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In the elevator, Carly asks Lorenzo why he stays in Port Charles and what he believes is left there for him. He inquires if she wants to hear him say the reason he stays is because of her.

After hearing Dr. Steven Webber confirm to Alexis that she is not a suitable bone marrow donor for Christina, and realizing Steven has now discovered that Ned is not Christina’s real father, Alexis decides it might now be time to reveal the truth about Christina’s real father in order to save her life. Steven, however, already seems to know.

Nicolas discovers a threatening anonymous note that startles him. He tells Emily he thought the nightmare was over.

Skye is noticing a chat room on the computer, discovers a mysterious person identified as Lucky 7 and demands to know who this person is, assuming it could be the same one who is trying to kill her and get her framed for murder. Luke tells her that he has prepared a plan for an escape route. But she sounds very pessimistic. He reminds her that his plan has worked out so far since they are back staying in their old club, no longer on the run and no longer living in fear of being found out. He also assures her that he will get all the information he needs from Faith Roscoe in order to exonerate them. Dillon enters carrying what looks like robot and informs them that this is the last thing he is stealing for them.

Tracy Quartermaine is ready to fire Alice, the maid, assuming she has stolen all the valuables in the house. Monica protests that only she has the authority to fire the maid and has no intention of firing Alice or believing she’s stolen anything. At that moment, Edward enters, announcing that he has just married Heather.

Emily assures Nicolas that nobody can blackmail them any longer. She reminds him that he acted in self-defense against Helena because she tried to kill her. But he reminds her that he pushed Helena and she fell and may have died and somebody wants him to pay for that.

In the hospital, Sonny seems to have some sort of “psychic” concern for Alexis and for Christina almost as if he knows on some level that Christina is his child. But Rick arrogantly asks him to get out and leave them alone, without concern over whether Sonny could save his daughter’s life.

Lois and Brook Lynn are waiting for Ned who is late. When he arrives, he informs them that Christina needs a bone marrow transplant and he is very upset that he cannot do anything to help her. He apparently has not told his daughter nor his ex-wife that he is not Christina’s real father.

Right when Nicolas and Emily are trying to figure out who is writing them threatening notes, he gets a call from Alexis. She informs him that Christina is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant from any and all family members.

Carly urges Lorenzo to leave town, telling him sincerely that she cares for him and wants what is best for him, and believing that he’d be better off somewhere other than Port Charles. When Lorenzo runs into Sonny, Sonny tells him he knows Lorenzo shot Durant and tried to frame Jason for it, and Lorenzo needs to leave town and leave his wife alone. Hearing that, Lorenzo, again, goes into Durant’s hospital room and tells him that Mr. Corinthos is falsely accusing him of shooting him and that Durant must know better and realize that Sonny shot him.

Alan tells his father that he believes it is outrageous that Edward would marry Heather so soon after their mother’s death. And he says his father and his bride are no longer welcome in this house. But Tracy tells him that he should not do that because anybody could have Edward committed for marrying Heather and believe he is not responsible for his choices and decisions.

When Nicolas is at the hospital, Lucky enters and informs Emily that he has just gotten a clue about Helena’s death and admits that he is glad that it’s most likely that woman is dead. But right as soon as Lucky leaves, a strange man comes up behind Emily, grabs a hold of her and covers her mouth. It’s Luke. He tells her who he is and that he will remove his hand from her mouth if she promises not to scream. He informs her that he heard that Helena attacked her and Nicolas accidentally pushed her off a cliff. He also informs Emily that she should not be certain that Helena is dead since that nasty old witch has survived so much in her life. Luke collects all the things of value from the room. She sounds supportive in keeping his secret. He goes out the door, apologizes for startling her and thanks her for her generosity.

Nicolas comes out of the blood lab and informs Alexis that he was also not a match for Christina. She hides how upset she is to be exhausting every possibility in her own family to save Christina. Nicolas informs her about the predicament he and Emily just got into with Helena. Alexis puts her arms around her nephew and thanks him for his effort to help Christina. Ned, Lois and Brook Lynn go to the hospital, revealing to Alexis that Ned has not told them that he is not Christina’s father and so she could not be a match for Christina any more than he could be. Brook Lynn says she wants to help and insists on being tested. Alexis bluffs by telling her that’s a kind but unnecessary offer, still hiding to them the truth about how pointless that would be.

Steven reveals to Carly that he knows that Sonny is Christina’s father. She asks him if Alexis told him that. He replies no, she did not. He informs Carly that he was able to tell by observing her behavior and reaction to the situation.

Rick, Sonny and Lorenzo get into an arguing brawl that attracts Lois’ interest. She asks them what is going on.

Skye inquires to Dillon why Edward would marry Heather and why Dillon would wait until now to mention it. Dillon informs her that it was not noteworthy to him because he really disapproves of it. He says he does not care about his grandfather if he chooses to marry a gold-digger. Skye says it’s a disgrace so soon after Lila’s death. But after hearing that, Luke informs them that Edward’s marriage to Heather might not be so bad, because he knows of ways to make Heather the soul source of their income and resources in their present quest.

After hearing Tracy’s, Alan’s and Monica’s attitudes about Edward marrying Heather, and Alice’s threats to quit, Heather tells her new “husband” that maybe if they are not welcome there, they should live elsewhere. He surprises Heather by saying that he’d rather live in Kelly’s, have no money, give his assets to Justus and spend his remaining years away from all of these people, attitudes and constant bickering. He also informs his kids that when they no longer have money, they will no longer have problems.

Brook Lynn stands over Christina’s bed, crying, very disappointed, and blaming herself for being unable to give Christina the bone marrow transplant that she needs, still having no clue that she was tested for nothing and there’s no way she could have helped anyway. Hearing this is a little too much for Alexis. Knowing what might be inevitable at this point, Ned asks Alexis if she is now ready to inform Sonny that he is Christina’s real father. She does not want to admit that she might have no other choice. But he inquires what it would mean if Sonny could save his daughter’s life.

Steven assures Carly that Alexis is ready to exhaust all other options before informing Sonny that Christina is his child. But he tells her that Sonny might be the only answer for Christina. She informs him that she needs him to tell her when Alexis makes that decision, so that she can tell Sonny herself before he hears it from Alexis or any other source.

Lorenzo tell Lois that he knows she will probably tell him that Sonny may have a temper but is a good guy. He says he realizes however, that Sonny will kill in order to get his way and that he will kill in order to survive.

Sonny responds to Rick’s odd behavior by assuming his half-brother might want to get Lorenzo Alcazar killed and frame Sonny for it. But Rick indirectly tells his brother that he doesn’t really wish to do that specifically, but Sonny needs to be very grateful that he has a family, and understand how he needs to be there to protect his children. Sonny seems to not have a conscious clue what Rick is talking about.

Alexis stands over Christina’s bed, getting her daughter to fall asleep. Rick appears and she reveals to him that she’s afraid she’s made so many stupid decisions and is now afraid it might be too late to fix the irreparable damages.

Durant reveals to Dr. Webber that he will set Sonny up to look like he’s ready to kill Lorenzo, and he can make sure that DA Lansing is there, and that he will have all he needs to put Sonny Corinthos away for premeditated murder.

Lorenzo reveals to Lois that he is so burnt out, so in despair and afraid that he’s lost everything, so that he could now take solace in knowing that if Sonny kills him, he will be content knowing at least that Sonny has lost everything.

Knowing that Sonny will be very angry at her to have kept the secret that Christina is his child and fearing the inevitable, Carly tells her husband she just wants to sit with him and spend this time together. He tells her he remembers all that they’ve been through in the last year, how he almost lost her but she survived, and so did Morgan. He seems to have no clue that his wife is keeping a crucial secret from him.

Nicolas gets a mysterious phone call from his “body-double” who sounds like he is behind the threatening letters.

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