GH Update Wednesday 10/20/04

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/20/04


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THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is in Kristina's room, watching over her. Steven and Ric are out in the hallway discussing Kristina's condition...Steven mentions that while now things are fine, something more serious could develop. Alexis comes out of the room in time to hear that -- she asks what's wrong.

In another area of the hospital, Nikolas meets up with Emily who tells him that she feels fine after an apparent checkup.

THE POLICE STATION: Courtney has come to see Jax. She's angry that the police held him over night. Jax teases her a bit and then Mac comes on the scene. She tries to get Mac to release Jax, but Mac says that they have a tip that he was with Skye -- meaning Jax is not going anywhere.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye and Luke are in Dillon's room on the Haunted Star. Skye is upset to learn that Luke called the police station with an anonymous tip telling them that Jax helped Skye. He only did it to get the cops off of their back, but Skye is angry enough to want to go turn herself in, immediately.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven assures Alexis that for right now things are fine. Alexis thanks him and he leaves. Ric gives Alexis some breakfast he bought her -- the same order she gets every morning for herself. She thanks him. They discuss Kristina. Alexis admits that sometimes she pushes away those that can help her. She also admits that she thinks she trusts Ric -- and that she cares about him. Ric seems happy to hear that. He bought Kristina a scone as well, and they go in to give it to her.

In the hospital waiting room, Nikolas and Emily fill Lucky in on how they broke the curse. Tracy comes up in the elevator and overhears them. She rushes off to make a call on her cell phone -- it turns out she is calling Helena, to let her know that the curse is broken. Tracy is happy that Helena failed, but Helena hangs up on her.

Back in the waiting room, Lucky wants Nik and Em to go along with the wedding as soon as possible. Ric comes over to them and tells Nikolas that there's something about his family that he needs to know.

THE POLICE STATION: Jax and Mac argue over whether or not he has proof that Skye was at Jax's apartment. Courtney goes to bat for Jax, saying that Jax was only trying to take her to dinner, albeit in a foreign country. She tells Mac that she won't let him railroad someone she cares about.

THE HOSPITAL: Heather and Edward are roaming around the hospital. Edward says he has made arrangements for them to go to Paris to get married. Heather is worried that it will look like they are sneaking around -- she wants to marry him instead in the rose garden where they fell in love. Edward nixes that idea, saying that instead they could get married in a cabin on the edge of town. Heather is thrilled. They embrace.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Luke tries to stop Skye from leaving to free Jax. He thinks that Jax can worry about himself without Skye's help. They get into an argument. Dillon comes in and tells them that he's got "it." Skye demands to know what "it" is and Luke snaps that it's the key to her freedom.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas and Emily are talking to Alexis about how glad they are that Kristina is okay right now. Alexis admits to them that Ric has helped quite a bit. They are surprised but happy to hear it. Alexis also observes that Emily looks great now that the curse has been broken. Nikolas promises Alexis that he's going to protect Emily from Helena. Alexis worries that Helena will try to kill Emily, now, the way Helena killed Alexis' mother by slitting her throat.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric is now at the police station in the interrogation room with Jax. They are going over the forensic evidence that places Skye at his apartment. Ric asks Jax to help him before Skye is found and gunned down by authorities.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Dillon has brought Skye a costume (including glasses and a wig) much to her disgust. Luke says that she can wear it long enough to get both her and Luke back into the prison. This takes Skye by surprise.

THE QUARTERMAINE ATTIC: Heather has arrived to see Laura. She tells Laura that Edward is going to be marrying her tomorrow, something that makes her very happy. She also mentions that once Luke himself told her that he wanted to run off with her and have adventures all their days. She says that now she can give Luke a future. Suddenly Edward comes into the attic and asks who she is talking to. Heather begins thinking fast trying to come up with an answer.

THE HAUNTED STAR: Skye thinks that this plan is stupid. Dillon likes it because it reminds him of the movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Luke is going to be disguised as a foreign doctor. Skye says that there's no way she's going to go through with this. Luke points out that, in their disguises, they will persuade Faith to take the rap for Detective Ross Duncan's murder.

THE QUARTERMAINE ATTIC: Heather says that she always talks to herself when she's nervous, like she is nervous about their wedding. She distracts Edward from seeing Laura in the chair by the window, first by talking about what she'll wear to the ceremony and then by looking at an old picture of Lila. Edward gets nostalgic thinking about Lila. Heather thinks that Lila is wishing them well.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is still talking to Nikolas and Emily. She wants them to learn from the past -- that Helena will stop at nothing to destroy Emily. Suddenly Courtney comes over to them -- she needs Alexis' help to come and defend Jax at the police station. Alexis says that because Kristina is doing better, she'll go. She leaves with Courtney. Nikolas and Emily go to get Kristina a stuffed animal. On their way, they run into Helena. They tell Helena that they broke the curse. Helena is all smiles. She reminds Emily that Alexis' mother felt triumphant too -- and then a knife was put to her throat. Emily glares at Alexis.

THE POLICE STATION: Courtney has arrived with Alexis -- Ric and Jax are in the interrogation room. Jax is refusing to help Ric get Skye. Alexis and Ric go to talk outside. They argue about the case. Alexis admits that she has no legal grounds to get Jax's release but that she knows all about how loyal he is to his friends -- like Skye and like her. She thinks Ric is a little like Jax. Ric notes that Alexis wants him to let Jax off for her. She says yes that is what she wants.

THE QUARTERMAINE CABIN: Edward and Heather are going through the wedding ceremony with just a minister present. They are saying their vows -- but Heather keeps seeing Luke in Edward's place. Edward stops the ceremony, saying that he can't forsake Lila. Heather talks to him about how she thinks they have something special, even if it can never touch his love for Lila. Edward relents and they go through with the end of the ceremony. They seal it with a kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Nikolas and Emily are still arguing with Helena, who believes that Emily will sap Nik's life force from him. Nikolas thinks that Helena is trying to goad him into attacking her in public so that he'll be arrested so Emily will remain unprotected. He notes that he and Emily will be married and their kids will never know anything about his uncle Stefan or about Helena. He thinks Helena should leave Port Charles. Helena makes a comment about slitting the throat of Alexis' mother some decades earlier. Suddenly Lucky comes out from a hiding place nearby -- he caught all of Helena's murder threat and confession to the murder of Kristin Bergman (Alexis' mom). He arrests Helena and takes her away.

THE POLICE STATION: Ric agrees to get the paperwork ready for Jax's release, but he's only letting the matter go until Kristina gets well. Alexis thanks him. Meanwhile, Lucky is bringing in Helena, who warns Mac that unless he releases her, there will be hell to pay.

KRISTINA'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Nikolas and Emily are visiting Kristina. For the most part she's ignoring them. They make small talk. Nikolas leaves to go make sure that Helena's locked away at the station...Emily says she wants to take Kristina to the chapel. She and Nik kiss and then Nik leaves.

THE QUARTERMAINE ATTIC: Laura is still at the window, hidden by a bookcase. Suddenly Alan and Monica come in -- they are discussing the fact that several valuables have disappeared from the mansion. They believe that Heather has been stealing them. They are soon joined by Tracy who informs them that Heather has stolen something more valuable -- she has just married Edward. Alan and Monica are shocked.

THE QUARTERMAINE CABIN: Heather and Edward are in robes -- Heather obviously wants to sleep with him, but Edward (somewhat irritated) says that he needs time. She agrees that they could just sleep in the bed next to one another. She sits on the bed and waits for him.

THE PRISON: Luke and Skye are in disguise (both are in glasses, Luke's in a hat and a vintage looking suit, and Skye has on dowdy clothes and a brown wig) -- and Luke is talking to the warden in a small interrogation room at the prison. He is pretending that they are a foreign doctor/assistant team that evaluates the mental well-being of inmates. While the warden thinks he may have seen Skye somewhere before, he doesn't seem all that suspicious (Skye keeps her head bowed and doesn't talk much). Luke asks if they can see one particular inmate, Faith Roscoe. The warden agrees to get her.

Luke and Skye sit at the small table in the room and wait for Faith. Once the warden brings Faith, they get back into character. The warden leaves and Luke reveals himself to Faith. Faith acts happy to see him...and of course, she notes that Skye is his "assistant." Then she threatens to pull the prison alarm (requiring assistance from the warden) unless they give her a good reason not to.

THE QUARTERMAINE ATTIC: Alan and Monica look over the marriage license that was faxed to the house -- it's official, Edward and Heather have wed. Tracy is upset because it dishonors Lila, and she notes that if Lila was alive she would give Edward hell for this. Monica thinks that they should do what they can to break the marriage up. In firm resolve, the three leave the attic.

THE QUATERMAINE CABIN: Edward and Heather are asleep in the bed when suddenly Lila's ghost appears to Edward (it's a much younger version of Lila like the photograph he and Heather looked at in the attic). Edward is happy to see her but also sad...he says that it's been so lonely for him since her death. She asks him if he can really trust Heather? They reach out to hold hands. Then Edward wakes up -- it was all a dream. Heather is awake too, she says that he called out Lila's name. Edward tells Heather that Lila was warning him.

THE POLICE STATION: Courtney is pestering Ric about getting Jax released as soon as possible. She also asks him if he has any suspects in the shooting of John Durant. Ric asks if she means suspects besides Jason? Courtney believes that Jason could never hurt someone Carly cares about. Jax hears her conversation with Ric and points out to her that she couldn't resist asking about Jason no matter how close he (Jax) and Courtney get.

Meanwhile, Nikolas has arrived to speak to Lucky, who is distressed about something. Lucky informs him that they couldn't hold Helena, meaning that she is now free.

THE HOSPITAL CHAPEL: Emily is talking to Kristina in the chapel about how she and Nikolas are going to get married. She doesn't see Helena sneaking up behind her. While Emily talks, Helena takes a knife out of her jacket and studies it, contemplating what she is about to do. Suddenly Alexis comes into the doorway. She freezes in fear at the sight of Helena and the knife.

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