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General Hospital Update Friday 10/22/04


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Nicolas, Emily and Rick Lansing go to confront Tracy Quartermaine, informing her that yesterday Helena attempted to slit Emily’s throat while she was in the chapel with Christina. Rick tells Tracy she either tells them where Helena is or she will be charged with accessory to a crime.

Courtney goes to talk to Sam. She tells her that Jason asked her to stay out of finding out who shot Durant but she did not listen. She admits she was also concerned about Carly. But when she saw Sam and Jason together, she noticed she’d never seen her ex-husband so happy. So she announces to Sam that she is ready to move on and not keep hanging on to her belief that she will get back with Jason. But right when Courtney is ready to go out the door, Sam stops her and asks if it’s ever occurred to Courtney that she might also have something to say about this. Sam tells Courtney that she understands where she is coming from but Courtney has not asked the important question of whether Sam is interested in Jason. And she informs Courtney that the answer to that is no. Sam tells Courtney that she knows Jason will be excellent with her baby, but there is no “romantic” connection between them. But Courtney informs Sam that she may not be aware of how deep her connection to Jason really is.

Lorenzo is sleeping and having a nightmare/flashback of Carly giving birth and pleading with him to save her baby, right when Sonny walks in on them and shoots at Lorenzo. Lorenzo awakens startled and his “hit woman” bed companion can tell he must have had some heavy-duty dream. He informs her that he never intended to fall in love with Carly, it just happened. She concludes that he must have just waited for his chance and hired her to kill her father and frame her husband for the deed, so that he can have Carly for himself. He tells her it’s not her concern and he does not look happy. But she tells him he may look at the bright side of all of this; Jason Morgan is in jail, Durant is in the hospital and she still has yet to finish the job.

In the hospital, it looks like Durant is getting better and stuffing himself with junk food. Bobbie looks in on him and reflects on how amazing it would be that they would both end up here. He tells her that whatever they once had is now gone. Hearing that, she turns away, assuring John in a “cold” way that she doesn’t have any romantic or cozy feelings about him. But he tells Bobbie that she gave him the most wonderful gift she could have given him; Carly. Bobbie says if he does anything to hurt Carly, he will be sorry.

While preparing for Morgan’s 1st birthday party, Carly admits to Sonny that very possibly, Durant intended to manipulate her in order to get Sonny in prison, but that was before the shooting. And she urges her husband to understand how she needs to be there for her father.

Sonny goes to visit Jason in the interrogation room at the station and tells him he will do whatever is necessary to get Jason out of there as soon as possible. Jason tells Sonny that may be easier said than done. But Sonny says he must get the thought out of Carly’s head that Durant can be trusted and he cannot do that without Jason’s help.

Right when Bobbie is headed out of Durant’s hospital room, Carly enters and inquires to her father why her mother is so upset. He does not exactly answer that. She tells him she needs his help. She tells him she wants to know why he would believe that Jason would shoot him. She urges him to realize that Jason would never do that and must have been set up. He tells her that all the evidence points to Jason. But she urges her father to trust her and believe that Jason did not shoot him and he must drop charges against him.

Tracy admits to Rick that she did call Helena. She says she told Helena that she wanted her to drop her “curse”. She also informs DA Lansing that somebody, other than herself, chose to let Helena go and drop the charges against her. And she tells Rick that it is his job to keep Helena off the streets. When Rick goes to make a call, Tracy informs Nicolas and Emily that she and Helena were in agreement that the engagement of the two of them should be stopped but other than that, she knows of no fowl play that she has any responsibility for. Emily reminds Tracy that Tracy once encouraged her to stand up and fight like a Quartermaine. And she informs Tracy that she is about to do just that. Rick rejoins them and informs them that the “charges” against Emily for what happened to Mary Bishop have been dropped.

At the hospital, Ned goes to talk to Alexis about Christina’s condition. He urges her to get out of the hospital, and get some rest at the Quartermaine mansion. She firmly tells him she has no intention of staying there. She plans to go to her own home and sleep in her own bed.

Helena is on the loose again, carrying a knife.

Michael is at Courtney’s. He tells her that he wants Jason to join him with her, his parents, Morgan and his grandmother. But she tells him that maybe he should not count on Jason being there.

Justus goes to inform Jason that he is free to go. Jason, however does not look happy to be set free. Justus inquires why he is not.

John Durant tells Carly that if he would consider dropping the charges against Jason, it would be under one condition; that his daughter stays with him, that she just spends a little time with her old man. At first, she is surprised that that is all he would ask for. But she reminds him that she cannot be with him on this day because it’s Morgan’s birthday. He encourages her to go and be with her family but supposedly “keeps his word” and drops charges against Jason.

Alexis brings Christina home and gives her her stuffed puppy. After her daughter is back in her room, Alexis lies down on her couch and falls asleep. Unknown to her, however, Helena is in her home hiding. She goes up to a sleeping Alexis and is ready to slit her throat until she is interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Rick. Helena instantly hides and makes herself invisible to both of them. Rick informs Alexis that he is making every attempt to find Helena. Christina gets up and interacts with both of them. Alexis notices bruises on her daughter’s arms. Rick says maybe they should get Christina back to the hospital. They depart. Still hiding, Helena looks very disappointed that she has not been able to “accomplish” what she wanted.

Justus gets Jason signed out of jail but informs Jason that it’s odd to him that Durant would do this. Jason says he realizes that Durant is letting him go as a “favor” to Carly. Right outside the interrogation room, Lorenzo Alcazar appears and asks Justus why he’s there. Justus informs Lorenzo that now that Durant has exonerated Jason, that now makes him a number one suspect for the shooting of Durant. He tells him that another set of prints were found on the gun that shot Durant so there is proof that somebody other than Jason used it. When Jason is ready to leave he passes Lorenzo. Lorenzo congratulates him on his release and also informs him that he remembers today is Morgan’s first birthday and reminds Jason that were it not for him, Morgan would probably be dead, that he risked his life to deliver Morgan, almost getting shot by Jason’s buddy, Sonny.

In his hospital room, Durant informs Dr. Steven Webber that he’d better not cross him nor reveal any of the secrets he knows of to anybody or he will be sorry.

At Morgan’s birthday party, they hear a voice message from John Durant wishing his grandson a happy birthday. Courtney informs Michael that he needs to know that she and Jason are not getting back together. Michael tells her they should try to.

When Christina is admitted back to the hospital, Alexis demands to know why, after they’ve gotten her daughter back home for the tenth time, are there now more bruises. Steven tells her he hates to “break” this to her, but they still need to run more tests.

Right when Nicolas and Emily have had another romantic encounter, Emily goes out looking for her fiancé. But she runs into Helena who is carrying a knife and Helena tells her that they have come to the “end of their story”.

Jason and Michael return to Jason’s and Michael’s home and inform Sam that Jason is no longer at Morgan’s party because Sonny and Carly took Morgan to see Durant and Michael does not want to accompany them because he does not consider Durant his grandfather. Michael also privately informs Jason that he is ok with Jason being in love with Sam. Sam overhears and sounds very surprised.

Dr. Steven Webber informs Alexis and Rick that Christina has a rare disorder and needs a bone marrow transplant.

In a struggle to protect Emily from Helena, Nicolas pushes her and she falls off a cliff.

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