GH Update Friday 10/29/04

General Hospital Update Friday 10/29/04


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Emily is in the bathtub believing Nicolas is behind her. But she is able to see that someone else is there. Although he looks exactly like Nicolas, she can tell he is not Nicolas. She turns around startled to see the stranger behind her and demands to know who he is. He tells her that he is Connor Bishop.

Diego keeps telling Courtney and Jason that he wants to do the type of work that Jason and Sonny do. He goes out and confronts Lorenzo Alcazar. But Jason keeps urging him to stay out of it, and he lays down the law to Diego that he will never give him a job working with him and Sonny.

Sonny finds Alexis in the hospital devastated to find out the miraculous donor who would save Christina’s life was suddenly killed in a car accident. Consciously unaware of what he can do to help her, he turns his back. But right at that moment, she turns to him and urges him to wait. She is ready to explain to him why she needs his help. But at that moment, Steven Webber and Bobbie interrupt them and inform Alexis that Christina has gone into respiratory distress. Alexis rushes off with them to be with her daughter.

Connor Bishop, the “body double” of Nicolas Cassadine, kidnaps Emily and ties her up. He tells her he knows she is responsible for the death of his wife, Mary. He tells her that she and her boyfriend are going to pay.

Durant is in his hospital room, looking like he’s getting a lot better, ready to get back out and continue his active lifestyle. But when Carly goes out the door to get some water for her father, a woman approaches her and tells Carly she wants to talk to her. It’s Beverly, Durant’s ex-wife.

Emily explains to Connor Bishop that she was once friends with Mary. They both believed they were grieving the loss of the men they loved. But he tells her indignantly that she knows nothing about his wife. He says he knows the papers made Mary out to be some sort of nutcase. Emily explains to Connor that her fiancé, Nicolas suffered a head injury and amnesia and Mary had some delusion that Nicolas was Conner. She protests to Connor that his wife was lost and became homicidal. He asks if she expects him to believe that his precious wife went crazy and that gave Nicolas justification to shoot her. Emily protests that Nicolas acted in self-defense because Mary threatened to kill both of them. He says why should he believe her.

Beverly tells Carly that it’s odd that she is John Durant’s daughter and also the wife of a racketeer. She warns Carly to beware of Durant.

Still unable to drop the bombshell on Sonny about his daughter, yet hearing from doctors and nurses that Christina is slowly deteriorating, Alexis approaches Rick and asks him to get tested to find out if he is a donor since he is Christina’s uncle. She reveals to Rick her accidental pregnancy and undesirable discover that Sonny got her pregnant, assuming Rick is finding out for the first time that Christina is Sonny’s daughter. She tells Rick that she believes she has good reason never to reveal to anybody that Sonny is the father of her child. She wants to protect Christina from Sonny and believes knowing her true paternity would ruin her life. Rick says he understands. She urges him to not use this against her.

Courtney tells Brook Lynn that she believes she can maybe talk some sense into Diego. But Brook Lynn is doubtful he’d listen to her any more than he’d listen to Courtney. She tells Courtney that she cannot figure him out. She tells Courtney that sometimes he’s nice. Sometimes he’s jerk.

Nicolas and Lucky get on the police database and research Connor Bishop.

While in captivity with Connor Bishop, Emily tells him that both he and his wife are dangerous. He keeps telling her that Nicolas Cassadine murdered his wife. She informs him that when she first met Mary she was already hiding Nicolas. And she tells him that no matter what he does to her, it will not bring Mary back or undo what has already been done. She keeps telling him that if he kills her, the headlines will print a very interesting story about his being a Marine Corps deserter and husband of a nutcase and murderer kills a woman tied to a chair. He tells her to shut up. She says he must tape her mouth shut. She also tells Connor that she understand what it feels like to lose the person you love and being driven to murder someone else because of it. He inquires whether he should not only set her free, but also her boyfriend. Should he let Nicolas get on with his life even tough Nicolas destroyed his life and murdered Connor’s wife.

Carly informs her father of her conversation with Beverly. Durant informs his daughter that his marriage with Beverly was a mistake. At that moment, Carly gets a call from Steven Webber, informing her for the first time that Alexis’ miraculous blood donor died and now they are desperate to save Christina’s life. When she hangs up, she confides in her father that she might need to save a life by revealing a secret. But she’s afraid that it could ruin her life with Sonny forever.

In Christina’s hospital room, Rick tries to console Alexis. She is crying and feeling torn between her two very crucial but unacceptable choices. Dr. Steven Webber enters and informs them that if there are no more family members available to donate, Christina’s condition could be fatal. Rick speaks up, still not revealing that he is a family member, and tells Steven that he is willing to find out if a “miracle” will occur if he donates.

Carly tells her father that Alexis begged her to keep quiet about Sonny being Christina’s father. Durant assures his daughter that she did the right thing respecting Alexis’ wishes. But Carly says she believes that if Christina dies, it could be all her fault. If Sonny knew he was her father, he’d have been motivated to save her with the bone marrow transplant long ago. And she concludes that she has to tell Sonny, no matter what it will cost her.

Dr. Steven Webber announces to Rick and Alexis that Rick’s testing revealed that he is not a match for Christina. At that point, Alexis determines that she will tell Sonny that he is Christina’s father.

Right when Emily is in the middle of her argument and “negotiation” with Connor Bishop, Nicolas enters and is ready to shoot Connor.

Brook Lynn goes to find Diego, while he’s attempting to break into Lorenzo Alcazar’s warehouse. Seeing her there, he tells her that she needs to leave him alone. Right when they are trying desperately to get out of the locked room, Lorenzo enters and opens fire. And it looks like somebody has gotten shot.

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