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General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/2/04


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Nicolas is worried that he could be charged with the attempted murder of Connor Bishop. Emily and Lucky protest that it was self-defense. But he tells them he remembers also that Conner overheard him telling Helena to join Nicolas’ father in hell. Lucky asks them what they know about Connor. Remembering that Conner is a military deserter, Nicolas realizes that if Conner lives he will be sent to prison, and therefore, may not have the will to live. Right at that moment, Steven Webber enters and informs them that Conner Bishop will live.

Outside the burned warehouse, Brook Lynn begins to have romantic feelings toward Diego, believing he was a hero who saved her life. But right at that moment, Jason enters and pulls a gun on Diego. Shortly thereafter, Courtney intervenes. She reflects, with her ex-husband, how Jason was not unlike Diego at his age, and they both agree that there is nothing wrong with Courtney wanting a better life for Diego.

Brook Lynn warns Diego that Jason is her cousin, she knows him pretty well, and Diego had better not mess with him. But he tells her that he is not afraid of Jason or of Sonny, or of anything bad happening if he becomes one of them. He tells her he believes he’s got what it takes.

Carly finally spills the beans to Sonny that he is Christina’s father. He inquires how that would be, knowing that DNA tests have confirmed that Ned is her father. She reveals to him that Ned helped Alexis lie about his being Christina’s father instead of Sonny. And Carly tells her husband she regrets that she’s never before told him of this secret.

While in Christina’s hospital room, wondering what will happen once Sonny knows that she has kept the secret that he is her daughter’s father, Alexis asks Rick what she can do. She considers fleeing the country with Christina. Rick proposes drafting a restraining order to keep Sonny away from Christina. But Alexis is afraid it will not fly. Rick has another idea. He asks her to marry him. But she believes it might not be a good idea to marry only due to the situation. He assures her that he cares about her and Christina and also reminds her that she is running out of options, if she wants to save her daughter, she will have to trust him. She then agrees to marry Rick.

Sonny inquires why Carly has known since February that he is Christina’s father. She cries, remembering that she kept it a secret as Alexis had asked her, but now needs to let him know so that he can have the chance to save his daughter’s life. He leaves telling her he’s going to the hospital.

Sonny calls Mike and asks him to get to the hospital. Mike leaves Kelly’s and rushes off to meet his son. Sonny informs his father that he has just discovered that he is Christina’s father and so he and Mike and Courtney all need to be tested. When he gets to the hospital, he informs Dr. Steven Webber that since he is Christina’s father, all medical decisions must only be made with his consent. Right at that moment, Courtney and Mike enter the hospital and Courtney overhears and asks her brother what he just said. He reveals to his sister for the first time, that he is Christina’s father.

Alexis informs Rick that she and Jax only had a marriage of convenience where they were a real couple only in public, and in private had no real marriage. And she suggests that maybe that’s what she should have with him. But he clearly tells her that he will not go along with that. He says remembers his mother and stepfather’s unfeeling ways and their not having a real marriage, and so he will not have that kind of a marriage with her, not even for the sake of Christina.

Nicolas is afraid that since Conner is upset over losing the love of his life and blames him for that, he might want revenge against him for that. But Emily says there must be ways to motivate Conner not to press charges against Nicolas for shooting him, since Conner is in enough trouble as it is. Lucky assures his brother that a self-defense plea should work in his favor since Conner was going to kill Emily.

Michael asks Carly why his father went out. He can tell his mother has been crying and asks her if something bad happened. She reveals to her son that Sonny had to go to the hospital because he has a daughter. Assuming his mother is talking about Sam’s baby, Michael says he already knows about this daughter of Sonny’s. But Carly informs her son for the first time that Alexis’ daughter, Christina is also his daddy’s daughter. She holds her son in her arms.

Alexis and Rick talk about their common habit of using words and appearance as a façade to cover up their vulnerability and fear of getting hurt. They confirm that they have both succeeded in putting all of their efforts in areas where they are most competent and avoid any situation where they are out of control. She tells him how terrified she is about her daughter having a gangster for a real father, and what Sonny could do to her and to Christina. But he assures her that she is not all alone, she has him. She cries and he kisses her and holds her in his arms.

Mike admits his shock of finding out for the first time that Christina is his granddaughter. But Sonny makes it clear to his father that he doesn’t want to talk or think about that. The main thing on his mind is having his entire family tested in order to save Christina. Mike tells Sonny and Courtney that he’s seen Christina many times in Kelly’s with her nanny, that she’s beautiful and well behaved, and he’s gotten to know her pretty well. But he wonders how it could suddenly be revealed, when he’s never before had a clue, that she is Sonny’s daughter. He asks Sonny how he’s found out. Sonny informs his father that he heard it just a short time ago from Carly.

Diego tells Brook Lynn that he wants the life of Sonny and Jason. He’s had enough of other people controlling his life, being moved from one foster home to another and now wants the respect that he believes he could have doing as they do. But she expresses that she would be afraid of him risking his life by doing that.

Courtney inquires why, if Carly knew for a long time that Sonny was Christina’s father, did she not tell him. She suggests that, very possibly, her friend was afraid that if Sonny knew, she and the kids might have lost him to his other family. Carly admits to Courtney that that is true and that she also remembers AJ’s wife’s behavior of having a problem with his getting her pregnant, and her determining that she will not behave that way toward Alexis.

Sonny reveals to Jason his obsession with having everybody in his family available to save Christina, including baby Morgan, if possible. He also expresses how he now knows that he could not see what was so clear to him that Christina was his daughter and how Ned did everything he could to keep him out of Alexis’ and Christina’s lives. And he informs Jason that nobody is going to keep him away from his daughter again.

Nicolas tells Emily that he might very well go to prison for the attempted murder since not only did he shoot Conner, but he pushed Helena off the cliff and shot Mary. It could look like he has a “pattern”, Alexis is too involved, now, with Christina, to help him, Rick Lansing wants his head on a platter, and he needs to prepare for the worst.

Alexis privately tells her daughter that Rick is a really good man and she hopes Christina will approve of her mother marring him if it comes to that. She tells Christina that she knows Rick cares about them and he’s been there for her. Rick shows up behind her, eavesdropping upon her conversation and tells her the feeling is mutual. She tells him he’s violated her right to privacy. He tells her he knows being married to her will not be boring. She tells him there’s got to be a way to get Sonny to realize that it would not be in Christina’s best interest for him to have any involvement in her life.

Courtney informs Carly that since she’s made many efforts to forgive Sonny for so much, in order to make her marriage work, maybe now it’s Sonny’s turn to forgive her. She reminds Carly that she must realize she did not keep the secret from him out of spite or intent to hurt anybody. But Carly tells Courtney that if Sonny cannot forgive or trust her after that, then she will realize that her marriage is over, as it should be.

Sonny tells Jason that it is unforgivable that not only Alexis, but his own wife as well, have lied to him about his own child. Jason tells him that Carly must have had a reason. He tells her there’s no reason or justification for her lying to him about that. He reminds Jason that his daughter could have been dying and he was prevented from saving her life because his wife lied to him. Right at that moment, Dr. Steen Webber enters and informs Sonny that neither he, his father, nor his sister are bone marrow matches for Christina. Hearing that, very upset, Sonny concludes that their only hope now is his infant son, Morgan.

Jason informs Carly that Morgan might be their last hope for saving Christina. She inquires if her infant son is not a little young for that. But she concludes tearfully, that if it is the only way to save Christina, then she will let Morgan be tested.

Sonny goes to Christina’s room and talks to her. He tells her he’s her daddy, that he remembers looking at her in the hospital after she’d just been born, and knew right then, what a special little girl she was. He apologizes to her for not knowing and promises he will be there for her and do whatever he needs to do to save her, and when she is all well, he will never leave her. He turns around and sees that Alexis is overhearing him. And he tells Christina, knowing Alexis can hear him, that from now on, she’s going to be his little girl.

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