GH Update Tuesday 10/19/04

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/19/04


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Lois tells Lorenzo that it looks very fishy that he has “secret encounters” with the woman whom, although unknown to everybody else, shot Durant. Lorenzo tells the woman he will no longer need her “services”. She leaves. Lois asks just what type of “services” he was going to have with her. Lorenzo bluffs telling Lois that she was going to sleep with him. It looks like there’s no “story” he can tell that she’ll be ok with. And she expresses she’s very hurt and angry that he would buy a prostitute when it looked like they had some possibilities together. And she leaves angrily, not planning to have any further contact with him again.

In the hospital, Dr. Steven Webber looks in on John Durant who is in intensive care. Durant says that person who shot him will pay.

Sonny asks Michael what his perceptions are of Durant and of his getting shot and what it would mean if Uncle Jason shot him. Sonny attempts to tell his son a benign story about how some people like Uncle Jason and Max carry guns in order to protect their families. Michael inquires if that means that in order to protect one’s family, it must mean that one must shoot people.

Carly corners Jason in the hospital and tells him she believes he shot her father and demands to know how he could have done it. She later calms down and apologizes and reveals to him how upset she is with all these conflicting feelings and that she is not thinking straight. Elizabeth comes out of Durant’s room and tells Carly she can now go and visit her father. Before Carly goes in, she asks Steven if the surgery removed the bullet. Steven replies yes, the surgery took longer than expected, and it’s too soon to tell, but they removed the bullet. He encourages her to believe that John Durant is a fighter and she must not waste time worrying about what will happen if he does not make it. Instead she should get inside and encourage him to live. She goes in, hiding how upset and worried she is.

Jax and Courtney are on his private jet having a romantic encounter when suddenly cops come and question Jax. They take him down to the station and hold him in the interrogation room. Courtney comes with him. He tells her he’s not worried because when they release him, he wants to resume his romantic time with her. Rick Lansing informs him that his apartment will be inspected for evidence of whether Skye Quartermaine has been there. Rick tells him they will not be able to conduct the investigation until the morning. So he must spend the night in a jail cell.

Sonny goes into the chapel and confesses to God that he knows he’s chosen a life of danger and dishonor but he would do anything in order to protect his children. He asks what he should tell Michael when he asks him if he kills people in order to protect him. He asks God to help him and says he doesn’t want to keep lying to his son. At that moment, Rick overhears him, enters and tells him he does not have a choice. Rick tells his brother of all the memories he has of both of their childhoods and how the sins of the father are unjustly visited upon the son. And he tells Sonny that he hopes Michael does not have to suffer for his mistakes. Sonny tells his brother he does not care what he thinks. But Rick tells him he must not tell Michael what he does for a living, or it could ruin that child’s life.

Carly goes into Durant’s room and tearfully tells her unconscious father that she wants him to pull through this so that they can build some memories together. Right at that moment, he regains consciousness and calls her sweetheart.

Brooke Lynne goes to Kelly’s to find Diego. She surprises him by appearing friendly. He inquires why the last time they spoke, she obviously indicated her intense disliking of him, and is now appearing unrealistically friendly. She is not able to answer when she notices her mother entering. Knowing she is seen by Lois, she goes up to Diego, sits on his lap and puts her arms around him. Lois demands her daughter tells her what she’s doing. She replies she’s just following in her mother’s footsteps. Lois says it’s kind of odd and just as well that she’s there to observe this because she thought her daughter and Diego were not getting along. Brook Lynne nuzzles Diego and tells her mother that things change and that she has the very same type of attraction to Diego that her mother has for Lorenzo Alcazar. Remembering that she probably has nothing to lose cutting off her ties with Lorenzo, Lois tells her daughter she will make a deal to have nothing more to do with Lorenzo if Brook Lynn stops seeing Diego.

Jason goes to talk to Dr. Steven Webber and protests that he did not shoot Durant, somebody planted their gun in his jacket pocket. Steven does not seem to buy that. But Sam enters and tells Steven that if he and the police department do not stop harassing Jason they will file charges against them. She tells him that she won’t let him get falsely charged with a crime he did not commit. But he tells her that the reality is that he’s publicly threatened Durant many times. He believes Durant will testify against him, and it’s entirely possible that he will be charged with attempted murder.

Carly emotionally tells her father that she will never let him get hurt or push him out of her life. He tells her his life was empty before he met her and he will do anything to keep her in his life.

Right when Michael is ready to be released from the hospital, he can sense that his dad has had some major things on his mind and asks if he’s ok. Sonny informs his son that he’s been thinking a lot about how Michael has seen a lot of violence and people being shot. He informs Michael that some men will kill in order to get what they want. Michael interjects by telling him that he assumes that his father intends to kill them before they kill him. But Sonny says no, that is not true, killing is wrong and he will make sure that Michael never kills anyone.

After noticing her daughter’s “behavior” with Diego, Lois “retaliates” with Lorenzo. She kisses and snuggles up to him. He asks her, just as Diego asked Brooke Lynne, why she’s suddenly being so “cozy” with him, when only an hour ago she told him she never wanted to see him again. She informs him that she just wants to provoke her daughter and beat her at her own game. And after she’s proven her point to Brooke Lynne, she will never have any contact with Lorenzo again. If she passes him on the street, she will cross to the other side. After informing him that she grabs a hold of him and passionately kisses him. From outside the window of Kelly’s, Brooke Lynne expresses to Diego how disgusting it is to watch her mother all over Lorenzo Alcazar. Diego asks her why one minute she acts like she intensely dislikes him, then the next, she sits on his lap, just to use him to provoke her mother. She remarks that he didn’t seem to mind it. He tells her he will no longer play her little game and walks out while she walks after him. Noticing that her daughter might have a “problem” with Diego, Lois asks what’s up, while she’s still hanging on to Lorenzo. Brook Lynn “bluffs” about how she suspects Diego is going to the park, probably to shoot somebody or commit a crime and get nailed by the cops. Lois sarcastically talks about how cops are a real drag and can really cramp a guy’s style. Lorenzo looks just as baffled by Lois’s behavior as Diego has been by Brooke Lynne.

Steven Webber tells John Durant that it’s amazing how well he’s recovered and he does not deserve to be as well as he is after the shooting. John privately tells Steven that he really does want to develop a relationship with his daughter. But he admits he also still intends to get Sonny Corinthos put in prison.

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