want to fight with him. She just wants him to leave her daughter alone. He tells her that she’s got another thing coming if she thinks he going to leave his daughter alone and asks just what she wants him to do. Rick enters and answers that what Sonny needs to do is back off and leave Alexis and Christina alone.

Luke and Skye are practicing playing the shrinks of Faith so that they can sneak into her prison ward and get her committed to the institution for the criminally insane. He practices his Freudian accent and attempts to convince the prison authorities that Faith is “cuckoo”, in a desperate attempt to get her out of prison. Skye suggests that they just let Faith rot there, now that they are not longer in trouble, nor need her help with anything.

Max goes to visit Faith in prison. He admits that she has already confessed to the murder of Ross Duncan and there may be no chance she can get out of prison.

Dillon tells Georgie that he is concerned over the whereabouts of Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn is outside with Diego. Suddenly a strange girl enters, probably an old girlfriend of Diego’s, and asks him to please not tell her that he was out all night with “this loser”. He asks if she has a problem with that.

Rick tells Sonny that they all want what is best for Christina. Sonny says that Rick is just trying to use and manipulate Alexis and keep him away from his daughter. Rick tells Sonny that he got Alexis pregnant without knowing it and has no rights to Christina. Sonny tells Rick that whatever he thinks, neither he nor Alexis will cut his daughter out of his life, Christina is his and nobody takes what is his.

Sam thanks Jason for all he’s done for her and says as soon as her baby’s born, she’d like for the three of them to go and visit her brother, Danny.

Sonny prays alone, asking God to give Christina the courage, strength and hope to hang on. He says, as for him, his children need him. And no matter what he’s done, all he can do is pray for grace and patience. He asks God to help him with his anger and keep it inside, realizing that anger will not do any good, nor help his daughter. He says he knows his children need a good father right now and asks God to show him how to be that and asks Him to please not let his daughter die. At that moment, Dr. Steven Webber enters and informs Sonny that there is an alternative treatment to bone marrow donation.

Luke reminds Skye that a deal is a deal. They must do something to help Faith since she has already confessed to a murder she did not commit. But Skye protests that Faith tried to drown her, shot Jax, and did many other things. But Luke reminds Skye that she is still a suspect and if somebody realizes that Faith falsely confessed, Skye will be back in prison making cookies before Christmas.

Sam asks Jason where is the best place he’s traveled. He tells her that the best place he’s traveled is not the best place he’s been. Hearing that, she says that sounds spiritual and she wants to hear more about that. He confides in her that he took care of Michael when Sonny and Carly were not able to. He says that bonding with Michael was the best “place” he’s ever been. Sam says that she knows she will feel that way when she has her baby. She says she wants to offer her baby everything; soccer games, slumber parties, horseback riding, everything she never had growing up.

Alexis tells Christina that she will protect her from anything that could endanger her. She goes outside the room where Rick is waiting for her. He assures her that they will find a donor. She says it’s so funny. They had to let Sonny know about Christina, yet neither he nor anybody in his family could help her either. Rick says although he cannot be a donor for Christina, he can always give her his love. She tells him that they must look into alternative treatments, as Dr. Steven Webber suggested.

Carly protests to her father that she knows she may have ruined her marriage and betrayed her husband by not telling him about Christina. But Durant tells his daughter that she need not blame herself, it was Alexis’ responsibility to tell Sonny about his daughter, not Carly’s. He also tells Carly that if Sonny wants to be a good father, he should start with the kids he already knows he has and take a good look at what a moral role model he is having his pregnant mistress living across the hallway. He tells her that Sonny owes her more respect than what he’s given her and she need not feel guilty nor blame herself for her husband’s sleeping with Alexis, getting her pregnant, as well as Sam, and not knowing that he’s the father of Alexis’ child. She says that she knows that she and Sonny have a volatile relationship, but he will always mean something to her. He says he realizes that Sonny is the father of her children and that’s understandable. She concludes that maybe she and Sonny should split up, but asks her father if he’s felt the same “devastation” that she has felt, when he divorced, assuming he could not have any conception of how she feels. He tells her that he knows the children will be better without Sonny putting them in danger. But right at that moment, they discover that Michael is eavesdropping on their conversation. He comes out of hiding and tries to physically attack Durant for suggesting that his parents split. Carly demands he stops his behavior, then calmly tells her son that she and his daddy love each other but may not be able to live together anymore.

Steven tells Alexis and Sonny that his “alternative plan” for Christina may not be perfect, but it’s the best shot they got. Alexis urges him to just please do it. When Sonny and Alexis are alone, they find that Sam’s unborn baby might be their last hope. He says he will go and talk to Sam but the final decision must be Sam’s alone. Dr. Steven informs them that Sam is far enough along in her pregnancy so that they could draw from her umbilical cord before she gives birth. Alexis says they must try to get Sam to agree to have it done.

Luke and Skye go dressed as foreign shrinks, to the prison ward and ask the authorities to have Faith Roscoe committed to the institution for the criminally insane. The man tells them that first they need to talk to Max Scorpio. Knowing that they will be found out when Max sees them, they are not ready for that. Right when the guy is ready to open the door and make Luke and Skye visible to Max, Luke comes up with a “psychiatric reason” why the door cannot be opened, in regard to how Faith Roscoe could associate it. They get him to go away, make themselves unseen by Max as he leaves, then enter the room to talk to Faith privately.

After being with Jax, Courtney remembers that Diego has been out all night. He tells her she needs to have a life and not spend all her time worrying about Diego. But she says that she has been so engrossed in “the moment’ that she neglected to see that her foster son is missing. She gets dressed and goes to find Diego.

Michael protests to his mom that he does not want his parents to divorce. She assures him that things will be different. There will be no more courts, she and daddy will not fight anymore, and she and he and Morgan will all be a family She says that she always wants to make the best choices for him. He tells her she’s a big fat liar and that is why daddy doesn’t want her anymore.

Alexis informs Rick of the last resort plan with Sam’s baby, to save Christina. He inquires whether that would be safe or whether Sam would agree to that.

Sonny goes and finds Sam, interrupting her conversation with Jason, and tells her he wants to talk to her privately.

Courtney goes to Kelly’s in search of Diego. Dillon and Georgie inform them that he was with Brook Lynn, last they saw him. They go inside and ask Brook Lynn if she’s seen him. She replies no. Courtney says if she does, call her. When they go outside, Jax minimizes what could have happened and asks Dillon and Georgie, sarcastically, to let them know whenever Diego comes out from hiding behind the counter. Courtney tells them she’s afraid it’s more serious than what Jax thinks. Inside, knowing Courtney and Jax are gone, Diego comes out from hiding behind the counter. Brook Lynn says she hates lying for him and that it’s very inconsiderate for him to do that to Courtney, because she can see that Courtney really cares about him.

Sonny informs Sam that there is no other option for Christina than to have her unborn baby tested. Jason protests to Sonny that they cannot put an unborn baby at risk. He admits that there is a 10 percent risk for her to miscarry if they go through with it. She says that although she’d like to help, 10 percent is too much of a risk for her.

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