GH Update Thursday 10/28/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/28/04


By Jenn
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Diego confronts Jax in his attempt to let him know he’s been a jerk to Courtney. He punches Jax in the face. Jax immediately retaliates and punches Diego back. At that moment, Brook Lynn rushes out to make sure Diego is ok. Courtney runs out and demands to know what is wrong with Jax for punching Diego.

In the hospital, Dr. Steven Webber informs Alexis of the good news that he has found a bone marrow donor for Christina. It appears to be somebody completely outside of the family. Hearing that she is very happy and does not ask any questions, not only for her daughter’s life being saved, but for relief that she does not need to let Sonny know that he is Christina’s real father.

At the same time, Carly calls Steven asking him what she should do in regard to Christina’s need for bone marrow. Sonny overhears her and asks what is going on.

Alexis rushes into her daughter’s hospital room, while Rick follows her. Knowing that Rick has overheard her “leading up to something” conversation with Jason the previous day, she inquires whether he knows why she talked to Jason in this context. He replies that he knows that it is simply due to the fact that she loves her daughter and wants to do whatever she can for her. And he also tells her that the main thing is that somebody has already answered their prayers and offered Christina her bone marrow transplant.

Courtney confronts Jack, asking him if he’s proud of himself for assaulting a minor. She goes on again telling him he’s shallow, self-centered, egotistical and immature. But he tells her that her anger is not about his confrontation with Diego, it’s about the two of them.

Right when Carly is in the middle of talking to Sonny, still afraid to tell him what’s on her mind, Jason walks in and informs them that they have found a bone marrow donor for Christina. Hearing that, right away, Carly seems to have a major weight lifted off of her, which Sonny can clue into. Realizing that only minutes ago, his wife was very stressed, he asks her if she is ok. She assures him she is and that there’s nothing to be stressed over and has no intent of revealing what was on her mind only minutes ago.

In the interrogation room, right when Skye and Luke are ready to turn themselves in, she inquires to him whether Faith really plans to confess and clear them. He reveals that he cannot promise that she can.

In the other room, Justus is representing Faith and asks her why she would remotely consider doing what Luke and Skye want her to do. She replies that she will do anything in order to get out of the slammer.

At Kelly’s, Edward asks Mike what he’d like him to do next. Still dumbfounded for why an old man with Edwards millions would want to work under him, Mike tells Edward he would like him to “watch over” Diego.

Diego tries and fails to explain himself to Brook Lynn. She tells him she has to get out of there and stop having this conversation with him or there won’t be an ice pack big enough for his face. Outside, Jax tries and fails to justify himself to Courtney. She reveals that she has feelings for him and is afraid that he is just playing her and she’s only part of his “chase”. But he assures her that he is in love with her.

Ned comes to look in on Christina. Alexis informs him that she was almost ready to reveal the bomb-shell to Jason that Sonny is Christina’s father, but by some miracle, she did not have to. Outside in the hallway, Carly explains to Dr. Steven Webber, her complications about Sonny and what it would mean for him to know he is Christina’s father. Steven tells her it may be none of his business, but wonders why she would not just tell Sonny that he is Christina’s father.

Right while Rick delivers the good news to Nicolas and Emily that they are now no longer under suspicion for the shooting of Mary Bishop, unknown to them, they are seen by a guy who is a body double of Nicolas.

Carly goes to see her father and tells him that she does not want to abandon him. And she offers to go to Manhattan to look after him

Edward Quartermaine plays the enthusiastic waiter to a customer and tells him all about Kelly’s specials. The guy tells Edward that it’s very refreshing to see a man who is so positive about his job. Edward reflects that he is happy to be doing honest work and reveals that he talks to his diseased wife everyday and hears what she believes, from the ever after. The guy find it a little strange that Edward would talk to a dead person but has no suspicions about him until he goes outside and is cornered by Tracy and Heather.

Emily calls out to the guy who looks exactly like Nicolas but cannot figure out why he does not respond to her.

Alexis tells Ned that she realizes she has put his family through so much, having all the Quartermaines falsely believing they must get tested to save Christina’s life because they are her family, when none of them know the truth that they are not. Right when they talk about Sonny, Nicolas enters and asks if Sonny has been giving them any grief. They bluff and tell Nicolas that they were just talking about how wonderful Rick Lansing has been to Alexis and how she cannot believe that a brother of Sonny’s could be such a nice person. Nicolas goes back outside and meets Emily who inquires why he did not respond to her. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. And from behind a corner, the mysterious Nicolas-body double eavesdrops upon their conversation.

While Faith tells Justus she will stop at nothing in order to get out of prison, Skye tells Luke that she is very worried that if they don’t think up another strategy, she could be loaded up on that prison van in a minute. He assures her he will come up with something.

When the guy in Kelly’s who was talking to Edward goes outside, Tracy and Heather who are standing outside spying, ask him what his conversation with Edward was about. They inform him that Edward is certifiably insane and bribe him with cash to corroborate that belief.

Right when Sonny is talking to Jason about how although he’s suspicious of Durant, if something happened to his kids he would stop at nothing to protect them, including asking for Durant’s help. He tells him that when something happens to one’s kids, all bets are off. You will even go to your enemy for help. While at that moment, Alexis and Rick are with Christina, whom unknown to Sonny, is another child he has.

In Durant’s hospital room, he confides in Steven Webber that he is really developing a relationship with Carly. And he admits he wonders what will happen when he puts her husband behind bars.

While Edward is cleaning up at Kelly’s, his new “acquaintance” comes back in, bribed by Tracy and Heather and informs Edward that he is a psychiatrist and that Edward’s family has had him committed to the Shady Brook Facility. He has an “orderly” physically drag Edward out of Kelly’s. Of course, Heather plays the “good wife” who protests and demands that they guy takes his hands off of her husband. Heather privately tells Tracy that maybe they did not make the right decision to go through with that. But Tracy assures her they did. Diego notices and inquires to Courtney why these people are harassing this poor old man who does not seem like he’s crazy.

Diego tells Courtney that he sure does not want to be stuck working in a dump like Kelly’s and wants to follow in the footsteps of Sonny and Jason. He says they must be very powerful, nobody tells them what to do. Plus they are rich. Courtney urges him to see that “careers” like that of Jason and Sonny is not what he should strive for. She tells him that when you live the life of Jason and Sonny, you are constantly having to watch your back and you may die young.

Lorenzo lays down the law to Jason. He says that he’s going to take everything from Sonny, that he suspects Sonny is going to kill him. And if that is true, then he will have Sonny locked up in prison for the rest of his life.

Suddenly, Alexis is devastated to find out that the donor died in a car accident. And right then, by some psychic element of fate, Sonny is right there to hear how detrimental the situation is and how crucial it is now is for something to be done to save Christina’s life.

Right when Emily is in the bathtub suspecting nothing and believing she is with her fiancé, Nicolas’ mysterious body double comes up behind her. She turns around, startled, and somehow knows he is not Nicolas.

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