GH Update Monday 11/1/04

General Hospital Update Monday 11/1/04


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CONNOR'S COTTAGE: Connor is going to allow Emily to leave. Emily promises him that she won't go to the cops (in an effort to keep him from telling the police that Nikolas killed Helena). Suddenly Nikolas shows up -- he and Connor aim guns at one another.

LORENZO'S WAREHOUSE: Diego and Brooke are trapped in the warehouse -- a bomb is set to go off in a matter of seconds. Lorenzo shows up and the three of them make a dive for the warehouse door just as the bomb goes off.

THE DOCKS: Courtney, Jason and Sonny are out on the docks. They have all just realized that Diego was at the warehouse where Jason set the bomb on Sonny's orders. Courtney is worried about Diego.

LORENZO'S WAREHOUSE: As it turns out, everyone is fine -- Diego fell on top of Brooke, shielding her from the bomb. Brooke thanks him for saving her life. Lorenzo demands to know if Diego was the one who set the bomb.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly, Ric and Alexis are in the hallway outside of Kristina's room. Carly tells Alexis that she is going to tell Sonny that he's Kristina's father. Just as she turns to leave, Ric stops her.

THE DOCKS: Jason races off to the warehouse -- Courtney wants to go with him, but Sonny makes her stay, asking her how it would be if someone saw her at the warehouse and drew a connection between the explosion and her foundation? He asks her how that would help the kids?

LORENZO'S WAREHOUSE: Diego denies involvement in the bomb, telling them that he was there watching Sonny and Jason. Lorenzo and Brooke rush out of the area before the cops can arrive -- but Diego stops to grab a medal from the ground. Just before he can leave, Jason shows up and stops him.

THE DOCKS: Brooke shows up on the docks, where Courtney and Sonny are waiting. She assures them that Diego is fine -- Sonny is upset to learn that they were in the building when it blew up. Lorenzo comes up behind them and asks Sonny if by "building" he means the warehouse of Lorenzo's that Sonny just tried to blow up.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric is worried that Sonny is going to try to fight for custody immediately and he warns Carly that if Sonny tries to get Kristina, he'll stop him. Elizabeth shows up in the heat of the argument to tell Ric he has a phone call. Ric leaves. Alexis turns to Carly, who asks her if she is trying to make things worse by having told Ric about Kristina's parentage before telling Sonny himself.

CONNOR'S COTTAGE: Connor and Nikolas are still aiming their guns at one another while Emily, standing in the middle, tries to reason with them. She alternates between begging Nikolas to understand Connor's pain, and begging Connor to realize that killing either of them won't solve anything. Suddenly Connor grabs Emily and holds her at gunpoint while Nikolas watches.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly and Alexis are arguing about the secret of Kristina's parentage. Alexis begs Carly to try to get Sonny to understand that Kristina belongs with her mom. Carly snaps that she is going to tell Sonny the whole truth, consequences be damned. Alexis tries to apologize but Carly points out that Alexis is only sorry that her plan didn't work out -- now Sonny's anger will be justified. Carly leaves and Alexis is left alone. She goes into Kristina's room and stares sadly at her daughter.

THE DOCKS: Brooke is angry because Lorenzo and Sonny are about to get into it and she has no idea where Diego is. She calls Lorenzo and Sonny both criminals -- Courtney practically drags her away from the docks.

LORENZO'S WAREHOUSE: Diego and Jason are about to flee from the approaching cops -- Jason gets away but Diego stays behind, and when the police arrive he tells them that he was all alone when the warehouse blew up. Jason watches from behind a building.

CONNOR'S COTTAGE: Connor is still holding Emily at gunpoint. He asks Nikolas how it felt to shoot Mary. Emily cries that no one ever wanted Mary to actually die. Connor says that he wants justice.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis sits at Kristina's bedside and tries to explain to her that, though Sonny is a "good man" he is driven and his lifestyle is dangerous. Alexis vows that she will protect Kristina, and keep her with her. Just then, Jax comes into the room. He says that he guesses this is the part where he comes in. He and Alexis hold hands.

THE POLICE STATION: Courtney, Brooke and Diego are with Mac at the police station. Mac wants to question Diego -- he takes him into the interrogation room. Once there, Mac asks what they were doing there and how Brooke was involved. Mac thinks that Diego set the bomb -- he asks if Diego is working for Sonny.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sonny discuss the bombing -- Sonny sends Jason to go to the police station to find out what Diego is saying to Mac. Out in the hallway, Jason runs into Carly, who tells him that she is going to fix something without coming up with a stupid plan that makes things worse.

Carly goes into the penthouse where Sonny is waiting. She tells him how much she loves him. He asks her what's wrong, and she just hugs him and cries and asks her to hold her like he'll never let her go.

CONNOR'S COTTAGE: Connor is yelling at Nikolas about the unfairness of it all. Emily and Nikolas both try to talk him down from the rage. While Emily is talking, Connor drops the gun slightly, Emily knees him and gets out of his grasp. Nikolas and Connor get into a struggle and suddenly, Nikolas' gun goes off. Connor has been shot in the stomach. Emily and Nikolas both freak out -- Nikolas tries to stop the blood flow and Emily calls 911. As sirens approach, Emily cries, wondering when all of this will be over?

THE POLICE STATION: Mac and Diego are still in the interrogation room. Diego denies setting the bomb. Mac points out that if Diego put himself between Sonny and Lorenzo, he'd be better off in jail. Mac leaves and Brooke comes in. Diego returns the medal to her and she happily thanks him.

Courtney is talking to Mac in the main part of the station, trying to convince him that Diego's a good kid who didn't mean any harm. Jason shows up and Mac asks him if they recruited Diego.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax and Alexis are out in the hallway outside of Kristina's room. Alexis tells Jax that Sonny is Kristina's father, and that she is praying that he'll be a match for her. Then she says that she needs Jax to get her and Kristina out of the country as soon as Kristina's well, before Sonny can take her away.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly tells Sonny that she wants to be with him. They embrace -- he asks if she's trying to distract him and she says that she just needs him right now. They start to make out.

THE HOSPITAL: The ambulance team has brought Connor in -- Elizabeth sees him and assumes he is Nikolas until Nik and Emily come running in. They explain the whole thing to her, then Liz has to rush off to take care of Connor. Lucky shows up and Nikolas and Em then explain the situation to him as well. Nikolas tells Lucky that Connor saw him kill Helena.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac is trying to question Jason about the bombing at the warehouse -- Jason asks if he should go get a lawyer. Suddenly Lorenzo shows up and tells Mac that there's no need to arrest anyone...that there was just a problem in the warehouse boiler room.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is telling Jax that she wants to run away with Kristina to somewhere in Europe, but Jax tries to make her understand that it won't work, that Sonny will find them eventually. He urges her to begin thinking like a lawyer, to figure out a legal reason that will keep Sonny from Kristina forever.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny and Carly are drinking wine in front of a roaring fire. They toast and Carly brings up memories from their past -- the first time they were together, and the first time they got married. Again, Sonny wants to know what's going on with her...but she says she doesn't want to think. They start to make out and a love scene montage follows.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily watches Connor, who is unconscious in a nearby room. Meanwhile, Nikolas is explaining to Lucky that Connor knows that he killed Helena. Lucky tells Nik that he better hope Connor never wakes up.

CONNOR'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth is checking Connor's vital signs when suddenly Connor wakes up and grabs her arm. He tells her to go get a cop right away.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac tells Diego that he is free to go...Diego storms off with Brooke running after him. Lorenzo tells Jason that he'll take what he wants from Sonny's territory. Jason says that he'll kill Lorenzo before that happens. Lorenzo smirks and leaves. Courtney watches Jason.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is watching Kristina sleep when Ric comes in. They both speak in whispers so as not to wake Kristina up. Ric gives her a restraining order he has had filed against Sonny. Alexis is worried that that would only provoke him. She asks Ric if he has any ideas that would keep Sonny away from Kristina. Ric says he does -- he wants Alexis to marry him. Alexis looks shocked.

SONNY'S PENTHOUSE: Carly and Sonny are now dressed. Carly is tearful. She tells him that she loves him and that she is always loved him, even when they hated each other. She vows that she'll never stop loving him. He asks her what kind of trouble she's in -- he says he can take care of it. Carly says it's Kristina -- that Sonny needs to get to the hospital as soon as possible, to see if he is a match. Sonny asks why and Carly says, "You're Kristina's father."

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