GH Update Wednesday 11/3/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/3/04


By Suzanne
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Elizabeth walks into the GH chapel; Ric thinks it's Alexis at first. Elizabeth is shocked to learn that he and Alexis are getting married there, so he explains why. At first she thinks it's just because he wants to get back at Sonny, but he explains that he's trying to do the right thing and make up for the past. She knows that he's always wanted a family and hopes he will happy with this one. He thanks her.

Courtney comes home and calls for Diego, but he's not there. She looks at old photos of Sonny, Carly, her, and Jason, and cries. Jax knocks on her door but she doesn't want to let him in. After much pleading, she does. He advises her that looking at old photos can be painful. They both find out that the other one knows about Sonny being Kristina's father. She talks about how she thought she had a family and how love means nothing. Jax says that maybe she's right, but he loves her just the same. He talks in a joking way about how it would be nice if she was head-over-heels in love with him, too. Eventually he makes her laugh. She notes that he always makes her feel better. She admits that it's the real him that scares her. She is afraid of loving him and then losing him because it would be so painful. He urges her to be brave as he takes her hands. He says he will wait for her until she trusts him. They kiss and then go to bed (that didn't take long!). Later, he watches her sleep and kisses her on the head as they lie in each other's arms in bed.

Jason tells Carly why she shouldn't have lied about Kristina and points out how his own lie about Sam's baby was a mistake. He implies that he doesn't think Sonny will forgive her. She gets Morgan and they head for the hospital. Jason runs into Sam there; she thinks he's there for the ultrasound. He admits he forgot about it and explains to her what has happened. She wonders if her baby could be a donor, but he tells her that the donor has to be at least a year old. She is somewhat relieved because she knows it's painful. He tells her that Sonny and Carly may break up and asks her if she will go back to Sonny. She says that she will always be grateful to have known Sonny, but he never loved her. She says she's not in love with Sonny and won't get involved with him again. She hopes they work things out because of all of the hard work and sacrifices Jason has made to keep Michael's family together. Jason modestly downplays his work. She lists everything he did. He tells her that he's glad to be with her and the baby and that it was no sacrifice.

Sonny is talking to Kristina when Alexis comes up behind him. He sees her but then ignores her to continue talking to Kristina, saying that he will always be in her life. They go outside. She and Ric tell him about their getting married and they start arguing about custody. Alexis is having a hard time keeping it together. She tells Sonny that she's sorry for keeping the truth from him, but she did it so that Kristina would be safe. Sonny gets angry. They yell at each other and both say, "She's my daughter". They argue, Alexis cries and Sonny gets choked up. She argues that his life is not safe and that he's unstable. He doesn't want his daughter to think the worst of him, or for Alexis to badmouth him to his daughter, or for his daughter to be compared to him if she gets angry. Mostly, he wants to know his daughter. Ric tries to argue, too, but Sonny just cuts him down. Carly comes up and tells them all to stop arguing. Alexis thanks Carly but tries to plead her case about custody and tries to get Carly to understand her side. Sonny explains to Carly that Ric and Alexis are getting married, and why. Ric argues, but Sonny tells him to save it for court. Carly and Sonny take Morgan to be tested.

Ric and Alexis sit on a bench, holding each other. He asks her if she still wants to get married. They discuss the possible future court case for a minute, then she talks about how terrible Sonny is and why she has to fight for Kristina. She tells Ric that he is smarter and better-educated than Sonny, so he will win. They kiss and then they head to the chapel. They get married, sharing their vows where they speak from the heart. He tells her how much he loves her. She hesitates when it comes to her part, then says she didn't think she would ever get married. Kristina taught her what's really important. She thinks they are stronger together than apart. She warns him that it could be a complete disaster but then again, it could be okay. They are pronounced man and wife. They kiss and hug.

Jason and Sam have the ultrasound with Dr. Meadows. She tells them that everything is fine with the baby. They run into Steven, who tells them that Morgan is not a match for the bone marrow. He says they have to look at alternative treatments now because Kristina could die within 48 hours. Sam says that it's not fair. By the time her baby is born, her big sister may be dead.

Sonny and Carly go home with Morgan. Leticia takes Morgan up to bed. Sonny says he's going to wait for the results so he suggests to Carly that she go to bed. She says he needs sleep and asks him if he's going to sleep with her. He replies that he's not. She explains to him why she kept the truth from him, to protect her family. Tears stream down Carly's face. Sonny's very calm and so quiet that he is almost whispering. He says they just think very differently. What she did made sense to him and it's how she thinks. He can't ask her to change and she shouldn't have to. He says that he can't change, either. It's what the courts call irreconcilable differences, he says.

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