GH Update Thursday 10/21/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/21/04


By Katie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke and Skye are talking to Faith. She threatens them and Luke covers and tells her she'll be in jail for the rest of her life if she doesn't cooperate.

Jax and Courtney have a spat about everything always being about Jason. Mac interrupts and tells Jax to go with him for processing. Courtney sees Jason handcuffed and telling Ric he wants his lawyer. Ric tells Jason that he has an eye-witness of Jason threatening Durant if he ever touched Courtney hears.

Durant calls Carly's name but Sonny is in his hospital room and John says that he's probably there to finish the job he had started. Emily and Kristina are praying in the chapel when Helena comes in and sneaks behind Emily with a knife and Alexis sees her. Alexis says oh my God and distracts Helena. Alexis tells Emily to take Kristina and leave. Alexis stands up to Helena and Helena tells her that she is damned and so was her mother. Helena tells Alexis that she was a constant reminder of Mikos' mistake. Alexis tells Helena that Mikos hated her and that everyone
hates her, when Nikolas comes in. Immediately Helena grabs Alexis and puts the knife to her throat.

Luke tells Faith the plan. He and Skye are going to evaluate her (as doctors) and Faith is going to remember that she followed a cop to the lake house and killed him. Luke is going to use the fact that Faith had actual relations with Ross Duncan and set it up to seem that Faith framed Skye and killed the detective herself. Faith exonerates Skye and as soon as they find the real killer they will clear Faith's name. Faith says no but Luke tells her that once Skye's name is cleared that they'll bust Faith out of jail.

Ric comes up with a story that Durant pushed Jason's buttons and by using Courtney and tried to kill him. Jason says he won't talk until his lawyer arrives. Courtney overhears and asks Jason if what Ric said about Durant was true. Courtney asks if Jason shot Durant because of her and he says no but that he would have.

Alcazar tells Lana that she will receive her final payment once her job is finished. Sonny tells Durant he didn't try to kill him. John says that if Jason acted alone its better because he won't have to testify against his son-in-law. Sonny says the gunman is still out there and to go after him. John asks how he would've felt if he had died. Sonny says he's just an inconvenience. Carly walks in on their conversation.

Faith says she's not sure. Luke is gonna recommend she go to Ferncliff then they'll bust her out on route. She agrees but demands a passport, $1 million, a ticket to some place tropical and Justus waiting for her there. Mac tells Jax that he can leave. He sees Courtney and Jason talking and Mac fills him in on the eye witness. Sam comes to the PCPD and Jax tells her that he's talking to Courtney.

Jason tells Courtney not to worry and that if she wants to help him to hold on to the life! she's made for herself and she leaves. Jax asks her to dinner and she says she'll catch up with him later. John tells Carly that he can see Sonny loves Carly and they come to an agreement to co-exist. Sonny goes home and Carly and John make small talk.

Nikolas tells Helena she's insane and won't let her leave with Alexis. Helena puts the knife closer to Alexis and he lets her pass. Carly pampers John and he asks her to smuggle some contraband chips to him. Courtney comes in and Carly introduces her to John. They go outside to talk. Courtney tells Carly that Jason's been taken into custody and about the eye witness and the foundation. She asks Carly to get Durant to clear Jason.

Sam and Jason are talking when he tells her to go home. Sam called Justus and Jason tells her she needs to plan to be alone for a while. She tells him no and to remember who was at the press conference and Sonny walks in.

Nikolas tries to talk Helena out of taking Alexis as she is standing by the elevators. Ric comes off the elevator and hits Helena and frees Alexis. The elevator closes and Helena gets away. Ric and Alexis hug. Emily is with Kristina in the chapel and Nikolas comes in. He tells Emily that she got away. Emily says that they can't get married until their friends' lives aren't in danger.

Jax and Courtney are on the docks and he called the hotel and restaurant about their reservations. She says its not a good time to leave and Jax assumes its because of Jason, Jax tells her to let go of Jason. That if he loved her he'd let her live her life. She says that he did and Jax says he's leaving at 8 and he hope that Courtney will be there.

Sonny and Sam are arguing over her being there with Jason. Jason tells her to go home and Jason and Sonny discuss the possibility that Jason could go to jail. Lana shows up in John's room. Ric puts out an APB on Helena and talks to Alexis. Ric commends her for being so brave and she thanks him for saving her. Skye and Luke talk about Faith's demands. She suggests just leaving Port Charles. Luke says ok.

Carly asks Steven about the Courtney situation and asks if John's capable of that. Steven says ye! s and she asks him to help her. Durant asks Lana how her article turned out. She says very unexpected. He says that he saw her up front and wonders if she saw the shooter. She says Jason Morgan. He says he's surprised and suspected Alcazar but probably wrong. 

Jason and Sonny talk about Alcazar and Jason says he recognized the reporter (Lana). They assume its her and that Alcazar paid her. Ric, Alexis, Kristina, Nikolas, and Emily are in the chapel. Nikolas says that they are postponing the wedding and Alexis says no. Ric says that when Helena is caught he is going to try her for the murder of Mary Bishop and Nurse Harris. Helena is talking on her cell and her plane is ready but first she has to settle unfinished family

Luke and Skye decide that they are not running because Skye's not a quitter and she's gonna prove her innocence. She and Luke try to come up with the money to give Faith. Jax takes off without Courtney who is at the PCPD. She sees Jason with his head on Sam's stomach, listening to the baby's heartbeat. John is eating chips when Steven says Jason isn't the shooter that he ran another test. John wonders if the shooter could have been Lana hired by Alcazar. Steven wants to turn the evidence over to the PCPD but John won't let him he wants Jason to stay in custody a little longer. So that Carly has to come to him for help, he can play the hero, and gets a step closer to winning Carly over.

Sonny tells Carly that Jason is not being released. She suggests asking John for help and Sonny refuses.

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