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THE HAUNTED STAR: Missed the first few seconds, but Lorenzo comes into the Haunted Star where Skye and Luke are waiting. Luke is going to cut a deal with Lorenzo, but Skye thinks he's out of his mind.

JAX'S HOTEL ROOM: Jax is in bed sleeping when Courtney comes in...she walks over to the bed and gets in with him. He wakes up and she tells him that they have unfinished business. They start to kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam have just arrived. Monica comes over to Jason and tells him that she needs his help with something.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is visiting with Kristina while Ric watches them from the hallway. Eventually Alexis comes out and asks a nearby Steven if there's been a match. Steven says that there haven't...but there still people that haven't been tested. He wants to test people who are close relatives of Kristina. Steven then leaves and Ric tries to reassure Alexis. He kisses her on the cheek and exits. Alexis goes back in to see Kristina...she gives Kristina a kiss from Ric and tells her that Ric is a better guy than she ever dreamed.

In another area of the hospital, Monica is telling Sam and Jason about Kristina's condition. Jason rushes off to get tested himself. Monica turns to Sam and tells her that she thinks that Jason really cares for Sam...and that Sam is good for Jason.

Dillon and Georgie come walking out of the one of the other rooms -- they have both just been tested as well. Dillon thanks Georgie for getting tested despite the fact that she's not a blood donor. He's worried that Mac will catch them together. Monica goes over to them -- at first she wants to talk to Dillon in private but he assures her that she can speek freely in front of Georgie. Monica brings up the fact that things are missing from the Quartermaine mansion. She wants him to know that if he needs help, they will be there for him. She leaves and Georgie notes that she knew they took too much to begin with. Dillon replies that as far as he knows, Luke has a way to get the rest of the money he needs.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye and Lorenzo are bickering about whether or not they can trust Lorenzo. (Luke wants to trust Lorenzo on the basis of their common name -- Luke himself is Lucas *Lorenzo* Spencer). Lorenzo wants a cut of the Haunted Star -- and if Faith doesn't confess to the police within a matter of hours, he gets the whole thing. Skye is pissed. Luke reminds her that her freedom is more important than the casino.

KELLY'S: Mike is showing Edward and Heather a room above Kelly's. Edward is happy -- Heather is not. Mike gives them the room and offers Edward a job, which Edward takes. He tells Heather that he hopes that she'll remain by his side. She assures him that she won't leave.

Mike, meanwhile, is back downstairs getting on Diego (who is also working) about his work attitude. Mike asks Diego to really get after the new guy "Eddie" and to work him like a dog. Diego agrees and goes to see Brooke, who is sitting at a nearby table. Diego tells her that Courtney has left him to go find Jax, and now she might never come back.

JAX'S HOTEL ROOM: Jax is trying to explain something to Courtney but she doesn't want to listen. She tells him that the only reason she stayed in Port Charles was for Morgan. She says that she wants to be with him. Suddenly, a young blond woman comes into the room in a towel -- she tells Jax that next time she should join her in the outside showers next time. Courtney is very surprised to see that Jax has apparently been spending his time with someone else. Jax wants to explain, but Courtney is upset -- she leaves.

KELLY'S: Diego sits at the table and talks to Brooke about Courtney. Diego hates Jax but Brooke likes him -- she says that Jax never once missed her birthday and always sent her a present. They start to bicker. Eventually Brooke admits that she's upset because her little sister Kristina needs a bone marrow transplant -- and Brooke herself is not a match. Diego tries to comfort her.

Edward has come downstairs, ready to work on the tables. Diego, seeing him, immediately goes over to him and starts to give him a really hard time -- he insults Edward quite a bit, calling him "old" and a "charity case." Brooke leaps to Edward's defense and tells Diego that Edward's her great-grandfather.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric is talking to Jason. He thanks Jason for getting tested and asks how Sam and the baby are. Jason says that they are fine. Ric (obviously thinking of Kristina) talks about how maybe Sonny has realized that Michael and Morgan are enough for him, and that he doesn't have to own Sam's baby, too. Jason asks where Ric is going with this?

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam is watching Alexis with Kristina. Once Alexis comes out, Sam apologizes to her, saying that she just wanted to check on Kristina. Sam tells Alexis that Jason is getting tested -- Alexis seems surprised. Sam wants to know if there's anything she can do to help (as an expectant mother herself she can sympathize when it comes to worrying about your child). Alexis thinks that maybe there is something Sam could do for her.

KELLY'S: Brooke believes that Edward is working at Kelly's because of his grief over Lila's passing. Diego and Brooke start arguing...he tells her that she walks around acting like she is misunderstood, when in reality she is just another rich kid. Brooke gets pissed, tells him that he's a jerk, and leaves.

Outside of Kelly's, Heather is watching Edward work from the windows. Tracy comes over to her -- apparently Heather called her and told her there was an emergency. Heather gestures to the window...Tracy is amused to see Edward working. She thinks that this is not what Heather had in mind when she married Edward. Heather wants Tracy's help.

THE PRISON: Skye and Luke come into the little interrogation-type room -- they are dressed up in their previous disguises as a foregin doctor and his mousy little assisstant. Faith comes in and they say that they've gotten her the money. They explain what will go down: they'll turn themselves in, Faith will admit to killing Detective Duncan, and they'll eventually help her get out. Faith says she understands.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason, misunderstanding Ric, thinks that Ric is going to try to use Sonny's kids against him. He warns Ric against that tactic.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sam and Alexis are outside of the room when Steven comes over to them. Sam leaves to go find Jason. Alexis asks Steven if a baby, for example, could give bone marrow? (She is obviously thinking of Sam's baby.)

KELLY'S: Tracy and Heather are still talking outside of Kelly's. Tracy wants to know why Heather would help her? Heather explains that she will help Tracy get control of ELQ.

Inside Kelly's, Mike asks Edward (who has just earned a $1.50 for his first tip) why he is working at Kelly's? Edward says that he wants peace of mind.

Diego is still working when Courtney comes in and finds him. Diego asks her what Jax did to her this time. Courtney says that it doesn't matter becauase she and Jax are over for good now.

JAX'S HOTEL ROOM: Jax is distressed over what went down with Courtney earlier. The blond woman tries to talk to him...she seems to like him, but she says that she knows that for him, the woman who was here earlier (Courtney) is "the one." She tells him to go after Courtney.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Steven and Alexis are still outside in the hallway. Steven says that it's possible for a child over the age of one to contribue bone marrow. Steven wants her to tell Kristina's biological father -- he says that this secret is not worth putting Kristina's health at risk.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke and Skye are back on the casino, and they've changed back into their normal clothes. Luke assures Skye that he won't let anything happen to her and that he'll get her out of jail. Suddenly Lucky comes running into the room (with another cop in tow) ...he and Luke embrace. Then Luke tells Lucky that he wants Lucky to arrest them.

THE HOSPITAL: Dillon and Georgie are by the nurse's station waiting to hear the results of their tests. They talk about how they could run away to Paris and spend their first time having sex there. Then they would never have to return. Brooke comes over to them and asks them about Kristina. They say they haven't heard anything. Brooke tells them about her argument with Diego. Monica comes over to them and tells Dillon that he's not a match for Kristina either.

KELLY'S: Diego and Courtney are at a table outside of Kelly's. Diego is trying to comfort her by talking about what a chump Jax is. Courtney thinks that all of this has happened because Jax was tired of waiting for her. She tells Diego that no relationship ever works out, no matter how good it seems.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason is waiting for his results...Sam is with him. Monica comes over to them and delivers the bad news -- Jason is not a match either. Monica also tells Jason that Alexis has asked to see him.

THE POLICE STATION: Luke and Skye have been brought into the station. Luke tells a nearby reporter who is asking them questions that they are both innocent but that they have turned themselves in. Lucky is suspicious. Luke tells him that it has to do with his mother, Laura.

KELLY'S: Heather needs to talk to Edward. He tells her that he's happy with his new life. She asks him for a key to the house so she can go pick up something. Edward tells her that they can buy whatever else they need with the money he makes working.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jason comes to see Alexis per her request. First she thanks him for getting tested. She talks about how Jason was Michael's father for a time, even though he wasn't the father biologically. She thinks that it's wrong for the courts to decide family ties on biology alone. Jason asks where this is going and Alexis seems about to tell him that Sonny's Kristina's father. But before she can, Ric comes in and stops her, telling her to please not do this.

KELLY'S: Diego and Courtney are still outside of Kelly's. Diego is still talking about what a moron Jax is. Courtney promises him that one day a girl will find Diego and realize what a great guy he is. Courtney goes into Kelly's and suddenly Jax comes on the scene. Diego stops Jax and tells him that Courtney will not want to see him. Jax persists, and Diego punches him.

Meanwhile, Heather is on the phone trying to get a doctor to give Edward a psycholocial evaluation.

THE POLICE STATION: Luke and Lucky are talking about Laura. Skye tells Lucky that the real killer, Faith, is about to confess to the murder. Lucky thinks they'll regret trusting Faith.

THE PRISON: Faith tells one of the prison officials that she would like to enter into the work program at the jail. He asks her if that's all she wanted to say, and she asks (somewhat amused) if he thought she was going to confess to a crime?

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is pissed at Ric -- she needs to talk to Jason. Suddenly Steven comes over to them -- he has found a match for Kristina.

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