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General Hospital Update Monday 10/25/04


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THE CLIFFS OF WYNDEMERE: Helena is threatening Emily with a knife. Nikolas comes up behind Helena and ends up dragging her to the edge of the cliff, where he tosses her over (but not before telling her to burn in hell with his father, Stavros).

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Michael tells Jason that he's changed his mind and that it's okay for Jason to fall in love with Sam. Sam comes into the room just in time to hear this. Michael asks them both if they like each other, and when they say that they do he asks how that is different from love?

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly is sitting on the edge of John's bed, holding a sleeping Morgan. John is happy to have seen his grandson. Carly tells him that she believes that he really does love her. John asks what he can do to help her? She asks if he got Jason released so Sonny would owe him. John says that he did.

In another part of the hospital, Steven tells Alexis that Kristina has dysplastic anemia, meaning that she needs a bone marrow transplant or it will become life-threatening. (Sonny and Ric are listening from a few feet away.) Alexis is obviously very upset, especially at Steven for not telling her sooner. Ric steps in and tells Alexis that he also knew about it before she did. Alexis looks shocked.

THE CLIFFS OF WYNDEMERE: Nikolas returns from checking to see if he could find Helena's body. He couldn't find her (all he could find was her scarf) but he thinks she's dead. He says, "I killed my grandmother."

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: John tells Carly that he wants her to be a part of his life from now on. He got Jason released because he wanted to make Sonny feel obligated to let Carly spend time with him (John). John thinks that if his plan works, it was worth it. Carly doesn't think that Sonny will trust it, but John says he'll talk to Sonny himself.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason is trying to explain to Michael that he is living with Sam so he can help her take care of the baby. Jason admits to Michael that he's not the baby's biological father. Michael asks if that means that his dad, Sonny, is the father. Sam is surprised, and she asks Michael, "You don't know?"

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is furious at Ric and she is becoming very distressed at the thought of the tests Kristina will need. She rushes off with Steven to get started. Ric, left alone with Sonny, blasts him and tells him to just stay out of it. Ric leaves and Carly comes on the scene. Sonny tells her that Kristina needs a bone marrow transplant from one of her parents -- he says that hopefully Ned or Alexis will be a match. Carly (who knows that Sonny is Kristina's father) looks conflicted.

THE CLIFFS OF WYNDEMERE: Emily tries to reassure Nikolas that he only killed Helena to save her (Emily). Nikolas is upset -- he says that now he's a killer, that he has the Cassadine killer instinct. Emily again tries to reassure him that things are fine and then tries to fabricate a story that they can tell the police, that Helena just stumbled during their fight. Nik wants to turn himself in.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Michael did not know that Sonny is the father of Sam's baby. Jason apologizes for not telling him sooner, as he thought that Michael already knew. Jason seems to be having a little trouble explaining the whole situation so Sam steps in and explains that while Michael's parents were mad at each other, Sonny was with Sam -- but now Sonny and Carly want to be a family again. She tells Michael that she thinks that it was a good decision. Michael asks if Jason will always stay with Sam the way Sam's baby will.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly assures Sonny that Alexis will probably be a match for Kristina. Then she tells him that her visit with John went fine and that John wants to talk to him, too. Sonny agrees, kisses her on the cheek and then leaves to go see John. Carly, seeing her mom, makes a bee-line for Bobbie and asks her to watch Morgan while she goes to take care of something. With that, Carly runs off.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny has come by to see John. Sonny asks John if he wants something from Sonny for getting Jason released. John says that he doesn't, and they start talking about Carly. John thanks Sonny for letting Carly have a relationship with him -- and he tells Sonny that he owes him for that.

In another area of the hospital, Carly tracks down Alexis and tells her that she is sorry about Kristina. Alexis is positive that she'll turn out to be a match. Carly asks, if Alexis is not a match, will Alexis tell Sonny that he's Kristina's father? Alexis doesn't answer right away.

THE CLIFFS OF WYNDEMERE: Nikolas wants to let the courts decide whether or not he should pay for Helena's death. Emily is shaken at the thought of Nikolas going to jail for years or for a lifetime. She begs him to let Helena's legacy of death die with her. Suddenly Tracy comes rushing over to them -- she wants them to know that Helena is on the loose and gunning for Emily. Nikolas tells her, hesitantly, that Helena was on the cliffs with them and that there has been an "accident."

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Michael asks Sam if she was in love with Sonny for them to make a baby together. Jason tells Michael that he'll explain it to him when he's older. Sam and Jason talk to Michael about how he'll have to be a good big brother to Sam's baby. Michael seems pleased at the prospect of being a big brother twice over. Jason goes to take Michael back to his own penthouse -- before Michael leaves he tells Sam and his little sister goodnight.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny and John discuss who could have shot at John and then framed Jason for it. Lorenzo suddenly comes into the room and tells John that Sonny thinks he (Lorenzo) is responsible.

In another area of the hospital, Alexis tells Carly that she is going to exhaust every opportunity before risking Kristina's life by telling Sonny that he is Kristina's father. Ned shows up and Carly wishes them luck before leaving. Alexis asks Ned to get tested, even though -- since he's not the father -- the chances are slim that he'll be a match. Ned agrees. At that moment, Steven comes to them with the results of Alexis' tests -- she is not a match for Kristina.

Steven assures Alexis that they'll find a donor, and that they will start with Kristina's father, Ned, and then go through a list of family members, etc. Ned leaves with Steven to get tested and Ric comes over to Alexis. Alexis starts to cry with worry, realizing in her heart that the odds are not good that Ned will be a match. Ric tells her that Kristina can have visitors now, and Alexis starts to go into the room -- she asks Ric to go with her and he does so.

In Kristina's room, Alexis (after wiping away her tears) goes over to the bed to give her a stuffed animal. She assures Kristina that soon she'll feel better, and that she loves her very much.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny explains his theory to Lorenzo and John that Lorenzo arranged for a hit on John. John thinks it sounds convincing -- and he says as much just as Carly comes into the room.

THE POLICE STATION: Mac and Lucky are getting a statement from Nikolas in the interrogation room while Emily watches from outside. Nikolas fabricates a story about Helena falling over the cliff accidentally. After asking a few questions of Nik, Mac calls Emily into the room with them. He tells Emily that he doesn't believe a word of Nik's story. Nikolas and Emily exchange a look.

Mac tells Nikolas that there's something about Nik's story that doesn't make sense -- that he gets the feeling from Nikolas' story that Nik thinks there's something he could have done. But he doesn't want Nik to take any blame for Helena's death. He tells Nikolas that he's prepared to call Helena's death accidental and that as far as he's concerned the case is closed. Mac leaves the room. Lucky tells Nik that Helena deserved what happened to her. Nikolas and Emily leave the station.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes back to the penthouse and finds Sam a bit upset. She's angry that Sonny and Carly never told Michael that Sonny is the father of her baby, and that they apparently wait for Jason to take care of all of their messes. Jason tries to explain that sometimes Sonny thinks that it's better not to say anything at all, and that Carly is mad both because Sam is pregnant with Sonny's child and because Jason likes Sam.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Alexis is bonding with Kristina while Ric watches. Eventually Ric steps in and takes over, trying to distract both Kristina and Alexis by playing around with a stuffed animal dog -- and also by asking Kristina questions about what she likes to do -- does she like to swing, for example. Ric promises to go swinging with her when she leaves the hospital.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Lorenzo, John and Sonny are talking about the shooting incident while Carly watches. Lorenzo promises them that if they try to take him down, he won't go easily. Then he leaves the room.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily have returned to the living room at Wyndemere. Nikolas seems morose -- Emily talks about how now Helena will never be able to bother him again. Suddenly Nikolas spots a note that has been left on the table in the room -- it says simply, "I know what you did." He shows it to Emily.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam seems surprised that Jason has said that he likes her. She admits that that will make things better for the baby, that they are getting along. Sam and Jason tease one another about how Sam thinks Jason is so silent, so she talks a lot to keep up both ends of their conversation. He tells her that he used to think he wanted "easy" in his life, no complications -- but that now that's not what he wants. Sam agrees, saying that she has realized that even "easy" doesn't get you everything. Sometimes, she says, the difficult things end up being the best. As she talks, Jason stares out the window and says nothing.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly picks up Morgan from Bobbie and gets into the elevator in preparation to leave the hospital. Lorenzo is in the elevator with her. Carly is angry with him, believing that he tried to kill her father. Lorenzo wishes Morgan a happy birthday and Carly snaps that Lorenzo shouldn't talk to Morgan after he tried to kill his grandfather. Lorenzo asks what his motivations for that would be, and Carly rattles off a list -- he could have been trying to play hero to the east coast mobsters, for example, or in an attempt to win her back. Lorenzo admits that he is still in love with her.

In another area of the hospital, Alexis and Ric have just come out of Kristina's room. Alexis notes that if being the D.A. doesn't work out for Ric, he can host a children's show on television. Suddenly Steven comes over to them -- he needs to talk to Alexis in private. Ric goes back to sit with Kristina. Steven tells Alexis that Ned is not Kristina's father -- Alexis doesn't even bother to look surprised -- and that he's not a match concerning bone marrow either. He tells her that they need to know who the biological father is, keeping in mind that her daughter's life is more important than any personal ramifications from the revelation. As he's talking, Sonny comes onto the scene just in time to hear their conversation.

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