GH Update Monday 10/18/04

General Hospital Update Monday 10/18/04


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THE GARDEN OF APHRODITE: Nikolas and Emily in the middle of the garden -- they are kissing in order to try to break the curse that's on her.

MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny and Michael are sitting on the bed -- Sonny turns on the television, where John Durant's press conference is in progress. Michael sees Carly with John and asks Sonny what Carly's doing with her dad. Sonny doesn't know.

KELLY'S: Outside of the Kelly's, the press conference is in still progress. Lorenzo, Jason and Ric are present to see Carly standing by her father. While John and Carly hug in front of the cameras, Lorenzo's hitwoman Lana fires a small gun she had hidden in her purse. Chaos ensues. Carly hits the ground and Jason rushes to her.

MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny, seeing the shots fired, quickly pulls Michael to him and hides Michael's face in his chest. He doesn't want Michael to see what could very well be Carly being shot.

KELLY'S: Still outside of Kelly's...Jason is checking on Carly who is fine, but John has been shot in the chest. It looks like a bad wound. Carly panics.

THE GARDEN OF APHRODITE: Nikolas and Emily's kissing is apparently breaking the curse. Everything is all sunshiny and bright again -- the flowers are even in bloom. Nikolas and Emily celebrate the fact that Emily is feeling better by continuing to kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Steven and Alexis are together watching the television monitor. Alexis is aware that Ric is at the press conference -- she tells Steven that she thinks she knows exactly who is responsible for

MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Michael is freaking out, but Sonny calms him down by assuring him that can see Carly and Jason on the television screen -- and they are both fine. Alexis enters the room -- she wants to talk to Sonny. Sonny and Alexis go out into the hallway and she accuses him of attempting to murder Ric during the press conference.

KELLY'S: It's still chaotic outside of Kelly's -- John has been seriously injured. During the commotion, Lana the hitwoman manages to hide her gun in Jason's jacket. Later, in an attempt to hide her purpose at the conference, she poses as a reporter and tries to interview Ric. Jason, meanwhile, is preoccupied trying to help Carly stop the blood flow from John's wound. Carly is worried, and she pleads with John, "Come on, Dad!!"

THE GARDEN OF APHRODITE: Far removed from the bloodshed of Port Charles, Nikolas and Emily are wandering around the garden, basking in the glow of the broken curse. Emily questions how all of this could be possible -- she points out the newly bloomed flowers, and says that science can't possibly explain it. Nikolas thinks it's magic. (This is a little like a parody of a Disney movie.) They kiss again.

THE HOSPITAL: Sonny and Alexis are talking out in the hallway. Sonny denies involvement in the shooting. Steven comes over to them -- he tells Sonny that John Durant was shot, and that any minute the cops will arrive to question Sonny. He thinks that Sonny should pray that John stays alive. (This whole time Michael has been listening by the door of his room.)

KELLY'S: John and Carly are leaving to go to the hospital. Carly insists on going with him. She wants to stay by his side. When Jason picks up his jacket, he discovers the planted gun. Unfortunately, Lucky and one of the other cops sees the gun and they assume that it's Jason's -- they want to bring him to the station. Lucky takes a moment to ask Lorenzo for a statement. He seems to suspect that Lorenzo was behind the shooting and says as much. Lorenzo challenges Lucky to prove that he was involved.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis is worried that Ric could have been shot along with John Durant. Suddenly Ric himself appears in the elevator. Alexis hugs him in relief.

MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny returns to Michael's room and he turns the television off. He tells Michael that he talked to Carly and that she's fine but very scared for her father. Michael wonders if Carly remembers that John is a bad man. Sonny tells Michael not to worry about it.

THE HOSPITAL: Meanwhile, in another area of the hospital, John is being wheeled in, with Carly at his side. Steven is there -- he gets John's vitals from one of the ambulance team members and then orders John prepared for an operation. Carly begs Steven to take good care of her dad. Sonny comes out into the hallway and he and Carly embrace.

THE POLICE STATION: There's a flock of reporters trying to question Jason, but he's refusing to talk to them. Mac comes in and asks Jason if Jason has anything he needs to stay. Jason remains silent. Just as they are about to take Jason into the interrogation room, Sam comes rushing into the station -- in her haste, she trips and falls. Jason tries to get to her side to help her up, but a cop points his gun and orders Jason to put his hands behind his head. Poor Jason. It's just not his day.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis and Ric are talking in the hallway. She tells him that she was worried that he was shot. They discuss whether or not Sonny could have been behind the shooting. Ric tells her that the cops found the gun used in the shooting in Jason's possession.

KELLY'S: Lucky and Lorenzo are talking. Lucky thinks that Lorenzo set up Jason and Sonny so that it would look as if they were responsible for the shooting. Lorenzo denies that that happened and Lucky leaves. Just as he's gone, Lois comes over to Lorenzo and she, too, accuses him of setting up the shooting.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason helps Sam into a chair against the orders of Mac and the other assembled police men. He even gets her some water. Once she's assured him that she's fine, he goes into the interrogation room. Suddenly Justus arrives. He wants to defend Jason. But Jason orders him to stay out of it.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly expresses her concern over John's situation to Sonny. She's scared that she'll lose him.

In the operating room, John is being prepped for surgery. Steven tells John that his condition is quite serious but that he could have a fighting chance. John asks Steven if he can talk to his daughter.

THE GARDEN OF APHRODITE: Nikolas and Emily are still in the garden soaking up their moment of triumph and glory in the face of the evil curse. Emily is busy soaking up their moment of triumph and glory in the face of the curse. Nikolas, on the other hand, is suddenly sullen. He tells Emily that the Cassadine island is nearby this one -- and he reflects on how horrible it was growing up there...and how horrible it is that he can never escape the horribleness of the Cassadines.

Emily wants to face the awful Cassadine legacy head-on -- hell, she wants to go with him to the Cassadine island. Nikolas explains that he will never go back there -- that even though it's a pretty island, it's masking all kinds of horror. He wants to shield her from the dark, Cassadine part of him. He says that this is the reason why he's worried about having kids one day...he's worried about how the Cassadine blood will effect them. Emily tries to reassure Nikolas again and again, but he ends the conversation by assuring her that they'll never need to go to that island because she's his whole world.

KELLY'S: Lois is pissed that Lorenzo was accusing Sonny of putting the hit on Durant -- seeing as how she and Sonny are friends. Though, she also notes that because of Sonny and Lorenzo's business, they are similar in some they could both end up dead.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason and Justus are now in the interrogation room together. Justus tries to persuade Jason to let him take Jason's case -- he wants to pay Jason back for the time that Jason stood up to Sonny for him. Jason agrees to let Justus help him. Justus leaves the room, running into Sam on his way out. Sam asks if she can see Jason. Justus notes that Jason would want her to go home. Sam ignores him and goes into the interrogation room where Jason does, indeed, tell her to go back to the penthouse. But Sam is worried about him. She says that she has been arrested often, so she knows what it's like. She wants him to know that she is there for him.

Out in the main part of the police station, Mac talks to Justus. He tells Justus that Jason's fingerprints were found on the gun. Justus thinks that someone framed Jason. He tells Mac to concentrate on finding the person who is really responsible.

Back in the interrogation room, Sam is still trying to talk to Jason. Jason is still trying to get Sam to go home. And Sam is still refusing to listen to him. She notes that he would never shoot into an open crowd -- she thinks he's innocent. Jason points out that his fingerprints are on the gun and that now he has no idea what will happen.

Back out in the main part of the station, Justus tries to convince Mac that Jason is bring framed -- he wants Mac to release Jason. Mac looks hesitant.

Meanwhile, back in the interrogation room, Sam asks Jason to go over the events of the evening. Jason explains what happened -- that Carly went up to the podium when John asked her to go up there. Sam breaks in and points out that he must hate John for the fact that John is hurting Carly. Jason comments that Sam and Carly are alike in that they are both tough yet vulnerable inside. Sam says that she feels safe with him because she knows he would never hurt her. Suddenly Justus comes in -- he tells Jason that Jason is free to go but that he can't leave town. Sam is thrilled! Jason asks Justus to take Sam home. Sam agrees to go...but before she and Jason part ways, he thanks her for staying with him.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly is sitting by John's bedside. He says that he's sorry for making her go up to the podium with him, but that he wanted to know if she would actually do it if he asked. He notes that she called him "Dad" for the first time and that he never knew before how it would make him feel. He also says that, though he wants to get to know her, if he doesn't get the chance, he wants her to know that he loves her. Carly is getting upset -- she promises him that he'll get better and that she wants to get to know him too. Just then Steven comes in -- he is ready to take John to the operating room. The doctors wheel John out and Carly whispers as he goes, "I love you, too." She is now crying openly.

Out in another area of the hospital, Ric and Sonny are about to start going at it. Ric accuses Sonny of setting up the hit on John. Suddenly Carly comes over to them -- she demands to know if Ric thinks that Sonny was responsible for trying to off John. Ric informs her that Jason is at the station in connection with the shooting. Carly looks freaked out.

THE GARDEN OF APHRODITE: Emily is excited that now that the curse is over she and Nikolas will be able to begin the rest of their life together. But Nikolas is more cautious -- he thinks that now they have to be ready for Helena's next move.

THE HOSPITAL: Alexis and Ric are talking about their hug from a few moments prior. Alexis is a bit embarrassed and Ric teases her about it -- he says that she obviously cannot admit to herself that he has gotten to her. Alexis blows it off and says that she is going to visit Kristina and that Ric can come too if he promises not to read to much into it. He agrees. They leave together, holding hands as they go.

THE DOCKS: Lorenzo is meeting with Lana the hitwoman. He is pissed beyond belief that she could have hit Carly. Lana doesn't care, she just wants the rest of the money he promised her. Irritated, he hands her an envelope with the cash. Suddenly Lois (who has been watching them, unnoticed) comes over to them. She asks what's in the envelope, and when she doesn't get an answer she accuses them of being up to something.

MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Sonny comes back into Michael's room and is upset to see that Michael has turned the television back on. Michael, unfazed, notes that Sonny did a good job in getting John shot. Sonny is at a loss.

In another area of the hospital, Jason has managed to track down Carly. But she is upset with him -- she demands to know how he could shoot John, her own father.

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