GH Update Thursday 10/21/04

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/21/04


By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Courtney is at the police station and she sees Jason being questioned through a window.

Sonny goes into Durantís room. The man is not surprised to see Sonny. He believes that Sonny is there to finish what he started.

Helena comes into the chapel and hears Emily talk to Kristina. Emily is telling the child about the wedding that she is going to have with Nikolas. She gets behind Emily and takes out a very big, very pointy knife.

Alexis enters the room and finds Helena behind Emily. Helena faces her and they argue about her family and how everyone hates her.

Nikolas is nearby and he sees that Alexis is in trouble. He rushes into the room. Helena grabs Alexis and holds her with the knife to her throat.

Faith is in jail and she gets a visit from Luke and Skye who are in disguise. They offer her a deal. They will help her get out of jail, if she helps them out.

Ric is questioning Jason. Ric is sure that Jason reacted the way that he did because he thought that Courtney was in trouble. Jason hasnít all that much to say.

Courtney is nearby and watches Jason as they shuffle him from room to room. He is alone now in an interrogation room.

Courtney goes into the room and asks Jason if it is true that he shot someone to protect her. He says he didnít, but admits that he would have.

Sonny is with Carlyís father as he lies with tubes in him, in the hospital. Someone has tried to kill him, and he isnít so sure that Sonny was the one to try. Sonny says that he loves his wife too much to have her father assassinated. He wouldnít want her to be in pain. Carlyís father remembers being threatened by Jason hours before he was shot. If Sonny doesnít know about that, it really doesnít matter. Sonny finds the man to be an inconvenience and Sonny has no feelings for this man at all.

Luke promises that the details for Faithís escape are being worked on right now. Faith is skeptical about this. She remembers that he left Skye in danger for a while before helping her out. If that happens to Faith, she will be in a body bag. Luke is going to recommend that Faith be sent to the hospital for the mentally insane. Luke will be disguised as a doctor and escort her in a van to the hospital. Luke is a whiz at these disguises and knows that he can pull this off. Faith agrees to the deal, but she will need a passport, a million dollars, and justice waiting for her when she gets off a plane somewhere. Luke wants to negotiate her terms, but she is firm on what she wants.

Mac tells Jax that Jason went into action and got in trouble because of Courtney.

Courtney is upset that Jason is in trouble for her. She wants him to be free and not go to prison. Jason only wants her to hold on to the life that she has made for herself. She turns and leaves the room.

Courtney finds Jax, but she isnít ready to leave just now. Jax think that she is worried about Jason, but she doesnít confirm that. She tells him that she will be right back and she runs off.

Carly is with her husband and her father now. Durant can see now that Sonny wouldnít hurt him. Sonny is glad that is settled. Sonny kisses his wife and heads home alone.

Durant is happy to see his daughter. He would do nothing to jeopardize their relationship.

Helena has Alexis by the neck in the chapel, and is holding a knife to her throat. Nikolas will not get out of Helenaís way and let her go free. She wants to leave with Alexis, and will kill the woman if she isnít given a free path out of there. Nikolas moves. Helena finds him wise and threatens harm to more people if he follows her. Helena drags Alexis out of there by the neck, as Nikolas watches helplessly.

Carly plumps her fatherís pillows. He could get used to treatment like this. He has a favor to ask. He will test he loyalty. This has nothing to do with business. He needs to know that he trust her. He can. She moves close to him. He needs her to go to the convenience store and get him 2 bags of potato chips. They have to be sweet and spicy. She laughs at him. She offers to get him anything else that he wants.

A knock at the door brings Courtney to the room as well. Carly calls her into the room and introduces her to Durant. Courtney needs to talk to Carly, and so they leave the room for a moment.

Courtney tells Carly that Jason is in trouble. She tells how Jason is in trouble as he threatened to kill Durant. Courtney knows that Jason was framed. She wonders if Carly will convince her father to drop the charges and make this go away.

Sam is at the police station to help Jason, and find out where things are. He knows that he may not get released. He may have to go to trial and he may not get bail. Sam will have to face being alone for a while. He tells her to hire a nanny. Sam is sure that Jason is going to be there when the baby is born. They planned that. Sam wants him to think back and remember who was at the conference.

Sonny comes into the room and hears Sam talking about Jasonís case. She is full of advice and gumption. Sonny demands to know if she is going to be Jasonís lawyer now with all that advice.

Nikolas has followed his grandmother to the elevator where she is still holding Alexis by the neck.

The elevator comes and Helena demands that the elevator be cleared. Ric is in the elevator and he exits. He knows that Helena is being foolish doing this. He gets her attention for a minute. He has to do something before the elevator door closes and he loses Alexis forever. As the door of the elevator starts closing, Ric rushes to the car and enters, knocking Helena out. That is the moment when Alexis manages to free herself and run from the elevator. Nik and Ric rush to the door to get the woman who lies unconscious on the floor of the elevator, but the door has closed now. Nik runs off to do damage control, while Ric tends to Alexis, making sure that she is alright.

In the elevator, Helena awakes and finds herself on the floor of the elevator, with the knife beside her. She picks it up and looks at it, realizing that she has lost this battle.

Emily sits with Kristina in the chapel and assures her that her mummy is fine. She knows that Nikolas will not let anything happen to Alexis.

Nikolas arrives to assure Emily and Kristina that everything is fine, and that the situation is under control. Emily knows that they canít let Helena win. Nikolas and Emily tell each other that they love each other. Emily canít see how they can get married when people will get hurt.

Jax and Courtney argue over Jason and how Courtney seems to be getting pulled back into the man again. Jax feels that Jason would tell Courtney to stay out of this mess if he loved her. She admits that Jason did tell her to stay out of this. Jax tells Court that his plane is leaving tonight and it is up to her to decide if she wants to come with him or not.

Sam and Jason argue. He wants her to go home, but she wants to stay. Sonny is standing by and listening. It isnít until Jason tells her that he has to talk business with Sonny, but Sam leaves.

Jason has been trying to get her to leave, but she is very stubborn. Sonny knows that Jason was framed but he isnít sure that Jason will be able to get out. Whoever framed him did a hell of a job.

Durant gets a visit in his room from a beautiful blonde-haired person. He is groggy from the medicine and wasnít expecting anyone. The woman is wearing a black trench coat, and she smiles as she enters the room. John looks up and sees who it is, and a smile comes to his face.

An APB has been put out on Helena. Alexis is sure that Helena is long gone. Ric has saved her life, and she owes him. Alexis was frozen in terror, she felt like she was eight-years-old again. She thanks him for putting his life on the line for her. They hug.

Skye and Luke discuss Faithís terms for helping out. Skye has no idea why they should stay in Port Charles. Skye feels that they could leave town and go anywhere they want. They can then forget about the past and make a fresh start. Luke loves the idea and agrees to it.

Carly pages her fatherís doctor and has something that she would like to discuss. She tells him that Jason has been arrested again. Someone has heard Jason threatening John, and now Jason is in trouble for this shooting. Carly needs help figuring out who shot John.

The woman in black comes over to Johnís beside. He smiles up at her. She is a writer, and was at the conference too. John asks if she saw the shooter, but she denies that she has. John is surprised that Jason tried to do this to him. The woman knows that John is a threat to him. John is a threat to many people, but it looks like Jason is the one this time.

Sonny thinks that Alcazar might have hired someone from out of town to do this shooting, and that the shooter is long gone by now. Sonny remembers him being near the front. Jason remembers a blonde woman being with Alcazar near the front of the conference.

Nikolas and Emily tell Alexis that they are postponing their wedding because of Helenaís behavior. Alexis will not hear of this. Ric apologizes for not knowing how homicidal Helena is. Ric realizes that this woman could kill anyone to get what she wants. Ric is going to make sure that Helena spends the rest of her life in jail.

Helena is off in the dark somewhere making sure that there is a plane waiting for her to disappear into the night. She will get to that plane, but first she has something that she has to settle.

Luke and Skye decide that they will leave and never return to Port Charles. Skye realizes that she canít walk away from this. She has never turned her back on anything in her life. Luke will do things her way then. They pool their money to see if they can come up with Faithís million. Luke only has a couple of dollars.

Jax is on his plane waiting for Courtney, but she doesnít show. He calls the pilot and tells him to take off, as he will be traveling alone.

Courtney goes back to the police station, and she sees Sam holding her stomach out so that Jason can feel the baby kicking.

Jason seems to have a plan, but he will not discuss it with Sam right now. He tells her that he will talk to her about this the next day.

Dr. Webber comes to talk to John about his shooting. John tells how he met someone called Lana James. He is wondering if this woman could be the shooter. The doctor heads to the door to call the police. John wants him to wait on that. He would like to win the womanís trust first.

Sonny goes to Carly in the waiting room and tells her that he is going to get Jason out of jail his way. Carly would much rather prefer that they ask her father to help with this situation, instead of doing things Sonnyís way, but Sonny wonít hear of it.

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